This is the part of my website where I am probably going to lose most of the people that are reading my thesis or fact-finding mission. Although, I am hoping to reach a select few of my audience. Those who have their eyes wide open, ears that have learned to recognize the frequencies of the truth, and most importantly the proper heart condition and willingness to understand and receive the spirit of God. Maybe if the spirit is willing, 144,000 devotees who can perceive the meaning of the word atonement, meaning at-one-ment or at one with God, will receive my vital information. I am going to try to prove the existence of God and the spirit through the use of music, mathematics and hidden Bible codes. These are very deep and unusual ideas that will likely upset and disturb most Christians and other fundamentalist religions alike. To that I say that these people probably do not or never did have the proper heart condition to accept and receive the spirit of God. Either that or they have been too brainwashed and controlled by the norms of society and the status quo to ever let such radical ideas enter one or the other hemispheres of their brain. Let us now begin.

What is the digitalization of man? The digitalization of man put in simple terms is a change from all analog communications and devices being transformed into digital communications and devices. This change is being completed with or without our consent or knowledge of how this dynamic shift is affecting our thought patterns, or matrices of the mind. Major governments and corporate centers of the world are outlawing the use of any analog communication devices in a bid to detrimize our freethinking will. Simultaneously our channel to spirituality is being blocked in order to ensure the control of the masses and the profits of the shareholders.

To my understanding this major shift began to take place around 1990 with the introduction of compact discs and the proliferation of personal home computers. The underlying difference between the analog and digital devices is in the rate of frequencies that are being used to transmit information. The analog devices using a frequency of around 10,000 Hz, which is conducive to brain stimulation, relaxation and overall well being. In comparison the digital devices are using a frequency of around 100,000 Hz, which is roughly 10 times more information for your brain to process. The digital mode of transmission is therefore not conducive to relaxation or well being but ultimately detrimental by way of sensory overload and overworking of the brain.

When trying to illustrate this point I find that it is useful to examine the old versus the new. I remember in my youth when all we could play were 8-tracks, cassettes and vinyl LPs. The impact that music had on your soul, how you could play your favourite records over and over again until you virtually wore them out and had to buy another copy. This aspect was one of the major selling features of the compact disc. That is you could buy your favourite piece of music scratch-free, and never have to buy it again. What they didn’t tell you is that you would never have the desire to wear out that piece of music, or play it more than once a day, or have the attention span to want to hear more than 3 songs on any given piece.

This sorry fact will probably have no impact on today’s youth whose brains have been completely rewired over the last 20 years or so who have only ever used CDs, MP3s, computers and the like. These people are not the same as we used to be 20 years ago. Sure it is great in concept that computers have allowed us to communicate on a global scale but what good is it if all we are relaying is mindlessness and triviality without thought, experience, imagination or ideas. This insidious change in the psyche of the human consciousness is the digital trap.

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The music used to have so much power and meaning. I remember when I was around 12 years old and had a job delivering the now defunct Toronto Telegram newspaper. I used some of my earnings to buy the vinyl double LP by “The Who” called “Tommy”. Every single day for about 2 years I would come home from school and play the double record from side 1 to 4 and read and sing every lyric while listening. The message of someone like John Lennon singing “Imagine” or “Instant Karma”. The music had such impact. Does the digital generation of the computer age have anything like this that I can compare it to? And even if they did would the digital mode allow me to fully grasp or appreciate it?

The music of today has very little substance and I am not just saying this because I am old and it is a generation gap thing. Sure I didn’t like my father’s big band records and he didn’t like my Beatle records but this was more of a personal taste reference. Good music throughout the ages from classical to rock to jazz will stand the test of time. Like a language it can be translated so that someone can sit down at a piano and play the sheet music and the piece can be enjoyed for generations throughout history. Even with rock music this is possible. I can’t imagine anyone sitting down in a piano bar 20 years from now and playing the modern music of some mindless chants to dance beats or if anyone would even remember the songs.

One of the most popular shows on television over the last 10 years is American Idolatry. It is basically an over produced karaoke performance program where the viewing audience gets to phone in and vote for their favourite performer and ultimately choose the season’s winner or idol. More people phone in on a weekly basis than people vote in the presidential election. Had this program come out 20 years ago it would have been laughed off the air. Even the creator and star of the television show Simon Cowell said on the season finale of his final episode that he personally never thought the show would make it through their first season. Similarly the pop group called Milli Vanilli was ridiculed for lip-syncing their music on the Grammy Awards. Would anyone even care today? Everyone from Madonna to Britney Spears lip syncs their performances today. It is commonplace.

It seems that our morals, values and ideals are on a downward spiral. The digitalizing effect is dulling our senses so that we can no longer distinguish what’s good from what isn’t. It’s more about stardom, beauty, fashion, promotion and paparazzi. What used to be the most important things to humanity throughout the ages have lost their impact or significance. Things like music, painting, sculpture or in general terms the arts. These different forms of the arts help us as humans to form a pivotal focal point for our minds eye to make a spiritual connection. This is why a famous painting can sell at auction for 100 million dollars. How much will it sell for in 10 years from now? Probably just as much or more but it will be less about the art and more about the investment. This does not bode well for the current or up and coming arts as the new generations will neither care nor have the ability to produce anything of quality or substance.

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It seems that our ideals, cultures and values have become ever increasingly dysfunctional over the last 20 years or so. This seems to be a direct correlation with the digitalization of man. The music speaks less about love and more about hate, violence, drugs, alcohol, sex, gangs and materialism. Similarly the television programs are less about hardworking families with values and more about dysfunctional families that don’t have a clue about life but somehow manage to do all right anyway. It is less about substance and good writing and more about absurdity and shock value. Is it because this is all our dumbed down minds are capable of or maybe it is due to the digitalizing effect blocking our spiritual pathways so that we can no longer bother or care?

Even our language is starting to suffer. What is supposed to be very good is now called sick and when you are using the internet, if a posting gets so many thousands of hits it is said to have gone viral much like a disease. It is as if we are developing a new kind of modern technological Patois due to our ever-increasing desire to be alike and our own resistance to maintaining an intellectual identity. This too can be considered another variation of the digital trap.

Another aspect of this non-desire to care can be witnessed with the advent of the 24 hour news channels. Television Stations that seemed to mesmerize us in their conception by repeating the same lousy stories over and over again. Now you have more and more people that haven’t got the stomach or the will to keep watching and just turn off the news altogether. Remember how the news clips of the Exxon Valdez used to horrify us and made us react in a measurable public outcry. Now we have this incident with the oil spill in the Gulf that might be 100 or 1000 times worse and when we see it on the news we haven’t got the stomach or will to watch and just change the channel. We have become so desensitized that everything has lost it’s meaning and “nothing means nothing” any more.

In the case of the Exxon Valdez the 200 million dollar fine or whatever the amount was just became a tax write-off, so in essence the Exxon Corporation had no penalty. With the new disaster in the Gulf there are 3 companies involved, each one blaming the other. It will end up with lawyers and litigation for years and in the end the ones responsible will just write off the loss from their taxes. So again it will cost nothing or no penalty. Maybe if the heads of these corporations were made to serve some jail sentences and take responsibility they might make sure that the battery gets replaced in the warning system next time. This is however unlikely because it is the major corporations running the world, not the governments.

How far has humanities devolution digressed in the wake of our current technical advances or digital gadgetry? Much like the music has been attacked by the modernization methods of instant communications, so too has the television and film arts. First came the VHS and BETA video tapes. I feel that this mode of transmission was probably beneficial or less harmful to the mind. Then came the so-called improvement of this mode with the digital DVDs. They did not break down or become fuzzy. Also the picture resolution was sharper, more defined and the digital disc never wore out. The problem again is too much information for your brain to process making you tired or sick. Since the DVD was marketed we have endured high definition, blue ray discs, and flat screen televisions all with ever increasing amounts of digital information to deaden our brains, block our spiritual pathways and reduce our humanity.

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The next phase to be introduced will be the 3D television, which I believe is already here. I dread to think how much life daily 3D TV will suck from the minds of our youths. It is my contention that as we continue to go down this digital route where the minds of our youths are being totally rewired to think more in a 2 dimensional fashion, that we will completely lose our humanity and become more like the computer, flat screen or the “Borg” (Part human, part machine). The ironic paradox will be that we will have to watch 3 dimensional television to get the same human feeling that we always normally had, which will now be gone. Life as a machine man will lose the middle ground or third option. Add one more disturbing realization and mind altering side effect from the digital trap.

An android cannot conceptualize philosophy, emotion or love. It is one way or the other, right or wrong, good or bad, do it or you’re fired. There will no longer be that third choice. To be a human is to be a 3 dimensional being. We live in a 3 dimensional state, we live on the third planet from the sun and our minds resonate with all that is of the number 3. Every art form that gets digitalized loses its significance, whether it is art, music, photography or cinema etc. I believe that this loss of power in all that has been cherished by mankind throughout the ages lies in the inner workings of the mind. You see the human brain consists of 2 hemispheres. It has a left side and a right side and the dissemination of information lies in the balance, or equilibrium of both sides processing in conjunction with each other. It is the sum of both sides that make us whole as celestial beings living the human experience on this planet. It is our ability to feel emotions, process ideas and thoughts, which ultimately lead to our development of philosophy, wisdom and maturity.

It has always been my understanding that one side of our brain relates more to the mathematical aspects while the other side engages more of our artistic awareness. The problem as I see it is that the digitalization or computerization modes of information transmission target only one side of our mind. That would be the more mathematical or machine-like side thereby leaving the artistic side out in the cold to whither and die. This loss of balance and equilibrium to our matrices of thought is making us more machinelike and less human as people. This fact is the major downfall of the computer age.

Computerization or digitalization of the masses is destroying the way we live on the third plane of existence forcing a paradigm shift to occur. The result of this phenomenon will be the eventual change where we enter the second plane of existence or awaken a 2 dimensional thought and cease to exist as celestial human beings, thereby completely sealing the door to spiritual ascendance for eternity. Over the years I have thought about many destructive end of the world scenarios but I now feel that the second plane of existence will be mans ultimate destiny causing the complete and total loss of humanity.

How can this eventuality be implemented? Well I’m afraid that it is already here. It is in the form of electromagnetic frequencies that can be used for a whole host of applications including mind control. Theses frequencies are being manufactured in the power generating stations of HAARP and EISCAT. Like a double-edged sword these technologies can be used to cure diseases or as alternatives to conventional warfare in much the same way that nuclear energy can be used to light up your home or destroy a city. Unfortunately the powers that be have not tried to research the positive applications of this technology as this might cut into the pharmaceutical shareholders profits.

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These facts should not surprise anyone as Nikola Tesla, the inventor of these technologies described the early applications in a feature story that appeared in the New York Times on December 8, 1915. In the story he talks of a wireless transmitter to which he holds the patent number 1,119,732 that enables man to project electrical energy in any amount to any distance and apply it for innumerable purposes, both in war and peace. In Tesla’s words, “Through the universal adoption of this system, ideal conditions for the maintenance of law and order will be realized, for then the energy necessary to the enforcement of right and justice will be normally productive, yet potential, and in any moment available, for attack and defense”. Since Tesla’s death in the 1940′s the powers that be along with the US army intelligence have been working to perfect said technologies over the last 60 years or so.

I have a gut feeling that this technology may be part of the reason that governments are outlawing the use of any analog communication devices. It is my belief that the digital rewiring of our brain will in effect make the significance of the mind control aspects resoundingly more powerful. Could it be that the end of 3 dimensional life as we now know it or for lack of a better term Armageddon, be initiated by the flick of a digital switch causing the loss of mankind’s freewill resulting in slavery. These are very sobering thoughts indeed.

Does anyone remember how afraid people were to say anything negative about George W. Bush after 9/11. It seemed like it would have been paramount to treason. How French fries were called patriot fries. It felt to me like there was much more going on behind the scenes than met the eye. It seemed like there was some kind of extra control factor being implemented. The Bush administration was left a huge cash surplus from the Clinton administration, which was completely spent on things like tax breaks if you bought a Hummer or SUV, before 9/11 or the Iraq War even began.

I remember watching some man on the street interviews on the news the day after the re-election of George W. Bush. The man with the microphone was going up to people and saying the country is at war with Iraq and we have a huge deficit, what made you vote for George Bush? One after the other they all said the same thing in a monotone, almost robotic sounding voice, I don’t know, I just like him. I don’t know, he’s a real nice guy. I don’t know, I just like him he’s a real nice guy. I personally do not know how anyone could think he’s a real nice guy and thought to myself it seems like they are all zombiefied, and under some kind of control.

Since Bush has finished his 2 terms in office I sometimes wonder what the world might have been like had Al Gore been in office over those 2 terms. What a different and wonderful world it might have been without terrorism, debt, propaganda and hate. The only thing is I’m afraid that this eventuality did not fit in with God and the spirits pre-ordained and prophesized plan.

Now as I am writing this thesis on the digitalization of man I think that it is probably important to state for the record that I am not a scientist or mathematician, and I do not possess or hold any university degrees. I’m just a common man that drives a taxi for a living and likes to play guitar, piano, sing and write songs. I do, however, like to consider myself as an artist, and as such feel it is my responsibility to perceive and relay the truth as it is reflected in our society. I believe that I am a good judge of character and in my 51 years of living have learned to recognize the frequencies of the truth.

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While you read my report if you feel that it is important to have additional documented evidence on some of the material I have discussed I would kindly direct you to read 2 of the finest books that I have ever read. The first book is titled “Death in the Air” by the author Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz. The second book is titled “Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse” written jointly by the authors Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz and Dr. Joseph S. Puleo.

Now that I have pretty much explained what the digitalization of man is, I will now try to prove my thesis with the help of music, hidden Bible codes and mathematics. This will undoubtedly be the section of my story that will lose a lot of readers. It has a lot to do with the use of Pythagorean mathematics in the single digit skein, whereby any number however large can be broken down into the form of a single digit. For example the number 369 would become 3 + 6 + 9 = 18 = 1 + 8 = 9. I believe that Pythagorean single digit skein numbers are used in musical mathematics, hidden Bible code entries, and are a part of the language of God or the spirit.

There is not a whole lot of information known about Pythagoras the man, but the facts that he was a great mathematician and astronomer and had a school of philosophy around 2,500 years ago. Eventually Pythagoras was murdered and his freethinking school was burnt down. This unfortunate set of circumstances resulted in the secret arcana of the man’s sacred knowledge to be lost, as his students never carried on the practices of the Pythagorean philosophies and time-honoured traditions. This outcome was probably due to the instilled fear of his students not meeting the same demise as their teacher. Since this time, throughout the ages, mankind has been trying to solve the riddle of Pythagoras.

Is it possible that the puzzle of the Pythagorean principles were not to be solved until the time of future reckoning? For me this begins with the recently decoded secret solfeggio frequencies that can be used in vibration sound rates for creation or destruction. Based on a hymn to Saint John the Baptist, found in the Greek Apocrypha whereby the hymn starts with the 6 progressive tones each being one degree higher than the next, this song refers to enlightening the masses by washing away their guilt and opening their path to the spiritual connection. This information from the Apocrypha was removed from the early Bibles and probably the reason why Guttenberg’s Bible and printing presses were destroyed. Most likely due to the conspiracy to reduce the emerging “God-kind” back to a state of mankind.

These frequencies are also encoded in the modern Torahs and Bibles in Numbers chapter 7, verses 12-83. These 6 tones are said to contain extraordinary spiritual power and are likely the same electromagnetic vibrations used by God to form the cosmos in 6 days and to shatter the great wall of Jericho in 6 days. The seventh days were used in order to rest and rejoice. Also the fact that the third note or “MI” for miracles has a rate of “528″ which is the exact frequency that genetic engineers use in laboratories to repair DNA. Another significant frequency code is the fourth note or FA meaning family, which has the rate of “639″. This is the same number code that is derived by the multiplication of 6′s column in the single digit skein coded Pythagorean mathematics. This is what the frequency sound rates look like.

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Columns of 1′s, 10′s, and 100,s form a continuous loop much like an electrical circuit. Possibly for transmitting and receiving wireless information. If we break down each frequency to the single digit Pythagorean skein, the code of 9-3-6 is revealed. Also adding the numbers vertically exposes the number 666. If we subtract every note from the following note we reveal a code of 333. If we add the two opposing codes we reveal 999 or 9 the number for completion. Subtract the first or second 3 tones combined from the total 666, to reveal 333. In the words of Nikola Tesla, “If you only knew the power of the 3′s, 6′s, and 9′s!’

The seventh note of SI (Sancte Johannes} was added to the scale at a later date. This was apparently done to give us more variety and improve the scale, but the reality was that the extra note hindered the tones musical role in helping man form the connection to the spirit of God.

Some other relevant number 3 factors are Jesus Christ being left on the cross for 3 days as an example leading to his death at the perfect age of 33. If you add the number 3 to the third note MI for miracles you get 3 + 528 = 18 = 9 or completion. The word atonement is heavily used in the third book of Moses, or Leviticus implying turning from sin and becoming one with God. There is the lunar reference of 12 signs of the Zodiac or 1 + 2 = 3, and 12 months in the Biblical calendar where every third year repeats the twelfth month. This gives us a 3-year cycle of 156 weeks or 1 + 5 + 6 = 12 or 1 + 2 = 3. Lunar cycles are the key to musical mathematics with quarter, half, and full notes in music derived from quarter, half, and full moon phases.

The first note of the solfeggio or UT represents the whole gamut of notes. The definition from Webster’s dictionary in Greek is: “Gamma-1. The third letter of the Greek alphabet. 2. The third in a series of items. 3. A star that is usually the third brightest of a constellation.” If you add the single digit frequencies of UT and RE you get 9 + 3 = 12 or 1 + 2 = 3. The frequency of UT or the whole series of notes is 9 or completion. Add the whole series of notes 9 + 3 + 6 + 9 + 3 + 6 = 36 or 3 + 6 = 9.

The second note on the scale is resonance. (RE = 417 = 3) The definition from Webster’s dictionary in Latin is “RE – A prefix, occurring orig. in loan words from Latin, use to form verbs denoting action in a backward direction, action in answer to or intended to undo a situation or that performance of the new action brings back an earlier state of affairs. (Fibris: fibre string; vocal chord)”

So in other words No. 1, the whole series of notes UT, added to No. 2., the resonance to move us backwards to make a more Godly time in history combined with MI, or the third note, create the miracle. The definition for MI according to Webster’s dictionary means “1. an extraordinary occurance that surpasses all known human powers or natural forces and is ascribed to a divine or supernatural cause esp. to God. 2. A superb or surpassing example of something; wonder, marvel.” When you add the 3 notes you get 9+3+6=18 or 1+8=9, the number of completion.

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As seen in Fig. 2, using a multiple combination of 3 of every number broken down to the single digit, reveals the same code that is seen in Fig. 1 starting at the resonance, the note that follows the whole series of notes. The number code for the 9, 3 digit sequences added vertically reveals 999. Note in Fig. 1, it was 6, 3 digit sequences added vertically, exposing the code 666. Similarly to Fig. 1, if we subtract every 3 digit combination from the the following 3 digit sequence, we have a difference of 111 or 1+1+1=3. This shows another 333 pattern the same as in Fig. 1.

Again, as was witnessed in Fig. 3, if we subtract every 3 digit combination from the next 3 digit sequence we are left with a difference of 111 or 1+1+1=3. In Fig. 3, the first 3 numbers of columns 1, 2, and 3, added vertically are equal to the second 3 number combinations of 1, 2, and 3, added vertically. There is also the same result in Fig. 1. Fig. 2 is also the same result except there are an extra 3 number sequences in that loop. It is no secret that both King James and the Roman Catholic church did not reveal the whole truth to their masses. This one single act of hiding the truth inhibited the matrices of thought required for divinity and the glory of god to be experienced.

Matrices play a profound part in all areas of modern living including institutions, corporations, and computers. They are at the root of all thought, light, sound, and healing. The word matrix is seen thrice in the King James Bilbe. In Exodus (13:12-15, and 34:19) where Moses bade, “Sacrifice to the Lord all that openeth the matrix.” This was done in order to free the Hebrews. Repeated again in numbers (3:12 and 18:15) God said, “Everything that openeth the matrix in all flesh…shall be thine.”

The definition of the word “Matrix” in Webster’s dictionary is: “1. something within or from which something else originates, develops or takes form. … 4a: the intercellular substance in which tissue cells (as of connective tissue) are embedded. … 5a: a rectangular array of numbers, algebraic symbols, or mathematical functions (such as a clock or calendar) (as the coefficients of simultaneous linear equations) that can be combined to form sums and products with similar arrays having an appropriate number of rows and columns (or that can be added or multiplied following certain rules) … b: a similar rectangle consisting of rows and columns of numbers and symbols. (Like a calendar) Used in displaying statistical variables, linguistic features, or others (including music sheets languages based on mathematics, tide tables and solar and lunar cycles) c: an array of circuit elements (as diodes and transistors) for performing a specific function. 6: a main clause that contains a subordinate clause (for example) a matrix sentence-a sentence in which another sentence is embedded in it.” It does not take very long before you start to realize that the Pythagorean single digit skein mathematics exhibit all of the hallmarks of matrix math.

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The first language was called “Babel” and was partially devised to express the love and Godly perfection of mathematics. Babel came from the early Semetic Mesopotamian language called Akkadian. It’s translation means “Gate to God”. Most languages of the day do very little to enhance the Godly perfection of mathematics. There is not enough intellect, discipline, and tradition to carry on such a time honoured role.

Now we are going to have to go back a bit to see what connection that this math has to do with me personally. Well you see it’s all about the number 3. I was born on the third day of March and I have always thought that the number 3 is a very significant number for me. Also for as long as I could sing and play the guitar, I have had this inner feeling that I was meant to be some kind of messenger at some point in time. I had no idea what this message would be, but I knew that when the time came that I would have to respond accordingly. I don’t know where this instinctive feeling comes from because I have never been a church going person.

Then I started thinking that 2003 was going to be my year. This was because it was going to be the third day of the third month of the third year of the third millennium. I had been working on my “Forces at work” CD since the year 2000 and had begun to look differently at 3 number combinations and sequences. If the clock read 1:23 or 5:55 I took notice and found it interesting. When I wrote something like a song or a speech I would date it 03-03-03 or 05-05-05. I just thought it was cool and unusual or original.

2003 became the year I established my website This was to build an infrastructure for my up and coming “Forces at work” CD. I believe it may have been the year that I solidified a creative understanding, good friendship and artistic cooperation with the gifted Cuban artist Enrique Avila Gonzalez. It has been a wonderfully enriching experience communicating with Enrique because he does not speak English and I do not speak Spanish. With the help of his charming wife Amparo, Enrique and myself have managed to get our ideas across to each other quite successfully.

As I reminisce the third year was probably when I started making an ideological connection with Che Guevara. Cuba itself has had a huge impact on my thought patterns over the last 10 years. I always love it there because for me its like going back in time to a more logical, cooperative, traditional and loving way of life. In our society everything is changing so fast with all of the digital technical interference, but when I step off the plane into Cuba its like I’m back in the 1960′s. You can notice that people are different as in more humanistic and the food is organic with no taste of a chemical. For me Cuba is like God’s country.

In 2005 I released my revolutionary CD “Forces at work”. I needed to write a definitive statement about what the forces at work were about. How it was basically a battle between good and evil and positive and negative energies. This action was my first in the field of speech writing. As I wrote the speech called “Forces at work” I felt as though I had the spirit of Che flowing through me. By this time I had also developed this personal philosophy that I would live by the will of the forces at work. Since adopting this system of thought I have found that I never have too much, and I never have too little. I always seem to have just enough to do what it is that I want or need to do, at the time when I want or need to do it.

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The next few years I became a little depressed. I tried unsuccessfully to start a lawsuit against another band that I figured had taken my music. It became one of the biggest pop songs of all time, and if that wasn’t bad enough, I then broke my right ankle on both sides. Also I had stopped working with my musical collaborator of 10 years due to a difference in personal goal strategies and artistic ideologies. I feel that all of these events have had an effect on my thought patterns and my ability to see outside of the box. Also an apparent element of spiritual channeling was beginning to develop.

I decided to re-invent myself and go totally no-tech. This was not difficult for me. I refuse to use a computer, I don’t have a cell phone and I have never used a bank machine. I refuse. I do not want my mind to be distracted from my environment. I donated my microwave oven to the woman’s shelter over 10 years ago. The premise for a follow up CD to “Forces at work” was developed and I was calling it “Death in the air”. It is a CD that I have wanted to make and have been working on for 30 years, before the CD was even invented.

The concept for this work was that 3 friends go into a small ham-radio type station and send out their last message to a dying planet. The 3 ongoing themes are saving the planet, the end of the world and the conspiracy theories. It was to contain 15 speeches and 15 pieces of music. The piece was supposed to have an old time OrsonWellian feel to it. A throwback to a simpler time of the past if you will, when things seemed to make more sense, and the interaction of life and art had more meaning.

I took a trip into Havana for a week in January 2008 to get some artistic inspiration from seeing my friend Enrique Avila Gonzalez’s famous 8 story high sculpture of Che Guevara in the Plaza de Revolucion. I also needed to get the proper setting to compose my thoughts and write the speeches for this up and coming work. Again as I was writing my speeches in Havana I felt like I had the spirit of Che flowing through me. The following month back in Canada a couple of my friends who I have jammed with for 33 years (since high school) and myself went into a small studio also owned by a friend from high school and recorded “Death in the air” live right off the floor. I was calling it Michael Dillon and the Non-Believers live radio broadcast of “Death in the air”.

Considering it was a live effort with a very up close and personal feel to it, I couldn’t have been happier with the final result of the recording. It was quick and painless and only cost around $1,000. I was also able to take advantage of the new smart CD format, where instead of making 1000 CDs you can just make as many as you need plus a reasonable set up charge. During all of this time, I thought it would be a good idea to secure a domain name like or These were both taken thank God because what I then did was to check and it was still available. I don’t really use the computer but to my knowledge I do not know of any domains that contain 3 separate words and when I typed thenon it looked more like a chemical gas than what it was supposed to be.

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I went back to Havana to visit my friends Enrique and Amparo for my fiftieth birthday in March 2009. I gave them an advanced copy of “Death in the air” along with all the speeches and lyrics typed out and asked for Enrique’s permission to use his artwork on the CD cover. Enrique agreed to another artistic cooperative Canada-Cubano collective effort and once again my faith in humanity and balance in my universe had been restored. In December 2009 I finally had my first run of the new CD. I thought that my friend Enrique’s artwork on the CD looked fantastic. I went back to see Enrique and Amparo in January 2010 so I could give them a box of the new CDs and discuss the ideas for the up and coming website, You see it is not about the non-belief in religion but the non-belief in ourselves as human beings. It’s about knowing yourself and being independent and following your dreams or your heart. The non-believers are however against organized religion for it is our belief that organized religions are at the root of all wars and are used as tools to manipulate the masses. Therefore all organized religions must be at the root of all that is evil. The very spiritual and philosophical school of followers whom call themselves the non-believers, try their best to have the proper heart condition and awareness of their environmental surroundings to be able to make a spiritual connection.

The new website was also to be an artist’s website that would be interactive with the CD. You can play the CD and read the speeches and lyrics and enjoy some really fine artworks. Also it was to be multi-media to give us a better chance of getting a message through on one level or another to an audience that is losing their attention span. My good friend Enrique Avila Gonzalez once again agreed to the use of his art on the new website. Everything was now in place and all I had to do was figure out how to get the thing built. I talked to my guy Lauren down at Indie Pool. This is the agency that hosts my other website and where the new CD was being made. I asked him about making this new compatible interactive website. He said we don’t make them here any more. We send the work out to a guy called Fish who is working in Shanghai, and base it roughly on 30 hours of labour. This was much more than the $330 special that I paid for my original website, but I thought I am also a fish (Piscean) and said okay let’s do it.

Now that I knew I was going to make the website, I would also have to create and design and write the website. I had decided on 6 different rooms. The main driver would be the section called “Interactivate” which consists of the intro and rolls into the stream of speech, lyric and artwork scroll. The second part I figured would be the photography section, which I called “Photo Forum”. Room 3 was to be my blog section, which I named “The Truth”. Room 4 would be my major written thesis called “Digitalization”. Room 5 was going to be film clips called “Reality TV” and finally the number 6 room was to be a contact section called “Link”. I began to collect information and assemble sequences of ideas, gather photographs, choose old video clips and basically just get to work on it. I was happy with my sequence of ideas and compilation of artwork for the main section “Interactivate”. I was also sending a lot of emails to Fish on the other side of the world in Shanghai. Even with email there is a 12-hour time difference. I believe that all of these elements culminated in the evolution of my matrices of thought and ability to think outside of the box.

It was actually through working and writing the website that I myself had my major spiritual awakening. I was spending a lot of time writing the blogs for the section called “The Truth”. Using an interesting date pattern as I did on pieces I had written over the past few years, I began with January 1, 2010. Then February 2, March 3, and so on. I just thought it was interesting and unusual or original. I decided on a limit of 31 entries or the number of days in a bastardized month on a Roman calendar. This seemed like ample space to get all of the things that had been bothering me off my chest.

Page 11

As I was telling you earlier I have always had this thing about the number 3, and that I may be called upon to deliver a message. Due to this philosophy I have always tried to keep an open awareness to events, ironies and signs. Spending decades waiting for a significant sign or message I can’t really say any happened except that one time on the Farmer’s Market when the 3 born again Christians prayed for my back and cured my pain. Anyway I was about half way through the blogs and just finishing the ones on organized religion and what Jesus would think if he came back to fill out a progress report, when I noticed there was a 3 digit pattern emerging in the dates of the blogs. If I took the number of every third day it created a number code of 369 similar to the pattern in the secret solfeggio.

The other point of interest was it didn’t matter how far I went or how high of a number to be reduced it continued to be 369 for infinity. I then added the number of every third day to every third month to reveal the code of 639. This is the same as the frequency of FA or the fourth note of the scale. If we add the two single digit codes of 369 and 639 together we get the code of 999, or 9 the number for completion.

This is when my spiritual awareness started to become heightened. I thought to myself did I subconsciously include hidden Bible codes in the dates of my monthly entries or was this the major sign that I had been waiting for. It was all starting to become very intriguing as I plodded away on my newly found discoveries. Note in Fig. 4 that when you add column 1 or 2 to column 3, you get a sequence of 999, but when you add the columns of 1, 2, or 3, to the fourth column or number 9, their number values do not change and remain the same. Notice that you can read the codes both vertically and horizontally. From side to side it reads 369, 639, 999. Read vertically in groups of threes it also reveals 369, 639, 999, and will continue to read that code in groups of 3′s for infinity.

Had the thing that I have been waiting for all of my life always been there with me and in everyone of us but just not able to make itself known due to all the effects of societies brainwashing mechanisms? Was I beginning to form a communicative channel to the spirit? I had to put my discoveries away until I was able to invest some more time in my work. Its hard to keep all of these developments moving along and still work your 12-hour taxi shift and make yourself meals and so forth. Although, I do feel that where there is a will, there is a way and if you believe in the spirit or let the spirit take you, then that same spirit can set you free.

Page 12

I think that this communicative channel may have began to develop around 15 years ago when I created this song writing technique that I called a “musical portrait”. I wrote a song for my first CD “Storybox” called “A woman’s point of view” in which I imagine myself as a battered woman in an abusive relationship. I actually try to imagine the woman’s thoughts and how she felt and sing the song as the woman or become the woman. Much like the painter captures his subject’s essence in a portrait, the musical artist tries to capture the essence of his subject by becoming that person and speaking as if he were the subject. To my knowledge I do not know if anyone else was writing a song with that same discipline involved and I thought it was unusual or original as in good. I think a lot of people sing about events or people and times in history but I’m not aware of people trying to become the person or the event. Does this different way of looking at things help to open a spiritual channel?

My second attempt at a musical portrait came a few years later when I wrote “Good Friday” for the “Forces at work” CD. Someone I knew said to me take a look at your surroundings and the mood at around 3:00 o’clock on Good Friday. That’s when they nailed Jesus to the cross. I remember driving down highway 401 in my car when I started singing those words at around 2:45 on Good Friday. “Have I ever been here before, am I ever closing my door”. I was trying to imagine how Jesus felt on the cross and what he might have been saying or thinking to himself. Then came the chorus “That’s how it feels so sad, how it is so bad.”

By the time 3:15 had rolled around I had pretty much formulated most of the song in my head. Is it possible I was channeling a part of the spirit or energy of Jesus Christ? There have been many times in the past when I have written things and then afterward thought to myself where did that come from. It was like it was too good for my level of talent. I believe the true artist acts a little bit like a divining rod, but instead of channeling the energy of a connection to water the artist channels the energy of the spirit. A true artist cannot just sit down and create. He must first feel inspired and that energy must flow freely through him. This is why a truly good or divine work of art will stand the test of time for millennia.

My third and last attempt at a musical portrait was called “Outta my head” on the new “Death in the air” CD. In this song I try to imagine how my brother felt during an anxiety or panic attack. It’s funny that I can’t think of any more musical examples of this technique. It seems to be a very common vehicle that is used in film acting. There is a new movie about Kavorkian, the doctor that used to help assist in patient suicides. The star is Al Pacino and in the movie it looks as if he beomes Kavorkian. I feel like this is a similar kind of channeling, but no one in music seems to be doing it. So through the use of the various different intellectual disciplines to help me look at things differently and see outside of the box, I believe I was enabled to form this kind of communication to the spirit in the form of single digit skein Pythagorean mathematics.

It was kind of strange, as I was saying earlier that I was about half way through my blog entries when all of a sudden instead of writing my personal experiences I began writing down a whole series of simple mathematical equations based on the number 3 in the single digit mode. After writing down a bunch of equations, I began to think about the ancient wisdom of the East. I thought about the Feng Shui story of the old wise men studying the back of a turtle and devising a set of nine numbers set into a tic-tac-toe pattern as in 3 sets of 3 numbers. I then began to apply the mathematical equation codes to the nine-space pattern formation derived from the ancient turtle’s back.

Page 13

The first two digits of every combination equal the third number or 9 in a Pythagorean single digit skein. The third digit of every sequence is number 9. It’s as easy as 1 + 2 = 3. If we break it down to the single digit every number sequence becomes 9. If we add any 3 sequences together diagonally, vertically, or horizontally we get the number 9.

Page 14

The third digit in every column sequence is number 9. The first 2 digits added, are equal to the third digit of every column or 9 the number of completion. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. If we add any 3 columns together diagonally, vertically, or horizontally, we get the number 9 or completion.

Possibly these two clusters of number sequences could represent the matrices of space and time. I’m not a mathematician or at least I never believed that I was, but I do know that math is a form of truth that cannot be fabricated. Also, I began writing down this set of matrices before I even knew the definition of the word matrix. It was all very bizarre. The next day I looked at what I had been working on and thought to myself, wow this is really heavy. Still not aware of the full implications or significance of my discoveries, I began a new set of 9 columns by multiplying every number times every number.

Page 15

The number 9 column remains all 9, therefore is complete. The number 8 column starts at 8 and goes backward 1 number at a time. The number 1 column starts at 1 and goes forward 1 number at a time. The number 9 column added to every other column results in the numbers remaining unchanged. Every column starts at its own number and has one of every digit from 1 to 9, except for column numbers 3, 6, and 9. If columns 1 + 8 are added, all the results equal 9. If columns 2 + 7 are added, all is 9. If columns 3 + 6 are added, all is 9, and if columns 4 + 5 are added all is 9 on all 9 levels of every column number except 9. Also, if we add all 9 single digits of every number column, the numbers of every column add up to 9. If you combine the first 3 numbers of columns 1 + 2 + 3 horizontally and continue down the 9 levels you will reveal a code of 639. If you do the same procedure for columns 4 + 5 + 6, the same code of 639 appears, and finally again for columns 7 + 8 + 9 we see the code 639. When reading the numbers of columns 1 + 4 + 7 vertically, the first, second, and third, three levels will read 369. If we read columns 2 + 5 + 8 in the same way as 1 + 4 + 7 we reveal the code of 639, and finally reading the columns 3 + 6 + 9 in the same manner unveils the code of 999.

Page 16

These two clusters of number sequences could possibly represent the matrices of the left and right side functions of the brain. I woke up the next day and again reviewed my work thinking to myself, where is this coming from. I tried to begin writing another blog entry when for the third day in a row I was on the pathway to yet another set of matrices. Unlike the first two matrices created in the first two days, this one was a little different, this one being created on the third day was a triple matrice. I began to set up another set of 9 column sequences, but this time I read the codes vertically. The columns were again derived from the variations of the every number times every number columns of Fig. 7.

Page 17

To make the triple matrice read the first 3 numbers of columns 1, 2 and 3 vertically and make a 3 level vertical column, three digits wide. Read the second 3 numbers of columns 1, 2 and 3 vertically and make a second 3 level vertical column, three digits wide. Read the third 3 numbers of columns 1, 2 and 3 vertically and make a third 3 level vertical column, three digits wide. This is your first of 3 matrices. Repeat the procedure on columns 4, 5 and 6 for the second of 3 matrices, and finally once again on columns 7, 8 and 9 for the third of three matrices. It should look like this.

The vertical reading of figure 10 reveals the triple matrice of what I believe might represent the left and right side brain functions in conjunction with the subconscious or third eye, the gateway to a spiritual path and connection with divinity. The same gateway that is being blocked by the mark of the beast and used against us to stop our spiritual ascension and keep us controlled or in check like well maintained cattle. You’ve been branded by the corporate logos that you wear, eat, drink, work for and dream about, that have stopped you from attaining the higher matrices of thought required to become a spiritual being. Also, if you make a 9 number pattern with the single digits highlighted in figure 10, and put a line through the three rows of 666, you unveil what appears to be an anarchy symbol. Another interesting aspect of the single digit skein Pythagorean coded numbers is that they can be applied to the letters of the alphabet to find single digit derivatives for words.

Page 18

Here are some examples to clarify the idea of the single digit word derivatives. All three godly words are reduced to the number 8, the number that represents God. To finish the third column of letters to complete the loop, add the numbers of all 26 letters (2+6=8) to reveal the sum of 126 or 9, the number of completion. If we add the numbers of the word letter (3+5+2+2+5+9=26=8) we receive the number 8, or God. If we pluralize the word letter and add the S or number 1 it becomes 27 or 2 + 7 = 9, the resounding number of completion.

When I had finished completing the third set of matrices, that’s when it really started hitting me how unique and potentially powerful this newfound knowledge might be. As I had told you earlier, how I thought the number 3 was significant and that I had been waiting for a sign. Then it happened and all at once I began receiving multiple signs. They were literally all around me. I was born on 03, 03, 1959 = 3 + 3 + 24 = 30 = 3. My first name Michael added is 33 or 6 and my second name Dillon added is 30 or 3. Where my family comes from in Northern England, I suppose they could see no need for a middle name as no one in my family has one. Add both of my names together to reveal 6 + 3 = 9 or completion. Add my name to my date of birth 9 + 3 = 12 = 1 + 2 = 3 and we’re back to 3. For the last 30 = 3 years my major musical instrument of choice has been the 12-string guitar or 1 + 2 = 3. The CD that the website was being built for is called “Death in the air”. It is a 30-year epic journey (30 = 3) of 3 decades of life containing 30 = 3 tracks. The website has 3 separate and distinctive words. It was being built in the year 2010 or 2 + 1 = 3. Could this be the number 3 year that I had envisioned and been waiting for?

Add to this list that I was only using 3 sound clips, 1 speech and 2 songs. The 2 song samples, “The computer age” and “Good Friday” both use a capo on the third (3) fret. Out of 200 songs that I have written, those are the only 2 that I have ever used a capo on. I could not believe what was happening. I was instinctively setting up a website for the message of the “Digitalization of man” destroying life as we now know it on the third plane of existence, on this third planet from the sun. It was to be a story about the number 3, and then all at once these signs started unveiling themselves. It seemed to me like the spirit was just as annoyed at what was going on all around as I was and wanted to take an active part in what was to take place on this website

Page 19

That’s when I began to look at the titles of the rooms that I had chosen for the website. The main driver or “Interactivate” added up to 57 = 12 = 3. The second room “Photo Forum” also added up to 57 or 5 + 7 = 12 or 1 + 2 = 3. I then tried the Pythagorean single digit skein on the title “The Truth” and it added to 39 or 3 + 9 = 12 = 1 + 2 = 3. This was unbelievable and almost beginning to take on the form of a fantasy. Eager to see how far this investigation would lead I tried it on the fourth room “Digitalization” which added up to 75 or 7 + 5 = 12 or 1 + 2 = 3. How could all four of these different titles add up to the number 3, what would be the odds of that happening?

When I tried adding the title of the fifth room “Reality TV” it came to 42 or 4 + 2 =6. Again with the sixth room or “Link” the number added up to 19 or 1 + 9 = 10. Without a moments hesitation upon receiving this information I decided to cut room 5 and 6 from the website as it was apparently written and the will of the spirit. This was the precise moment of my major spiritual awakening. It was like the spirit did not approve of these 2 extra rooms and when I added the 4 rooms of number 3 together, I was once again left with 4 x 3 = 12 = 1 + 2 = 3. Now I don’t want to come right out and say God told me to remove the rooms as no words were ever spoken and no voices were ever heard but I do feel a certain amount of communication involved with myself and the spirit.

Maybe God and the wisdom of the spirit knows that if I say I can hear voices, then it can possibly be used against me to say that I am not mentally stable. But what can be said of mathematics, a language of pure honesty, integrity and truth. Obviously the spirit was able to see such eventualities long before I could ever come to grips with such concepts. I have heard lots of people say that they talk to God, such as devout religious followers, priests and ministers but I have always had an air of skepticism and disbelief when it comes to such notions.

The truth is that the spirit like myself is very angry and upset with the discord and dysfunctional lifestyle that is going on all over this great planet. The spirit is upset with the over-use of using the name Jesus Christ and God in vain and not attaching the proper significance to it’s blessing. All walks of life from athletes to actors to musical celebrities and so forth are all praising God 20 times a day, until it just seems phony. It’s like a catch phrase or giving someone a high five at a football game. There’s no solemness in its gesture. It is more like a social acceptance mechanism. Similarly I gave up celebrating Christmas about 12 years ago. I used to love Christmas but it became like it was just about greed, money and stress until there was very little Christ left in the celebration of Christmas. Looking back this was another decision that didn’t win me any friends.

At about this time in the story of my life I had decided that all of these number 3 coincidences in reality were different clusters of multiple signs or communications with the spirit. Also, that I was firmly in the belief and confirmation that this was my spiritual awakening. Upon receiving all of these signs I began to realize that I needed a little bit of time off to process this information, clear my head and compose my thoughts so that I could begin to write down my thesis called “The Digitalization of Man”. I needed to be in the place where the spirit would flow through me, my home away from home, sunny Cuba. My number 3 signs continued to keep appearing to me as in the time I booked the one week holiday to the Rio de Mares on Esmeralda Beach on a last minute deal. It was going on the second week of June and the price was $390 or 3 + 9 = 12 = 1 + 2 = 3.

Then I drove to the bank and while I stood in line waiting for a teller, I decided to add the numbers on my banking client card. My 16-digit number read 9519… adding to 66 or 6 + 6 = 12 = 3. Driving home from the bank I pulled into one of my side by-side parking spaces in front of my apartment. The numbers are 64 and 65 or 10 + 11 = 21 = 3. When I finally got to the front desk to check in at the hotel in Cuba, the desk clerk gave me the key to room 3009 or 3 + 9 = 12 = 3 and I knew I was back home. The departure date on my re-energizing stress-free week of contemplation was June 12, 2010 or 6 + 12 + 2010 = 6 + 3 + 3 = 12 = 3. This one-week holiday experience was just what the doctor ordered, forgive the cliché, to give my story the proper footing and solid beginning that it so richly deserved. The stage had now been set, whoops I did it again, sorry cliché.

Page 20

I then took some time to re-read my notes and go over my mathematical equations once again. Upon reflecting on Fig. 4 and my code breakdown for the dates of my blogs, I began to realize the perfection of this singular 9 number matrix. How the 3 codes of 369, 639 and 999 could be read both vertically or horizontally when stacked upon each other. I wrote down just those 3 number sequences on a 3 x 3 number grid pattern and called the singular equation the “God Matrix” represented here in figure 13. As you can see in figure 14 the same number cluster can be added above or below, and on either side and continue for infinity. With that in mind I took the “God Matrix”, and extended the pathways 3 times higher and 3 times wider. I call this one the ”Fabric of God Matrix”. As a single 9 number cluster or “God Matrix”, it is like a single cell, chromosome or DNA strand of God. In essence quite literally like a piece of God. When surrounded on every side with similar pieces of God, it becomes like the fabric of God or the spirit itself. The spirit is everywhere and in everything, it is all around you and its path is endless. The scope and reach of God or the spirit is infinite and has no human boundaries. The spirit is an entity that cannot be measured by human increments, units, or devices. Celestial in nature and living a heavenly existence it is at once inside and all around us, as well as in every other living and inanimate part of our blessed planet.

This reminded me of a movie I saw a few years ago about the discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls. At the end of the movie it revealed what was the writings of the living Jesus Christ. It unearthed these words Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is inside you and all around you, not in the mansions of wood and stone. Split a piece of wood and I am there. Lift a stone and you will find me”. These were words that the living Jesus spoke and he who discovers the message of these sayings will not experience death. After completing the “Fabric of God Matrix”, I thought more about how the 9 number grid was able to go horizontally and vertically in a loop simultaneously. I drew and cut out 4 side by side vertical “God Matrix” patterns, folded and taped the box together.

Page 21

I wanted to see if the box would make a perfect loop, which it did. I then made two extra squares for the sides to see how that would loop. As I opened the box, what do you suppose appeared to me? Well the open box turned into a cross. Naturally, I called this one the “God Matrix Spirit Box”. I was quite amazed at how this unfolded to me. I also thought that it was unusual that the 3 complicated sets of matrices came to me before the 3 relatively simple singular matrix patterns. It was like I received the information backwards or maybe it was necessary to prove the mathematical concept before revealing the simplistic essence of “the meaning of life”, and ”why we exist”. As well, I was amused to think that God, or the spirit apparently had a sense of humour. How I had spent so many years doing things differently and trying to think outside of the box in order to open the matrices of thought to form a spiritual connection and receive the sacred message. So after years of trying to think outside of the box, I finally get the message and its a box. But that’s how the spirit is. It can be a friend or a confidant, someone to share math equations with or just a good ironic twist of fate type of joke. The spirit can be anything and everything if you give it the proper chance.

As I pondered this new information about a box that seemed to rotate in 2 different directions simultaneously like the representation of elliptical routes or orbiting patterns, I discovered another interesting fact. I took my 2 single square cutouts from the matrix box and placed them on top of each other and turned one of the boxes about 21 degrees. This revealed a star-like pattern similar to the Star of David. Even though I do not like to use the computer, I felt it was necessary to do an information search on this shape. This search proved to be most interesting. It came up with what was called an “Ashlars Box” a sixteen point geometrical shape used to represent one box superimposed on top of another box. The Ashlars Box was used in the initiating rites of Freemasons and its true meaning was a select few being able to control the masses or one box having control over the other. I say the true meaning only in regards to how the Freemasons interpreted this knowledge. I then carried on with my search and found some different examples of this symbols use or significance in society. The symbol was shown being worn by the Pope on his stole. It was also a symbol that decorated the robe of the Queen of England. Further examples were seen on a Nazi medal of honour, and numerous police helmets or hat badges worldwide.

Page 22

Is it possible that I had stumbled upon the sacred knowledge that the Templar Knights had stolen from the Temple of King Solomon one thousand years ago? Information used by secretive societies to jointly rule the world. Even though the outward view of the Pope and the Catholic church was against the King and the Church of England it is the view of many people that the two entities secretly worked together and had non-aggression pacts in order to maintain their respective shares of wealth and power.

Keeping that in mind how does Germany and the Nazi party fit into this equation? And bearing all this in mind what was the true significance of the non-competition pact between the American pharmaceuticals and the German pharmaceutical brands from I.G. Farben, that apparently were allowed to continue uninterrupted all through World War 2 and most likely are still operative. It is no secret that top Nazi SS officers were whisked out of Germany and set up in businesses in America and unilaterally through the Vatican and into South America with new identities. Also related is the fact that the I.G. Farben building in Frankfurt remained protected from allied bombings all through WW2 and became the headquarters of the C.I.A. after the war. I.G. Farben, Germany’s number 1 industrial corporation that produced the earliest drugs, pesticides and war gases such as Zyklon B, was instrumental in the largely dictated economic and industrial policies to Adolf Hiltler and his minister of finance Martin Borman. Also suspicious was the fact that I.G. Farben maintained an arrangement for the sharing of global revenues with Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company that included the sharing of all revenues from the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries as the basis for their Cartel arrangement.

Rockefeller’s cancer consortium efforts also included the testing of the first cancer chemotherapeutic, which happened to be derived from the same mustard gas used in World War 1. To illustrate the power and influence of this research, the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research had received between the years of 1902 to1928, $65 million in endowment funds from John D. Rockefeller. In comparison in 1938 only $2.8 million was budgeted for the whole Public Health Service by federal funding. And does anyone think that all of that scientific information recorded by the SS on the experiments of living Jewish people in the concentration camps was lost? Not likely as it too was promptly hidden and rushed out of the country along with the SS officers.

Who can remember their dad doing the gardening back in the 60′s, mixing batches of pesticides to spray on the lawn. Nasty toxic chemicals, which were similar in nature to the gases they used to poison the Jews. Like I said earlier do not kid yourself to the chemical companies not being aware of health dangers and links to cancer.

Even to this day they overuse such pesticides at the risk of public safety as was seen in the 90′s with sprayings in New York City for West Nile Virus. Harmful toxic chemicals like Malathion and Anvil being sprayed on an unsuspecting public for their apparent wellness. Does anyone still think there ever was a war against cancer? The true battle for these oil and pharmaceutical companies is to see how much more and how many different types of cancer can be created. And while we’re on the topic of oil and cancer how many new cases of cancer might be generated from this oil spill in the Gulf? Well I guess we will just have to wait 20 years or so to find out, just like all the other untested pharmaceutical products and vaccinations that lead to massive health issues.

Page 23

It seems to me like the onus is now on the public to do the testing for these companies. When I see a television commercial regarding a new drug and listen to the list of side effects, they usually seem worse than the illness that the medicine is supposed to be treating. It’s all getting a little bit hard to swallow. I try to take everything now with a grain of salt and do not necessarily believe anything that I see on the TV or read in the newspaper. For me this is not a sign of paranoia but arguably a wealth of common sense.

The truth is that when you delve into some of these commercially uncharted schools of thought it does not necessarily lead to a spiritual awareness as it should more alertly react in a rude awakening which could possibly result in a spiritual connection if your heart is in the right shape and the spirit is willing. The reason these ideas are as I say “uncharted” is because they are all conveyed and published through independent sources, as they are “taboo” or “persona nongrata” for the mainstream news and publishing cartel.

Independence is however one of the 3 important character traits if you decide on considering yourself as being a true “Non-believer”. There might come a time when you may have to stand up and be counted. If and when that eventuality presents itself I hope that you have completed the required amount of religious or spiritual homework or contemplation. The second trait of the “Non-believer” is to know yourself, or to be true to yourself and the third characteristic of the modern “Non-believer” is to listen to, or follow your heart or dreams. These 3 elements are essential if you wish to establish a positive change.

If we just continue to allow ourselves to be controlled and manipulated without a thought, doubt, or question to life’s absurdity then we have become no better than cattle or livestock. During World War 2 we had the vanguard of elite Nazi officers known as the SS who basically were the controllers of the movement. After the conclusion of this war and the defeat of the Nazis and the Third Reich, the post-war modern idea of change and stability came in the SS of Social Security. In the post-modern world of the current millennium after the change to a full-blown police state in the New Order, I’m afraid that the updated meaning of the SS will undoubtedly be Social Slavery. This outcome will be the crowning achievement of the “Digitalization of Man” and mark the beginning of the Fourth Reich of the New World Order.

At this point in history the paradigm shift to life on the second plane of existence will have already occurred and life and humanity as we now know it will have ceased to exist. This is the more logical prospect to an end of the world or change in the system scenario. After this process has occurred and transpired the gates to a celestial pathway and the doors to a spiritual connection will be locked and sealed for eternity. The race of less than human machine man that are left behind will face and endure a soulless 1000 years of greed, hate and corruption as the faithful servants of the forces of evil and complacency.

When you read or watch a lot of documentaries on the uncharted materials you hear a lot of disturbing things about the Bush family. Things like George W. used to take cocaine and marijuana in his youth. How he was an alcoholic and was picked up at least once for drinking and driving. How George junior dodged the draft to Viet Nam. How he was a friend and university classmate of Osama Bin Laden. How George Bush senior was president and former head of the C.I.A. and that George senior’s father was also the head of the C.I.A. And now this ones the topper, George Bush senior’s father was also the personal accountant to Adolf Hitler.

Page 24

Does that mean that the Bush family inherited the lion’s share of the Third Reich’s bounty in Swiss bank accounts? You hear or see all of these tidbits of information from seemingly reliable sources and documentaries but what I’m seeing is not the thing that is really bothering me. What’s bothering me is that no one is denying any of these allegations and the American public is either oblivious or they just don’t care because he’s a real nice guy and we’re number 1.

How does a guy like George W. Bush get re-elected to a second term with all of this kind of negative information associated with his name. What a difference from the previous president Bill Clinton who served 2 terms and achieved a balanced budget with a sizable cash surplus, and what was probably the closest thing we will see to world peace. How this individual was practically shamed and railed right out of politics just because he got a blowjob in the Oval office. If it had not have been for the fact that he was a brilliant lawyer and Rhodes scholar the Republican Party would have liked nothing better than to throw poor old Bill right out of office. With all the weaknesses of character in George W’s past, it’s just too bad that the Democrats did not have the same zeal for dirty politics as their opponents.

Now while we are still on the topic of American politics, both the spirit and myself wish to acknowledge for the record that there is no place for religion in the governing of the state. Also, religion has no place in influencing the outcomes of political issues. This usually happens when religious followers back a certain individual, not on his ability to govern but because of his views on fundamental religious issues such as abortion. This is not to say that the spirit is pro-abortion, but that it is not the place where the heart of the spirit is able to reside. As for myself personally, I have got nothing against Born Again Christians, as I told you earlier that there were 3 Born Again Christians that prayed in unison and cured my back problem. My difficulty is that if it had not been for 100 million American Born Again Christians, George W. Bush would not have been elected to either term just because he was pro-life and anti-abortion. How pro-life was he when he decided to go to war with Iraq? There will always be that kind a flipside when dealing with the politics of double speak and the issues of truth and the double-edged sword.

If there are some Americans getting very angry at about this point in the story, I suggest that you take a closer look at the history of the Corporation of the United States of America. Were you aware that your country has a long and illustrious career in bio-terrorism and chemical warfare going back 250 years? This implementation began when the US government tried to create the genocide of the American Indian by giving them free blankets as gifts that were covered with the deadly virus of smallpox, to which the Indians had no immunity. How in WW1 the US was responsible for making twice as much mustard gas as the Germans. How the Us Army made it mandatory in the first Gulf War, for their troops to take an anthrax vaccine that gave all of their own soldiers the newly created disease of Gulf War Syndrome, which the army helped to establish through the injection of the tainted vaccinations. How George Bush Seniors Secretary of State James Baker was implicated as co-owner of Tannox Biomedical Systems of Houston, Texas the maker of the Mycoplasma contaminated vaccines. How George Bush Senior himself was a major shareholder in the pharmaceutical company that made the vaccinations. And, if the American Vets have no health insurance they cannot receive health care for the disease they incurred while fighting for their country. Also related is the fact that George Bush Junior’s first presidential decision was to select James Baker to legitimize the recount of Florida’s critical votes. These are just a few selected examples. Don’t even get me started on the organized release and distribution of the deadly AIDS virus.

Page 25

Now I think that it might be a good time to change the storyline and talk a little bit about my favourite non-living European artist Salvador Dali, as I feel that it may have some relevance to my story. I have always been a great admirer of Dali’s artwork and surrealistic visions. The brilliant Spanish painter was able to capture such lush and dreamlike images that the viewer could quite literally get lost in the picture. When Salvador Dali was asked if he took any drugs to help him see his visions, he would say that he never took any drugs because he was the drug.

I remember in high school buying myself a framed poster of one of Dali’s paintings to hang on my wall. I believe it was called “Narcissus of an egg”. Anyway around a dozen years ago I was at a church bazaar or rummage sale, and I noticed 2 framed and signed Salvador Dali limited edition prints being sold for $50 each. One was called the “Madonna of Port Lligat”, and the other slightly larger print was entitled the “Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus”. I promptly purchased both pictures and could not believe my good fortune because I knew that Dali numbered prints were selling in the 80′s for around $3,000 US each while the artist was still alive. The elderly, courteous church-going lady told me she thought that there were more of these pictures at the Outreach mission and food bank down the street a few blocks.

I figured that this was worth investigating so upon entering the Outreach center I noticed a couple of long stacks of the framed prints around 20 or 30 deep. It was like a makeshift store set up where if you were needy you would be given any article but if you were donating and saw an article that you liked you could offer a donation. So with this in mind I had an extra $100 I could spend so I offered the lady running the mission a $100 donation for 3 pictures. About a week later I stopped by and took another 3 framed prints. The third time I went to this Christian help center in 3 weeks was truly the charm. I saw lying on the floor a cardboard box once used to package a kitchen range hood and when I looked inside there was a stack of Dali’s “Madonna of Port Lligat” prints. I counted the sheets in the pile and there were 100. I could not believe my eyes. I said to the matron of the mission, what about these unframed prints. She said how much do you want to spend and only coming in with my usual $100 budget I offered “How about $100.” She agreed and I walked out with 100 Salvador Dali limited edition signed prints that had probably sold in the 80′s for $3,000 each while the artist was still alive. I should probably explain that the image on this print was of the Virgin Mary with a big open space where her stomach should be and inside that space a baby Jesus Christ floating in suspended animation.

It is a very powerful image and when Dali painted the canvas he took the painting to Rome and tried to get the Pope to bless the masterpiece. He was of course denied an audience with the Pope but I just thought it was an interesting piece of information related to the man and the picture. It also showed how important he felt this painting was and possibly it was at this moment when Dali had his major spiritual awakening. So now that I had all of these prints it was only natural to see if they were real or if the signatures could be authenticated and if there was a value to each page.

Page 26

I borrowed a book from the library called “The Great Art Fraud of Salvador Dali” by Lee Catrell. The book documented how the prints were made and sold and revealed that it wasn’t the quality of the prints at question but the way in which they were sold. You see major art centers like London, New York, California and Hawaii were selling these prints for between 3 to 5 thousand dollars as guarantied blue chip art. Each print was supposed to be examined and approved by the artist and then signed, but this was not the case.

The truth is that Dali would sit in a hotel room all day signing blank sheets of French acid-free paper. He would sign 15 to 25 thousand sheets at one sitting and never see any of the finished prints for his approval. This totally contradicted the way they were being sold. Also deceptive was that when you bought a print in a limited edition of 300, what they didn’t tell you was that there was a European edition, an American edition and so on so that there might be 5 different editions of 300 which again was fraudulent in its application.

Dali himself was paid $40 per signature and the real perpetrators of the fraud were the greedy printmakers who bought the paper from a bonded warehouse for $200 a sheet and made prints which sold for 3 to 5 thousand dollars each. There were also some reports that some signatures were counterfeit. The mind-staggering thing about the whole deal is that Dali apparently signed 300,000 blank sheets of French acid-free paper.

In the case of this Madonna print it is of high quality and the maker had to hire a European lithographer and colourest to make the prints and pay $200 a sheet to the bonded paper warehouse. It cost the maker of these prints $500 a sheet to produce them in the 80′s. Apparently the printmaker had a signed contract by the owner of the original who happened to be the owner of the Dali museum in St. Petersburg, Florida. The owner of the original then had second thoughts and tried to break the contract but the printmaker who had the signed contract went ahead and made the prints anyway.

As far as the authentication of these prints my research shows that the printmaker in question had a signed contract from the owner of the painting. He also had a signed contract for the purchase of 20,000 sheets of French acid-free paper with Dali signatures attached from the bonded paper warehouse. And as far as I can tell the only way to determine if the Dali signatures are real is by the date of the paper. When you hold the back of the printed sheet to light you can see a paper name and date marking. On the back of the Madonna it is embossed B K Rives Arches paper and a date mark of a sideways figure 8 or infinity symbol. Dali himself signed an affidavit stating that he did not sign any blank sheets of paper after 1980.

After checking with a bonded New York paper house I was told that the sideways figure 8 or infinity symbol was the marking for the year 1980. So everything to do with this print checks out. I gave a few prints to some friends. I tried to sell the two different prints in an art auction house. I could not even get the $50 opening bid. About 3 years ago I had someone try to sell a few on E-bay. I could not get more than 2-3 hundred dollars a-piece. Interestingly there was a bid for one by the Salvador Dali museum in Spain for $250 U.S. but the cost of mailing and insurance was an extra $150, so they declined. Of the few that sold there were no complaints.

Page 27

The man from the auction house said that there was a Salvador Dali raison of accepted documented prints and if the print was not registered in the raison it was virtually worthless. Webster’s dictionary defines “raison d’etra n. the justifying reason for the existence of something”. Does anyone think that for one minute you can place a raison d’etra on the will of the Spirit of God? But you see that’s the way things are when you deal with money people and their need for concrete proof in order to make money for themselves. There is no sense of just instinctively knowing its worth and value by simply looking at what it is. I suspect that this Madonna and the Columbus print did not make the raison because of this contract disagreement with the owner of the original.

I gave 2 prints to my good friend and Cuban artist Enrique Avila Gonzalez about 10 years ago which inspired him and led to the stunning 2002 painting by Enrique called “Dreams” which also happens to adorn the front cover of the “Death in the air” CD. Enrique pays homage to Dali by actually painting a likeness of his eyes as the focal point of the picture. Upon looking again at one of the Madonna prints a few days ago I noticed some interesting peculiarities. First of all it is a print of a sacred religious subject known as the Virgin Mary with Christ child. Secondly the date stamp was a sideways figure 8 or infinity symbol, which is also the symbol of God. Thirdly if you add the numbers of 1980 in a Pythagorean skein you get 1 + 9 + 8 = 18 = 9 or the number for completion.

This got me thinking about the whole debacle of the Dali art scandal. Why would such a gifted and talented and most likely extremely wealthy artist do such an injustice and dishonour to his name and reputation in the final years of his life. The easy, greedy, commercial answer would be that he was crazy and that he just wanted the money and that he didn’t care. It just didn’t make sense that one of the finest artists in history would just go and sign 300,000 blank sheets of paper. And that’s when it hit me, Salvador Dali the man was most likely a deeply religious and spiritual person. Why else would he take his Madonna painting all the way to Rome just to have the picture blessed by the Pope?

If we look at things in a different perspective the multiples of the number 8 reveal a code that goes in a backward direction and 8 represents the number of God. Also the meanings of the second and sixth notes (2 + 6 = 8) of the 6 note solfeggio, RE (Resonance) and LA (Labial) are action in a backward direction to undo a situation and a reverse movement or tendency. Add to this the concept of how God wants to reverse time and go back to a simpler, more conservative way of life. Thinking back on how I received all of the difficult matrices before I came up with the simple singular matrix as if I was receiving the information backwards.

Is it possible that Dali was not crazy at all when it came to his prints? Is it possible that Salvador Dali was instructed by the spirit on how to make his prints. 300,000 prints made in a backward tendency or signed first and then printed instead of printed and then signed. Anything is possible when it comes to the spirit and that’s the way I would rather remember one of my favourite artists. That he signed 300,000 blank sheets of paper on an apparent mission from God and finished his final task in 1980 = 1 + 9 + 8 = 18 or 9 the number for completion.

Page 28

I have seen a similar size and quality Dali print of a different image selling in an art shop at Fallsview Casino mall in Niagara Falls for $20,000. If I bought this picture I’m not sure there would be a verification of the date stamp but my gut feeling tells me that my “Madonna of Port Lligat” prints are 100% authentic. Anyway to make a long story short if there are any non-believers out there that are big fans of the extraordinary artist Salvador Dali or are just looking for a nice religious art print of a Madonna and child, send me an e-mail.

Tell me a brief bit of information about yourself, why you would like to own a signed limited edition print of Dali’s Madonna, and how much you want to spend for this art treasure. If you like, include a phone number or picture of yourself. I still have 90 of these high quality signed Dali art prints under my bed. If the spirit and myself are pleased with your request and satisfied with the amount of money that you are willing to spend then we shall try, God willing, to make one available to you while quantities last. Sorry if I seemed to get a little off topic but I feel that there must have been a good reason why the spirit directed these 100 Godly prints to my path. After all the spirit works in mysterious ways and has wonders to perform.

As I continue to write my thesis on “The digitalization of man” it is starting to dawn on me the scope and magnitude that this story is taking on. When I began writing the essay I thought it might be a few pages long about modern man and technology to prove my theory about digitalization. Little did I realize that I would begin to develop a relationship with this godly-presence. Also, that the existence of the spirit could help to prove my thesis. I quite honestly thought that would have been up and running in a couple of months but as I am still writing, it is now about 4 and a half months and I still have nothing concrete from my man in Shanghai.

A year ago this whole scenario would have had me freaking out but now I am looking at things much more calmly due to the inspiring and peaceful influence of the spirit in my life. I realize that there is a reason for everything and so I am now trying to set my sights on a website release date of 10-10-10. Still not nearly enough time as that will be less than 3 months away but hopefully, God willing, I will be able to finish my task on this numeral logically powerful and magical date. You see the number 10 is considered to be a Cardinal number. This is because the number 8 is the only number that multiplied by itself is equal to 1. As in 8 x 8 = 64 = 6 + 4 = 10 = 1. So what could make more sense and be more symbolically powerful than starting on a date with 3 Cardinal numbers that happen to add up to 1 + 1 + 1 = 3. Back to where this story began in the third plane of existence, in the third year of 2010. Interestingly the board used for the game of chess, that most likely came from Egypt around 3,000 years ago contains 8 spaces horizontally and 8 spaces vertically for a total of 64 squares or 6 + 4 = 10 = 1.

It is as at about this moment that when I am trying to sort out a way to wrap this story up, that I begin to receive my third wave of mathematics. Apparently the spirit is guiding me to back up my story beyond the shadow of a doubt and really show the intricacies and properties of the numbers. In Figure 15, I have constructed 9 columns, 10 levels high by adding the number of God, the infinite 8 to every number from 1 to 90. As you can see the single digit number in the brackets before every number equation forms a perfect loop from 1 to 90, the number of completion. Also the final derivative number of every equation from 1 to 90 forms another continuous perfect loop. If you take any column after number 1 starting with a 2-digit number and then add the number 8, you get a number that is 1 less than the number in the brackets to the left of the equation. If you subtract the number 8 you are left with a number 1 higher than the number in brackets. So in essence when you are adding god you are subtracting and when you are subtracting god you are really adding. Either way you are moving in a backwards tendency or reverse movement.

Page 29

More proof from the will of God and the spirit’s desire for the people to return to a more realistic and meaningful way of life. To begin a separation from the dysfunctional ideals and lack of values that have crept into our daily existence. To start the use of a less harmful and more ergonomic and people friendly frequency to be used in our daily communications. One answer that might be considered could possibly be a return to analog or a recalibration for the lowering of the frequency tunings in the digital transmission. We cannot continue on our current path of digital momentum without incurring the establishment of a major paradigm shift that has yet to take place. Furthermore if we learn the ways of the coded Pythagorean single digit mathematics, we may be able to reclaim that which is being taken away from us. The math might be the answer to defending yourself against the onslaught of a 2 dimensional existence. It can also help you to develop your intuitive psychic areas of thought and lead to a possible true relationship with the spirit. Then and only then will you truly never be alone, as the spirit will always be with you and be a part of you.

Page 30

Another interesting property of the columns in Fig. 15 is that the derivative number of every equation will combine with its opposite level number within each column to reveal the same number the column begins and ends with. For example if you look at the first column it begins at level 1 and ends at level 10 with number 9. 9 + 9 = 18 = 9 and if we take the second level of 1 with the ninth level of 8 the result is 9. And again with the third level of 2 and the eighth level of 7 the answer is 9. Similarly with the fourth level of 3 and seventh level of 6 you reveal the number 9. And finally with the fifth level of 4 and sixth level of 5 the conclusion is 9. The same result applies to all the columns in Fig.16.

With this new information of number 8 added to every number from 1 to 90 as we have witnessed in Fig. 15, I didn’t have much choice but to do the same procedure for every number added to every number. As you can see in Fig. 16 the answer to every equation forms a perfect loop similar to the loop for the equation answers in Fig.15. Also similar is the fact that the opposite levels of each column add up to the same single digit number.

Page 31

Upon further reflection of the patterns and properties of Fig.15 and Fig.16, another idea crossed my mind and that’s when the fireworks really began. As the opposite levels of every column equaled the same number, I then decided to try the ninth level and continue the same process for every level continuing in a backwards movement. Let’s try using column 2 from Fig.15 as an example.


Starting with column 1 add the bottom number 1 to the top number 1 and create a new column by placing 2 under the column number 3. Add bottom number 1 to second number 2 and place 3 under the 2. Add bottom number 1 to third number 3 and place a number 4 under 3 of third column. Continue in the same manner until you add bottom number 1 to ninth number 9 and place a 1 under number 9 of column 3. Now begin a new column 5 next to column 3 by repeating the same process that you just completed. This would start with adding bottom or ninth number 1 with top number 2 and the result of number 3 is the first number under column 5. Combine bottom number 1 and the second level number of 3 and place a 4 under number 3 of column 5. Continue until you add bottom number 1 with the eighth level number 9 of column 3 to result in number 1 or bottom number of column 5. Continue to repeat this pattern procedure to every newly created column and label 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, and finally the single level of number 1 for column number (18).

Now that we have created these vertical columns of numbers we can take each individual vertical row and begin to combine the opposing numbers of each row. As happened previously level 10 combined with level 1, level 9 with 2, level 8 with 3, level 7 with 4 and finally level 6 with 5. Now begin with the next number up from the bottom or ninth level number 9 and combine with first level 1. Continue with level 8 and 2, then level 7 and 3, and finally level 6 and 4. Level 5 is left over so write down a 5 to the right of level 5 and start a new vertical row under column (2). Go to third level from bottom or 8 and combine with first level 1. Add level 7 and 2, then 6 and 3, and finally 5 and 4. Continue backwards with level 7 and 1, then level 6 and 2, followed by 5 and 3 and find that level 4, number 4 is left over. Write down number 4 to the right under new column (2). Continue to repeat this backward countdown until you no longer can. You should show the numbers (2), (3), (4), (5) vertically under column (2). Repeat this procedure for all of the remaining vertical rows under columns 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, and 17, ending with the single level and number 1 under column (18). It should look like what was written down for Fig. 17.

Page 32

To read the triangulated loop start on level 1 under column 1 and read from left to right ending in 1. Start at next level 2 under column 1 and read left to right ending in 1, but then count the next 1 above on level 1 as number 2, and proceed to number and level 3 under column 1 and read left to right ending in 1. Then add the next 2, number 1′s from the levels above and call them numbers 2 and 3 before continuing on level 4 under column 1. Moving ahead from left to right and ending in 1, add the 3 number 1′s from the levels above and call them number 2, 3, and 4, before continuing again on level 5 under column 1. By the time that you reach the bottom of the triangle you will finish counting the loop by adding all 10 final number 1′s, from all 10 levels.

Now as I am sitting here trying to write down all of these mathematical discoveries as I am receiving them I still have no idea if this is all common knowledge that any math student in university would know about or if I have been the one chosen to crack the coded single digit skein godly mathematics of Pythagoras. If I have unraveled that enigmatical discovery that men of knowledge have tried to figure out for 2500 years then I say what a blessing and honour for me to be that chosen one. If all of these equations are already as I said, common knowledge then I would have to say what a blessing and honour for me to have the spirit take the time out to teach me all of this fascinating knowledge and presumably lost mathematical art-form. Either way it has been a great privilege and life changing experience serving the message of the Spirit, in our coming cosmic day of deliverance.

Like I said earlier in the story that I have always believed I was meant to be some kind of a messenger. Well, it is my belief that the message is the math. If you learn the ways of the single digit Pythagorean mathematics, you will not only recalibrate the balance of both the hemispheres from your brain, you will also protect yourself from certain aspects of mind control. I also believe that the practice of this math might help to stop or slow down the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. It would be similar to doing crossword puzzles but with greater effect. And most importantly the performance and awareness of this math will help to develop the intuitive and psychic development needed to form the spiritual connection to God and become one with the Spirit. As far as the digitalization of man goes, I can’t really foresee any changes to the way it is already functioning. This would therefore make the math even more important. I can’t imagine even non-spiritual people cozying up to the idea of having their minds controlled.

I am beginning to feel that the effect of digitalization on the arts is to take the joy once received through well being and convert it into the instant gratification and joy more like the stimulation one would get from an artificial drug. The modern television of today has all of those flashes or bursts of aural excitement from the high definition effects but leaves the viewer with little if any feeling of wellness. It does however promote audience fatigue while simultaneously causing a human disconnect and leaving the individual with a feeling of emptiness yet still craving more. This too is a part of the digital trap.

Page 33

If we look at modern music, it to has all of these digital earmarks of destruction. In the glory day’s of analog when music was king, there was a pure joy one could receive by listening to the tones plus the residual feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation from its therapeutic treatment. Compare that with the awful sounds of the airways today with the crunched down, compressed, base filled sound presets of the digital delivery systems. The very music of today with its over produced, chant-like overuse of effects over human talent and creativity is the reason that the digitalization virtually killed the art-form of music. The music, like the television leaves no after-feeling of joy or well being as it once did. It relies on the instant gratification from pulses of artificial sound effects that stimulate an immediate artificial drug-like feeling in the mind, yet leave it feeling empty and wanting more. This disturbing example of the digital trap, made me think about driving the taxi 18 years ago, when half of my customers requested music and how only 1 person per year would ask for music now. It seems that the music had lost some of those properties that made the people desire and demand it as part of their daily routine. The music played such an important role in our lives because of its power to deliver and promote joy while simultaneously relaxing you and clearing your mind for thought or contemplation. Also just giving you that overall feeling of wellness, connectedness and being at one with your environment. This was due to the music’s ability to help bring the spirit of life and joy into your heart. I am afraid in the new millenniums digitalization cartel that the “new music” must now be silence. This is now the only way to relax and compose your thoughts. The modern music with its coercive sound presets has turned the art form into a din as opposed to its former excellence with its soul connecting attributes. Woe is the incomparable loss from the heart of mankind and the psyche of our human condition. It gives us a whole new meaning to the expression “silence is golden”.

This started to get me thinking about the “God Matrix” and the Webster’s dictionary example of a matrix sentence, “A sentence in which another sentence is embedded in it”. I think it too could be said that some of the paintings by Salvador Dali could be called matrix art. In both his subjects and their titles he often paints a separate story within the frame. Perhaps the same could be said of the matrix music from my favourite songwriter John Lennon. For me it has always been the sign of good music or art when the subject or words have multiple meanings. Use the example of the song “Lucy in the sky with diamonds”. John would say its just a bedtime story and the title was something his child said, when the critics would say its about a hallucinogenic drug called LSD. Is it possible that the spirit works with certain artists whose artistic integrity is true to help write these matrix lyrics in order to share and show the blessing of the spiritual gift of music? Possibly without even John Lennon’s knowledge of his double meaning words coming forth? These are musical attributes that really make the songs classics that can stand the test of time and never die.

These same matrix properties are also witnessed in the godly equations of the single digit skein Pythagorean mathematics, whereby there is an equation with another equation embedded in it. This is probably the very thing that gives the music and the art its tremendous power and significance. That it is a vehicle to help feel the joy and reward of sharing a loving relationship with the spirit. If only we could revert back to a way of life where our decisions were not so clouded by worry, stress, fear, paranoia, guilt and the triviality of countless gadgets and gizmos. Back to a time when people felt the reward of self-satisfaction for a job well done or a pride in their achievements. I know that it is a pretty rare thing but I think it may happen to everyone once or twice in a lifetime, where they might receive a moment of clarity. A wave of knowledge that sweeps over you and makes everything crystal clear so that there are no questions and everything makes sense and you know exactly what to do because you feel a certain confidence and assuredness. Imagine if you will, that when you form the connection to the spirit of God, that every day will be like a moment of clarity and a soul filled happiness of inner peace.

Page 34

This is the kind of beautiful world that was envisioned by the brilliant scientist Nikola Tesla, the father of electricity. He tried to promote electrical wireless energy with no wires and poles and no pollution. Nikola was forced out of this business endeavor due to the money people who called his loan so they could pursue a path of hardwiring and pollution causing oils and coal. If Nikola had just concentrated on one or two of his ideas and established proper money making enterprises like his counterparts Edison and Marconi, he might have had more control over his destiny. After all Edison and Marconi were making lots of money from ideas and patents from Nikola Tesla. Ideas like the light bulb and the radio, but that’s how it is with money people who take other peoples ideas and call them their own.

Tesla was a creative genius and to his credit that was his main focus. His main concern was to pursue his many experiments and life changing inventions over his pursuit of money. You see to some people there are more important things in life than money. If you do not feel well all the money in the world cannot make you feel right. Nikola Tesla who arguably was the greatest freethinking intelligent mind in history was the happiest when he was working on his ideas and inventions. For some people their need to continue to achieve, accomplish and create becomes an internal driving force as if one becomes part of a greater mission to complete a task. One might say a matrix mission or a task embedded within another task.

As far as myself goes personally, I am hopefully releasing my fifth CD at the end of the year, “Mystic, Revolutionary, Shaman, Artist”, or as I like to call it, the busker CD. So far to date I can’t really say that I have sold any units, but I am already thinking about the follow up CD to “Death in the air” as I am trying to complete the task of finishing website. I remain undaunted in my desire to continue to create, achieve and accomplish. This does not mean that my art is at all less valid than that which is receiving mass exposure. On the contrary, if we use the example of Vincent Van Gogh, there was a man that was driven to paint in an original light but was uniquely ahead of his time. Hard as he tried he was not able to sell one single painting in his lifetime. In the hundred or so years since his death if you were to try and purchase one of Van Goghs paintings today at an art auction, be prepared to spend 100 million dollars.

I believe we are coming to the end of our mathematical meaning of life expose and as promised at the end of the introduction to “The Truth” it is time to reveal the secret codes in the dates of the chapters of “The Truth”. As I have said previously my number is 3 because I was born on the third day of the third month and we live in a 3 dimensional existence on the third planet from the sun, etc. Well, if you were to take every third day or every third month it will break down to a code of 3, 6, 9. If you were to add every third day to every third month you would show a repeating code of 6, 3, 9. This is the same code that forms from the multiplication of 6′s column, and the fourth note or Fa in the secret solfeggio. It is also the code that forms in “The fourth book of Moses” called Numbers beginning at Verse 12, Chapter 7. When we add the Bible Code of 3, 6, 9, to the code of 6, 3, 9, a final completion code of 9, 9, 9 will appear. These are the same 3 codes that result from the multiplication columns of 3′s, 6′s, and 9′s. They are also the 3 codes that make up the divine perfection of the “God Matrix”, the answer to mankind’s eternal question of “Why do we exist”?

Page 35

Now, it is time once again to examine the meaning of the matrix, or as I am referring to in particular the “God Matrix”. An inexplicable coded sequence of the collective soul of mankind. Three sets of 3 numbers that can move infinitely in two opposite directions simultaneously. If matrices truly underlie all thought, light, sound and healing then maybe it is best to think of the “God Matrix” like a grid pattern that encompasses the entire planet. This grid pattern interconnects all living things and contains certain electromagnetic properties that act as a field of energy or spiritual force-field. I have heard of power lines around the earth. These are places that have unique energies, such as churches, banks, institutions, or Indian burial grounds. Also, strange or negative energies like “Stonehenge” or “The Bermuda Triangle”.

The “God Matrix” is the true energy essence of Celestial origin that allows mankind to enjoy and share the heavenly pursuit of the arts and a divine lifestyle if we choose to follow that path. The spirit gives us these gifts like the joy of music or self-expressionism to fill our hearts with the greatness of life and that, which is the spirit itself. The godliness of the coded single digit skein Pythagorean math, also displays all of the definitions of the word matrix. It is truly matrix mathematics. So it just dawns on me now the significance of the connection between the single “digit” math and the “digitalization” of man. If the matrix of God helps mankind to enjoy a meaningful life full of contentment and reward, then it only makes sense that the coming onslaught from the digitalization of man and the electromagnetic power generating stations of HAARP and EISCAT may have the capability to shut down the power grid. It will be this final act against humanity that will cause the creation of the paradigm shift into a 2 dimensional state of being as well as the inception of life on the second plane of existence where the heart of the spirit and humanity as we now know it can no longer exist.

The spirit would like to ask a question. “Have I made a believer of you, yet?” The spirit also wishes to say that those are to be its first and final words to the masses. As for myself, I too have said all I have to say and as I sit here typing my final page, I notice that we are finishing my philosophical thesis of life on the number 36 or 3 + 6 = 9, the Celestial number for completion. How fitting it is for the divine perfection of that which is the spirit itself, to leave us with what are not only to be its last words to the masses but also a final numeric sign for our wonder and contemplation. Go forth with the ways of God, let peace be upon you, and always remember the most important principle of the modern day non-believer, that is to know yourself.

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