The Madonna of Port Lligat

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Read more about Salvador Dali and his famous painting "The Madonna of Port Lligat" in the revolutionary thesis by Michael Dillon "The Digitization of Man" .


Pythagoras founded the Pythagorean school, which believed in metempsychosis, that the soul imprisoned in the body could be purified through the discipline of mathematics and music. He discovered the interval ratios in the numerical proportions of spaces on the musical scale and believed that the elements of numbers were the elements of the world. The Pythagorean theorem a2 + b2 = c2 is attributed to his school, and Pythagoras also created the recently re-discovered single digit coded mathematics or language of God. Read more about the hidden mathematics of Pythagoras in the surprising thesis "Functions of the Spirit" by Michael Dillon.

The Last Supper

Leonardo Da Vinci actually painted Mary Magdalene directly to the right of Jesus in his famous painting "The Last Supper". The significance of the role of Mary in the Bible has been changed, especially in Western Christianity around 500 a.d., When Mary Magdalene was identified as the sinful woman of Luke 7:36-50, as oposed to the introduction of Mary in Luke's 8. No evidence suggesting that the sinful woman of Luke 7 is identified as Mary Magdalene who is introduced in Luke 8. However, this modification of the relationship between Jesus and Mary changed the meaning from either a partner or a potential spouse of Jesus to that of a prostitute or a sinner. This change helped the Church to create a more controlled environment through the mechanism of guilt and sin instead of a conscious intention of love and peace.

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