Monday's child is fair of face
Tuesday's child is full of grace
Wednesday's child is full of woe
Thursday's child has far to go
Friday's child is loving and giving
Saturday's child works hard for its living
And a child that's born on the Sabbath day
Is fair and wise and good and gay

There is knowledge, intuition and wisdom everywhere, and within all things of this earthy realm in which man and all of the other creatures of this divine planet reside and co-exist. These eternal aspects of truth and enlightenment are to be found in all philosophies, arts and religions including Christian, Muslim, Hebrew, Hindu, Buddhist, Feng Shui, Mysticism, Numerology, Astrology, Mathematics, and Science Fiction. How does Man except that he knows all there is to know, or that there can be nothing more added in a world which is becoming intrinsically smaller on a daily basis, while the planet becomes more ethnically diverse and co-dependant on each other, as our resources begin to dwindle? How can any single religion believe that their God would exclude everyone else due to the doctrines of their hemisphere, or that they should be entitled to go to war and righteously murder one and the other in the name of such a God? If the truth be known, God is everywhere and in everything which means that God is not selective. The entity or living God that is a part of our consciousness is connected to us through our heart and is a part of our inner soul; which maintains the ability to transmit to the Spirit and transcend to the Soul Collective, which of itself is the body of God.

If we look at the case of knowledge, knowledge must be taught as a part of societal conditioning and laws, which allows Man to develop as functionally useful and beneficial members of their geographically designated communities. Intuition on the other hand is something that is born within us, connecting to our heart through the soul. Intuition relates to the underdeveloped sixth sense, which is psychic awareness, or mental perception that resonates electronically to our even less developed seventh sense in the form of telepathy in conjunction with that that is the Spirit itself, or Spiritual understanding. The gathering of wisdom on the lifelong path which becomes our voyage of discovery is a facet of education that unfortunately not everyone is able to attain. It takes a dedication, discipline, self-examination, hard work and selflessness that underlines a desire to at once be both all that you can be, while still morally trying to become a better person. Wisdom is a quality of humanitarianism that can only be garnered by the many years of human experience, and humanities experiences. The achievement of wisdom involves an ongoing commitment to understanding Mankind's past, present and possible future. Without our understanding of the past and that which is now going on all around us, there may not be a future ahead of us that we are fully able to comprehend. How can we expect to stay ahead of this technologically downward curve on the humanistic graph when Man has forgotten how to read, write, and count in the performance of his daily human functions; and as we become increasingly more dependent on the machines for our memories, and as life support systems for mental functioning?

As I now begin to write this third thesis involving the destiny of Mankind, and integrate the sacred coded math from the Family of God and Man, I find myself back in my home away from home, sunny Cuba. I started to write the first thesis here in 2010 which I titled "The Digitalization of Man". That paper discussed technology and the oblivious nature of society's degradation of the Spirit. It was my first story ever and became an autobiographical account of trying to build a website called to go with my new CD "Death in the Air". What I did not expect was how this process would evolve into my Spiritual awakening and intuitively open a channel to the Divine single digit coded mathematics or Language of God. The math worked out fine but the website did not, so after a frustrating year of hard work, I came to realize that the Spirit or God could not be completely represented by a website under the domain This theological oversight derived from the intuitively perpetual nature of the Spirit led me to totally rebuild my website under the domain I left the first website up as a paradoxical dysfunctional domain to reinforce the dualistic aspects and choices in life.

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The new website caused me to begin writing the second thesis "Functions of the Spirit" which involved the furtherance of the matrix math and became an autobiographical account of building the second website For this paper, I once again returned to Guardalavaca Beach in Cuba to attain a firm foothold in my literary style by the peace of mind achieved from the tranquil nature of this beautiful islands natural setting. The new story and website became my ongoing process of hard work and dedication for the calendar year of 2011. The time has now elapsed to Easter Monday April 19, 2012 as I begin writing my third paper titled "Journey of the Soul". I have concluded that this thesis will become the last instalment of a three part series entitled God Matrix, soon to become known as the God Matrix Trilogy. I have already intuitively determined this third paper should have a length of 40 pages like the 4 corners of a box, combining with Part I at 36 pages or 3+6=9, and Part II containing 44 pages the double box or God the number 8 as in an infinity loop. The 3 separate instalments will unify at 120 pages signifying the coded single digit matrix mathematics of Pythagoras or 1+2=3. As a complete trilogy it is possible that there could be a published book version named at a later date.

Imagine if you will a book that is a total remake of an already existent website for those of us that do not care to use the digital delivery system for our reading pleasure. This idea is a concept that I am almost certain has yet to have been achieved. Considering the fact that you can get about 300,000 hits on just about any subject you can Google, it is astonishing that this original idea has yet to be pursued, but alas I am afraid that it is just another by product of a world that has forgotten how to think anew.

Contemplating the way in which this unearthly somehow higher level of learning had unfolded unto my conscious state of being over the last 2 years was in itself an anomaly that I needed to come to grips with in order to finalize what was now becoming an entire book. How I had previously spent the last 6 years trying unsuccessfully to open the minds of friends and family to the various conspiracy theories, so much so that I started to feel like my words were becoming more of an annoyance than an asset. It was at this stage that I felt it would make more sense to just write down such viewpoints and place them into a section of my new website This area of content which I later dubbed "The Truth" was arranged in a way to open up people's minds to the unbelievable nature of the way in which our world's folly was progressing.

I had decided that I was sick and tired of trying to convince people about the ways of "The Truth" and if anyone was interested in knowing any of my ideas, concepts, or philosophies, I could just direct them to my new website. It also became necessary to prepare the reader for how fathomless the paradox of digitalization and the single digit math could be. Due to this complex philosophical and mathematical spiritual awareness, it became quite clear that I would not be able to have the luxury of just writing something down and forgetting about it. It was as though I was about to theologically, philosophically, and numerically administer a triple dose of the proverbial "can of worms". I had begun to dig a tunnel into the "rabbit hole", that led only one way and to which I had no possible escape from. Now by no means am I trying to complain if that's how it sounds because this particular hole became my "tunnel of love", without sounding too cliché. It was a hole that led to hope, forgiveness, inner peace, and spiritual understanding. The ongoing inspiration, motivation and fulfillment could only be received through the Godsend of Enlightenment, and a Grace from the familiarity of knowing your own living Soul. Thinking about the different elements concerning the depths of one's Soul inspired me to compose another lyric.

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The content of this new song involves the way in which we as a people are shunning our awareness through an axiom of denial because our lives have become too hard and unrewarding as we are already too overstressed. It is far less complicated to follow suit, fall in line, and obey the word of the status quo as not to upset anyone or anything. This illustrates exactly how we are controlled and yet somehow unaware of this complacency factor. If we do not soon begin to understand this dogmatic approach to our societal conditioning then how will we ever be able to know ourselves? If we cannot understand ourselves, than we will surely lose touch with our own living Souls. How is it that Mankind is about to let this happen? Forgive us Father, for we know not what we do:






When I was creating this song I started out with the title of "Rabbit Hole" in mind and later changed it to "Hurry Scurry". This alteration came about after looking up the definition of scurry in my Webster's dictionary. I find myself conferring with this useful tool often because I like to make sure that I am saying what it is that I really mean. "Scurry: to move along quickly, esp. with hurried little steps, scurries n. a hurried moving along, or an instance of this II gust, a scurry of rain. (HURRY-SCURRY)Fr. Again, I found this reference of "an instance of this" which I originally discovered when researching Pythagoras in the word "metempsychosis: a transmigration of souls II an instance of this". I also came across the expression in the definition of "rigor, n. uncompromising firmness II an instance of this", which seemed to relate to the word "rigor mortis, n. the stiffening of the muscles after death. [L]"

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I believe the expression is a clue to the puzzle of Man and his Soul. When we die, we see the light for an instance, then our life force passes and our soul moves on to the next vessel or living host. So before we depart we have the chance to briefly experience our own living Soul, before our mortal life is finished. Now don't you think that it would be wonderful to have the chance of experiencing your own living Soul, before you die? While you are still healthy and alive. Is it possible that the most important scripture of any religion, being "KNOW YOURSELF" really means to know your-self or be true to your-self is to know the inner being that is within your-self? How can you get to know your own Soul if you do not even know your own self? Now a very profound thing just happened to me a few minutes ago when I was writing. As I was describing the importance of words, I looked up the spelling of "reference" and it said "n a referring or being referred or an instance of this". It kind of blew my mind that I would discover this example at the moment I was writing about this example. You see I would look at this coincidence as a sign because whether I am finding a penny and looking at the date, or trying to decipher the meaning of a word that just popped into my head; a word that I was not even aware of, I find it is always in the timing of when these events happen, or how it plays out in your scheme of things as to allow itself to come in the manner of a message or an instance of this. Did you find the word or did the word find you?

Your own living Soul is trying its hardest to communicate with you every day of your life but Man is so preoccupied with money, work, greed, stress, sex, hate, envy, desire and all of the other trappings of a life that he considers to be fulfilling, that he is completely distracted from that rare and beautiful being that resides within himself. Only through the decorum of discipline and self-examination can Man begin to rediscover his own inner being. When you become aware of this presence all things will fall into place as life takes on new meaning and you find the inner peace. It is through your own Soul and Spirit that your memory will continue to last, for the remembrance is a Function of the Soul. Without the Soul to guide us, Mankind will become more subhuman or unsuitable for Human Beings. Man needs to become more familiar with the language of the Spirit, in order to connect to the Divinity of its Blessing; that which lies within your own inner Soul, through the function of the single digit math. The daily practise of this matrix math exercise will promote the reintegration and recalibration of your analog brain causing a realignment of the senses, by opening up a channel of complete Spiritual Awareness and total memory enhancement. This will help the Human Race in so many medical disorders ranging from paranoid schizophrenia to the digital dementia that is now pervading throughout our over mechanized society.

Man needs to get back to being a man in order to reconnect and recapture the peace, fulfillment, and comfort in truly "knowing yourself". While alive this commitment did Jesus make unto his disciples: "But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you". (John 14:26) In my last thesis "Functions of the Spirit" I believe that I proved a relationship, or energy did exist between Man and another entity. I discovered with the matrix math that Man has a code that relates to the frequencies of the musical notes in Hertz (Hz). I say that these codes must belong to Man because they are of Mans music and resonate with Man. Just as Pythagoras became aware there was an interval ratio in the musical notes of the scale, by tuning his Lyre and realizing that there was a 2:1 ratio between the octaves of a note while stretching the instruments strings; I became aware of the interval ratio of 6 spaces in between the numbers found in the frequencies of the musical notes in Hertz (Hz). In the scale of music every 3 digit frequency of Man has a spacing of 6 horizontally in between each integer, and a 1 digit space between every integer vertically. I was then able to reason a translation of Mans frequencies to a corresponding set of Spirit frequencies that I described as Gods codes. The spacing of these integers in Gods codes move 3 across horizontally, and 1 down vertically. The makeup of 1 code of God is derived from the addition of 2 codes of Man, or just as Pythagoras discovered a 2:1 ratio. I believe that this ratio has something to do with the 6 senses of Man in an alignment with the 3 senses of the Spiritual Entity.

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Interestingly we find this same ratio in the building blocks of life. Our physical bodies absorb calcium and magnesium at a 2:1 ratio as that is what our bone structure is comprised of. If you have ever taken the mineral supplement of coral calcium which is an organic substance made up of crushed sea level coral from Okinawa Japan, it also has this 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium. It would seem that our human bone structure is made from the same elements that are found in the coral or life of the sea. As the 2:1 ratio works well for this third planet which we live upon; when it comes to the wireless energy exchange that exists between Man and the Spirit, it also becomes apparent that its power is comprised of a 6:3 ratio or 3 times that of 2 to 1. When we add the numbers 6 to 3 we will receive the completion of 9, which will also reveal to us the frequency of 639 Hz or the musical note Fa, meaning the Family of God and Man. The number 9 represents completion and acts as a grounding mechanism to the energy involved in the exchange of the Spiritual flow. The frequency of 639 makes a cross right through the center of the God Matrix or Logos. The heart of the God Matrix or 3 is symbolic of the Holy Ghost, as the symbiosis between the Father, and the Son through the Holy Ghost.

In the last paper I deduced that if a frequency could be added to the end of the scale, then maybe a couple more might be added to the start of the scale; which I believed to be inaudible notes such as a dog whistle being inaudible to humans. The 2 frequencies I added before Do (396) were 285, and 174. I later read that 285 Hz was the frequency of Aum, the note that people meditate, and chant to. I discovered the addition of these 2 frequencies (174, 285) combined into 1 single Spirit frequency of 369. I call this a Spiritual frequency because these frequencies have a spacing of 3 between the integers. It also became clear that the Spirit codes translated as mirror images of Mans codes. When you read in the Bible that God made Man in his image, it is telling us that we as a people are a reflection of the qualities that are the Spirit of God. The Spirit is that special "Being" or "Soul" that resides within us and all around us, influencing our decisions and affecting our very existence by making us better "Human Beings". It is also a clue that has been laid out for Man to discover at the prophesied time; to uncover the mirror-like image from the reflection of numbers in the frequencies which involve the codes of God and Man. Like the 3 senses of the Spirit, Gods codes move 3 across and 1 down as opposed to Mans codes that move 6 across, and 1 down. This numerical spacing was witnessed when reading the numbers from left to right as in English, but when reading backwards in a reverse direction the way God moves, from right to left as in Arabic or Hebrew, Gods codes transposed to a spacing of 6 across and 1 down while Mans codes changed to 3 across and 1 down. This exchange of photon energy moves back and forth, to and fro in either direction with a 6+3=9 or positive, negative, grounding feature similar to alternating current (AC).

It would make sense that if there was a God Matrix with a 3 in the center of the cube, then there might also be a Man Matrix with a 6 in the center of the cube symbolic of the presence of Mans 6 senses in the Spirits consciousness state of being. If God was 369, 639 as the cross and 999, then concurrently Man would be 639, 369 as the cross, and 999 for completion. This idea also fits into the 2 to 1 ratio with 369 + 369 equalling 639, and 639 + 639 equalling 369. There seems to be this multi-layered matrix math ability to be ever changing in a 3-6-9 continuum.

Page 5 The beauty of the God Matrix, 9 integer cube design is not only in the multiples of the numbers 3, 6 and 9, but also that every way you could add up a line in the cube both horizontally or vertically resulted in the completion of 9. As a double square cube assembly it allows the inter-changeability of God and Man; and as an 8 pt., 2 dimensional or 16 pt., 3 dimensional representation, it shows us a box superimposed on another box configuration. The 2 dimensional version as an 8 point star configuration shows us the iconic geometric representation of God and Man. The 3 dimensional version as a 16 point star design represents the iconic geometric imagery of a star pattern. So, as 2 separate 9 digit cubes, the integers show a correspondence between the Entities, giving us the number 9 in the form of a matrice. I received the inspiration to build a matrice, as I had done at the beginning of my matrix math discoveries in "The Digitalization of Man" thesis. This time I decided that instead of making a double, or a triple, I will devise a quadruple, four way mirror image matrice that could possibly represent the function of the 2 God and Man matrix cubes.

Now then, as I have mentioned in earlier writings, like the Spirit itself, I can neither prove nor disprove that this matrice works or that it makes sense, for I myself do not fully comprehend the magnitude of its scale. Although, I would be very surprized if I could find a scholar, to tell me unequivocally that I was incorrect in my surmising’s. The difficulty is due to the fact that this math makes no sense to us as it is not of our world per se and has no place in our vocabulary, though mathematically speaking the numbers are indisputable. So, I believe then that this would be an optimal time to provide yet another matrix example of how the codes of God and Man generate energy in the form of wireless alternating current (AC). If we look at the codes of God and Man by making 2 vertical column blocks from the frequencies of both, Man and God, as well as God and Man; then reflecting each 3 digit code in a mirror image, we will begin to see another 3-6-9 energy pattern emerging.

In Fig. 3, I have made a bank of 4 groupings. The first grouping is looking at the reflection of the second, and the third is receiving a mirror image of the fourth. If we examine the juxtaposition of the 2, 3 digit column blocks expressing the movement of the reflective entities in their 369 continuum, we realize the multi-faceted matrix meaning embedded within meaning capabilities arising from the numbers.

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When we add the integers from the first columns of Man and Gods codes, the interval ratio pattern is 3 spaces forward or 6 spaces backward. Adding the second columns show a grounding feature or no change. You will also notice that the numbers in the second columns are all exactly in between in their numerical spacing, or in other words directly in the center. The third columns of God and Mans addition show us a pattern of 3 spaces forward or 6 spaces backward. When we follow the same procedure by adding the first columns of Gods codes to Mans codes we receive the polar opposite of Mans codes to Gods codes. The alternate pattern of the first columns is 6 spaces forward or 3 spaces backward. Then the second columns are a ground or have no change, while the third columns move 3 spaces forward or 6 spaces backward. So again, we witness this perpetual 3-6-9 continuum of alternating current (AC). Another ongoing characteristic of the energy flow is that when the current is reversed and read in a backward direction, the numbers become reversed changing the 6's to 3's and the 3's into 6's as in 6+6=3 and 3+3=6. The 2 opposing numbers starting each block show a pattern 6 up 3 down 3 up 6 down

When I think about how modern and advanced the world has become I am always amazed at how impracticable and superstitious we all still are. For example, why do we believe that the number 13 is unlucky? So much so that to this day they still do not put the number of a 13TH floor on elevators in buildings or on that floor. If I live at apartment 1305, the address on my door will say 1405, as if the 13th floor did not even exist. Where do these superstitious old wife's tales originate from? In some instances such as Eastern philosophies and traditions these ideas are born out of wisdom and common sense. In other cases such as Western superstitions like unlucky 13, I often wonder if that idea has been placed into our psyche to throw us off the fact that 13 is actually very lucky and is a clue to how the Spirit moves 1 down, and 3 across. I personally have yet to have had a bad day on Friday the 13th, a day which Hollywood makes scary horror films about. It is like there is this weird paradox conditioning instilled into our culture that tells us what is bad is good, and what is good is really bad. It keeps you second guessing yourself and never allows you to fully develop your inner instinct, by way of a distraction technique. When I mention numbers such as 666 there is a huge stigma attached because it is considered to be "the number of the beast", and the eventual downfall of Mankind. The truth is that 6 is a very powerful and wonderful number, and although it might be the number of the beast, it may also be the number of your redemption or very salvation.

It is my belief that 666, or "the beast" as it is referred to, is really the number of the computer language with every single consumer product bar code containing a set of 3 number 6's in their scan. If there is an evil Satan like entity whose whole raison d'etra is to bring down as many Souls with him as he can in the end times, then I believe that Satan has found the perfect vehicle to complete his mission with the proliferation of pc's, cellphones, i-pads and the likes. By making Man dependant on these digital devises Satan has managed to destroy all of our arts, resultant from the rewiring of our minds due to the digitalization of our existence, thereby constricting the light of love and music in the process. I feel that the only way to fight 666 is to cancel it out by addressing it with an opposing 666 force. It is like putting out fire with gasoline. Just as nuclear power can destroy the planet, it can also heat up your house and this gives us one more fine example of how the double edged sword plays a significant and profound role in our daily lives. It is just one more of the many paradoxical situations arising from a world of mistrust, greed, doubt, stress and confusion.

My new CD which I am about to release is called God Matrix: Oscillation 666. The title refers to the power involved in music, and the associated energy of the Cosmos. How do you resist the dysfunctional effect from the digital grip that has a hold on Mankind? You fight it head on with the pure function of the sacred single digit math. These people who spread rumours by saying numbers are evil, are the same people who use the power and strength in the numbers to control your psychology by mentally manipulating your every action. The churches will tell you that numbers are a vehicle of the dark arts and not to be used, as it involves an occultist practise which may lead you onto a path of ritualistic evil.

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Though it is the churches more than anyone else who are the greatest practitioners in the use of numbers throughout the whole of their scripture. If the language of the Spirit is indeed a mathematical one, then how are we to discover and unlock its message if we have been too blinded to identify it? In this essay we will be paying a little more attention to the art of numerology. By rediscovering the meaning in numbers, and how they can affect our existences, we will be delving into the properties described in the ancient texts of knowledge and wisdom. The significance of the word is everywhere and in all things, you just have to reach in and let it find you.

Instead Man has ironically been trying to find the word, and the life form it may be emanating from. There is an organization of intellectual people called S.E.T.I. which means the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. It is the collective name for a number of activities that people undertake to search for intelligent extraterrestrial life. Some of the more well-known projects are run by Harvard University, the University of California, Berkley and the SETI Institute. The SETI projects use scientific methods to search for life on other planets. One way for example, is to monitor electromagnetic radiation for signs of transmissions from civilizations on other worlds. The United States government used to contribute to the early SETI projects, although the more recent work has been mainly funded by private sources. So far to date there have been millions of dollars spent on research but no signals, transmissions or messages have ever been received.

Alien language is the generic term that is used to describe the possibility of a language originating from a hypothetical Alien species. The study of such hypothetical languages has been called Xenolinguistics, although some other terms such as Exolinguistics have also made their way into use through the media of Science Fiction. The first use of the word "Xenolinguistics" in Science Fiction happened in the novel "Triad" by Sheila Finch back in 1986. So Man reaches out by spreading his wings and sending signals millions of miles into outer space in search of a life form that he cannot relate to, that actually resides within him and paradoxically all around him. I believe that someone involved in the SETI program needs to begin transmitting signals in the form of an analog sine wave in Hz, with a rotating and oscillating continual pattern of the reflected God codes derived from Mans codes of Re, Fa and Mi (Resonance, Family of God and Man, and Miracle) or 417, 639 and 528 Hz. (Time and Space. Interestingly these 3 keys have been used as the time signatures on my new CD, as they represent matrixly the lengths of duration for the first, second, and third songs on the disc. If we add the codes vertically we reveal 666, and if we add them horizontally the code of 369 becomes apparent.) So from the reflection of these notes 417, 639 and 528 (Re, Fa, Mi) we derive the God codes of 714, 936, and 825 in Hz. If anyone involved in the SETI program ever happens to read this paper, please feel free to utilize this approach of Spiritual communication, by using the very language of the Entity, and speaking directly to it. I am almost certain that you will have better luck than you have ever had so far to date; from encouraging the Spirit in Man, by making an attempt to learn its language or linguistics.

On my new CD, God Matrix: Oscillation 666, for the track numbers I have made a nine digit magic square by oscillating track 1, or 123 with track 2, or 231 and finally track 3, or 312. The time lengths of the 3 songs featured are 4:17, 6:39 and 5:28 which form another 9 integer square. The code from either square reads 666 vertically and the 2nd cube horizontally reveals 396 which is the frequency of Do, the full Gamut or sum of all notes, and is the number that precedes the first code of Resonance or 417 Hz. The first cube shows an oscillation of 3 numbers in a magic square, where the adjacent cube displays an oscillation of all 9 integers in its matrix square. This second square can receive 2 more oscillations to expose all of the 9 codes of Man’s frequencies. The first box may also receive 2 more oscillations but because it only contains 3 numbers, it can only display 3 numbers.

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When you begin to become aware of the numbers and the significance of their meaning in your daily life, you will start to look at the world in a different light as if by seeing through a different perspective. 8 is the infinity loop or number of God, and the only number that when multiplied by itself equals the one. 9 is the number of completion, while 7 is the way that Man moves 1 down, 6 across. 6 opens up the mind as it ties into the sixth sense and can be considered as a number of the message. 4 is representative of the box, and moves in the way of God 1 down and 3 across. The 3 or triad is of utmost importance as it is symbolic of the 3 senses of God, and of the Holy Ghost. Man resonates to 3 as he lives a 3 dimensional existence on the third planet from the Sun. The number 2 is one of unity and strength but warns of an upcoming paradigm. 1 is where it all begins at the Monad but the number 5 is one of balance or equilibrium, and represents justice.

I discovered this author on the internet who had such a vast knowledge and command of the numerology, that it was really quite mind staggering. Reading his book I saw this 9 digit magic square that read vertically 123, 456, and 789 with the 5 at the center of the cube. Like the energy loop of the 6 note scale, the numbers connected in a sine wave pattern. It was the closest thing I had seen having any resemblance or similarity to my matrix math. What I then became aware of was that the 3 horizontal frequencies 147, 258, and 369 were the first 3 Spirit codes, and could be oscillated to reveal all of Gods codes. Each 3 code magic square could connect within itself in a sine wave formation and contained 1 of each integer. As 3 separate vertical 4 block towers, by adding the third oscillation which continues back from the start and completes the octave, each 3 digit 4 block vertical tower is able to connect from the bottom of the third column back to the top of the first column showing us an energy power continuum.

Every single 9 integer cube reveals a vertical code of 666, and a horizontal code of 369. All of this information buried for thousands of years in a 9 number magic square called the Pentad. The clues are laid out everywhere for Man to see, we just have to pick them up. I was watching a show on television about the great library of Alexandria from thousands of years ago. It was the law in Alexandria to make a copy of every book that travelled through its port. The book was then returned after its transcription.

There were drawings of an ancient toy that was powered by steam and the narrator of the program was saying that had the author of that drawing paid a little more attention to his devise, the Industrial Revolution may have happened thousands of years earlier out in Egypt. That is why I say the knowledge is always there, it is at your fingertips. It is just a matter of when the Spirit would like the information to be revealed. Even though Man takes all of the credit for the inventions that change our lives, I believe in reality it is just the Spirit placing the wisdom into our realm, at its time of choosing.

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I will now give you a rather lengthy excerpt from the book, "Numbers; Their Occult Power and Mystic Virtue", by W. Wynn Westcott [1911]:


From the Nicomachean Extracts we derive our knowledge of the Pythagorean doctrine of the number 5.
It is an eminently spherical and circular number, because in every multiplication it restores itself and is found terminating the number; it is change of Quality, because it changes what has three dimensions into the sameness of a sphere by moving circularly and producing light: and hence "light" is referred to the number 5. Also it is the "Privation of Strife", because it unites in friend the two forms of number even and odd; the 2 and 3.

Also Justice from throwing things into the light.
Also, the "Unconquered" from a geometrical reason which may be found in Alexander Aphrodisiensis Commentaries on the 1st Book of Aristotle's Metaphysics.
Also the "Smallest extremity of Vitality" because there are 3 powers of Life, vegetable, physical, and rational: and as the Rational is arranged according to the hebdomad, and the Psychical according to the hexad, so the Vegetable power falls under the control of the Pentad.
Proclus on Hesiod gives two reasons for its semblance to Justice, "because it punishes wrong, and takes away inequality of possession, and also equalizes what is less, to benefit."
Also named Nemesis, for it arranges in an appropriate manner all things celestial, divine and natural.
And Venus, because the male 3 triad and the female 2 or dual, odd and even are conjoined in it: Venus was sometimes considered hermaphrodite, and was bearded as well as full bosomed.
And Gamelia, that is referring to marriage.
And Androgynia, being odd and masculine, yet containing an even female part.
Also a "Demi-goddess," because it is half of the Decad, which is a divinity. And "Didymus," because it divides the Decad into two equal parts. But they called it Pallas, and Immortal, because Pallas presides over the Ether, or 5th Element (akasa) which is indestructible, and is not material to our present senses.

And Cardiatis or Cordialis, because like a heart it is in the middle of the body of the numbers, thus:

The ancients had a maxim, "Pass not above the beam of the balance," that is – be not cause of injury; for they said, let the members in a series form a Balance Beam. Thus when a weight depresses the beam, an obtuse angle is formed by the Depressed side and the Tongue Vertical, and an acute angle or the other.

Hence it is worse to do than to suffer injury, and the authors of injury sink down to the infernal regions, but the injured rise to the gods. Since however injustice pertains to inequality, equalization is necessary which is affected by addition and subtraction. Plutarch, in his treatise on the Generation of the Soul according to Plato, states that the Pentad is called "trophos," which equals Sound. Because the first of the intervals of a Tone which is capable of producing a sound is the fifth; it is also a type of "Nature."

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The Pentalpha or 5-pointed star, and endless complex set of angles, was the emblem of Health, Hygeia; it forms 5 copies of the capital letter A. It is also called the Pentagram. And the Seal of Solomon, and is said to have been the device on the signet-ring of this ancient Grand Master of the Mysteries. Kenneth Mackenzie remarks that, being formed by the union of the first odd and even numbers, 5 was considered of peculiar value and used as an Amulet or Talisman powerful to preserve from evil, and when inscribed on a portal could keep out evil spirits it is found almost everywhere in Greece and Egypt. Diodurus calls five "the union of the four elements with ether." There are 5 orders of Architecture; and 5 senses of the human body now commonly known and described (but the whole are seven). Geometry is technically called the 5th science. In Masonry the grand scheme is the 5 points of Fellowship, and note also 5 brethren can hold a Fellow crafts lodge. It is also called Pyramid, from the arrangement of Monads, thus three below, then two, then one above them. Note the system of 5 regular Euclidean bodies, tetrahedron, hexahedron or cube, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron.

After reading through this wealth of numerical information exposed in Westcott's concise descriptive outline on the significance of numbers I was really quite amazed at how in depth the wisdom of the ages could be. After all, the excerpt I provided was only of the single number 5 and its emanating strength and power. Also included in this extremely interesting book was a great insight into an athlete and an academic, musician as well as mathematician named Pythagoras whom I have mentioned so many times throughout the last 2 thesis writings. The aspect of the number 5 or Pentad, as the 9 digit magic square that I found so compelling was how similar it was to the matrix math theory that I had been establishing for the previous 2 years. How the statement of Plato who called the Pentad "Trophos" which equals sound, had resonated so completely with my own 9 digit God Matrix, that I was calling "Logos" which equals Word of God. This new or maybe I should say old information came to me as being very profound because as astounding as this discovery was for Greek philosophers thousands of years ago, they had no idea about the 3 horizontal lines revealing the first 3 frequencies of Gods Spiritual tones in Hz.

Essentially, this would mean that as complete and concise as all of the wisdom of the ages that were shared with us in the previously provided excerpt had been; the sum of the whole of its net worth did not come close to the significance of the God Matrix or "Logos".

Now one might think that this would be a good thing, but even though this math may reveal the answer to the questions of "Where do we come from?", and "Why do we exist?" so far to date no one has yet to grasp the ramifications of these timeless equations. Believe me it has not been due to a lack of trying as I have been putting all of my energies into delivering this message over the last two years. There just seems to be no interest in having to use our brain that much anymore. There is no will or desire to want to learn anything just for the reason of wanting to learn something. I tell myself that the reason for this mathematical unawareness is due to the Spirit putting a temporary veil on the wisdom that will be lifted at the necessary time of revelation. I have been saying that for a year now though less certain every day.

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When the liberal arts were in a more thriving, and healthy state of being before the Digitalization of Man, there was a resonance of artistic consciousness that rang of the credo "Art for Art's sake". Man needs to enact a new slogan to go along with his daily bread; maybe a campaign with the slogan "Knowledge for the sake of Knowledge". If we forget how to use our knowledge, by becoming too dependent on our machines for our memories, how will we retain the function of knowing ourselves? It is like the old board games when I was a kid, when we would challenge and engage the game and learn naturally from its process. Do children these days still play with the old board games, or have these games become too passé?

As a race of so called "Human Beings" we are in constant danger of the numbing effect from the various mechanisms of control that act by way of a dumbing down process. Our digital gadgetry is making us lose our memory while providing us with euphoric temptations, and at the same time we no longer write hand written letters or perform hand written maths. How do we keep our alert, active minds functioning if we do not pay any attention to its maintenance? Another one of those dumb down mechanisms was just enacted by the conservative party in Canada when they decided to abolish pennies from our currency. I had heard years prior to the news that this eventuality would be inevitable, but I am still in a state of shock. The reason of this action was because it cost the government 3 pennies to produce 1 penny due to the rising cost of copper. To that I say, "Yeah, so what!" Does our government realize how much damage they are about to inflict on the mental state of the good people in Canada?

Pennies help us to keep our daily counting functions active by the very design of their use. Pennies date us back to the time before Canada was even a country; and they are a part of our art, culture, literature and heritage. The historical society of Canada will not let our people tear down a one hundred year old house, so then why on earth would they let its government tear down a 1000 year old tradition such as pennies or pence. You will never see Britain lose their pennies or pence, just in the same way that Britain decided to save their pounds sterling from the euro. This is because they are smarter than that. The world looks to the Brits in that way for guidance. After all, they did pretty much save the planet from mayhem in the last World War. They even paid back honourably, every last penny that they had to borrow from the United States, to fight the Evil Entity. You really have to give it to the Brits in that aspect. They are still aware of that moral higher ground and fighting the good fight, because they pay attention to their history and culture. But when we allow our government to tear down our history, culture and value system, we are really allowing them to establish yet another dumb down mechanism; because you cannot fight or resist if you cannot remember how to fight or resist.

When we allow these forms of control to take root, we are also in fact tearing away at our own individuality, right of choice, and self-expressionism which are all Functions of the Spirit, and what make us tick as "Human Beings". I myself am always looking for new and different ways of doing things and expressing myself. I like to think that I am an individual, and that's what makes me special and unique. Not the same as the rest of the people that have forgotten how to think or the status quo. The hairstyle I wear, which I call the half-head because Man in Society is only using a half of his brain, is my own unique design. I started it off as a bit of a gag or a dare. I told my friends that if I start to wear this new look, other people will start to wear it too. This stunt was due to their reaction of not believing that I designed the definitive Mullet hair style, or what I called a conservative Mohawk. Now I am not saying that another person did not try this concept before I did, but when you devote 5 or 10 years to a style that no one else is wearing and it begins to resonate into a mainstream style that is globally fashionable, well then I believe you are responsible for that style whether anyone else knows you or not.

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The famous people become recognized as the ones who popularize the look. People like the Beatles with their Beatle haircut or Billy Ray Cyrus with the Mullet haircut or God knows who with this Half-head hairstyle; but invariably all of these styles have to begin at some point and by somebody. Now when you say such a thing to a non-thinking person of the status quo, they tend to get very upset and defensive. They immediately feel as if you are not all there or you are some kind of conceded egomaniac, but that's just the societal conditioning of the status quo. If you were famous, the public would have no problem accepting you as the originator of such a fad or style, but as an unknown you surely cannot be serious to ever think such a thing. These are our own self-imposed limitations of self-doubt and paranoia.

So, as I say I am always looking and seeking out new and not necessarily better, but different ways of performing tasks or daily functions. Ways of doing things that might on the surface seem retarded, or maybe I should say mentally challenged; another thing that really bugs me is this whole not being able to say what you really mean because it is not politically correct, but we will save that portion for another part of the story. Getting back to new ways of doing things, I just tried an interesting mixture variation which like the half-head hair style was so simple and obvious, even though no one would try to use it, that it kind of makes you wonder well, "WHY NOT". I tried out this very idea not even an hour ago. In the summer months during allergy season, I make it a point to eat some local unpasteurized pure organic wild flower honey. I have some allergies at the hay fever time of the year and I became aware that when the bee pollinates all of the wild flowers it leaves traces of pollen in the honey. So when you eat the honey you are also developing a natural immunity to the allergens that you are breathing in.

There are different ways of ingesting honey but I was about to put some into my tea. Normally I drink black coffee, so when I mixed some honey liberally into my hot tea and tasted it, I got the idea of trying tea mixed with coffee. It is such a bizarre idea that I am sure hardly anyone has tried it. I poured a bit of tea-honey mixture into a separate mug and then dripped some filter coffee over it. I tasted it expecting the worst and much to my chagrin found that it wasn't really that bad. The tea was a little sweeter than I was normally used to and the addition of the coffee evened out the sweetness of the tea, as well as adding another complex structured flavour component. I squeezed some lemon juice into the tea-honey and tasted it. The lemon was a nice blend with the tea-honey, but still a little sweet. I added the lemon, honey and tea blend to the separate mug and dripped more hot coffee on the mixture at about a 60:40 tea/coffee ratio. What my little flavour demonstration proved to me was that as bad as I had envisioned the taste combination to be, it didn't suck and I drank the whole concoction. I might even try another one someday as it may be one of those acquired tastes, or possibly even the downfall of taste. Who is to say for certain because it really does not matter; as long as we are thinking, examining, experimenting, and exploring new ideas and concepts, while questioning the barriers that we impose upon ourselves.

I call this concoction of a brew a Teacoff, and I am now quite sure nobody will believe I invented the Teacoff. I also do not believe Man invents any of his inventions, as the ideas are just delivered to Man by another entity from within, but that again is another part of the story. Anyway, if you are in a coffee shop or diner and feeling a little bit devilish you might ask the waitress for a Teacoff with lemon, and see what kind of reaction you get while explaining that the Teacoff is half black tea, half black coffee, and a big glob of honey with a slice of lemon. Just thinking about asking for that order makes me laugh. It sounds like a clip from the old television comedy program called "Candid Camera". The waitress would be asking, "Okay, where is the hidden camera?" Although, it does also demonstrate how we can tear down the walls of conformity, unimaginativeness and opinionated ways by the very use of incorporating an original perspective. When I first began to wear the half-head haircut, I thought that I might be fired from my job due to the unacceptability of my new look. When you look different than everyone else, you are labelled as odd and unusual, but if you can change the opinion of what is unacceptable to one of acceptability, then you have broken through yet another barrier and made life a little more tolerable for somebody else. These concepts may pose problems in our future world that has forgotten how to think.

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On the lighter side, I just finished my second Teacoff with lemon about an hour ago, and I think that I may have enjoyed my second Teacoff even more than the first one I made yesterday. I do believe that the Teacoff may become an acquired taste. It is such an unlikely combination that I would not be surprized at all if this new brew did not turn into some kind of a homeopathic remedy. Maybe it is a sign from the Holy Ghost by giving us an idea that is out of this world. The Spirit moves in mysterious ways and has wonders too perform. Speaking of the many wonders, I just received another matrix math revelation while I was looking at the diagram of the "The Trophos" and "The Logos" in Fig. 7.

Now it is important to note that the Logos consists of a God code (369), a Man code (639), and the addition of the two (999). The codes also represent the multiples of the numbers 3, 6, and 9. The Trophos on the other hand shows us all of the integers with the number 5 at the center, and makes an energy sine wave loop from the 9 to the 1. The Trophos also reveals to us the first 3 codes of God which can be further oscillated to show us all of the codes of God. The Logos gave us the single digit code of 999 vertically and horizontally, while the Trophos provided the single digit code of 666 vertically and 369 horizontally. What I noticed while looking at the 2 squares side by side was that if I matrixly added the columns of both squares horizontally, it provided 3 new codes. The 2 God codes of 147 and 369 on the first line equalled the Man code of 417 or Re meaning resonance. When I added the second horizontal line of 258, the second code of God that is Spiritually equivalent to Aum a 3 syllabled holy word, with 639 the code for Mans fourth musical note Fa meaning family, the result was 888 the number of God providing a single digit of 6 meaning the message. The third horizontal line of the Trophos 369 added to the Logos 999 or multiplication of 9's, verified the code of 369.

So the Logos consists of 369 the grounding numbers of the Spirit, 639 the frequency of God and Man, and 999 the grounding numbers of Mans codes. The 3 codes derived from the merging of the Logos and the Trophos provided a rather awesome discovery. I added the middle line of 888, the number of God to the first line 417 or resonance, and it revealed 396 or Do the next frequency down in a reverse motion. When I added 888 to the third line of 369 the result was 258 or one frequency down in a reverse motion of God's codes. This procedure when repeated with each of the following frequencies exposed all of the frequencies of God and Man moving in a reverse motion or backwards direction as in the way of God. The part of this equation that makes the matrix math resound of the Spirit so completely, is the reverse direction frequency equation can go on for infinity. Now that's pretty astounding wouldn't you say?

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The math is pure light, pure truth, and pure knowledge. It is the beginning, the middle, and the end. To ignore the math is too ignore one’s own self, or Soul. This matrix language can help you to regain a cohesive perspective that will allow logic to reign free and beauty to be reborn. By observing the Logos, and Trophos squares, I noticed that they both had 1 code in common and that was 369. I decided that it might be fruitful to add 369 to each of Gods codes as well as all of Mans codes. We are able to identify in Fig. 9 that the addition of 369 to all of Gods codes provided us with all of Mans codes beginning at the Resonance (417) and ending at Do (396), the sum of all notes. The addition of 369 to all of Mans codes resulted in 9 codes featuring the same number 3 times with the center number or fifth line being 888, or God. Each of Man and God’s single digit codes derived from the 3 digit columns, displayed the number 369-369-369. When the two columns of 369 are added together the result is Fa (639) meaning family.

When the 2, 3 digit code columns of Man and God were added to each other, it revealed all of Mans 9 codes starting at La (852), meaning labial or lips. This column of Mans codes showed us another single digit code of 639-639-639. The addition of these 2, 9 level 639 codes showed us the return back to 369 as the energy is converted back and forth, to and fro, vacillating and oscillating, in a non-ending 369-639-GROUND, 639-369-GROUND wireless alternating current electricity.

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The interaction between God and Man diagram in Fig. 9 begins to develop an understanding between Man and the essence of God; also how the two sources of power merge electromagnetically, thereby interconnecting Man to the energy of the Universe, or Cosmos. When I began this equation, I thought that it was only going to be 2 columns, but after adding the 2 columns together, I decided to keep combining the previous 2 columns together. This procedure revealed 24 columns in a row before the same code duplicated itself. For example the codes for the first and second columns of the first line (417+444) added to each other, created the first code of the third column (852), and so on, and so forth until reaching 24 columns. The bottom portion of Fig. 9 on the first line shows the last 3 codes of 417, 444, and 852. These last 3 columns were added, just to demonstrate how the matrix numbers are able to reconnect and revert to their original heading in an ongoing cyclical infinity. When I say 369+369=639, and 639+639=369, it sounds pretty silly and simplistic but the mathematical reality of its essence looks more like the complex and exciting marvel that is illustrated in Fig. 9.

Now I do not know if you have read the last two thesis reports, but if you have been keeping up with the math, then you will have probably noticed by about now that whenever you add something matrixly whether it be single digits, or complex frequencies, and expose a fascinating response, the only thing left to do is to go forth and multiply. By completing all, or as many different matrix math aspects as you can think of, you are opening a divine channel to the language of the Spirit. If you honestly want to create a meaning full relationship with the Holy Ghost, which is connected to you through your Soul, then you should want to learn the language of that Spirit. You should make the choice for God; God cannot make the choice for you. Exploring all of the possibilities in life leads to reward of the Self, and of the Soul.

When we look at the first 2 result columns of "Go forth and multiply" in Fig. 10, it is evident that the multiplication of 369 times the frequency codes of God and Man resulted in the production of three separate God Matrix squares stacked on top of each other on either side of God or Man. Combining the two God Matrix squares from both sides of God and Mans columns provided the alternate Man Matrix cube of 639, 369 and 999, that we examined at the start of this thesis in Fig. 1, when the concept of the Man Matrix square was first introduced. Fig. 11 will help to further endorse this notion, while verifying and summing up the results of Fig. 10, which indicates that the frequencies of codes when multiplied by 3, 6, or 9 will remain in a 3, 6, or a 9 pattern.

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Now to fully grasp the scope and magnitude of what all these numbers and musical frequencies mean to us as human beings, I feel that it is necessary to share a portion of one of my favourite books "Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse", written by the inspirational authors Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz and Dr. Joeseph S. Puleo. In [Fig.5.3.Definitions of Tones in the Latin Solfeggio Including"Hidden Entries"From Webster's Dictionary], Dr. Horowitz and the dictionary illustrate the full definitive meaning of each note in our musical scale:

UT-quent laxis
1. a syllable used for the first note in the diatonic scale in an early solminzation system and later replaced by do. 2. the syllable sung to this note in a medieval hymn to St John the Baptist.<Gk.-Gamut- 1. the entire scale or range; the Gamut of dramatic emotion from grief to joy.2 the whole series of recognized musical notes[1425-75]; late ME (Middle English)><ML (Mediaeval Latin)-contraction, of Gamma, used to represent the first lowest tone of (G) in the Medieval Scale Ut, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Si.<Gk –Gamma- 1.the third letter of the Greek alphabet.2.the third in a series of items.3.a star that is usually the third brightest of a constellation.4.a unit of weight equal to one microgram.5.a unit of magnetic field strength equal to 10 to the 5th power gauss. (quent: needing), (laxis: loose; axis-an affiliation of two or more nations. Also Axis Powers.

RE-sonare fibris (Res-o-nance)
1 a: the state of quality of being resonant. b(1) a vibration of large amplitude in a mechanical or electrical system caused by a relatively small periodic stimulus of the same or nearly the same period as the natural vibration period of the system 2.the prolongation of sound by reflection; reverberation. 3a. Amplification of a source of speech sounds, esp. of phonation, by sympathetic vibration of the air, esp. in the cavities of the mouth, nose and pharynx. b. a characteristic quality of a particular voice speech sound imparted by the distribution of amplitudes among the cavities of the head, chest, and throat. 4a. a larger than normal vibration produced in response to a stimulus whose frequency is close to the natural frequency of the vibrating system, as an electrical circuit, in which a value much larger than average is maintained for a given frequency. 5a. a quality of enriched significance, profundity, or allusiveness; a poem has a resonance beyond its surface meaning. 6. The chemical phenomenon in which the arrangements of the valance electrons of a molecule changes back and forth between two or more states. (in percussing for diagnostic purposes) a sound produced when air is present[1485-95];<MF (Middle French),<L Resonantia, Echo = Reson (are) to resound + Anti-ance.(Re-a prefix, occurring orig. in loan words from Latin, use to form verbs denoting action in a backward direction, Action in answer to or intended to undo a situation, or that performance of the new action brings back an earlier state of affairs. (fibris: fibre string, vocal cord.)

MI-ra gestorum (Miracle)
1. an extraordinary occurrence that surpasses all known human powers or natural forces and is ascribed to a divine or supernatural cause esp. to God. 2. A superb or surpassing example of something; wonder, marvel[1125-75];ME<L Miraculum=Mira(Ri)to wonder at. Fr(French): sighting, aiming to hold against the light. (gestorum: gesture; movements to express thought, emotion; any action, communication, etc. intended for effect.)

FA-muli tuorum (Famulus.)
…plural Famuli, 1a. servant/s, or attendant/s, esp. of a scholar or a magician[1830-40<L (Latin), servant, of family. (Tourum–quorum-1. The number of members of a group required to be present to transact business or carry out an activity legally. usu. a majority. 2. A particularly chosen group. [1425-75;<L quorum of whom; from a use of the word in commissions written in Latin specifying a quorum.)

Page 17

SO-lve pollute (So-lve’)
1. to find the answer or explanation for; clear-up; explain; to solve a mystery or puzzle, to work out the answer or solution to (a mathematical problem.) [1400-50; Late ME<L Solvere to loosen, release dissolve = so-var, after velarl, of se-set-luere to wash; (see Ablution.) Ablution n. 1. a cleansing with water or other liquid, esp. as a religious ritual. [1350-1400]. (Pollutii-pollute-luted, 1. to make foul or unclean,)

LA-bii reatum (Labial)
1. of pertaining to or resembling a Labium. 2. of pertaining to the lips, 3. (of a speech sound) articulated using one or both lips. 4. of or designating the surface of a tooth facing the lips. 5. the labial speech sound, esp. consonant,[1585- 95]; ML lingual. (Reatum – reaction - 1. a reverse movement or tendency; an action in a reverse direction or manner. 2. a movement toward extreme political conservatism;3. a desire to return to an earlier system or order. 3. action in response to some influence, event, etc.; 4. a psychological response to an action or condition. b. a psysiological change indicating sensitivity to a foreign matter.) 6. mech. the instantaneous response of a system to an applied force, manifested as the exertion of a force equal in magnitude, but opposite in direction, to the applied force [1635-45].

SI (Sancte Johannes)
1. a person of exceptional holiness, formally recognized by the Christian Church esp. by Canonization. 2. a person of great virtue or benevolence. 3. a founder or patron, as of a movement. 4. a member of any various Christian groups. 5. to acknowledge as a Saint. Cannonize.[1150-1200]; ME Seinte. Cannon: 1. an ecclesiastical rule or law enacted by a council or other competent authority and, in the Roman Catholic Church, approved by the Pope. 3. a body of rules, principles, or standards accepted as axiomatic and universally binding, esp. in a field of study of art., 6 any officially recognized set of sacred books. 10. the part of the mass between Sanctus and the communion. 11. consistent, note-for-note imitation of one melodic line by another, in which the second line starts after the first. (axiomatic: 1. pertaining to or of the nature of an axiom; self-evident. 2. a universally accepted principle or rule. 3. a proposition in logic or mathematics that is assumed without proof for the sake of studying consequences that follow from it.

[Emphasis added in each definition denotes special relevance to text.]

As you can see, there is much more going on in these frequencies than merely sound. There may be many more profound and devastating consequences involved in the treatment of our music. The energy released in the interaction of a connection to our binary polar planes may have more of an impact on us than we realize. The positive/negative, attraction/propulsion, dualism that generates this planet with waves of vibrational analog sound, may be the same energy that powers the Universe by the gravitational effects of solar/lunar activities as experienced in our emotional and planetary tides. These processes may also be affected by the corruption of our music due to digitalization. The electromagnetic energy of the Cosmos is the very thing that keeps the balance of our system in order by fuelling the motion of the stars, and allowing our light to shine.

Though, we as a human species abuse and neglect all that has been given to us; with our insatiable appetite for lust, greed, and money, Man tends to worship and empower the same committees that deceive and enslave him. By praising and encouraging the Drug Pharmaceuticals for the treatments they provide, for the ailments that they have inflicted. And by applauding the Automotive Manufacturers, for their recent grade improvements concerning the ecological and environmental specifications installed, after their insistent annihilation of the electric car. Let us not forget the Tobacco Companies, for their success in following the blueprint of Man and his 2:1 elemental ratio, when they added 1 part chemical to 2 parts tobacco.

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And where would we be if not for the Food Cartel that advertises, regulates and sells us the diabetic and dietary health products that are designed to promote a loss of appetite and weight; yet, said products have been laced with mutagenic obesigens that have been created in order to never let you lose weight. One might even consider the good people that keep our tap water drinkable, for their contribution in the fluoridation of drinking water. Just possibly the worst paradoxical, anecdotal paradigm of them all is the millions of tons of aluminum oxide that are poured into our breathing space every day, when it is a known fact that exposure to aluminum encourages memory loss. There is really no end to the amount of deception, and betrayal that this body of antilife known as The Corporation is willing to do, or prepared to perform on a daily basis in order to achieve their bottom line. All of these ongoing circumstances are or should be, leading us to the Manifestation of our Awareness; that we as the Divine Beings of this awesome planet are all connected to an interstellar union. So, in essence we are never truly alone.

How are we to expand on this unpopular consensus, when our mind sequence patterns are being irregularly scrambled every day? The breakdown of our communicative skills, are beginning to reflect the breakdown of our daily functions. How can we open up our universal consciousness, if we cannot identify who we are? All of these inherent issues are involved when it comes to the most important area of Mans understanding, of knowing the Spirit that is too know thyself. The problem is that we should be focussing on ourselves, but are alternately being more dependent on machines for our memories and daily functions.

I was watching a news report on the television about this line-up of people waiting to be the first to get the new I-pad 3. The public will line up all night long to be the first ones to have the latest digital contraption. Steve Wosniak was near the head of the line and commenting on how the new I-pad 3 not only had a clearer picture, better camera, and more functions; but also that people are going to do a lot less thinking in the future. The new I-pad is becoming a lot better at thinking for us, as consumers are starting to use expressions like "I have my meat brain and my other brain". Our need for a human memory becomes less and less significant, when everyone is blogging and texting their daily happenings so that they can have a record of the event. That would mean for example, if you could not remember what you ate for breakfast yesterday, you could consult with one of your many daily blogs. "Oh, it was scrambled eggs… and they were good!" (Give us this day our daily blog) How was the Digitalization of Man able to make us so lame, so fast?

It is rather perplexing to me, as too why Mankind would consciously make the decision to be more machine like in their quest for modernization, or their appeal of being more futuristic. I can only assume that we have become too brainwashed as a species too care. Our mental triggers and conditioned reflex responses are all wonderfully choreographed, while the frequency control devices are all working with optimum output and reliable performance. Oh, what a world we live in. Are we passing through time or is time just passing us by? Thinking about just how nonsensical, and surreal our virtual realities are materializing around us is giving me the cue to take us way back to a simpler, less stressful time of the ancients. This is the time when the knowledge of our math, logic, and philosophy was of utmost importance, and wisdom reigned supreme. By reflecting on our 2500 year old past, we will examine the potential of our future. It is time to pay homage to the man, and to the Soul of Pythagoras, who inspired the single digit math of the sacred geometry. I have referred to the name literally dozens of times throughout these writings, though, I have said little of the man called Pythagoras.

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Pythagoras was the son of Mnesarchus, an engraver; and said to have been born around 580 B.C. at Samos, an island in the Aegean Sea, or possibly at Sidon in Phoenicia. There is not very much known about the early life of Pythagoras other than his history of winning prizes at the Olympic Games for feats of agility. Upon reaching the pivotal age of manhood, Pythagoras spent many years travelling in search of knowledge. He visited many of the great centers of learning, and his pilgrimage allowed him to assemble vast amounts of truth and wisdom from all of the surroundings he was enabled to encompass while gathering knowledge. His travels took him to such places as Egypt, Hindostan, Persia, Crete, and Palestine. After a brief return to his home, Pythagoras decided to migrate to Crotona, a city in Magna Graecia, founded by Dorians on the South Coast of Italy. This is where he founded his famous school of philosophy which was considered all over the civilized world, as the assembly of the learned of Europe.

It was at this school that Pythagoras secretly taught the occult knowledge that he gathered from the Gymnosophists, and the Brahmins of India. Also, from the Hierophants of Egypt, the Oracle of Delphi, the Idaean Cave, as well as the Kabbalah of the Hebrew and Chaldean Magi. After a long and dedicated 40 years of teaching, Pythagoras was forced to flee for his life, which ended due to natural causes in Metapontum around the year 500 B.C. He had attained the ripe old age of 80, the number of God. The Pythagoreans had some rather strict and unique characteristics. The initiation of each new pupil to the school required that he pass a mandatory 5 year period of contemplation in complete silence. Every member of this philosophy rejected all animal food, held everything in common, and all believed in the doctrine of metempsychosis. The students of Pythagoras put so much faith into their instructor that the phrase "autos epha" which meant "he said it" was for them complete and total proof. The fraternal affection between the pupils of this school was so intense, that their expression, "my friend is my other self", has become a saying to this day. No member of this fraternity of scholars was ever allowed to write down any secret doctrine, and no pupil ever broke this vow until after the death of Pythagoras. In a semi relatable observation of the sacred math, I find that it is a little bit strange and ironic, that the thirst for knowledge in the past would permit students to take a 5 year vow of silence in order to learn the very same wisdom that I cannot give away today.

Ancient authors and their works, that were influenced by the doctrines of Pythagoras included:
B.C. 450 Herodotus, who compares the mysteries of the Pythagoreans as similar to Orpheus.
B.C. 394 Archytas of Tarentum, who left a mark on Pythagorean arithmetic.
B.C. 380 Theon of Smyrna.
B.C. 370 Pilolaus. Books of this author were used by Plato to compile his book Timaeus. Philolaus may have been the first one to commit to writing down the Pythagorean doctrines.
B.C. 322 Aristotle. "Metaphysica", "Moralia Magna", and "Nicomachean Ethics". Nicomachus of Stagyra was the father of Aristotle.
B.C. 276 Erotosthenes, "Kokkinon" or "Cribrum", a "Sieve to Separate Prime from Composite Numbers".
B.C. 40 Cicero, "Definibus" and "De natura Decorum".
50 A.D. Nicomachus of Gerasa; Treatises on Arithmetic and Harmony.
300 A.D. Porphyry of Tyre, a great philosopher, and pupil of Longinus and Plotinus.
340 A.D. Jamblicus, "Demysteriis", "De vita Pythagorica", "The Arithmetic of Nicomachus of Gerasa" and
"The Theological Properties of Numbers".
450 A.D. Proclus, commentary on the "Works and Day" of Hesiod gives views on Pythagorean numbers.
560 A.D. Simplicus of Cilicia, a contemporary of Justinian.
850 A.D. Photius of Constantinople. Who left a Biblioteca of the ideas from the older philosophers.
In more recent times other notable authors should be consulted. Meursius and Johannes in 1620;
Meibomius and Marcus in 1650; and Athanasius Kircher in 1660.

The instruction to the followers of Pythagoras was separated into two great divisions. The first one being the science of numbers and the theory of magnitude. This division included the two branches of arithmetic and musical harmony; the second was subdivided into the consideration of magnitude at rest being geometry, and magnitude in motion, being astronomy. The most profound peculiarities arising from the doctrines of Pythagoras are dependent upon the mathematical conceptions, numerical ideas, and their impersonations from which his philosophy was founded on. The principles that govern the numbers were considered as the principles of all real existences. Also the numbers as the primary constituents of mathematical quantities, which present many analogies to different realities infer that the elements of numbers, were the elements of realities.

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It is believed that the natives of Europe owe their first teaching of the properties of numbers, as well as the principles of music, and of physics, to this illustrious teacher known as Pythagoras. His concepts of thought were followed by his successor Jamblicus and others which became known later on as the "Italian school", or the "Doric school". Pythagorean followers delivered their knowledge to pupils in accordance of their training to receive it, but to other non-students by mathematical and numerical names. Forms were called numbers; a point, the Monad, while a line was referred to as the Dyad. A superficies was the Triad, and a solid the Tetrad. The knowledge of intuition was the Monad type. The study of reason, and causation, was the Dyad type. Imagination (form or rupa) was referred to as the Triad type, while sensation of material objects was the Tetrad type.

The Pythagoreans referred every object, planet, man, idea or essence to one number or another, which must seem very unusual and mystical to our modern way of thinking. The students of the Pythagorean school were first classed as Exoterici or Auscultantes, listeners. Although, by merit and ability were enabled to rise to the higher grade of Genuini, Perfecti, Mathematici, or the highly coveted title of Esoterici. The school was both philosophical and religious, and Pythagoras was the head of the society with an inner circle of believers known as mathematikoi. They were taught by Pythagoras himself and lived permanently with the school, obeying a strict code of rules and holding no personal possessions. Men, and women were allowed to become members of the society, and the outer circle were known as akousmatics. They lived in their own houses, were permitted to have possessions, and were not required to become vegetarians.

The beliefs of Pythagoras were that reality at its deepest level is mathematical in nature, that the practise of philosophy could be used for spiritual purification; the mystical significance that certain numbers hold, and that the soul could rise and become one with the divine. Pythagoras believed that the relations of things could be reduced to number relations, and that the cosmos is a scale and a number. He was an excellent musician who played the lyre, and would use music in his treatment of those who were ill. Pythagoras was able to observe that the vibration of strings produced harmonious tones when the ratios of their lengths were whole numbers, and also that these ratios could then be provided to the other instruments. The contributions that this man has made to the mathematical theory of music are indeed voluminous. Pythagoras spoke of the earth as being a sphere at the center of the universe, and also that objects were composed of form and not of material substance. His belief was that the dynamics of world structure had a dependence on the interaction of contraries, or pairs of opposites; and that his understanding of the Soul was that of a self-moving number experiencing a form of metempsychosis, which meant the successive reincarnations of the different species until its eventual purification. He further identified the brain as the locus of the Soul.

As for the Soul of Pythagoras, he adhered to the strict religious orders where it was forbidden to eat beans, or to touch a white cock, and not to look into a mirror beside a light. This aspect of the man may or may not reflect the peculiarities of the genius that many of us might refer to as madness. It is hard to say considering the magnitude of wealth and knowledge that he was able to deliver into our consciousness. A story was told that while walking up a laneway in Croton, Pythagoras witnessed a dog being beaten. He then raised his voice and shouted, "Stop, don't hit it! It is a soul of a friend. I knew it when I heard its voice," Pythagoras deeply believed in spirits, ghosts, and the transmigration of souls. Here is a text that provides further information into the life and past lives of the legend that we have come to know as Pythagoras: "He was once born as Aethalides and was considered to be the son of Hermes. Hermes invited him to choose whatever he wanted, except immortality; so he asked that, alive and dead, he should remember what happened to him. Thus, in life he remembered everything, and when he died he retained the same memories. […] He remembered everything – how he first had been Aethalides, then Euphorbus, then Hermotimus, then Pyrrhus, the Delian fisherman. When Pyrrhus died, he became Pythagoras." (Diogenes Laertius, Live of Philosophers, VIII 4-5)

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"Pythagoras believed in metempsychosis and thought that eating meat was an abominable thing, saying that the souls of all animals enter different animals after death. He himself used to say that he remembered being, in Trojan times, Euphorbus, Panthus' son who was killed by Menelaus. They say that once when he was staying at Argos he saw a shield from the spoils of Troy nailed up, and burst into tears. When Argives asked him the reason for his emotion, he said that he himself had borne that shield at Troy when he was Euphorbus. They did not believe him and judged him to be mad, but he said he would provide a true sign that it was indeed the case: on the inside of the shield there had been inscribed in archaic lettering EUPHORBUS. Because of the extraordinary nature of his claim they all urged that the shield be taken down – and it turned out that on the inside the inscription was found." (Diogenes Laertius)

After the introduction of this idea involving the past lives of one's Soul into Greek thought, the notion of reincarnation soon became popular in Greece. It was the goal of Pythagoras to show in his philosophy the basis of a higher order and that of a Divine order which our Souls could return to in an endless cycle. Pythagoras believed the study of mathematics to be a purifier of the Soul, just as in the same manner that he saw music as purifying. The Pythagoreans discovered that the ratio involved in the length of two strings, in which two tones in an octave step are produced is 2:1. The Pythagorean Theorem is central to all of our sciences, and some people have even articulated it as being a way of communicating with the extraterrestrial intelligence, if and when we discover it. The Pythagoreans saw numbers in everything and believed that the secrets of the Cosmos are revealed by pure thought and reflection on the perceptible world. This led to the saying that "All things are numbers".

I will now end our brief sojourn into the lives, and times of the brilliant and gifted "Human Being" we call Pythagoras, with 8 of his divine and intellectually revealing quotations:
1) "There is geometry in the humming of the strings. There is music in the spacings of the spheres."
2) "The highest goal of music is to connect one's soul to their Divine Nature, not entertainment."
3) "Geometry is knowledge of the eternally existent."
4) "Above the cloud with its shadow is the star with its light. Above all things reverence thyself."
5) "Each celestial body, in fact each and every atom, produces a particular sound on account of its movement, its rhythm or vibration. All these sounds and vibrations form a universal harmony in which each element, while having its own function and character, contributes to the whole."
6) "If there be light, then there is darkness; if cold, heat; if height, depth; if solid, fluid; if hard, soft; if rough, smooth; if calm, tempest; if prosperity, adversity; if life, death."
7) "The octave formed a circle and gave our noble earth its form."
8) "The oldest, shortest words – "yes' and "no" – are those which require the most thought."

Now just as I am getting to the end of typing this passage on the lives and times of Pythagoras, the Spirit has been kind enough to show me another sign. As I was finishing the last quote of number 8 or God, I began to see another numerical pattern emerging between the single and multiple line quotations. When I looked at the first 5 quotations, their designated numbers added up to 6 (1+2+3+4+5=15=6), and then there was a line break due to number 5 being a multiple line quote. The next number on its own was 6 because of its multiple line nature. And then the last 2 numbers were grouped on their own (7+8=15=6), and their addition added up to 6. So what this reveals to me is a numerical sign in the form of 666. It is indeed an encouraging sign as it also reflects the title of my new CD, Oscillation 666; and spiritually supports the major importance of the healing, and communicative properties of music, as well as the significance of the Pythagorean contribution to Mankind.

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And again, as I have mentioned in the past, that it is always in the timing of when and how you receive these numerical signs. When you become aware and start to notice these things, you realize the profundity of what you are experiencing, and know that it is more than merely a coincidence. To have the ability to make materialize such a stark and poignant example, to tie into our last passage of the Pythagorean concepts of "numbers in everything"; but of course if we are not conscious and alert due to the stress, fatigue and digital gadgetry, than I am more than certain that all of these manifestations would never be able to make themselves known unto you. If this is the case than how will you ever be able to know yourself, or more importantly how will you ever be able to know your own living soul? These are the questions of supreme relevance as we approach the dawn of our dilemma, when the race of Beings known as Mankind will be in fear of losing their Humanity. The saddest part of this whole pandemic paradigm is that 99.9% of the people will be unaware that anything has changed or taken place. Say goodbye to the God Matrix, the energy of the Cosmos that has always made life truly worth living. Now say hello to the Digitalization of Man, the postmodern era of the Computer Age when life has lost all of its significance and there is no longer a need for the Soul of Man, or the Spirit of God.

Now I am sure that there are many of you out there that will read of my numerical 666 example of a Spiritual sign, and your kneejerk reaction will automatically make you feel uneasy with thoughts of the Beast, Satan, Demons, and the Anti-Christ; and who can blame you for these thoughts have been instilled into your psyche in the same way that you might feel uneasy about living on the 13th floor of an apt. or having a job interview on Friday the 13th. Now I am not saying that this evil entity that we have come to understand as the Beast is not a matter for concern. It is just that this same evil may be the one that is manipulating your fears to its own advantage, in order to distract your attentions from the actual concern or present danger. There is good and evil in all things and these are the same principles that Pythagoras refers to when he talks about the dependence of the dynamics of world structure, on the interaction of contraries, or pairs of opposites. It is all about the dualities in life; meaning right or wrong, good or bad, day or night, hot or cold, sweet or sour, Yin or Yang. There is always a positive or negative force that is involved in our ongoing existences. These same forces further extend into the paradoxical ironies in life as they have become such a part of everything that we experience.

As there are these pairs of opposites, we can also be made aware of them in the reflection of the things that we consume. There is good acid and fatty acid, good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, good salt and bad salt, soothing music and irritating music and we are responsible to be aware of what is good and bad for us. I find it usually depends on the delivery system of said items. The same aspects can be witnessed in the paradoxical ironies of life, in the way that the nuclear power can heat your house or blow you up, and oil can fuel your car or contaminate your air and drinking water. Again, it is usually dependent upon the delivery system, but what if we were able to fight the evil paradox that uses this powerful paradigm for the exploitation of Man, in order to serve its own needs?

Then it is necessary to fight this force head on with the aid of the double edged sword. The concept of the double edged sword refers to fighting fire with fire, or putting out fire with gasoline. Using this strategy becomes in essence a form of Spiritual warfare and dates back to the early concepts of justice, such as an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. In my writings, when confronted with the dangers incurred from the Digitalization of Man, the Spiritual response became the Single Digit Coded Pythagorean Math, and when the question was posed of how we might fight the dysfunction of our society, the Spiritual answer was through the pure Function of the Single Digit Math, or Matrix Language of God. It becomes obvious then that the only way to fight the Beast, consumer product Bar Codes, or the Computer Language of 666 is with the Divine hand written Math of God, and the music derived from the Spiritual frequencies and Analog vibrations of 666.

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We should not be deflected from the Truth by our age old superstitions that were most likely put into practise for this purpose of a distraction. We are taught words that are empty of meaning, we listen to music that is empty of sound, we eat food that is empty of goodness, and we go to a Church that is empty of the Soul. Our existence, that art on this planet, hollow be thy name. Thy Kingdom has come, and your will is done, on Earth as you lose sight of your Heaven. These are the sobering thoughts of a life that has lost all of its meaning, significance and fulfillment. In a world that tells you to be all that you can be, are you prepared to give up all that you truly are? Now that we have firmly established that there is a need for this sacred coded math, and that it should be a part of our daily lives, I feel that it would be an advantageous time for another math entry.

If you recall at the end of my second thesis "Functions of the Spirit", in the last math entry of Fig. 13, I provided an equation called "The Completion of Man". In the equation was the basis of a hand written analog computer that must be engaged in order to perform. Every matrix number on every level has its own counterpart matrix number in between the columns of Man and the Spirit. I called the exercise "The Completion of Man" because every number added to its spatial counterpart resulted in the formation of 9, the number of completion. The more you use the math, the more you realize the many matrix levels of workability. If you add a number to everything, then you should also try multiplying a number by everything. If one exercise completes Man with the number 9, it would also stand to reason that another exercise could complete God with number 8. This line of logical reasoning led to the creation of our next diagram in Fig. 12, titled "The Completion of God".

As you can see in Fig. 12 the sum total of all integers added to their matrix counterpart on any horizontal level between the two vertical columns is equal to 8, the infinite number of God. The Spiritual codes will always move in a reverse direction, or backward motion while the codes of Man will always be moving in a forward motion. This is how the centrifuge of vortex energy is able to present itself to one and the other, in a constant swing state of perpetual motion ever moving back and forth, to and fro. With this current affirmation, that there could be a completion exercise for God as well as for Man, it set my wheels spinning on a different matrix path. With math exercises in the past if you could add an integer, then you could usually multiply the same numbers with a degree of success. That was not to be the case when it came to the functions of adding and multiplying these new and different number counterpart tables. It became more about the characteristics of all nine integers as individual entities.

I began to wonder that if the results of an equation worked the same way for two different numbers, then theoretically the same process could be repeated with all of the nine, single digit integers. I began examining the differences between the two different equations involving Man and God. The Completion of Man equation had its first vertical column in the codes of Man, and the Completion of God equation had its first vertical column in the codes of God. It became clear the code of the first column whether of God or Man, made no change to the outcome of the final solution. There would only be need for 1 single equation in 9 parts to fully detail the integration of all 9 digits in their harmonic scale performance.

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This next mathematical composition that I am about to perform will be titled The Interconnection of all Matter. I will begin with Fig. 13, The Completion of Man from the Functions of the Spirit thesis and continue with all 9 integers. Notice each section starts 1 code up for Man, 2 codes down for God (1+2=3)

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When looking at these 3 digit statistical variable tables concerning the codes of Man and God, it is interesting to note that the columns of Mans codes deliver the same 3 recurring 3 digit codes vertically for every single number. The first code is 369369369, then 693693693, and 936936936. These 3 vertical code groupings are each repeated 3 times for the 9 number series, and are actually 1 code followed by the first and second oscillation of the original code. The columns of Gods codes deliver the same 3 recurring codes of 639639639, 963963963, and 396396396. The horizontal codes of God reveal a vertical code of Man. The 3 vertical God codes are actually 1 code followed by the second and fourth oscillation of the original code. It is interesting to note that all of the vertical codes, whether of God or Man, used only variations of the three integers 3, 6, 9 and their oscillations. The major difference between the codes on each side being that one side had a spacing of 3 in between its numbers, while the codes on the other side had a spacing of 6 in between its numbers; and that these spacing's could alternate depending on whether they were being read from left to right, or right to left. This factor should also reinforce the ongoing alternating current of information that has presented itself throughout these 3 thesis writings.

The vertical single digit code along the right side of Fig. 13 exposes the frequency of 963. In every single integer grouping of Fig. 13, we notice that there is a point where both sides start with a frequency that begins with the same first digit. This is due to the fact that with an uneven or odd number such as 9 there is always a point of balance or equilibrium where the total of both sides equal the whole. For the number 9 it is number 9, while number 8 balances with 4. For number 7 it is 8, whereas number 6 enlists the help of number 3. Number 5 shows us a connection with 7, and the number 4 has it's conjunction with 2. The triad of number 3 reveals its spark gap at number 6, and the number 2 is justified by the Monad or the 1. Finally, the number 1 is joined by the number 5. These pairings bear the code of 936 and when the vertical code of 963 and the balance code of 936 are added will equal 999. What this gives us is a 9 digit matrix cube that reads vertically 963, 936, 999 and horizontally 999, 639, and 369. When I looked at this cube I became aware that it appeared to be a mirror reflection of the bottom side of the God Matrix square. With all of my other mirror reflection math exercises concerning the frequencies of musical notes, I was a little bit surprized that I had not thought to reflect the actual God Matrix cube.

Now when we see such an awesome grid of equations as we do when we look at Fig. 13, "The Interconnection of all Matter", we should start to become aware of this significant and magnificent influence that numbers and the maths play in our daily lives and functions. We rely on these numbers much more than we realize as they have become a part of the very character of our being, and the fabric of our existence. The numbers themselves make up a kind of dance or ballet, as well as a canvas or sculpture, and a musical score; for they are the true essence of all that is art. For what is art if not a reflection of our own interconnection? A moment in time captured for future response, contemplation, or "an instance of this". A rendering of the soul as a record of it's past.

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This documentation of pure matter energy can transcend time by its ability to break through to the soul of our existence. These are the qualities of the great works of art by such masters as Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and Picasso. These are also the monumental treasures that Mankind has deemed as "priceless". What is it that makes these noble works of art become regarded with such high esteem in the eyes of Mankind? Will our future generations still be able to appreciate this facet of Humanity? I suppose that our time will tell!

I contemplated some more on the idea of a mirror reflection of the God Matrix. I had previously put the God Matrix cube in a line horizontally and vertically like the longitudes and latitudes, as I had done in my "Fabric of God" image of Fig. 14 from the first thesis, but not in the way of a reflective grid. So that is exactly what I set out to do. We can see clearly in Fig. 14 that by reflecting all of the 4 sides of the God Matrix we are able to again achieve the same Swastika like qualities of the clockwise and counter clockwise movement that we witnessed in the Mirror Reflection exercise from the second thesis, "Functions of the Spirit". We are the image of the Spirit as a reflection of its Soul, in the completion of 9.

This would appear to be a perfect moment to talk about some of my favourite artists. There are four people in particular that I wish distinguish into the different categories of favourite living European, non- living European, living North American, and non-living North American artist. The first position of favourite living European artist goes to my good friend and cooperative collective art collaborator, Cuban painter and sculptor Enrique Avila Gonzales. I can't say enough about the amazing contribution that Enrique is making to the arts. The unique and genuine approach to his craft shows a conviction of his soul search for the truth. The intricately detailed backgrounds of Enrique's paintings show an ongoing degenerative/generative quality that reflects life itself, somehow blended into his works. His art is able to show us an energy and equilibrium of original style that demands our attention as the viewer. Enrique Avila Gonzales is also becoming a creative force to be reckoned with as a world class sculptor. He recently completed his second 8-story tall, metal sculpture in Havana. This monumental image of Revolutionary Hero Camillo Cienfuegos was erected as a companion statue to the Che Guevara sculpture in the Plaza De Revolution. These two monuments have the matrix art qualities of not only being in the outdoors like a grand sculpture, but also residing on a wall with the visual qualities of a painting. Four words to describe these two works are original, inventive, imaginative, and excellent. I am truly blessed by having such a gracious and talented friend as I have in the gifted artist Enrique Avila Gonzales.

My favourite non-living European artist would be the eccentric and brilliant Spanish Surrealist Salvador Dali. Dali's works also have matrix properties in the fact that his paintings often reveal images embedded within other images, or titles embedded within other titles. You might recall the section that I devoted to Dali in my first thesis "The Digitalization of Man". Dali is truly a remarkable individual for the considerable amount of influence that he was able to permeate into our sub conscious mind and dream state, the locus of the soul. Salvador Dali's illusionary dreamscapes enable us to change our perception by drawing in our focus on the contraries of life, thereby allowing us to examine ourselves.

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When it comes to my favourite living North American artist, I would say at this moment it is the talented Canadian born, Iroquois stone sculptor Vince Bomberry. A self-taught artist from the Six Nations Reserve, Vince fits directly into the Iroquois carving tradition. He is able to merge the traditional and the modern into his sculptures. His modernity is showed in the simplified lines, planes and concave, convex curves found in his work. Being an active participant in the Longhouse religious tradition, Vince's artwork reflects his involvement and his deep spiritual understanding. I personally feel a strong intuitive energy from his marvellous multi-faced abstract, almost Cubist, Picasso like stone carvings. Vince Bomberry has a unique and simple style that flows with the energy of life, and a harmony of balance. His poetic and artistic vision is sound, and the product of Vince's labour is truth.

The last of four people to be mentioned is my favourite non-living North American artist. This position clearly goes to the legendary Ojibway artist Norval Morrisseau. Norvals Indian name was Copper Thunderbird and he considered himself to be a Shaman artist; trained by his grandfather who taught his young apprentice about the legends and the ways of his people. In the culture of the Ojibway it was customary for the first born to be raised by the grandparents. Norval was taught the sacred knowledge and art of his people that white man was not permitted to see. But Morrisseau had a vision that the ways and culture of his people were dying and to break the sacred taboo's by painting the legends of his people as a document of time for all people to see in order to save the great Ojibway heritage. This experience led to the establishment of the Woodland Indian School of Art that inspired over 500 new Indian artists to paint in the style of their founder Norval Morrisseau. This action led to the modern day renaissance of the North American Aboriginal Art known as the Woodland Indian Art Movement

Norval spent his last days suffering with the ailments of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease. It is a shame that a man with such a colourfully vibrant and fertile imagination as Morrisseau had in the past, should have to end his last days of existence in this manner. Although, his contribution to the world of art is staggering when you consider the kind of checkered past that the man had. After all it is no secret that Norval fought alcoholism for most of his adult life. He would go into a drinking binge for days and then try to dry out by painting all of the visions that he had witnessed while in the inebriated dream state. His famous quote was "When you are looking at my paintings, you are looking at my visions, whatever they may be." Being a Shaman artist meant that Norval believed that his paintings could be used as icons and that these images possessed healing powers. Like myself, Norval Morrisseau was born a Canadian in the month of March under the sign of the fish, Pisces. Norval also firmly believed in soul travel or its transmigration.

The achievements of this great artist included having his face on the cover of Time magazine in 1962.
Painting the wall of the Canadian Indian Pavilion at Expo 67, the World's Fair that was held in Montreal. Receiving the Order of Canada Medal for his art and being the first Indian to do a one man exhibit at the Museum of Man in Ottawa. Unfortunately there are too many greedy and unscrupulous people that tend to exploit situations for their own needs or gains that are causing a dark cloud to fly over the reputation of the prolific legacy of art that the great master has left behind. The newer paintings that look like they are fakes are being called real, and the real authentic older masterpieces that were completed in the artists prime when his youthful vision was at its finest, are being called fakes.

The magnitude of this reputation debacle is comparable to the fiasco that Salvador Dali had to go through, with the unscrupulous printings of his artworks. The major difference is that Dali was still of reasonably sound mind, to address the folly of his situation, whereas Morrisseau could not reasonably verify his art, due to his mentally debilitating and crippling diseases. At the end of the day both artists will just have to suffer the outcome from the fallout of their reputation breakdown. Ironically in both cases, it is a reputation failure due to the other players in the field that either artist has no control over.

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The paradox of these artistic contraries where the real art is fake, and the fake art is real shows us another example of how our existences are controlled by the pairs of opposites, or dualities in life. We can only hope that this provenance issue with the artworks of Norval Morrisseau be resolved and that the integrity of his earlier paintings that represent the bulk of his work no longer be discredited; and may the Spirit of his troubled Soul no longer be tormented.

Since we are on the topic of great achievements from special Human Beings I think it is only fair that I give some praise to another individual who has helped to change the path of our societal development as a technological race of people. He is not an artist or a musician, but it is a name that I have mentioned almost as much as Pythagoras throughout these three thesis writings. It is none other than the gifted scientist known as Hertz. Heinrich Rudolf Hertz was a German physicist, born February 22, 1857 and died January 1, 1894 at the young age of 36. Hertz was able to expand and clarify James Clerk Maxwell's Electromagnetic Theory of Light, a concept demonstrated by David Edward Hughes using trial and error methodology. Hertz was able to conclusively prove the existence of electromagnetic waves of energy by developing instrumentation to transmit and receive radio pulses that would rule out any other known wireless phenomena. Due to this significant achievement the scientific unit of frequency, which is measured in cycles per second was named the "Hertz" in his honour.

Maxwell's prediction about the theory of electromagnetism in 1865 was that electromagnetic waves moved at the speed of light, and that light itself was just such a wave. In 1886 Hertz was able to conclusively prove this experiment using a radio wave transmitter fashioned from a high voltage induction coil, a condenser and a spark gap; when the poles on either side are formed by spheres of a 2 cm radius, causing the discharge between the spark gap poles to oscillate at a determined frequency set by the values of the capacitor and the induction coil. Hertz was able to measure the velocity of electromagnetic radiation and found that it was the same as the lights velocity. He was also able to show us that the nature of radio waves reflection and refraction were the same as those of light.

This breakthrough established beyond the shadow of a doubt that light is a form of electromagnetic radiation. These experiments from Hertz sparked a broad interest in radio research and led to the establishment of the commercially successful wireless telegraph, audio radio, and later on television. By discovering that radio waves could be transmitted through different kinds of materials and reflected by others, this awareness led us to the distant future in our technology of radar. And furthermore, let us not forget the Hertzian Cone, described as a type of wave front propagation through various media, helped to expand development in the field of electronic transmission in radio.

The discoveries of Heinrich Rudolf Hertz would come to have even more significance, and be more fully understood by the technologies of the new "Wireless Age". The considerable wealth of knowledge that Hertz leaves behind in his legacy of experiments explain reflection, refraction, polarization, interference, and velocity of electric waves. In his lecturing years Hertz helped to establish the Photoelectric Effect, which was explained at a later date by Albert Einstein. The two articles that Hertz published in 1886-1889, which became known as the field of contact mechanics, summarized how two axisymmetric objects placed in contact would behave under loading, based upon the Classical Theory of Elasticity and Continuum Mechanics. The remarks from Hertz concerning these two papers were "It's of no use whatsoever[…] This is just an experiment that proves Maestro Maxwell was right – we just have these mysterious electromagnetic waves that we cannot see with the naked eye, but they are there".

When Hertz was asked about the ramifications of his discoveries, he answered "Nothing I guess". This quote illustrates the humbleness of the man. These articles from Hertz have influenced modern theories used in material parameter prediction in nanoindentation, and atomic force microscopy helping to bring Man into the age of nanotechnology. Due to the experiments of Hertz proving the Electromagnetic Theory of Light, his influence was actually responsible for the development of the receiver/transmitter, telegraph, radio, television and radar as well as any other communicative device known to Mankind.

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The experiments of Rudolf Heinrich Hertz directly affected all those who came after him, including such notables as Nikola Tesla. Ironically like Tesla, Hertz envisioned a beautiful world of modern wonders, but unfortunately many of the devices that have been developed for Mans benefit, based on the prototypes and experiments of Heinrich Hertz and Nikola Tesla; have been alternately used in a bid to control the thoughts of Man.

While I am on the topic of acknowledging people of significance in my life, I think it is only fitting to honour thy father and thy mother, by saying thank-you to my parents Sidney and Nellie Dillon for their lifetime of devotion toward each other, and myself. I love them both very dearly. As I get older now, I feel that today's youth do not seem to have as much compassion towards the older generation as they did in the bygone past. There seems to be a lack of respect given towards the age and wisdom of our senior community. This may be due to the dehumanizing effects that the digital technologies are having on our children.

The youth seem to be more self-centered, selfish and egocentric as their only concern is the present and how it effect's them. But you see the problem is that if we forget who we are, and where we come from, we may forget where we are going. This is the psychological by-product of a lifestyle designed to make you more machine like and strip you of your very soul. You see that is what it is really all about; Satan or Evil taking as many souls down with it, as it possibly can. Here's the tricky part, and that is these so called people will give up their souls willingly, and possibly without even knowing it. That's the way mind control works, in fact that is why they call it mind control. It is time that we wake up to the truth about the dark side, and prepare a defense strategy by the engagement of a daily ration of single digit coded math exercises. This will help to build up your human resistance to the digital rewiring that is taking place in your brain. Instead of Man evolving as he did in his past evolution, he is now beginning to develop more like the machine, in a state of what I am now going to refer to as "Devilution".

The current upcoming change has been fed to you gradually. It started by having you input all of your daily tasks by using dysfunctional unabbreviated in-grammatical name titles at the start of each communication. These are the subtle changes that no one would notice as it was a way to obtain new and exciting information. Thusly, all of the names were strewn together like sentences with no spaces or Capitals, and given the generic name of a website. This is the main reason that all of my secondary websites have names including dashes in between the words. So for example, my very first website is all one word. I then made, mainly because thenonbelievers and thenon were already taken, but as for the grouping of thenon it just did not work sounding more like some kind of a natural gas. I then created which also included the dash, but again this was due to someone else already having the domain of

I liked the idea of having a space or a dash between the words. That is why my next project which will be an introduction to and a single digit math instruction website will be called I also like the idea that even though it is visually posted on your computer with no capital letters, I can if I like enter the names or talk about them using Capital letters. I remember around 2003 when I applied for that first domain; and the hidden significance of the subtle change to all of our communications. This realization led to my remaking of the lyric titled "The Computer Age" into an anti-literary poem called "thecomputerage". I was thinking about that poem just the other day, and both the Spirit, and myself feel that it would be a worthy piece of art to incorporate into this third part of our trilogy, "Journey of the Soul". If you are interested in having your very own free download of the mp3 file "The Computer Age", it is available for your listening pleasure in the "T-shirt Design Gallery" section of Visual Media. When I wrote the original lyric, I remember being very impressed with the degree and high calibre of the words that were employed in that song. When I sang the song I used a little bit of a drawl that reminded me of the legendary folk singer Bob Dylan. Now without further ado, we will bring to you the reworked digital poem, meant as a spinoff of the words on the fifth track of my revolutionary CD "Forces at Work".

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Currently the time is now late June 2012, as I find myself back on a wonderful 20 day Mediterranean cruise revisiting Italy and Spain, but this time adding the lands of where so much of our philosophy originated, in glorious Greece. I am about 3 quarters of the way through this, my third thesis titled "Journey of the Soul" and I am sure that this cultural break away from it all will provide just the proper amount of inspiration to accomplish this monumental task of finishing the God Matrix Trilogy Book of 120 pages, as well as the website. Even though my last trans-Atlantic cruise flew to Rome, I did not get a chance to visit the Vatican City and Sistine Chapel. This was due to going directly to the ship from the airport and basically bypassing Rome. Though on this blessed occasion, I was able to witness the magnificence of the famous ceiling painted by the great Master Michelangelo.

At the time of its creation Michelangelo was asked by the Pope on 3 separate occasions to paint the ceiling of the chapel, which he refused on the grounds that he was not a painter, but a sculptor. Finally the artist accepted the challenge, as the Pope was insistent and appeared to show no signs of changing his mind. The ceiling is painted in the style of a fresco which means that the plaster is still wet when being painted so that the images will be preserved indefinitely as they are dried right into the surface. On the main wall of the room is a grand work called The Judgement. In this incredible masterpiece is Michelangelo's depiction of the end times, revealing how some of Mankind will ascend to their heavenly destination while others will descend into their fate of darkness and dismay. When this piece was being executed, there was a Cardinal that objected to the unclothed images of beings inhabiting this artwork. The man of the cloth wanted to bring an end to the commission of Michelangelo's brilliant work depicting the artist's vision of truth and justice.

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Fortunately his objection was denied and Michelangelo was able to get his own back on this narrow minded individual by painting the Cardinal's image in the bottom right corner of The Judgement, as the keeper at the Gates of Hell in the form of Minos. I found it interesting that the name of the gatekeeper was Minos, or negative as the Godly Matrix Math only allows you to go forth and multiply, not to divide or subtract. Also amusing was the fact that this image had his torso's private parts clothed with a snake. When the Cardinal saw his face on the body of Minos, he pleaded with the Pope to remove that section of the painting, as he did not want to be depicted artistically as being eternally in Hell. The Popes answer to this Cardinal was that he was in charge of Heaven, and that he had no jurisdiction in Hell, and therefore was not able to change its outcome.

So in this instance it could be said that sometimes revenge is sweet, and as you sew so shall you reap as this Cardinal was able to feel the wrath of our Lord while still alive, and hopefully able to make amends for his indiscretion. Another religious figure head wanted to dismantle Michelangelo's glorious paintings for the showing of their private parts, but was persuaded to just drape them with a cover as it would be a shame to destroy such wonderful art. Subsequently all of the magnificent marble statues in the Vatican had their body parts covered with fig leaves. I do not know what form of punishment that this Pope endured for his judgement on the State of the Arts, but it just goes to show that the arts and the artist should not be censored, as this would only exemplify that Man knows all there is to know, and that he should second guess the grace and beauty of the Spirit. The aspect of censorship is unwise because the arts and math are the language of the Spirit, and if this Celestial Entity reveals knowledge to its chosen vessels of interpretive awareness, than how will Mankind receive the message of the Spirits infinite wisdom and truth? Again, I will refer to the knowledge of scripture in the verse "Through God alone can God be known". Woe is the state of Mankind and Humanity when our arts are no longer permitted to ring out and resonate the truth of our existence.

The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is truly a sight to behold. It is a series of paintings depicting the Genesis, and took the famous artist 3 years to complete while painting 18 hours a day, sometimes while on his back. At the center of the ceiling, Michelangelo paints God with his arm stretched out toward Adam as their fingers appear to touch each other. Upon closer inspection it becomes evident that there is a small gap between the fingers where God gives Adam the spark of life or energy. I found this aspect of illustration fascinating as it reminded me about the experiments of Heinrich Hertz proving the speed of electromagnetic energy by placing two spheres at a close distance as a spark gap of energy. You see in the old days of superstition and limited scientific awareness, things could only be portrayed with artistic symbolism. Nonetheless the same information was being portrayed in a different format, but in a way that Mans limited awareness could digest. The Spirits infinite awareness and being has always been right there with us making its presence known, and is the reason for Mans art, science and knowledge that has been placed upon certain gifted individuals, to show its existence and the reason why we exist.

Michelangelo, who initially objected to painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, subsequently designed the uniforms of the Swiss Guard that protect the Pope. The man was enabled to become a sculptor, painter, engineer, architect, and designer as he became a chosen vessel of the Spirit by proving his worth with dedication, self-examination, and discipline of his talents. All of these regimens added to the heightened awareness of the artists own spiritual interaction. This aspect of Michelangelo reminded me of how I too, was enabled to translate my song writing ability into a greater realm of music, art, philosophy, poetry, math, and design through a regimen of dedication, self-examination, and discipline.

Another great Italian artist of Michelangelo's period was Leonardo Da Vinci who also had the multifaceted talents of being a sculptor, painter, philosopher, scientist, physician and inventor. Da Vinci wrote all of his notes backwards so that no person could read them. I believe this approach was used so that no one could accuse the brilliant scholar of performing witchcraft and have him burnt at the stake. After all he was the first man to dissect the human body advancing the medical sciences, a practise that was forbidden at the time. The only way you could read the reference notes of Leonardo Da Vinci was by placing them in front of a mirror, as he had written them all backwards. This shows the true essence of the artist's work coming from the Spirit; as Man is not in the image of God but more a reflection of God.

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One other artist that I think about in terms of multifaceted talent is my good friend, Cuban painter and sculptor Enrique Avila Gonzalez. Enrique was an art teacher at the university, and later spent 10 years designing and creating sets and backgrounds for a Cuban television station. Enrique felt that he needed to get back to his art on a full time basis, so around fifteen years ago that is exactly what he set out to do. Enrique was awarded the prize to honour and create the large 16 ton, 8 story tall monument of Che Guevara in the Plaza de Revolution. You need to be more than just an artist when engaging such an immense task, as this sculpture can withstand hurricane winds of 300 km per hour. So as an engineer, sculptor, painter, designer and philosopher, Enrique is able to rise to any task that lies ahead of him in a creative path of enlightenment. As we are reflecting on this wonderful sculpture, let us share a moment to look back and give remembrance to the great heart and Soul of the Revolutionary Hero Che Guevara.

Recalling the end of last year takes me back to October 26, 2011; the day that I started intuitively thinking about the Soul. I remember because it was on the Hindu holiday called Diwali. I started thinking about how it was only a couple of weeks until 11-11-11, when I was to have my new thesis "Functions of the Spirit", finished and up on my new website I thought about how the first paper "The Digitalization of Man" was to be about Man and the second thesis "Functions of the Spirit" involved the Spirit, and now my third thesis paper was going to be about the Soul. That was when I decided on the title "Journey of the Soul". The first paper was 36 pages (3+6=9), the second paper was to be 44 pages (4+4=8), the number of God and moving in a reverse direction from 9; this third and final instalment "Journey of the Soul" I already intuitively know will be 40 pages, the symbolic number of the box. When you add the pages of all 3 papers from the trilogy together you get 36+44+40=120 or 1+2=3.

I also thought about how I needed to write a more dedicated math paper showing the different exercises of the single digit tables and applying it to a new website called So it was about 2 weeks to the launch of and when I looked at the calendar, it was a Wednesday. It was exactly 2 weeks and 2 days until 11-11-11(222), and it was 2 months less 2 days until January 11 or 111, which was 11 months and 1 day before 12-12-12(333). 2 weeks and 2 days is 14+2=16, or 1+6=7 and in 1 week from this day was "All Souls Day". In 6 days, 6 being the number of Mans 6th sense and the number of the message, moving in a backward direction from 7 and in a Godlike manner was Tuesday November 1st, or 111 being "All Saints Day". This illustrates the way in which I was beginning to see numerical significance in the different dates on the calendar.

Thinking about the days for Saints and Souls guided my focus into the contemplation of crosses or crucifixes. When it comes to the Bible and crucifixes most people are unaware that there are four different shapes of crosses that were used in the form of punishment known as crucifixion. The most widely known of the four symbols being the Latin Cross, or "God Matrix Spirit Box". It has the feature of the crossbeam being around two thirds of the way up the upright pole. The Latin Cross is also witnessed in the God Matrix, in the form of a 6 sided box. The second cross of 4 is known as St Anthony's Cross, or the "Satan Matrix". It forms the cross at the top of the upright pole similar to a T, and was most likely named after St Anthony's famous crutch. The third cross is called St Andrews Cross, or the "God Matrix Double Box". It is said to be the form of cross used to crucify Andrew in the shape of the letter X. The fourth and probably most important of the crosses is the Greek Cross or "God Matrix", which is in the shape of a plus sign with both beams of equal length.

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In the God Matrix the cross is formed with the code of 639, which is the frequency of the fourth note of the musical scale known as Fa, meaning the Family of God and Man. The cross or X forms the double box or star configuration by intersecting our Earthly Matrix with Gods Celestial Spirit Matrix. When you look at the 9 digit God Matrix cube, you can visualize how the numbers move in two directions much like the merging of two separate three dimensional boxes. Upon further contemplation and meditation on the 9 digit coded matrix, I have now discovered that not only does it contain a two dimensional 8 pointed, or three dimensional 16 pointed double box star configuration; it also contains a two dimensional 6 pointed, or three dimensional 10 pointed double triangle star configuration or Star of David. When looking at this matrix cube you will see an arc at the top left corner of two sides showing 369, and at the opposite bottom right corner an arc of two sides showing 999 or completion. All that separates these two arc angles is a number 3 at the center of the cube. If we draw a line from the top right corner through the number 3 and down to the bottom left corner, you have effectively joined the two arcs in the shape of two triangles. If we push the two triangles together with a perpendicular force from the opposite arcs of the cube a few degrees, we then witness the formation of the Star of David.

This bounty of wisdom and knowledge became another of my many revelations. That not only had the double box of the God Matrix contained the same symbols and beliefs of both the Christian and the Muslim, I was now understanding how the God Matrix also contained the double triangle or Star of David pattern, which was now effectively bringing the Jew into the fold. I began to dwell on the matrix numbers, patterns and geometric shapes in a most profound way. A two dimensional, 3-point triangle becomes a three dimensional, 5-point pyramid (3+5=8). A two dimensional, 4-point square becomes a three dimensional 8-point box (4+8=12=3). A three dimensional, 5-point pyramid configuration superimposed on another identical shape reveals a 10-point Star of David pattern. A three dimensional, 8-point box configuration superimposed on another identical shape reveals a 16-point Ashlars Box pattern (5+10=15=6) (8+16=24=6).

The merging of the points from the two and three dimensional triangles provide us with a single digit of 8, the number of God; while the merging of the points from the two and three dimensional squares is 3, the number of the Trinity or the Holy Ghost. The math of the three dimensional double triangle is 6 or the number of Man’s sixth sense, while the math of three dimensional double square is also 6. When the two dimensional single digit derivatives of 8+3 are added, the answer is 11 or 2 signifying the second dimension. When the three dimensional single digits of 6+6 are added, the answer is 12 or 3 signifying the third dimension. So when you look at the single digit math of the two icons, you are able to see the similarities that both of the ornamental geometric design symbols share and have in common.

Also evident is how both designs are incorporated into the God Matrix. Both symbols show unique properties of how they are able to transmit and receive the joy and love that exists between the Fellowship of Man and God. Looking at the two symbols and how their digits line up within the God Matrix shows us that the double box adds up to the completion of nine, except for the X that runs diagonally through it. The X reads left to right 339 or 6, and right to left 939 or 3, adding up to 3+6=9 symbolizing the completion of God and Man. The math within the matrix cube shows us that the double triangle or Star of David also adds up to the completion of nine except for the single diagonal right to left line of 939 or 3, the symbolic number representing the 3 senses of the Spirit. It would appear by the design of the double triangle, that the Jewish people truly are God’s chosen race. The shape of their pyramid like transmitter, and one way direct line to the Spirit shows every indication that that is the way it is designed and intended.

Why then, has there been so much hatred toward the Jewish people throughout Man’s history? If we look at the Jewish people as a race, no other people have left more of a mark on the history of Mans culture, arts, literature, education, fashion, financial institutions and just plain class in general than the Jewish people. The Jewish people are what the rest of the people in our world look up to, and aspire to be like whether they know it or not. That is what makes the Jew so cool, and so paradoxically loathed. That is that they have a certain calmness and inner peace due to a Divine relationship with the Spirit. This is the reason why things may seem a little easier for the Jew. That is their clear focus, sharp thinking, and heightened knowledge as a result of the inner peace from an awareness of the Spirit. It is inherent in the evolution of the genes in the Jewish race.

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I think a part of the problem as I understand it, and I am by no means an authority on the subject and I apologize if I sound in any way, shape or form inflammatory; is that as a people the Jew has always kept among themselves. If they have a job to do it goes to another Jew, and they do not mix freely with non-Jewish types. So I am reminded of an old Egyptian proverb of when a man is greeted at the Gates of Heaven, and he is asked two questions. Question 1 "Did you find inner peace while you were still alive?" If the man answered yes question 2 was "Did you help anyone else to find the inner peace?" So, maybe that's a part of the problem, and that is the unwillingness of the Jew to share their sacred knowledge and learned ways with the rest of Gods people.

Another thing I must mention to you is that it does not matter if you are a Christian, Muslim or a Jew we are all equally susceptible to the detrimental ways, and to the spiritually demobilizing effect coming from the Digitalization of Man. This one unidentified enemy known as the Computerization of the World, is a far greater threat to Mans humanity than any of his meagre ideological squabbling's. Furthermore, there is the second most important rule for all of Gods children to observe and remember after "Know Yourself" and that is to "Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you". If we were to just observe these two fundamental principles, I mean really take it to heart and really begin to know who we are as individuals, then the rest of the world's problems will begin to pale in comparison.

It is said that the dead are called 4 times blessed, and the living but thrice blessed. The 4 is the completion of the Quarternary group of point, line, superficies, body; having the characteristic that its elements 1,2,3,4 are equal to 10 which is so perfect we cannot go any further unless returning to the Monad to increase. Also known as Kosmos or World because the sum of the first 4 odd numbers added to the sum of the first four even numbers formed the number 36. In "De Anim. Procr."1027, Plutarch says the world consists of a double Quarternary. Four being of the Intellectual World, T'Agathan, Nous, Psyche, and Hyle, that equal the Supreme Wisdom or Goodness, Mind, Soul, and Matter; as well as four being of the Sensible World, forming the Kosmos of elements Fire, Air, Earth and Water.

Plato teaches us in his "Timaeus" that from the number 7, the Soul of the World was generated, Anima Mundana. The 7 wise men of Greece were; Bias, B.C. 550, "Most men are bad". Chilo, B.C. 590, "Consider the end". Cleobulos, B.C. 580, "Avoid Extremes". Periander, B.C. 650, "Nothing is impossible to perseverance". Pittacus, B.C. 569, "Know thy opportunity". Solon, B.C. 600, "Know thyself". Thales, B.C. 550, "Suretyship is ruin". In order to give us a better understanding of the number 7, I will include an excerpt from the book "Numbers, their occult power and mystic virtues", by W. Wynn Westcott:

"T. Subba Row describes the seven primary forces of nature as six powers resumed in a seventh. These are called Sakti (Mahamaya) and are related to Kanya, ie. Virgo, as the 6th Zodiacal sign; they are Parasakti, force of light and heat; Inasakti, intellect; Itchsakti, cause of voluntary movements; Kriyasakti, energy of will; Kundalini sakti, the lifeforce shown in attraction and repulsion, positive and negative; Mantrika sakti, the power of sounds, vibration, music, words, and speech; these are summarized in Daivi prakriti=the Light of the Logos. Our physical senses known as 5 are an incomplete set, there are indeed 7 forms or modes of perception, as appears in the highest developments of the "Chabrat zereh aur bokher", and as described in the oldest Sanskrit occult science of the Upanishads: Smell, Taste, Sight, Touch, Hearing, and the 6th, Mental Perception, with 7th, Spiritual Understanding: The two latter were not dwarfed and materialized into noticeable organs in this 5th race of beings, to which Man now belongs. Our Earth, symbolized by Malkuth of the Kabalah, is the seventh of a series, and is on the Fourth Plane; it is generated by Jesod, the Founation of the Sixth World, and after complete purification will the 7th race of the 7th cycle become re-united to the Spiritual Logos and in the end to the Absolute. The 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit Isaiah xi. v. 2, are Wisdom, Understanding, Council, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety, and Fear of the Lord; these are seven of the Kabalistic Sephiroth."
"Seven is the token of Union between God, who is Triune, and Man, who is Quarternary." W.F. Shaw

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According to the "Pythagoreans" the number 7, or Heptad was so called from the Greek verb "sebo" meaning to venerate, being Septos "Holy", "divine", "motherless", and a "Virgin". The number 7 was also considered "Fortune", for it decides in our mortal affairs. As well as "Voice", for every voice has 7 tones, both in human form or in instrumental; the tones are emitted by the seven planets forming Music of the Spheres. And in Tritogenia as there are 3 boundaries of the Soul which are the intellectual, the quick tempered, and the desiring producing 4 perfect virtues. Also relevant are the 3 intervals consisting of length, breadth, and depth that exist within the 4 boundaries of our corporeal existence including point, line, superficies and solid. The number 7 was also referred to as Phylakikos meaning "guardian" because our Universe is directed and guided by Seven Planets.

Athanasius Kircher gave us the Greek example of magic squares and the curious relationship between the names Jesus and Mary, and Iesous Maria. Iesous is 10, 8, 500, 70, 400, 200 = 888, and Maria is 40, 1, 100, 10, 1 = 152. If we put the number 152 in a magic square of three, meaning nine compartments showing 152, 521, and 215, the totals of all lines add up to 888; while the letters of Iesous make a magic square of 36 divisions, each line adding every way to 888. The number 888 is significant as the special number of Jesus Christ "He who is the resurrection and the life"; he who is also the adversary of the 666, the number of the Beast, and the number of a Man. There is an astronomical period of 600 years known as the "Naros", the Cycle of the Sun. Cassini who was a great astronomer states that it is the most perfect of all astronomic periods. According to Genesis, Man was created on the 6th day, and it was on the 6th day of the week that Jesus died on the cross. The Pythagoreans say that after a period of 216 years which number is the cube of 6, that all things are regenerated. They also said that 216 years was the periodic time of the Metempsychosis, meaning the Rebirth of Man after his Death.

"I believe that from the earth emerges a musical poetry that is by the nature of its sources tonal, I believe that these sources cause to exist a phonology of music, which evolves from the Universal, and is known as the Harmonic Series." Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990)

And let us not forget the gifted and talented Soul of Nikola Tesla, the world's foremost authority and inventor of wireless and resonant frequency technologies, who predicted that the earth resonates at 6, 18, and 30 Hz. These numbers form a single digit math code of 693 which is a wave conversion or echo of 936 and 369. It is also closely similar to 639, the frequency of the fourth note in the scale known as Fa meaning Family. Not until the 1960's would the experiments that Nikola Tesla tried to carry out, be fulfilled by other scientists proving that the ELF (Extra-Low Frequencies) that the earth resonates at were 8, 14 and 20 Hz, three numbers considerably close to Nikola's prediction. These numbers form a single digit math code of 852. This is the frequency of the 6th note in the music scale, or La for Labial meaning lips; it further gives us the single digit of 6. The echo or wave conversions of 852, are 528 the frequency of the third note in the scale or Mi meaning miracles, and 285 a frequency one degree lower than the first note in the scale, Ut meaning the whole gamut of all notes. The frequency of 285 Hz is also the frequency of the meditative sound Aum, which is a 3 syllabled Holy word.

"I sacrifice to the Lord all that openeth the Matrix". Moses, Exodus 13:15

This is the famous quote from the Soul of the Man who quite literally sacrificed all that he had for the Lord and his People. After all Moses was raised as Pharaoh, built pyramids and could have become Ruler of Egypt. Moses gave up all of who he was, and all the wealth he had, to follow the inner voice from within his Soul. To understand the full meaning of his Existence, and who he was as a Man; to honour the Birth-rite of his People as he acknowledges the secret of his true Mother. With the vast experience of his educational knowledge and background, combined with the Faith from his true People, Moses became able to develop a deep understanding from the Energy of the Universe and the Spirit of Man.

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Whereas Jesus is known as the Prophet of the Spirit, Moses is known as the Prophet of Laws. The first 5 books of the Bible known as the Pentateuch are based on the 10 commandments God gave to Moses. Referred to as the Books of Moses in the Old Testament, they are also known as Torah. These books of Law came to mean the way that the Faithful Israelites should live. More than just Law, the Torah also included the story of God's dealing with Mankind, and with Israel. Coming from the two Greek words "Penta" or five, and "Teuchos" meaning box, jar, or scroll; the word and the fivefold presentation of books called the Penateuch predate the Septuagint, or earliest Greek translation from around 200 B.C. It is the complete faith and dedication of Moses that allows him to decree the Ten Commandments, and leads to the making of the criminal and liturgical laws of the Israelites. I do not think we can ever say enough about the large measure of impact on our society due to the Soul of Moses that must have been involved in the timing of his affairs, but I do think we can all agree that Moses was truly a blessed man.

Let me read to you a brief descriptive excerpt by Ralph L. Smith from the Holman Bible Dictionary:

"The Hebrew names of these five scrolls come mainly from the opening word(s) of each scroll. Genesis is called bereshith, "in beginning"; Exodus, we'elleh shemoth, "These are the names"; Leviticus, wayyikra, "and he called"; Numbers, bemidbar, "in the Wilderness"; and Deuteronomy, elleh haddebarim, "These are the words." The names of the books in the English Bible, come through the Latin from the Greek Septuagint and are intended to be descriptive of the contents of each book. Genensis means "generation" or "origin"; Exodus means "going out"; Leviticus refers to the Levitical system; Numbers refers to the numbering of the tribes, Levites, and first born (chs. 1-4,26); and Deuteronomy means "second law" (17:18)."

There are many literary forms and genres in the Pentateuch including narratives, laws, lists, sayings, sermons, and songs. The people of Israel were a singing people. They sang in Victory (Ex. 15), they sang at work (Num. 21:17-18), they sang in battle (Num. 21:14-15, 27-30), and they sang when in worship (Num. 6:22-26; Deut. 32:1-43). I wonder if the good people of Israel sing as much as they used to now that the music is dead; as Humankind is suffering in its current sphere of influence, coming from the proliferation of personal computers in the "Wake of Music" caused by "The Digitalization of Man".

"Everything that openeth the Matrix in all flesh…shall be thine". God, Numbers 18:15

The time is now Friday August 2, 2012 (8+2+5=15=6) 11:24am, and it is a 6 day or message day as I begin to hunker down for this long weekend in hopes of being able to complete the God Matrix Trilogy, by finishing the third and final thesis, "Journey of the Soul". I have a little less than 3 pages left as I contemplate the journey that I have had over the last 3 years. How in 2010 I had my major Spiritual Awakening and learned of the sacred coded math while writing "The Digitalization of Man". Then in 2011 when I experienced the discipline from the flood in my own apartment, while writing the follow up paper "Functions of the Spirit", and now in 2012 as I strive to complete the website, by delivering this my third instalment and final thesis.

How this awesome awareness renewed my fulfillment, love and joy, in a world that was losing all meaning. How by saying a daily prayer of thanks to all the great Souls of the past, I was enabled to generate a brighter day for myself and for my future. My personal list of Divine Souls that I usually thank in prayer would include God, Lord, Jesus, Soul, Spirit, Moses, Pythagoras, Hertz, Tesla, Che, Lennon and all of the other Blessed Beings of the Soul Collective, I love you all. In your own personal list you may decide to include the Soul of any great and noble person whom you wish to honour. In this manner we all pray to the same entity in unison and in harmony; without stepping on the toes of our Fellowman.

Can you imagine the amount of positive Spiritual energy released in the performance of a world-wide prayer in which everyone is praying toward the same goal as a team in the name of humanity while respecting the good Soul of Man? It does not matter what time of the day you say the prayer, if you say it at all (sometimes we forget), and you may thank any good Soul(s) of your choosing (they are all connected), but I would suggest that you begin your prayer by thanking your God. Also, a prayer may consist of other alternate forms including music in the way of analog performance, single digit math exercises, hand written letters, or any creation involving the genres of the liberal arts. The consequences of this change to our perception could ultimately mean the difference between the transmutation of Mankind as he begins to spiritually and digitally transmogrify; or the salvation of our living Soul(s), that they remain a Celestial part of our own Human "Being" and that humanity is restored.

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While we are on the subject of the Spiritual Functions, I had an interesting thought just the other day about the way we once were, and the way we now are. It occurred to me that in days of old, hundreds or even thousands of years ago, there was a large portion of the population that could not read or write. Although very few people could read being illiterate, everyone knew how to count. It was necessary for their daily survival. If you were short changed on a piece of bacon or a loaf of bread, it could mean the difference between whether or not you would have enough food to eat for the rest of that month. People were very savvy to exactly how much every item came to, and could count it in their head or on their fingers. The practise of this numerological awareness is a part of what has kept us alive, alert, and in tune with our thoughts.

I remember as a young child, how I loved to count the coins from my mother's change, and how one day I had decided to take a shiny silver nickel out of her change purse. Within the hour my mother had called me on my childish naïve stunt, scolded me for stealing, and lectured me on the principles of having respect for the rights and privacy of other people's possessions. My mother's mind and her wits were sharp, and there was not too much you could get past her. This was due to her Spiritual Integrity and the great intuitive force derived from her own motherhood. This awareness that most of us used to have in our past seems to have been significantly altered. We are now somehow different in our high definition, digital, modern day future, than we once were in our distant analog past. The major juxtaposition of these present and past contraries of literacy is that most of us have become literate and are able to read, but now we can no longer count without the aid of a digital device or machine.

Where ever I go, whenever there is money involved in a transaction, I am seeing a rather high volume of errors occurring in the accuracy of the change. As long as the cashier is doing what the computer or calculator is telling them to do everything is fine, but when you offer up the extra change so that you might get back a whole dollar amount, you will likely find a rather upset and confused attendant as they have forgotten or even scarier, never have learned how to count without the aid of a machine. This may also pose the problem of "how well will this highly trained non educated numerally illiterate attendant function?", in the wake of a global situation caused by massive solar flares for example; or maybe even a nuclear accident. Does the mechanization of mankind mentally prepare us to be able to cope, or give to us the proper tools that allow us to deal with the feasibility of such a catastrophic event or state of emergency? At the speed that the digitalization of man is escalating and the hominization of machines is evolving how will this young attendant react when our machines develop a mind of their own and cease to cooperate with Humankind? "Computers are useless they can only give you answers". Pablo Picasso

If we do not put any analog regulations, restrictions or controls on our interaction with the digital devices, what safeguards do we have against another destabilizing situation such as the insurance and market scandals on Wall Street, or a nuclear accident like the one in Chernobyl or even worse possible scenario? When we let the machines do all of the calculations and analytical risk evaluations for us, we have taken away the "answer for" factor as there are miles of paper to sift through but no one to "answer for". This digitalization of technology factor gives the corporation one more major weapon in its arsenal to bleed the consumer dry and protect the interest of the shareholder at any cost; be it economical, ecological, political, spiritual, or genocidal.

The complete discontinuation of the analog communications and their devices is so subtle that "they" are going to stop selling cars with standard transmissions. Well why would they do that when this car is more affordable due to the less expensive transmission and repairs? The answer is the standard transmission is an analog transmission and the speed and rpm dials on the dashboard are analog gauges. These gauges do not light up, flash or beep, and driving the standard means you must engage the clutch. Driving with a clutch requires that you use both of your feet in the function of stopping and starting the car. This makes it necessary for you to use your mind and think while engaging the standard automobile. That is the last thing that they want, so enjoy it while you can for tomorrow it will be a thing of the past.

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What they do want is that you become a complacent, well managed piece of livestock that can be manipulated to the greater good of the corporate structure. I am sorry if I rail out with such harsh and abusive language, but I do not think that we fully understand and appreciate the complexity of our current dilemma, or the enormity of this our present day task. Our Souls are becoming agitated as their hosts are becoming dehumanized. If our Souls can no longer reside in their new and improved 2.0 digital format replication of today's newly emerging youth, it is possible that the entire Collective may have to complete a Soul travel for some other greener and more accommodating pastures.

If this is to be the fate of Humankind, to have no Soul than I am afraid that it could lead to social unrest, civil disobedience, moral decay, anarchy in the streets, and the complete and total collapse of our society as we know it. Inevitably this will lead to the resurrection of an anti-human race of soulless workers for the one world police state and new world order. At this point in time the Soul will have left the planet with the chosen, to forge a new and better tomorrow with the conscious state from the Family of God and Man (The best hosts will become the chosen guests). The remaining race of humanoids will most likely never be aware that any change has taken place as they begin to live in the New World Order that promises to ensure that Man will never be the same again.

In the beginning a Spirit descended upon the earth and merged with Man. As a symbiont we experience the ebb and flow of this energy that is born unto us creating the Family of God and Man through our dualistic consciousness and subconscious state. This energy that comes from within and connects everything together manifests itself in the influence that is garnered through the liberal arts in the form of philosophical awareness and original thought. The inner being or Soul that resides within our physical existence through the channels of wireless alternating current energy, is performing in a register of moral guidance, and is the inspiration that drives Mankind to become better men. It is the Divine and special element that is received from the Soul of the Spirit in Man that make us the Celestial Human "Beings" who we are. We play out the roles in our lives with the Spiritual help offered from this Collective Consciousness as we become the Reflection of the Entity; Moralistically, Philosophically, and Logistically. Maybe this eventual occurrence or change to the system has all been pre-destined, as it was "Written" and foretold many times over. In the revelations of the day when the Purification and Cleansing of the Spirit would commence and the departure of the Soul and the Entity would begin in search of a paradisiacal destination or Paradigm of Love, Truth, Honour, and Spiritual Perfection. The reason for this abrupt exit of the Soul will be born out of necessity as it can no longer inhabit the Hosts Humanly diluted Vessels. This is why it is so important to know ourselves, and treat each other as we would treat ourselves. For when the Soul of the Spirit is gone we will be on our own, and we will become the reflection of our true selves, the people we have become. Continue if you can to hang on to those moral traditions and artistic disciplines of the past, so we may retain the knowledge and wisdom of the ages and pass on the benefit of its awareness, into our future. Do not let the virtual realm of electronics control your existence by impairing your ability to experience the miracle of life's meaning. If we as a race of Human "Beings" do not start to change right now (especially our youth), the ways that we are shutting down the mental and cognitive systems of our perception, we will surely lose whatever scrap or shred of Humanity that we still have left. The currently developing myriad of debilitating side effects incurred through the digital dementia such as memory loss, attention deficit disorder, and face blindness are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this pandemic onslaught to our senses. Let this be a warning to all of Gods People around the World, of every Denomination, in Jubilation for the Celebration, that begins to recognize and honour this incredibly inspirational story revealed to us in the Journey of the Soul. The final sign is given in the word Jubilation "To shout for joy or an instance of this".

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