The Meaning of Life by Definition, or “an instance of this”. Come together, all of you truth seekers, artists, and like-minded individuals. It is time for us the only logical and sensible people left on this planet that still give a damn. No longer shall we say “But there is nothing that I can do about it.” It is time to take the bird in hand from its gilded cage and set it free. I say this in all humility because our time is rapidly running out, and if we do not attempt to effectively address this situation and soon, we may begin to enter the time of no return. It seems to me that our world is now moving in an ambient state of dysfunction that is visibly recognizable as we further drift into the abyss of this new and dangerous paradigm resulting from the technological and digital communicative advances that have permeated our developing humanistic awareness, or lack thereof.

The time is now May 15, 2013 as I find myself back on Guardalavaca Beach, Cuba to begin writing this my fourth discourse and thesis paper in as many years. I found that it was helpful to firmly establish the foundation of my last three papers in sunny Cuba, as it has become like my home away from home. It is a place where I am able to reconnect, recharge and re-energize, far away from the advances of the digital encroachment. The last three thesis writings which consisted of “The Digitalization of Man”, “Functions of the Spirit”, and “Journey of the Soul”, organically came together as an autobiographical account of an artist who chooses not to use the computer, as he creates and builds an art website to promote his CD’s. While writing this book which became Triune in nature because it invoked a spiritual message from another entity or dimension, I was somehow able to conjure up a mathematical, musical matrix language of art and of the Soul which I called “God Matrix”.

By the addition of this fourth part of the series “The Meaning of Life by Definition” I am aiming to connect all of the dots in such a way as to make my content more easily understandable. This supplement to the trilogy adds the fourth corner of the box making it Quarternary as it deals more with mankind and humanity. It also adds the 1 to the 3 or the 3 to the 1 as in the significant numbers 13 and 31, the way in which the Spirit moves 3 across and 1 down. In my previous written dissertations I found that it was a useful tool to regularly refer to my large 1972 Webster’s dictionary as I felt that it was important to try to adequately express the true meaning of what it was that I wished to convey. In many instances I was blessed with the uncanny perception that I was being lead to certain words that were above my intellect and far exceeded my literary skills. Certain words would have multiple meanings while others might confer to an opposite, parallel or paradoxical meaning. So for whatever reason my wordplay began to advance and expand to multiple levels of thought like layers in an onion. There can also be many meanings or layers in a word depending on which area of knowledge it concerns. I may choose to include the meaning that immediately relates to the subject matter, or I may decide to include the entire multilayered definition.

Wordplay: verbal wit esp. punning, an instance of this.

And so it begins this the first of many definitions. I will have to acknowledge the Spirit for starting me off with this first word description as I become more and more aware that it is always in the timing of when one receives the sign, or the word. I had originally used uncanny as my first definition but after looking up “wordsmanship” I became aware that no such word existed. Deciding to go with wordplay instead, I was very encouraged to see the phrase “an instance of this” in its definition. I had described in previous writings of my belief that the phrase “an instance of this” and the timing of when I received it, always seemed to come to me as a sign from the Spirit, and was somehow connected to the Soul. So this latest transcendence of consciousness came to me as a confirmation that the Comforter, who is the Holy Ghost would also be working on this latest instalment of truth and wisdom, to help guide and uplift my writings to a divine level of purpose.

Uncanny: inspiring feelings of apprehension ll almost superhuman, uncanny powers of observation
Belief: the conviction that something is true, the teachings of a religionll a religion or creed

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Even though I used the dictionary a lot in my previous papers I was conscious of not overdoing a good thing and making my work to sterile or clinical. That being said I have decided to go to the extreme and use an overabundance of definitions to convey the full meaning of this my current paper. My reasoning for this style of writing is because I think that it is original and no one else seems to have thought of it. So for the record all of my definitions will be taken from my 1972 Webster’s Encyclopedic Dictionary, and there will be no need to tell you where I am getting all of my definitions from every time that I quote my Webster’s dictionary. This literary device or vehicle should help to keep the sterile or clinical flow of the story to a minimum thereby keeping the thesis more readable, interesting, and immanent.

Conscious: recognizing the existence, truth, or fact of something
Sterile: lacking in inspiration, ideas etc., a sterile writer ll leading to no conclusion, a sterile argument

Another reason for the overuse of this 40 year old Webster’s dictionary is due to the fact that I feel our knowledge of history is constantly being re-written. If you were to look at a history book describing a battle it may differ dramatically from a description of the same battle in an opposing country. To the victors go the spoils. In the same way I feel that the meanings of our words and languages may become altered as our human race undergoes the onslaught from the communicative paradigm of the digitalization of man. The digital mode of communication is 10 times more information for your brain to process than the previous mode of analog and it is making us tired and sick. This aspect of its delivery system makes it a mode that was never intended for human consumption.

Analog recording: reproduction of sounds by recording sound wave vibrations Cf DIGITAL RECORDING
Digital recording: (acoustics) reproduction of sound fed into a computer through an amplifier, converted to numbers, and stored with recording Cf ANALOG RECORDING

The other inherent danger of this computer language delivery system is the capability of the digital devices to be used as a tool of control. We all used to have fears about a dependency on the television when it was first introduced but the addictive factor and dumbing down aspect of the computer and the internet is now 100 fold that of what our televisions once were. This unawareness poses a vast problem as the intelligence of our youth and their actual brain wave patterns are being rewired into a subhuman format that lacks any stimulus vibration, grounding, or connection to the earth. This unearthly human disconnect took place in just 20 years which is only like a second in history, and in the next 20 years will soon begin to wreak havoc on everything that Man once knew, loved, and now takes for granted. Our human disconnect is shutting the door to our very Soul, posing the problem of promoting an inability to know ourselves or in the words of William Shakespeare “To thine own self be true”. If you were to ask any intelligent person older than 60 years of age, or confer with any religious writings, I believe the consensus would be that knowing yourself is the most important thing in life that one can achieve.

Subhuman: less than human, esp. failing to reach standards expected by or of humans ll unfit or unsuitable for humans, subhuman conditions
Vibration: a vibrating or being vibrated ll (phys.) the simple periodic to-and-fro motion of a body etc., e.g. the vibrating string of a violin ll a single instance of this

It is my staunch belief and intuitivism that if we lose sight of our gateway to the Soul, or the even worse possible scenario of the Soul losing sight of ourselves, that there will be a backlash against the humanities in a way that no man has ever seen. Without trying to sound to cliché I am afraid that like a ruptured dam “All Hell will break loose”. This is and always has been the major concept from most of the organized religions and ideological principles of mankind concerning the premonitions and revelations of the end times or themes of an apocalyptic nature. It would seem as though our humanism has a built in expiry or best before date. In our lifetime it is the Soul that hungers for knowledge and thirsts for the truth in its constant effort to help mankind find the answer to solving the equation, puzzle, or riddle to the pollution of the day, which is in fact the Digitalization of Man. The pollution of the day is also a part of the definition for our fifth musical note Sol or in Latin Solve Polluti, having the frequency of 741 Hz.

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Within the vibration of 741 Hz is encoded the number 3 in the single digit scheme of things, which is also representative of the Spirit. Sol is the tone that follows the fourth or middle note Fa which means Family or the servants and attendants, especially of a scholar or a magician required to be present to legally transact or carry out the business or activity of the day by making up a Quorum, which in this instance is a particularly chosen group. The note Fa has a frequency of 639 Hz adding to 9 in the single digit, and is the minimum number of members needed for the making of this, our musical Quorum.

Staunch: firmly loyal, a staunch friend ll (esp. of a ship) watertight ll strongly made
Intuitivism: the belief that ethical truths are known intuitively.
Gateway: an opening that may be closed with a gate ll the structure built around such an opening
Ruptured:to cause a break in ll to cause a hernia in ll to suffer a rupture

I realize that my writings may be a little bit hard to swallow or digest, but if you are like myself and have a desire to seek justice and honour by satisfying your own hungry and thirsty Soul’s appetite for truth and knowledge, then I feel that it is necessary for you to do the extra work. Begin to contemplate, meditate and pray upon everything that I am revealing to you, if your own Heart and Soul are telling you to become a member of this Quorum or chosen group. Our time is of the essence, and if we do not try to understand and fix this thing soon, all will be lost. I do not know how old you are, but if you like myself are one of the baby boomers or older, it was our generation that allowed this axiom of fear, hate, greed, corruption, control and dysfunction to occur, by inviting this plague of digitalization into our existence; without any concern of a drawback or downside to where it might lead us, and what it has done to our children who have now become the generation of lost souls.

Essence: the most significant part of a things nature ll philos., the sum of the intrinsic properties without which a thing would cease to be what it is, and which are not affected by accidental modifications
Existence: real being, the five classic proofs of the existence of God ll the state of being in the world of actuality ll this points to the existence of a secret treaty ll a way of life, to lead a miserable existence ll a life, she had had a previous existence ll (philos.) a thing that has immediate and concrete reality existent
Soul: the immortal part of man, as distinguished from his body ll the moral and emotional nature of man, as distinguished from his mind ll the vital principle that moves and animates all life ll a human being, not a soul in sight ll personification or embodiment, he was the soul of honour ll (pop.) emotional expressiveness that appeals for emotional response in others, his performance lacks soul, like a lost soul utterly forlorn to be the life and soul of, soulful expressing or appealing to the emotions, often with sentimentality soulless having no soul ll lacking nobility of the mind ll deadening, a soulless job

More than ever, our time is now at hand. Do not let the distractions from our consumer driven society cloud your better judgement making you docile, ineffective and unaware due to the inherent stresses from the new communicative paradigm. How do we begin to develop a system to counter the destructive measures that have found a way of creeping into our modern post-analog civilization? I believe that first and foremost it will be essential to invite the decorum of numeracy back into our analytical vocabulary, by relearning and remembering how to count and think in quantitative terms. This mathematical countermeasure will begin to re-establish and resurrect that once intrinsic and essentially necessary component of our analog being and psyche. If this condition cannot be met or achieved, it will surely spell out the means to an end concerning the raison d’etre of our Divine Celestial Being or Soul.

Society: any number of people associated together geographically, racially or otherwise with collective interests ll the state of living in organized groups ll an association of people with some interest in common and some central discipline, a debating society ll personal association, companionship
Decorum: conformity with conventional social manners in speech, writing, dress, behaviour
Numeracy: literacy with numbers, e.g. the capacity to think in quantitative terms-numerate
Psyche: the soul ll mind both conscious and unconscious ll (Gk. Mythol.) a maiden, personifying the soul
Raison d’etre: the justifying reason for the existence of something

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The intangible nature of this new digital paradigm is now threatening to destroy a once methodically meaningful awareness of life, and the Universe at an accelerated rate one could compare to light speed. How long does it take to change the world and everything that once mattered to its inhabitants? Apparently it was only about 20 years, or the amount of time it took the world to become totally addicted to the digital devices. I find this truth especially distressing because even after 3 years of writing, preaching to the choir, and proving my concepts on a mathematical level, I still seem to be the only one who gets it or gives a damn. Hopefully, and this is a matter I pray for every day, I will be able to light a beacon of truth for all to see before it is too late and the world enters its final state of damnation.

Intangible: not tangible ll not readily defined, vague, intangible fears
Damnation: (theol.) a condemning or being condemned to eternal punishment

The key word in this indiscernible parable is addiction. When you become addicted to some form of substance or device it entails the individual to have a breakdown of his own cognizance, or a total loss of his self-control. How can one know his own self if one has lost his self-control? And again another key word here is control, or the lacking state thereof. It has been proven in a university study that by sending a text message it releases an oxytocin in the brain similar to the effect of a women overeating chocolate in order to compensate for the heartbreak of a failed relationship. It is an endorphin release of dopamine that makes the user feel good, and by the way has a very addictive nature about it. So, it is in this manner that mankind is now suffering; from a habitually ongoing addictive dependency on the digital devices. Any dope of yours is a dopamine.

Key: something which enables someone to explain, solve or decipher a problem, dilemma, code etc.
Parable: a story designed to teach a moral or religious principle by suggesting a parallel
Entail: to bring as a necessary consequence, any resistance will entail the use of force

Let us compare this instance of a digital addict to that of an addiction to the drug cocaine. When cocaine was first introduced to the mainstream around 100 years ago, it was fairly organic as a narcotic substance derived from the coca leaf, which had the medicinal effects of a pick-me-up and an appetite suppressant. It was also used as an ingredient in the manufacturing of snuff and Coca-Cola many years ago. In the 1980’s cocaine became a widely popular designer drug used by the Yuppies or upwardly mobile affluent professionals. This modern cocaine had a highly addictive nature about it, and managed to mess up a lot of individuals by its presence. In this new millennium the prevalence of cocaine is not what it once was in the hey-day of the Eighties; not because of the crackdown or war on drugs, but probably more to do with the unaffordability of the substance and subsequent unavailability.

Addict: to habituate, esp. to be (or become) addicted to to have given oneself up to (a practise or habit usually bad) and be or become unduly dependent upon (it)

Mainstream: the dominant trend in thought, culture, fashion etc.

What did happen was the introduction of the newer and more highly dangerous drug called “Crack” cocaine. Crack cocaine is like a hybrid concoction of multiple substances including everything but the kitchen sink. The euphoria that one receives from this newer version of “Crack” cocaine is delivered to the user by the method of smoking as opposed to snorting, and is 20 times more addictive than its predecessor. When smoked, the user will attain a “Buzz” or high that will last for only about 10 minutes, then leaving the addict in a constant state of wanting. An addict will then lie, cheat, and steal for more. The entrapped drug dependant may quite literally sell his or her own body, or whatever it takes so that they may receive their next fix. This is arguably the worst drug that has ever been introduced into our society. The paradoxical anecdote of this formidable situation is how funny it is that this “war on drugs” and all of the billions of dollars spent fighting it have only amounted to the advent of the more harmfully addictive drug “crack cocaine” as a backlash against the abuses of a corrupt government that chooses to linger in the pockets of the corporate sponsorship, enforcing policies of police state control, unfairness and intolerance. In the end we get back what we give, as the people deserve the government they elect.

Page 4 Concoction: a concocting ll something concocted ll a lie
Euphoria: a feeling of well-being or elation (often, as in drunkenness, deceptive)
Predecessor: something which has been succeeded by something else
Entrapped: to catch (a person) as though in a trap
Advent: arrival, coming, the advent of atomic power in industry Advent the coming of Christ

When comparing the digitalization of man to this modernized bathtub gin version of crack cocaine, what we witnessed was this reasonably harmless device called a PC or personal home computer that had a lot of possible beneficial uses and boosted of making life easier for mankind as it made our tasks and work easier to manage. That was a lie, as we now see it has not made life any easier in the digital office, but has managed to make a lot of money for the corporation and lose a lot of people their jobs as they are being replaced by machines and androids. As our machines advance we continue to lose our jobs, only to go home and lose ourselves in the digital devices. We are now more in fear of our stability and existence than ever before, without a single notion of what to do about it. This self-evidence exposes not only the digital trap, but also the paradox that even though the digital devices are condemning us, we continue to ask for more as we cannot get enough of that digital stuff. Give me more digital information. Give me more high definition. Give me more pixilation. Give me more 3-D television. Give me more Blu-ray. Give me better resolution and bring on the Google glasses, I can’t get enough of that digital stuff. This is the dilemma of humanity that allows me to coin the expression “Digital Crack.”

Device: a scheme, trick, stratagem ll something designed or adapted for a special purpose ll a heraldic design ll a motto to leave someone to his own devices to allow someone to do as he pleases
Fear: the instinctive emotion aroused by impending or seeming danger, pain or evil ll likelihood
Paradox: a statement which, though true, seems false and self contradictory ll a statement which is self contradictory and false, though it may seem true or clever ll a person or thing displaying contradictory qualities paradoxical contrary to accepted opinion
Dilemma: a situation in which one is faced with a choice between equally unsatisfactory alternatives ll (logic) an argument which forces an opponent to accept one of two propositions both of which contradict his former contention

The ironic aspect of this digital paradigm is that mankind seems to be unable to satisfy or quench his insatiable appetite and thirst for more of the very thing that is tearing away at his precious Soul. I like to compare this indeterminable scenario to the classic Gothic horror stories of Dracula or Nosferatu. They are the Macabre folk tales of a charming blood sucking vampire who draws the life force from his prey only to leave his victims in a state of what is referred to as “Un Dead”, or in other words lifeless, soulless and eternally damned. Dracula is able to use his telepathy, hypnotic influence, and power of persuasion, to lure his willing female victims into submission. The chilling similarity of the 2 tales is that just as the leading lady must willingly invite the “Beast” into her boudoir, and offer herself up so that this vampire may suck her blood, so too must we invite the incognito “Virtual Beast” into our lives, into our homes, and into our very hearts as we inadvertently offer up our unwanted Souls on a digital platter. The Beast may have many faces which it can use to influence, misguide and deceive you. It is the trickster, the liar and the thief, whose sole purpose on this earth is to rob you of your dignity and you’re very Soul.

Satisfy: to cause (someone) to be happy or free from some desire or need by supplying what he desires, needs or demands ll to provide what is required by (a need, obligation, standard, etc.)
Victim: (hist.) a living creature offered up as a sacrifice ll someone who is cheated or made a dupe
Damned: condemned to eternal punish the damned those condemned to everlasting punishment
Influence: a person’s indirect power over men, events or things, e.g. through wisdom, wealth, force of character etc., and not as the exercise of physical force or formal authority ll a comparable power in a thing, the moon’s influence on the tides ll a person or thing having such power
Dignity: worth, excellence ll nobility of manner or bearing ll the quality of commanding esteem

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Ourselves and our Souls are becoming bogged down and disabled in the quagmire of our own digital landscape. The inner being that is connected to the Comforter is becoming tortured by the rewiring of the minds of our youth. The terminal overuse of these mentally exhaustive pastimes are creating a condition of the psyche, which could be compared to the ill effects that were received from an out of date psychiatric treatment and procedure that was used in the 1960’s known as electro shock therapy. This treatment or cure from the electro shock therapy was intended to relieve the brain of its misdiagnosed malady and restore balance and peace to the recipient. That too was a lie as all it had managed to accomplish was the complete and total outrage of our central nervous system, and the debility of our own free will in its ability to enable our coping mechanisms. Imagine with me for a moment if you will that our bodies are the temples, and the vessels of our Sacred Souls. How must it be for the Spirit when this innocent Soul receives a full dose of electro shock therapy to its inner core? I believe that it would be similar to the damaging effects that the Soul is presently receiving from the overuse of the various digital devices. For the youth who have never known any other mode of communication in their alternative paradigmatic state of being, the soul or lack thereof must feel like it is receiving the same effect that it received when experiencing the electro shock therapy. The major difference is that instead of just a few people receiving the massive amounts of electrical disruption, now it is everyone that is receiving the smaller dose of negative electricity; one which is oscillating and resonating throughout the entire Soul Collective. This should not seem logical, practical or reasonable.

Disabled: to incapacitate physically or mentally ll to incapacitate legally disablement
Quagmire: shaky, muddy ground ll a situation which threatens to become inextricable
Malady: pl. maladies n. a physical, mental or moral disorder
Debility: pl. debilities n. physical weakness, feebleness, or an instance of this

I just received another encouraging sign from the Spirit in the definition of the word “debility” when it revealed “an instance of this”. And again, as I have previously mentioned it is always in the timing of when one receives what they recognize as a message or a code, through God alone can God be known. For a couple of years now I have been thinking a lot about discussing this unfortunate topic of electro shock therapy. I have a couple of close friends who at an early age had lost their mothers due to the ravages from the effects of the procedures. It is a very delicate topic that, well let’s face it nobody wants to hear about it. As a civilization we find it more comfortable to just hide our emotions away by living in a constant state of denial. Though in this instance, I had had for my first time a profound personal vision. It happened to me a couple of years ago while I was driving my taxi. I had received a visual message concerning the treatment of this malady and for a brief amount of time I felt as though I had been connected to the whole “Collective Soul”. I felt a deep emotional pain when I became conscious that any sinister or evil wrongdoing that is inflicted on humanity or the body of man is witnessed by the Soul and the entire empathetic Collective. So in this particular moment I was not only witnessing the pain of another Soul, but also feeling the deep psychological pain amplified as it resonated throughout the entire Collective. This awareness caused me to break down and start to bawl my eyes out. I was quite literally crying like a baby. I found myself uncontrollably blubbering like a child as I realized the pain and suffering that mankind inflicts not only on ourselves, but conjointly on our innocent inner Soulful Beings.

Ravage: devastation ll ill effects, the ravages of time ravaged to lay waste to
Denial: an assertion that something is not true ll a refusal to acknowledge, disavowal ll self-denial
Conjoint: united, conjoined ll carried on by two or more in association conjoint efforts
Bawl: to shout, to bawl curses ll to cry loudly and without restraint

So you are able to see how this strong and powerful vision that I received in the time of writing my second thesis “Functions of the Spirit”, was meant as a prophetic parable to illustrate the disharmonious nature of modern technology and the emerging digital dilemma. Even so it took another 2 thesis writings before I was fully able to approach this delicate anecdote.

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Due to the timing from all of these events accompanied by a sense or feeling of intuitivism, all of these circumstances acted to further and doubly reinforce the notion that all of these reoccurring signs I was bearing witness to in the definition an instance of this were indeed a series of multiple communications with the Comforter who is the Holy Ghost. Sometimes it is hard to know if and when to approach or reveal a subject, but when you do and then receive the acknowledgement in the form of a sign, whether it be in the timing of a definition, or in the instance of reading the date on a newly found coin that adds up to the infinite number 8, and because this coin happens to be American reveals the honoured words “In God We Trust”. Since the time that I have become aware, these symbolic reoccurrences have always come to me instinctively as a great comfort. When we turn our backs on our awareness and intuition, we are truly able to reveal how we as a human race are now developing into a state of maladjustment.

Vision: a picture formed in the mind, imaginative foresight, a supernatural apparition, something seen
Anecdote: n. a short account of an interesting or amusing incident or event, often biographical
Symbol: a sign or object accepted as recalling, typifying or representing a thing, quality or idea ll (psychoanal.) an act or object that represents a repressed unconscious drive, memory etc. symbolic
Maladjustment: n. the quality or state of being maladjusted ll an instance of this

So, if you are reading what I am saying, and asking yourself, how can I open up my existence to this awareness before it is too late? I have to tell you the path may not be an easy one. Then on the other hand it may not be that difficult. It is really all up to you and your work ethic. You will have to display the qualities of self-awareness, self-control and discipline of oneself in order to achieve the desired effect. In the same tradition that Pythagoras understood, I too believe that the study of mathematics and music is a purifier of the “Sacred Soul”. You may not necessarily have to be able to play a musical instrument, but you will have to think in the quantitative terms of the matrix math and vibrational musical language if you are to be successful in initiating a dialog with your own “Inner Being”. You can begin this procedure by following the format of the Pythagorean single digit numerology, and begin crunching multiple digit numbers into the single digit. This practise will help you train the mind to think in a different perspective by clearing the pathway for a new channel of awareness to become activated, thereby awakening our sixth and seventh senses from their un-evolved, and undeveloped dormant state. This number crunching mental exercise is a daily discipline that I personally began 10 years before I had ever experienced any “Enlightenment” or “Spiritual Awakening”. So even though it may not be particularly easy to engage this “Soul Connection”, then again it is not especially difficult to add and multiply the numbers from 1 to 9.

Ethic: relating to morality or behaviour ethics moral philosophy or moral science, i.e. that branch of philosophy which studies the principles of right or wrong in human conduct ll a treatise on this science
Discipline: the training of the mind and character ll a branch of learning ll a mode of life in accordance with rules ll self-control ll control, order, obedience to rules
Study: a close and prolonged observation, inquiry and thought ll (music) a composition to give practise in a technique ll a literary work in which some theme or subject is explored, “Macbeth” is a study of evil
Numerology: the study of the hidden, magical significance of numbers [number + Gk logos, discourse]

Now I had told myself at the start of this story that I would try and keep the math to minimum since this was to be a tale of definition. So I will acknowledge for those who wish to learn and do the extra work that by reading the content of the “Manifesto” section in my website, doing all of the mathematic exercises, and really taking it to heart, I am sure that you can open up the awareness in much less time. The matrix math of vibrational music is a language and a key, which can open the doorway to the “Sacred Soul”. In this manner we can all benefit by keeping our humanistic analog mental pathways open and clear of the digital debris that is now beginning to mess up our analytical thought processes. I refer to this disruptive litter as debris because it is clogging our neural receptors and causing what can only be seen as a redirecting, rerouting and rewiring of our free will, peace of mind, sense of fulfillment, and Soul of Contention.

Page 7 Acknowledge: to recognize as a fact, admit the truth of ll to recognize and answer
Manifesto: a public statement of opinions or intentions
Debris: the remnants of something broken to pieces

One of the brilliant theories attributed to the incomparable quintessential philosopher known only as Pythagoras is “Harmony of the Spheres”. In the tradition of Pythagoras, I too believe in this glowing stellar principal “Harmony of the Spheres”, which states that the planets emit musical sounds depending on the radii, and speed of their rotational spin. In the same way the Pythagoreans saw that the elements of numbers were in fact the elements of our realities, so too is our very universe based on a governing Solar System, in which the planets themselves spin in a series of vibrational frequencies from 1 to 9 reflecting the whole gamut of notes in our music. In this manner the stars themselves act to resonate with each other creating an orchestration of vibrant audible energy. Energy able to be seen and heard as it interacts, interconnecting all living matter, and resonating throughout our existences.

Quintessence: the chief, purest or best part of anything ll someone or something perfectly exemplifying a quality ll (ancient and medieval philos.) the fifth and highest essence, present in all things, but distinct from the four elements of earth, water, air and fire quintessential [M.L. quinta essential, fifth essence]
Harmony of the Spheres: a theory of Pythagoras stating that the spheres in which heavenly bodies move emit musical sounds depending upon their radii and upon the speed of the bodies
Whole: not lacking any part, with no part excepted ll entire, undivided ll not broken or damaged
Resonate: to exhibit resonance ll to react as if by resonance ll to make resonant

Pick up a Conch from the Sea, place it to your ear and you are a witness to the resonant energy from the soothing sound of Aum as it vibrates within its organic shell, which becomes a vessel for the divine energy of the Spirit.  Souvenir for proof of our existence, our wonderment and the reason why we lived. The stimulating, relaxing, resonating sound of Aum is generated by the gravitational field of our Moon as it gives balance, and flows through all of us while governing not only the Oceans tide but also conjointly our own emotional tide which is connected to the Sacred Soul. This life force lives within all of us as it animates and regulates our very breathing functions. Just like the Ocean tides roll in and out almost as if to breathe like giant lungs, they are also sympathetically associated with our own breathing apparatus, the human lungs. One whole day or single tide may be as one breath to our living Earth. As in the meaning of the word Jahveh or “to breathe is to exist” would suggest, our entire life force is dependent on this living, breathing, animating orchestration of life and harmony which is our living Universe.

Conch: conchs conches (art and mythol.) the shell used by a Triton as a trumpet ll (archit.) the domed roof of a church apse ll (anat.) the largest cavity of the external ear, or the whole external ear
Animate: to give life to ll to have a direct or inspiring influence upon, motivate ll to enliven, make cheerful ll (of a picture) giving this impression ll (of a person) full of communicative liveliness
Sympathetic: of or relating to or possessing sympathy ll (physiol.) of or relating to the sympathetic nervous system ll (phys., of vibrations, sound etc.) caused by vibrations from a neighbouring body
Apparatus: a group of organs performing a given function in the body

When we think about how this magnificent little Sea Conch is able to organically produce this resonating echoing chamber within its structure we can more readily understand how our own human skull would also have the capability of creating a pitch that could resonate throughout our psyche at a specific frequency. This is a capability and function that presently lays dormant within our organs, and when properly addressed will lead us to the awakening of our 6th and 7th senses, in this our 5th race of beings to which man now belongs. It is my belief that mankind has the ability to engage this wireless frequency channel, not only to the divine living Soul but also unto each other as the intended race of gifted beings that mankind were meant to be. When we begin to engage our sixth sense, much like a radio transmission mankind will organically enable the activation of a direct frequency channel. One which will clear a pathway, opening a door to our collective thought entering us into the 6th race of man.

Page 8 Structure: something (e.g. a building or an organism) made of parts fitted or joined together ll the essential supporting portion of this ll the way in which constituent parts are fitted or joined together or arranged to give something its peculiar nature or character, plant structure, the structure of society
Dormant: quiescent ll sleeping or as if sleeping, a dormant volcano ll (bot.) inactive, resting, a dormant plant ll (zool.) hibernating ll (heraldry) in a sleeping position
Pitch: the act of pitching or an instance of this ll the quality of a sound with respect to the frequency of vibration of the sound waves ll degree of intensity, feelings raised to a high pitch ll (pop.) a line of talk

The Spirit was kind enough to confer with me on this last passage about opening a channel to its divine presence when it revealed the word pitch, which came to me as an add-on word or afterthought. Upon verification, I uncovered the definition “the act of pitching, or an instance of this”. This reference of pitch also ties in with the word structure which reveals the phrasing “of this”. When encountered with such stark, vivid and poignant examples of this ongoing instancing manifestation, it is difficult to disclaim or disavow any reference of its nature. How would I be able to just come up with such timely and organic ongoing demonstrations of communicative signs? The truth is that there have been a few times in the past where I have deliberately set out to just find one single example of “an instance of this”. To this day I have not been able to achieve this desire on demand, but much like writing a song I am only able to receive the truth and its presence when it presents itself, which can be like a revelation.

Passage: an alley, lane, channel, path or other way providing communication, a passage from one place, state or thing to another ll accommodation on board ship, to book a passage ll the charge made for this
Channel: any closed passage or conduit for liquid ll (radio) a narrow band of frequencies wide enough for one-way communication channelling channelled to canalize, to channel one’s energies
Presence: an intangible spirit or mysterious influence felt to be present
Reference: a referring or being referred or an instance of this ll the state of being related

I may wander off a bit here and there from time to time, but I feel that if I can illustrate to you enough times how I am receiving this word, than you may realize that it is a presence of energy that you may also open up to. And now we may return to the current topic which we are all tied to, and that is the “Harmony of the Spheres”. To fully understand this philosophical concept we must think of our Solar System as not only a numerical scale from 1 to 9 like in numerology, but also as a musical scale like the frequencies of the whole notes. To achieve this end, I realized that if a frequency whole note could be added, as the seventh note was added to our six note scale in the 1700’s, then why couldn’t a couple more frequencies be added to the bottom end of the scale in a similar axiomatic numerical fashion in order to fill out the number 1 and 2 positions on the numerical frequency scale? This new concept arose as a result of my meditation on the definition of the seventh note Si (Sancte Johannes), which revealed “a proposition in logic or mathematics that is assumed without proof for the sake of studying consequences that follow from it”. By studying numerical math in the form of vibrational frequency responses, we will awaken the mechanism that will allow a mentally cognitive relationship to develop in our minds, between the numerological math, and the musically vibrational matrix language of the Soul.

Understand: to seize the meaning of ll to appreciate and sympathize with ll to accept as a fact, believe
Topic: a subject of discussion, argument or writing
Axiomatic: self-evident, obvious ll making use of axioms axiomatically

When one puts this part of the puzzle into play and connects these 2 dots it becomes quite evident that the planets of our Solar System not only make up a musically symphonic vibration of sound and energy, but they also conjointly become an analog computer that controls and regulates all vibratory life functions. Here is how it works. There are 9 planets in our Solar System, and there are 7 whole notes to our musical scale. The first 2 planets of Mercury and Venus do not have orbiting moons and are not able to produce the whole notes, due to the lack of a resonant field. The magic begins at Earth, the third planet from the Sun. The 7 planets beginning at Earth all have moons giving them a field of resonance.

Page 9

This reality gives our Solar System the ability to produce the vibrations that are representative of the 7 whole notes in our music. I believe that the light force strength and powerful radiant energy from our Sun, in unison with Mercury the first planet, act together to form the frequency of the one (174Hz). In the same fashion, our Moon not only works with the Earth, but also gives a spin off effect to Venus providing us with the resonant frequency of Aum at 285Hz. Venus is followed by Earth with the third frequency number of 396, making the miracle of the first whole note in our musical scale Ut (396Hz), representing the entire range or scale, and the whole series of recognized musical notes. Earth would be followed by Mars the fourth planet and second resonating whole note of Re (resonance) at 417Hz. After Mars would be Jupiter, the fifth planet representing Mi the third tone at a frequency of 528Hz. The sixth planetary body of Saturn would be considered as our fourth whole note of Fa at 639Hz. Following the fourth note Fa is the fifth whole note Sol (solve) with a frequency of 741Hz representing Uranus, the seventh body in our Solar System. The eighth planet of Neptune can be seen as the sixth whole note of La at 852Hz in our musical scale. After Neptune is Pluto as the ninth in a series of quantitative numerical measures representing our seventh tone and whole note Si resonating at a frequency of 963Hz.

Puzzle: to perplex (someone) ll to make a great mental effort to find a solution or meaning, to puzzle over a problem ll a question or device which sets a problem to be worked out by ingenuity
Symphonic: of, relating to, or having the form or nature of a symphony ll relating to harmony of sound
Function: a characteristic activity or the activity for which something exists, to fulfill a function ll end or purpose, what is the true function of education? ll to act, perform a function ll to be in working order
Magic: an art which claims to control and manipulate the secret forces of nature by occult and ritualistic methods ll the practise of this art ll any mysterious power or phenomenon which defies explanation
Unison: coincidence in pitch of two or more notes, voices etc. in unison in complete agreement

As you can well imagine, assuming that you are still able to imagine, this theory entertains a well thought out concept of music, logic and math. Therein lies the problem, that is to fully understand this awareness, it is essential that one begins to think and visualize in quantitative terms and measures. In the same way that it is not only the written word but also the spoken word, so too is it not only the written math but also the spoken math. Now imagine again if you will that all of these nine planets are living functioning animate parts of a grand harmonious balance in our Cosmos. A harmony and a balance of light force strength and vibrational sound wave energy that connects and grounds all of the matter in our conscious universe. And, if this consciousness has a logic, a will, and a memory to it, was here thousands of years before man and will most likely remain thousands of years after man has long been gone, do you not think that we should make it a point to try and connect to this energy by opening up some form of a dialogue with the entity?

Imagine: to picture in the imagination ll to conceive of ll to suppose ll form delusory ideas about, invent
Concept: a thought, opinion, notion or idea, esp. one formed by generalization from particular examples
Logic: the science of pure reasoning ll compelling power, the inevitability by which certain causes have certain results, logic of necessity, logic of events ll inherent guiding principles, the logic of art
Essential: necessary, such that one cannot do without it ll ideal, as perfect as the mind can conceive, essential goodness ll containing all that is best or most important in a thing, the essential flavour

I referred to Pythagoras earlier as the quintessential philosopher, and after researching the definitive description I discovered the meaning of “the fifth and highest essence present in all things but distinct from the four elements earth, water, air and fire”. This made me re-examine the legend of Pythagoras and his belief in metempsychosis, the transmigration of the Soul. The Greek philosophers believed in the Soul as a separate entity from that of the being, and that after you die your Soul continues on to be united with the divine and reborn into the body of another animal or person. It was Pythagoras himself who promoted and popularized this philosophy of reincarnation when he told of his own Souls history.

Metempsychosis: transmigration of souls ll an instance of this

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Just as quintessence is the fifth and highest essence, Pythagoras believed that he was the fifth metempsychosis of Athelides, considered to be the son of the God Hermes and a mortal mother. The story of the Soul reveals that Hermes invited Athelides to choose whatever he wanted, except immortality. Athelides asked that, alive and dead, he should remember what happened to him. So Pythagoras remembered everything. How he was first Athelides, then Euphorbus, then Hermotius, then Pyrrhus, the Delian fisherman, and after the death of Pyrrhus, he became Pythagoras. At the time 2500 years ago this claim to be the reincarnation of the son of Hermes, who was the son of the mightiest god Zeus and his wife Maia, must have seemed about as bold as the claim of Jesus saying that he was the son of the one and only God. For is Pythagoras not saying the same thing as Jesus at least controversially speaking, by saying that he is the conscious Soul of the son of God? And like Jesus seems to get more of the recognition than his father, so too does Hermes, as messenger of the gods, and the god of wealth, luck, sleep and roads, and conductor of Souls to Hades, seem to get more recognition than his father. Hermes is also identified with the Roman god Mercury, as well as the Egyptian god of wisdom Thoth.

Zeus: (Gk mythol.) the supreme god identified with the Latin Jupiter. He was the son of Rhea and Cronos whom he overthrew. He symbolized nature and the elements and was regarded variously as the god of the earth and giver of fertility, the dispenser of good and evil, the giver of laws, the guardian of the hearth, property and liberty. His symbols were the eagle, the sceptre and the thunderbolt.
Maia: (Gk mythol.) the daughter of Atlas and mother of Hermes. She was the eldest of the Pleiades.
Hermes: (Gk mythol.) son of Zeus and Maia, messenger of the gods and the god of wealth, luck, sleep and roads and conductor of souls to Hades. He is identified with the Roman Mercury.
Mercury: (Roman mythol.) the god of commerce, thieves and eloquence, and messenger of the gods
Thoth: (Egyptian mythol.) the god of wisdom and magic, identified with the Greek Hermes. He is the inventor of speech and writing, the arts and sciences.
Hermes Trismegitus: the Greek name for the Egyptian god of wisdom, Thoth, identified with the Greek Hermes. The Neoplatonists attributed the hermetic books, works containing the collected occult knowledge of ancient Egypt, to him.
Pythagoras: Greek mathematician and philosopher. He founded the Pythagorean school, which believed in metempsychosis, thought that the soul imprisoned in the body could be purified by study, and followed a strict discipline of purity and self-examination. Pythagoras discovered the numerical ratios of intervals in the musical scale, and believed the elements of numbers were the elements of the world.

There seems to be many similarities between the 2 legends of Pythagoras and Jesus. Before they began to teach their inspiring messages, they both spent time travelling to different areas of the globe, and great centers of learning in search of knowledge and the answers to the secret of life. The travels of Jesus took him to the high priests of Egypt as well as other places, and the pilgrimage of Pythagoras took him to such places as Egypt, Hindostan, Persia, Crete, and Palestine. Pythagoras secretly taught the occult knowledge that he learned from the Gymnosophists, and the Brahmins of India, the Hierophants of Egypt, the Oracle of Delphi, the Idaean Cave, the Kabbalah of the Hebrew and the Chaldean Magi. Jesus claims to be the Son of God, dies for our sins and is resurrected, where Pythagoras claims he is the Son of God incarnate and as the emissary to the Soul is also the Incarnation and resurrection of the Son.

Pilgrimage: a journey made by a pilgrim, a journey made for sentimental reasons e.g. a poets birthplace
Incarnate: embodied, esp. in human flesh, the incarnate God, he is greed incarnate incarnating incarnated to embody, esp. in human form ll to give material form to ll to be the embodiment of
Incarnation: n. an incarnating or being incarnated ll an embodiment, he is the incarnation of patiencethe Incarnation the union of God and man in the person of Christ [F]
Emissary: an agent sent on a mission, sometimes in secret, sometimes with great pomp
Resurrection: the act of rising again after death ll a bringing back into use memory etc. the Resurrection the rising of Christ from the dead ll the rising of all the dead at the Last Judgement Page 11

One of the major differences between Pythagoras and Jesus was in their treatment of the Soul. After the death of Jesus, came the New Testament, and the belief that the Soul died and went to heaven with the host. This viewpoint was contrary to the Old Testament, and to the philosophy of Pythagoras. I am not altogether sure that Jesus was interpreted correctly on that whole account, and perhaps when Jesus was saying “Our Father”, he was really talking to the central agency of the whole “Soul Collective”. After all, it was just the confusion alone involved in calling on the Soul of God and Mankind under the title of Father that got Jesus crucified in the first place. Maybe that is what our Saviour really meant when he said “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do”. Maybe “Our Father” was the code word for our “Family of Souls”. Does anybody really know? And when it is believed by Christians that the only way to heaven is through Jesus, maybe what was really meant is that like Jesus himself anybody is able to connect to the Spirit of God and Man, and “not” that he was the only way. My intuition tells me that that’s just not right. While alive this commitment did Jesus make unto his disciples “But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you” (John 14:26).

Treatment: the act or a method or manner of treating someone or something ll medical or surgical care ll an instance of this ll a detailed outline of the plot of a proposed screenplay or television script
Heaven: the upper regions regarded in many religions as the abode of the deity(s) and of the blessed
Crucify: crucified to put to death by fastening or nailing to a cross ll to torment ll to mortify the passions
Saviour: someone who saves a person or thing from destruction or injury the Saviour Christ

I was somewhat relieved, and encouraged after I wrote the last passage about what Jesus might be thinking because when I looked up the definition of treatment, I found the phrase an instance of this. Encouraged because just as in every other example of this, it is always in the timing of when I receive the message or sacred sign that makes me well aware that this recurring line of communication goes way beyond any coincidence, and transcends any thought of doubt. Also, the number formula for treatment is 8, or God. Like the energy, and the vibration, and the music, and Gods own description of itself as “I am”, the Spirit is there for all of us to enjoy as “It is” quite literally the very laws of nature, for all of God’s children to embrace. That being said man needs to get back to being a man in order to reconnect and recapture the peace, fulfillment, and comfort in truly “Knowing Yourself” without the assistance of a digital device “Knowing Yourself for You”. That almost sounds like it could be the next Ad Campaign for the latest digital communicative device. Can you imagine, introducing the new Di-pad, “Knowing Yourself for You”. Forgive my temporary digital digression, but you do experience some radioactive frequency fallout along the way, and sometimes finding the humour is the better mechanism that can help to heal the pain. And now back to our regularly scheduled feature length analog program.

Encourage: encouraged to give courage or confidence to ll to raise the hopes of ll to help on by sympathetic advice and interest, to encourage a boys interest in music ll to advise and make it easy for (someone to do something) ll to promote, stimulate ll to strengthen (a belief or idea)
Message: a written or spoken communication from one person to another ll an inspired revelation, the message of an angel ll ethical or spiritual teaching ll an official communication, a presidential message
Recapture: recapturing recaptured to capture again ll to get or give the illusion of by remembering or imitating, to recapture the atmosphere of the past ll a recapturing or being recaptured
Comfort: consolation ll someone or something that brings consolation ll well-being, contentment, to look after the comfort of one’s guests ll someone or something that contributes to one’s well-being
Frequency: frequencies quality or condition of occurring repeatedly ll the number of times a periodic phenomenon or process occurs in a unit of time, e.g. the number of alternations (cycles) per second of an alternating electric current or the number of vibrations of a pendulum per minute (*PERIOD)
Fallout: the radioactive material produced by a nuclear explosion, which is distributed through the atmosphere and settles on the earth, settling of this material ll an unexpected byproduct of a process Page 12

I believe it to be a fairly transparent fact that there have been many countless examples of Christian fundamentalists that have had revelations and spiritual breakthroughs only to be excommunicated, or possibly even worse, from the church, for expressing an opposing view or sentiment to that of their religious authority. These people were seen as heretical, and either banished or executed for practising heresy and going against the church orthodoxy. I feel that some good examples of these heretical instances can be examined in the definitions of the following words.

Tertullian: (Quintus Septimius Florens Tertullianus, c. 160-c. 220), theologian and apologist, born in Carthage. One of the first Christian theologians to write in Latin, he gave the Western Church its terminology. He was later (c. 210) an influential adherent of Montanism
Montanism: a heretical sect of Christianity. It originated (c. 150-72) in Phrygia with Montanus, who claimed a continuing revelatory gift of the Holy Spirit and prophesied the imminent return of Christ. Tertullian encouraged its asceticism and acceptance of Martyrdom. The Sect lost its importance in the West by the 3rd c. but continued in Asia Minor until suppressed by Justinian (mid-6th c.)
Justinian: (483-565), Byzantine emperor (527-65). His generals Belisarius and Narses defeated (523 and 529) the Persians, captured N. Africa from the Vandals (533), and overthrew the Ostrogoths in Italy (552-5). The legal codification he commissioned resulted in the ‘Corpus juris civilis’, which became the principle source for Roman law. He rebuilt the church of St. Sophia at Constantinople
Vandal: a member of an E. Germanic tribe originally from the southern shores of the Baltic. They overran Gaul and Spain (406-29) and N.W. Africa (429-42), sacked Rome (455) and commanded the Mediterranean until their Kingdom was overthrown (534) by Belisarius vandal someone who wantonly or ignorantly destroys or disfigures natural or human works of beauty vandalism wonton destruction
Quietism: a Christian mystical doctrine of the 17th c., expounded chiefly by Molinos, Madame Guyon, and Fenelon. It stressed the annihilation of the self in contemplation so as to allow free course to the divine will. It was ethically antinomian and condemned by Innocent XI (1687) and Innocent XII (1699)
Molinos: Miguel de (1628-96), Spanish priest, His ‘Spiritual Guide’ (1675) was the classic expression of quietism. He was condemned by the Inquisition (1687)
Heresy: religious or ideological belief opposed to orthodoxy, an instance of this [Gk hairesis a choosing]

I find it is interesting that this word heresy would have the definition an instance of this, and somehow be connected to the Soul, for I was always led to believe that being a heretic was a bad thing or possibly even sacrilegious. So I was surprized to find this contrary almost paradoxical meaning of the word. I then decided to decipher the single digit numerical equivalent for heresy, and the number added up to 8, or God. This revelation dawned on me as a confirmation and reaffirmation of my cardinal belief that all organized religions and their respective church’s, are the cause of all the wars and therefore the root of all evil. Pharaoh did not recognize Moses as a Prophet, nor did the Sanhedrin or Jewish ruling council identify Jesus, a man of their own faith as a Prophet. So even though most of the religions speak of a coming chosen one would they be able to identify him? If a new Prophet were to appear would he too not be denounced, for his message of the various church’s to relinquish their control mechanisms and heavy handed doctrines, and replace them with a spirit of forgiveness and global cooperation? And if you think about it isn’t any individual willing to die for his religious cause or belief not truly blessed? And if that person has been misled by a corrupt system, or if he is on the moral high ground and in the right, is secondary to the fact that this man was willing to die for what he believed in. So it is not necessarily the meaning of the word sometimes, as much as it is in the delivery system. For depending on whose side you belong, are we not all heretics from somebody else’s point of view? This viewpoint of the Church interfering with the State also supports my belief that all of our Organized Religions should have no association, control or influence over our political policies or the State. And for the record, so far to date I have found only 11 different examples of words that have contained the definition an instance of this, but it is only heresy and treatment that have given me the infinite sacred number 8.

Page 13 Heretic: someone who believes in or advocates a heresy
Blessed: holy, revered, the blessed Martyrs ll (Roman Catholicism) beautified, accorded the second of three degrees of sanctity ll (blest) lucky, favoured, blessed with an easy-going nature ll (ironic) cursed
Infinite: absolutely without limits, endless ll to great to be measured on any imaginable scale

Isn’t it time that we all start to put aside our differences, and try to seek out that common ground that lies between all men and binds us all together in the family of God and Man? Couldn’t that common interest be the very vibrational sounds of the planets as they spin their symphony of music, grounding and animating all life, while connecting and resonating throughout all matter? And if we were to try and incorporate this vibrational musical matrix math language into our daily life as an axiomatic exercise or discipline as described in the definition of the seventh note Si, “a proposition in logic or mathematics that is assumed without proof for the sake of studying consequences that follow from it”, could we not discover the essence of that which lies between all men? Why not a worldwide vibrational musical math program that is embraced by all nations, just to study the consequences of its action? Could this be a formula for the one and only certainty that all of Mankind shares, and the very thing that can bind us all together, by grounding us and reconnecting us all to the frequency energy of the Cosmos?

Bind: to tie up ll to fasten together ll to bandage ll to place (someone) under an agreement or obligation
Incorporate: to unite into a whole ll to become combined or united ll formed or united in a whole
Formula: (logic, math) a statement expressed in symbols showing the relationships of interrelated facts ll a form of words defining a doctrine, principle, etc. ll a verbal phrase or any set form accepted as conventional ll a form of words for ritual or ceremonial usage formularization formularize formularized

This matrix math exercise may be the one thing that can unite our global awareness, allowing our inner peace to flourish, creating a door to the path of enlightenment, and opening the 6th and 7th senses of Spiritual Awareness and Spiritual Understanding. This newly engaged collective awareness will begin to resonate, opening up a new and direct wireless frequency channel of intuition. A frequency that will enable us to vibrate between each other on the same wavelength as we open up our sixth sense and enter ourselves into the 6th race of man. That is of course if we can ever get past the part about knowing ourselves, or in other words to “Know Yourself”?

Unite: to bring together so as to make one ll to bring together in common cause ll to bring together by a legal or moral bond ll to become one or as if one ll to cooperate ll getting on together well, harmonious
Global: spherical ll involving the whole world, global warfare ll comprehensive, total
Peace: the condition that exists when nations or other groups are not fighting ll the ending of a state of war ll freedom from noise, worries, troubles, fears etc., peace of mind
Flourish: to grow well ll to succeed, do well ll to cause to move with a sweeping, wavelike motion
Enlighten: to civilize by freeing from ignorance, superstition etc., to give spiritual light to enlightenment
Intuition: immediate apprehension of truth in the absence of conscious rational processes

The clock is truly ticking as man begins this, his third and final phase in a 60 year process. This last phase will decide whether or not man is able to find the solution, and solve this mystery to the problem of humanity. Or will Mankind just lay it all to waste, by allowing our new digital paradigm to alter our analog existence, by our own insistence to dispose of our analog past? There is an expiry date on our humanity that is rapidly approaching. The way I see it, is as a 60 year program that began in 1972. The first 20 year phase of 3 was from 1972 to 1992. This was when Mankind’s analog communication devices were at their finest and our reflective quality of life was at its peak. Now I do not mean that so much about money although it was a prosperous time, but more about quality of life in the artistic, expressive, sympathetic and humanistic way which we once lived, a seemingly sentimental bygone era of the past.

Decide: to choose ll to determine ll to bring to a decision ll to settle (a question or dispute)
Humanity: kindness to other people, or animals ll studies emphasizing the cultural aspects of civilization
Reflective: inclined to be thoughtful, meditative ll concerning thinking habits or faculties

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After 1992, began a second 20 year phase that ended in 2012 and signified the beginning of a paradigm shift in humanity, to create a new machine like race of subhuman zombie like non beings. This extreme was the result of Man changing all of his analog communicative devices and replacing them with digital software. This program was carried out efficiently and effectively without a word of a single detriment to man, to the degree of an outright banning of analog machinery as is witnessed in the phasing out of analog standard transmissions in automobiles. The beginning of this digital era in 1992 saw an end to Man’s finest era of ergonomically organic human electronic communication, and replaced it with a very high speed and efficient digital computer language that lacked any vibration, resonance or humanity of the Soul. The result of this communication reversal was the beginning of the paradigm shift to a virtual 2 dimensional machine like existence that began in 2012, and marked the end of the second phase taking Mankind from the heights of its sentient freethinking analog being, down to the depths of its uninspired and soulless non-thinking complacency.

Software: (electronics) the system of general programs which simplifies and links the work of computer and user ll (computer) nonhardware properties e.g., programs, languages, routines, instructions etc.
Phase: (phys.) the progress of a cyclic harmonic motion in relation to some standard point of reference (in time or space), usually expressed in angular measure, 360 degrees representing a full period or cycle
Sentient: capable of feeling, having the power of sense perception [fr. Sentire, to feel]

We have now begun the third and final 20 year phase of the 60 year cycle that will determine which way Mankind will go in the following 20 years (2012-2032). If Man has not recognized that there is any problem as to a digital dilemma, or initiated any new counteractive human safety measures by the middle of this third and current phase in 2022, then it is doubtful that there will be enough time to rectify this pandemic problem in order to make a difference, before the end of this third phase at 2032. If this is to be our future then it shall serve us, and provide the shiny example to show us all the essence of the digital trap, one that will be the end of humanity and the loss of the Soul. One last problem that will cease to be of any significance in one possible future (for lack of a better word) or non-existence, and that is that just as we are now experiencing (for lack of a better word), no one will be able to understand that any problem ever took place, came to fruition or even transpired as Mankind entertains an incomplete lifestyle of complete unawareness, becoming a tool for the corporate control.

Counteract: to neutralizell to defeat by contrary action ll to act in opposition to counteractive
Pandemic: (of a disease) affecting a whole country, or the whole world [fr. Gk pandemos, universal]
Trap: something devised to put an unsuspecting person in a situation which is to his disadvantage and from which it is hard or impossible for him to escape ll any hidden hazard a linguistic trap

So, as I say the clock is now ticking its countdown to the end of our expiry date. Mankind has a limited engagement left on this planet, in which to figure out, reason, formulate, resound, and finally solve the collective mystery to our vibrational analog existence. Wake up before it is too late, for we will all have to decide there lie’s a problem that needs to be addressed if we are to suppress this digital curse that now lies ahead. I am afraid this will be the one time that we do not get a benefit of the doubt, or a second chance, or a do over as there will be no turning back on this final desolate destination of despair.

Engagement: an undertaking or obligation, esp., a promise to marry ll an appointment for a fixed time
Resound: to sound loudly with a rich quality ll to be filled with sound ll to utter with enthusiasm
Mystery: something that cannot be or has not been explained or understood ll a religious tenet which rests on revelation and cannot be understood in terms of human reason
Problem: a question whose answer is doubtful or difficult to find ll a question for discussion or consideration ll a matter that causes worry or perplexity ll (math.) a statement of what has to be done
Doubt: to disbelieve ll to distrust ll to be in doubt about ll to be in a state of doubt
Final: the last of a series ll coming at the end ll ultimate ll decisive, conclusive, a final judgement
Despair: to lose hope, hopelessness ll the cause of despair, his recklessness is her despair despairing

Page 15

A few months ago while I was putting my “Star of David” CD together, I began to consider this whole “Math is Sound” concept of communication, language, and matrices. How the natural light and ambient sound of our physical environment might be seen or interpreted as the communicative vehicles of a greater living organism, one that we can all connect to on a conscious or subconscious level. Our vibratory, effervescent, communicative senses that are connected and hard wired into all living things, animate or otherwise are the very nature of our existence and can be seen as or compared to that of a great giant electrical circuit of eternally flowing cosmic energy. You might think of the soil in the ground as not being a living thing but does it not create life and provide nourishment as a symbiotic function in a more comprehensive plan of balance and harmony? You may think of a rock as inanimate but it too has a vibration, and a frequency, and a history, and a memory which gives it a communicative means that can interconnect to our communicative senses. The only known written word of the living Jesus Christ was uncovered in the “Dead Sea Scrolls”, and it delivered this message from our Saviour, “The Kingdom of God is inside you and all around you, not in the mansions of wood and stone. Split a piece of wood and I am there, lift a stone and you will find me”. Those who discover the hidden meaning of this message will not experience death.

Consider: to ponder, think out, weigh the advantages and disadvantages of ll to take into ones reckoning ll to make allowances for ll to be sensitively thoughtful about ll to believe ll to reflect or deliberate
Sound: the sensation experienced when the brain interprets vibrations within the structure of the ear caused by rapid variations of air pressure ll such a sensation understood as due to a particular source
Natural: pertaining to, existing in, or produced by nature ll not supernatural ll not artificial ll pertaining to the study of nature ll in accordance with normal human nature ll free from self-consciousness, at ease
Organism: a living being or entity adapted for living by means of organs separate in function but dependant on one another ll any living being or its material structure ll any complete whole which by the integration, interaction and mutual dependence of its parts is comparable to a living being
Dead Sea Scrolls: Hebrew and Aramaic documents dating from the 2nd c. B.C. to 70 A.D., discovered (1947 and 1952) in the Qumram caves west of the Dead Sea. They include fragments of almost all the books of the Old Testament, and works written by and for an ascetic community (possibly the Essenes). The scrolls have thrown new light on the text of the Old Testament, and on the history, literature and religion of the time of Jesus.
Experience: knowledge or feeling obtained through direct impressions an instance of direct knowledge

It is interesting that I would find this snippet of an instance in the definition of the word experience. On the other hand it should not surprize me as any experience, memory, or moment in time is directly related to and affected by the Soul. So, when I read an instance of direct knowledge it instantly transported me to the time of another entry from a previous thesis, when I wrote about the rare instance when a person might possibly receive “a moment of clarity”. I reckon that a moment of clarity is that unique and special instance in life, when a person totally connects to their inner being, becoming one with their self and surroundings. It is an instance when everything can be seen with crystal clarity, and when there are no questions or self-doubts as everything in your life and your world makes complete and total sense. I believe that what I have just described to you as a moment of clarity would be similar to having an eternally divine relationship of love, trust and inner peace with your blessed Soul.

Snippet: a fragment cut off ll (pl.) scraps, fragments (of knowledge, news etc.)
Memory: faculty by which sense impressions and information are retained consciously or unconsciously in the mind and subsequently recalled ll the total store of mentally retained impressions and knowledge
Related: to tell the story of, recount, narrate ll (of two or more things) having or bearing a relationship
Transported: to carry from one place to another ll the state of being very strongly moved by an emotion
Thesis: a proposition ll a reasoned argument esp. in a written dissertation on a theme connected with the specialty by a candidate for any of certain academic degrees ll (logic) an affirmation
Page 16

Each and every element of our glorious existence has a level, or an order of intelligence, and acts to work symbiotically with the greater organism, that which is our Universe. Everything is tied together, woven like a basket or fabric in a blanket. The audible sound of our music or voice provides us with a beneficial communicative means to interact using the sense of hearing as our delivery system. Beneficial because it can warn you, or bring you musical joy, or just energize you with its electrical frequency response. Our hearing also helps us to interpret each other’s thoughts allowing us to understand each other. Our sense of sight does not provide audible frequency response, but is able to interpret colours, or shadow and light into frequency responses. This will help to stimulate your sense of sight by allowing the delivery of analog frequency energy from the enjoyment of artistic works such as colourful paintings, or carved sculptures. Our sense of sight also helps us to strengthen our cognitive skills. Seeing and hearing are our primary senses as they work with the radiant light and vibrational sound as energy delivery systems. They can help us to study phonology or even open up our eyes to the visual perceptions of phonopsia. The primary senses also provide our conscious physical being and subconscious Soul or inner being the energy and awareness that is needed to keep us all connected to the greater organism, that which is our living Universe or existence.

Intelligence: the ability to perceive logical relationships and use one’s knowledge to solve problems and respond appropriately to novel situations ll an organization for the obtaining of such information
Universe: the cosmos ll one’s environment or field of interest regarded as a distinct world
Woven: to connect (a number of details, facts, ideas, etc.) into a narrative, theory etc.
Interpret: to explain the meaning of (a work of art, dream etc.) ll to express one’s conception of (a role, musical work etc) by performing it ll to attribute a specified meaning to ll to act as a linguistic interpreter
Radiant: emitting energy in the form of electromagnetic waves ll shining, bright ll bright with, or expressing, great joy, hope etc., a radiant smile ll (phys.) a point which is a source of radiant energy
Phonology: the study of speech sounds, esp. of the theory and development of sound changes within a given language ll the study of phonetics or of phonemics [Gk phone, voice, sound+logos, word]
Phonopsia: the visual perceptions of colour resulting from sound

What makes us unique as a species on this planet? Maybe it is our exceptional cognition, deductive reasoning, or heightened sense of awareness. This heightened sense that includes our intuition which can lead to telepathy and teleology as a part of the untapped 6th sense, or Spiritual Awareness. I remember when I became aware of the frequencies and the frequency generator which could be used for medical applications by running a very low current of electricity through your body. On my 2003 wish list of 10 items that I had posted on the door of my refrigerator at the time, “Obtain a frequency generator” was number 3, as I felt that it was an important device after witnessing a demonstration of the product. When I broke my ankle in 2006 I had to discontinue the use of my device due to the instalment of metal plates and screws in my leg during surgery. This bothered me a little, but it seemed to be an easier solution than another surgery to remove my metal hardware.

Unique: being the only one of its kind ll not like anything else of its kind, incomparable ll rare, unusual
Species: a systematic unit including geographical races and varieties and included within a structure of a more comprehensive classification (e.g. a genus) ll a group having certain attributes in common
Cognition: the act or faculty of knowing ll the product of this act, a perception or insight cognitive
Heightened: to increase the intensity of ll to increase in amount or degree ll to become more intense
Telepathy: communication, apparently without the use of sight, sound etc., between the minds of different persons [fr. TELE+Gk pathos, suffering]
Teleology: the doctrine of final causes, esp. that natural and historic processes are determined not only by casualty but also by their ultimate purposes, e.g. attainment of the kingdom of heaven, human welfare etc. [Gk telos., end+ logos, word]
Solution: the answer to a problem ll the act, method or process by which such an answer is obtained

Page 17

Another aspect of our uniqueness as a species on this planet is in our mutually beneficial relationship of symbiosis with our own living Soul. It is essential that we truly discover this mechanism that has allowed Mankind to become better men, while being a sanctuary to that which is immortal. Instead of purifying our Sacred Soul with the discipline of music and math we are instead desolating our divine analog vessels and spirit with the contrivances of the austere digital devices. And another interesting development or instance of comfort from the enthusiastic Soul just transpired some moments ago when I was documenting some of the definitions being used in this thesis. A few paragraphs ago I mentioned the snippet of an instance in the definition of the word experience. I found it to be compelling as it was exactly one half of the remark an instance of this which I had accepted as a definitive correlation to and communicative signal from the Soul. On this last entry I happened to come across the other half of the catchphrase in the definition of this for the word cognition. Now I am not one who would be easilly swayed by superstition, but my intuition is telling me that this is a sign, and a message from the divine to join the two words “experience cognition together and discover their collective definition as a correlating and a means of discovering the path to the light of your own living Soul. So first of all let us join the two words experience, and cognition. Now let us examine their combined definitions “an instance of direct knowledge, the product of this act”, or on the other hand “the knowledge or feeling obtained through direct impressions, the act or faculty of knowing a perception or insight”. Now I do not know about you, but to me this collective definition sounds a lot like the most important thing that any of us can do to have a significant existence on this earth, and that would be to know who you are or to “Know Thyself”. For if we do not, how can any one of us expect to achieve this status of experiencing a loving, giving, sharing relationship of trust, faith and hope with our own blessed eternal living Soul? This is the essence of the truly inextricable nature of the problem that is now at hand, and is now faced by Mankind in order to save his own Humanity.

Symbiosis: the intimate association of two dissimilar organisms from which each organism benefits
Immortal: not subject to death ll never to be forgotten ll someone whose fame will never die
Contrivance: the act of contriving ll a mechanical appliance ll resource ll a dishonest device
Austere: stern in appearance, grim ll simple and without decoration ll marked by the absence of comfort
Signal: a usually prearranged or generally recognizable sign giving information distress signal or an order
Catchphrase: a striking phrase intended to arrest attention, usually often repeated (e.g. in publicity)
Superstition: a belief or beliefs justified neither by reason nor evidence nor by any religious canon
Perception: the act of perceiving, visual perception ll the ability to perceive esp. to understand
Eternal: never ending, lasting forever ll without beginning or end in time ll seemingly limitless
Inextricable: not capable of being solved, an inextricable dilemma ll that cannot be untied or unravelled

What I have now come to realize is that by doing the single digit coded matrix math and really bringing it into your life, that you are in fact opening a gate to enable your being as a self-contained unit to become the frequency generator. Through the application of its daily use you are able to begin opening a wireless electrical frequency channel that is within our physical beings but lying dormant in our organs. In this frequency resides the electricity, and by performing the special math consisting of the vibratory musical whole notes, you begin to generate and oscillate the energy or electricity that ties us together and binds us to the energy of our Universe. Our existence enables us as human beings to be able to connect and interconnect with our environment and with each other as the spiritually gifted beings Mankind were intended to be. So for example, you do not have to be a musician to do a math form that is based upon the frequencies of the whole notes in our music, but by performing said math you will be able to accept the analog benefit that one would receive if they were playing a musical instrument, or reading sheet music as another matrix language. The academic and physical benefits that could be harnessed as a result of this practise alone should be more than enough of a reason to believe in engaging an observance of the Sacred Matrix Math of God as a daily exercise, and routine discipline.

Page 18 Realize: to be aware of the truth of ll to make real or actual (something imagined, hoped for etc.)
Oscillate: to vibrate ll to waver, vacillate ll to vary in condition or degree, fluctuate ll to swing
Believe: to accept as true, to believe a story ll to give credence to (a person) ll to hold as one’s opinion ll to have religious faith to believe in to have confidence in the existence, truth, or efficacy of believer
Observance: the act of obeying a command, law, rule etc. ll the keeping of a custom, day of obligation

While I am on the subject of the musical effect derived from the vibrational math I am reminded of my earlier discovery about the numeral spacing of 6 in between each integer of the musical frequencies for each whole note in Hertz (Hz). And as I have stated in other instances of having felt I had discovered something only to later read in the dictionary that it was already one of the theories of Pythagoras. Pythagoras was a musician who played the lyre and realized that when a string was stretched at a 2 to 1 ratio, that the harmonic octave could be achieved by the tightening of that string. So, Pythagoras is attributed to having discovered the interval ratios in the spacing’s of the musical notes, which also led to the blending of different instruments, orchestration, and the bulk of musical theory based on the phases of the moon and mathematics. I guess when you’re working with the coded single digit Pythagorean numerology that you will have to come back to the master from time to time. The thing is in my example of musical interval ratios it was in the number of Hertz (Hz). Hertz were not even invented until the second half of the 19th century by Rudolf Heinrich Hertz when he proved Maestro Clerk Maxwell’s earlier theory of sound travelling at the speed of light. If you had electronic equipment of an oscillatory nature you would find that the numbers of these frequencies would just come up on a scope. You can’t really invent them as they already are, as in the laws of nature and our existence. Like Gods response to Moses request for the name of the God of the Patriarchs was “I am” when it comes to the frequencies in Hertz of the whole notes in our music “They are”.

Effect: the result produced by a cause ll influence, power to change ll a specific scientific phenomenon, usually named after its discoverer ll an impression (often false) deliberately produced ll to accomplish
Discovery: to find out, to discover the facts ll to find by exploration, Columbus discovered America ll to come across, to discover a birds nest ll to make a discovery ll the thing discovered
Harmonic: (mus.) of or relating to harmony as distinct from melody or rhythm ll harmonious ll (elec.) a frequency simply related to the fundamental frequency of an alternating current or radio wave
Octave: the note having twice or one half the frequency of a given note ll the interval between these outside notes ll (poetry) a stanza of eight lines, e.g. ottava rima ll the first eight lines of a sonnet
Interval: (mus.) the difference of pitch between two tones at intervals here and there ll now and then

There is one thing that Pythagoras may or may not have discovered in his single digit coded numerology principle. In this math the numbers can only be added or multiplied, and not subtracted or divided, and also there is no 0. The one component that is missing is in the aspect of reflecting the codes or whole notes. When this aspect is performed as in a mirror image our musical notes show an alternate set of conjoint quantum hypothetical notes or codes from a different dimension or entity. When these codes are combined in a 4 way matrix reflection the symbols to all the religions are revealed. Could it be that this reflective matrix math property is the secret to the mystery of the lost math of Pythagoras that scholars of all nations and religions have tried to rediscover for 2500 years? I have always personally believed that in the numeral ratio of this musical Hermitron Matrix lies the evidence to an exchange of wireless electrical energy flowing between Man and some other Entity or Being. A dichotomy of infinite  clockwise and counter clockwise energy oscillating, and vibrating in a 3-6-9 continuum that acts quite simply as a positive, negative, ground, wireless alternating current of AC power. We are not made in God’s image but quite simply put, we are the reflection or mirror image of God’s language, the sacred geometry and math, literature and any of the other liberal arts. This in essence is the Spirit of Mans consciousness, and the vehicle or delivery system for its divine presence that we have been able to experience through our arts as a moment in time, a reflection of the past, or an instance of this.

Page 19 Component: forming part of a whole, an essential part of something [fr. L componere to put together]
Quantum: one of the very small discrete packets into which many forms of energy are subdivided and which are always associated with a frequency (*QUANTUM NUMBER, *SHELL, *ORBITAL)
Hypothetic: involving a hypothesis ll of or based on a hypothesis hypothetical
Hypothesis: an idea or proposition not derived from experience but formed and used to explain certain facts (e.g. in science) or to provide the foundation or primary assumption of an argument ll to assume
Property: an attribute, characteristic the properties of a magnet virtue, quality the soothing property of an ointment (logic) an attribute common to a whole class but not necessary to distinguish it from others
Hermitron matrix: (math) a self-adjoint matrix equal to its conjugate transpose matrix
Dichotomy: a division into two opposing parts ll (astron.) the phase of the moon, or of the inferior planets, when half the disk is seen from the earth to be illuminated ll (biol.) a repeated forking into two
Continuum: pl. continua something capable of being divided infinitely, as is assumed of space and of time (cf. DICHOTOMY) ll a continuous series of identical components

The beauty of this cosmic energy is in its perfection and simplicity. The way that the 6 number spacing’s in each whole note, when reflected in a mirror image become a spacing of 3, an alternately when read backwards or right to left as in Arabic or Hebrew the ratios reverse with the entities spacing of 6, and the whole note spacing’s of 3. So, as I say back and forth, to and fro in a constant swing-like state of perpetual motion that is not only clockwise and counter clockwise, but is also in a 4 way reflective matrix state. In essence it works like this 3+3=6 and 6+6=3, infinity. If you are looking for a quantitative geometric mental description of this 4 way reflective mirror image state, think about a Greek cross having the ends of its arms bent to form right angles that are arranged either in a clockwise or counter clockwise fashion. If you can picture this mental image you should now be beginning to conceptualize and visualize the ancient symbol or ornament known as the swastika?

Perfection: the quality or state of being perfect ll an instance of this ll a perfecting or being perfected
Mirror image: the image of something, having its parts reversed as if by the reflecting action of a mirror
Perpetual motion: the motion of a hypothetical (but impossible) machine which would go on working forever without receiving energy from an outside source
Infinity: that which is infinite ll (phys.) a distance so great that rays of light which originate from a point at that distance can be considered parallel ll (math) an infinite quantity that may be positive or negative
Swastika: an ancient symbol or ornament in the form of a Greek cross having the ends of the arms bent to form right angles arranged clockwise or counter clockwise. The clockwise swastika was adopted (1933) as the emblem of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party

It is always tricky when you write about such a sensitive issue as the swastika, but the Spirit was kind enough to confer with me on the definition of perfection “the state of being perfect an instance of this”. And again as always I am illuminated by its timing, and presence, and sense of comfort. I will now carry on with what I had previously written down before the concurrence of my Spiritual affirmation. Now I know that the swastika symbol can be found to be distasteful, and I have friends that tell me you can’t write about that, that is politically and totally incorrect. I also know that the subject is about as popular as electro shock therapy, but I believe that if we erase our collective memory of such a tragic and offensive part of our own human history what is to stop us from witnessing another example or instance of the very same occurrence?

Tricky: difficult to understand or deal with, calling for careful handling, a tricky situation ll deft, adroit
Concurrence: running alongside existing or happening together ll acting together, cooperating ll directed to, or intersecting in, the same point, three concurrent lines ll (law) having joint, equal authority
Affirmation: an assertion, a positive statement ll (law) a solemn declaration (in place of the oath)
Tragic: causing grief, disappointment or horror and shock, a tragic accident ll expressing tragedy
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Are we to let the maniacal ranting’s of one single madman permanently scar and taint our existence by enhancing and fortifying our human tendency to be in denial? Is that not like someone who has been raped or violated and then retreated within themselves out of fear or insecurity? If this is to be the example we are about to set for ourselves does it not let this ignorant creature maintain the upper hand by the residual fear instilled in his memory? Should we not just accept this gruesome part of our past, learn from its example and then get on with our collective existence? If we try to forget this horrible assault on our humanity does evil not triumph over good, and do we not dishonour the Human Souls of those who fought in the bloody battles, as well as the 6 million Gypsies, Jews and their sympathizers who were gassed to death as part of an extermination program in Nazi concentration camps?

Scar: a permanent effect left by an emotional wound
Taint: to cause to rot, putrefy ll to corrupt morally ll a trace of infection or corruption
Creature: a living human or animal ll something created ll a servile tool of something else
Instilled: to cause someone to absorb (ideas, feelings etc.) gradually ll to put in drop by drop
Dishonour: disgrace ll something which brings disgrace ll someone who causes disgrace

If we are to remove the geometric symbols of the various nations and organized religions that are responsible for killing and sacrificing millions of lives in their collective causes, I am afraid that there would not be any more geometric shapes left to illustrate this newly emerging matrix math language of the Soul. Now that truly would be a disaster for our Humanity. You know it kind of reminds me of the words spoken to the angry mob by Jesus when he said “He who is without sin cast the first stone”. If we scurry away from the truth acting as mice instead of men, we will surely lose our self-respect, self- control, and awareness of the self. We must instead embrace the geometry, explore the math, experience the art, and feel the music (and all without the aid of a digital device) if we are to negate, nullify, cancel out, and correct the problem to the pollution of the day.

Sacrificing: to deprive oneself of (something valued) for the sake of another person, purpose or ideal
Language: the organized system of speech used by human beings as a means of communicating among themselves ll any such differentiated system used by a section of the human race ll any other organized system of communication e.g. by symbols, mathematical language or gestures, deaf and dumb language
Scurry: 1. to move along quickly, esp. with hurried little steps 2. pl. scurries a hurried moving along, or an instance of this ll gust, a scurry of rain [perh. fr. HURRY-SCURRY]

Now for a poetic yet unsettling excerpt taken from Nikola Tesla’s essay Mans Greatest Achievement, “What has the future in store for this strange being, born of a breath, of perishable tissue, yet immortal, with his powers fearful and divine? What magic will be wrought by him in the end? What is to be his greatest deed, his crowning achievement?” I am never quite sure when I read quotes from these prophetically brilliant thinkers, if they are painting an optimistic and sunny picture or casting a grim and bleak outlook? Could Tesla have ever imagined the computerized and mechanized world as it is today, or is the advent of digitalization due to the jumpstart in electrical information which he provided? Was Tesla’s statement intended to be a positive or negative one, and did he know something that we do not? I get the same kind of impression from Marshall McLuhan’s understanding of the media age, in his predictions concerning the future of our communications. And again, were McLuhan’s prophetic visions meant to be seen as a bright horizon or were they warnings of an imminent danger? Could McLuhan have even imagined this anti-analog paradigm, or state of digitalization that Mankind has now become a component of? In his day the human analog quality of our communications were King, as anything less would be unacceptable. It’s one thing to be influenced by the media, but not in this anti-human fashion.

McLuhan: Herbert Marshall (1911-80), sociologist. He holds that the chief technology of communication in a society has a determining effect on everything important in that society, even the thought processes of individuals. His works include ‘Understanding Media’ (1964) and ‘The Medium is the Message’ (1967)
Prophetic: foretelling, containing a prediction ll of or relating to a prophet or prophecy prophetical

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If we are to truly embrace our future as symbiont human beings we will have to begin to understand that there is more to life than meets the eye. That our realities are guided by forces, and a principle that Mankind is becoming totally unaware of in his current altered state. And that our very behaviour can influence the end result to our final destination or goal in life, as in cause and effect where every action that we take is creating an alternate spinoff reaction. Our Soul acts as a Spiritual Keeper that is always helping to guide us on the path to becoming better people. That is in fact its prime directive and mission as part of our existence. In this manner your life can be compared to a game in a collective sport where it may or may not necessarily be whether you win or lose, but more about how you played the game.

Principle: an essential truth upon which other truths are based ll the acceptance of moral law as a guide to behaviour ll a rule by which a person chooses to govern his conduct, often forming part of a code
Keeper: someone, esp. a gamekeeper, who keeps, manages, guards etc.
Mission: any task esp. of a diplomatic nature, that one is sent to do ll a permanent diplomatic delegation abroad ll an aim in life, arising from a conviction or sense of calling ll an assigned combat operation
Collective: formed by collection ll of, relating to, or done by a number of people collective ownership

A few months ago while I was in Cuba to begin writing this story, I had a sort of mini revelation about myself. On this particular occasion I had travelled to Cuba alone without my companion as she could not get the time off work, and I was on a kind of mission. When you get to Cuba you will notice that there is an abundance of very beautiful women, and many Canadian men will go there every year for the sole purpose of meeting one of these gorgeous ladies. And if you tell people you’re going there alone their first reaction is “Are you going to see a young lady” or “Cats away, mice will play.” I have personally always had a very fertile imagination, and I must say that I did entertain the fantasy of meeting a fair maiden in my mind, but when the time came while I was there on my mission and the reality of my situation set in, I had the sense or perception that for myself to have an affair would be a betrayal of my Soul. Whether or not my companion ever found out was not as important as just knowing that I had betrayed myself and my soul mate, as well as the betrayal of my Sacred Soul. At the end of the day you will have to live with yourself and you’re conscience. Anyway, I passed that test and got on with my work, but at the time I found this intuitive insight into myself very profound.

Sole: (soul) only, the sole survivor ll unshared, exclusive, sole right
Fertile: highly productive, fertile soil ll capable of breeding or reproducing ll productive, creative
Fantasy: playful imagination, fancy ll (psychol.) a daydream satisfying some desire
Affair: concern, business ll (intentionally vague) an incident, an unfortunate affair ll a love affair
Conscience: knowledge of one’s own acts as right or wrong on one’s conscience to feel guilty about
Profound: searching into the deepest and most subtle problems or truths, a profound thinker

Not too long ago while I was looking up the word infinite, I came across infidelity where it said “failure in loyalty ll an instance of this ll adultery ll lack of exactness in copying ll an instance of this.” I found this meaning compelling as it not only mentioned an instance of this which I believe referred to the Soul, but in this instance had delivered the saying twice. Did this phrase repeat because it was a direct affliction to the Soul? This idea led me to investigate the assumption that more instances might be found in regards to the key words in our Commandments. Just as infidelity had correlated to the word adultery, I then decided to try the word murder as a link to the commandment “Thou shalt not kill.” The definition read “Murder: the unlawful killing of a human being with malice afterthought ll an instance of this ll killing that is morally reprehensible or brutal, or an instance of this.” This was amazing how I was able to uncover another double example of an instance of this. After the example of murder I tried the word steal which had a very long meaning, and at the bottom revealed “(baseball) the act of stealing a base ll an instance of this.” It was not a double but it was one more an instance of this nevertheless, and I was 3 for 3, as the Spirit was kind enough to show me that our laws and commandments have a direct impact on the Soul, as they reflect the laws of our nature, and the very existence of our humanity.

Page 22 Infidelity: failure in loyalty ll an instance of this ll adultery ll an instance of this ll lack of religious belief
Murder: the unlawful killing of a human being with malice afterthought ll an instance of this ll killing that is morally reprehensible and brutal, or an instance of this ll to kill brutally ll to commit murder
Steal: to obtain without asking permission ll (baseball) the act of stealing a base ll an instance of this

When Jesus was asked which commandment is the greatest, he responded “Thou shall love the Lord thy God, with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind” (Matt. 22:36, 37) Jesus then said that the second commandment is like the first, “Thou shall love thy neighbour as thyself” (Matt. 22:39) “On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.” (Matt. 22:40) Jesus was somehow able to articulate the whole law and the teaching of the prophets with these two commandments. All of the laws had been built on these two great principles of love for God and neighbour. It kind of reminded me of what I had previously written in my last thesis “Journey of the Soul”, “Another thing I must mention to you is that it does not matter if you are a Christian, Muslim or a Jew, we are all equally susceptible to the detrimental ways, and to the spiritually demobilizing effect coming from the Digitalization of Man. This one unidentified enemy known as the Computerization of the World, is a far greater threat to Mans humanity than any of his meagre ideological squabbling’s. Furthermore, there is the second most important rule for all of Gods children to observe and remember after “Know Yourself” and that is to “Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you.” If you were just to observe these two fundamental principles, I mean really take it to heart and really begin to know who we are as individuals, then the rest of the world’s problems will begin to pale in comparison.”

Commandment: an order, esp. a divine command (*DECALOGUE)
Susceptible: affected or influenced particularly easy ll the state or quality of being susceptible
Meagre: low in quantity or quality, meagre rewards, a meagre supper
Squabbling: to engage in a noisy but not very serious argument or quarrel
Observe: to look at with attention ll to comply with (a command, custom, law etc.) ll to celebrate ceremonially ll to perceive, notice, come to know by seeing ll (with ‘on’ or ‘upon’) to comment
Fundamental: basic, essential, a fundamental truth ll affecting the foundations of something, a fundamental change ll deep rooted in a person or being part of the elementary nature of a thing
Problem: a question whose answer is doubtful or difficult to find, a matter that causes worry, perplexity
Pale: to become pale ll to lose importance or quality esp. by contrast, her beauty pales next to yours

After reflecting on the commandments for a couple of days and meditating on their direct association to an instance of this, I subsequently found a tie in word to unite with steal when I discovered the single reference, but regarding three separate examples of theft in the word piracy when it summed up with an instance of any of these. So again I was able to accept a further assurance from the Spirit in the assumptions that I had been making in consideration to my train of thought regarding my ongoing communicative line of afflatus that seemed to be developing between my Self, my Soul, and the Collective. Also, it further endorsed the solidification of truth that this information I was receiving and the when and how I was accepting of the word had gone way beyond any comparison to a coincidence.

Meditating: (with ‘on’ or ‘upon’) to reflect deeply ll to spend time in the spiritual exercise of thinking about some religious theme ll to contemplate esp. as a plan, to meditate revenge
Separate: to become disconnected ll to become separate ll isolated ll regarded as being individual
Piracy: robbery of ships at sea ll robbery on land by a descent from the sea by persons not acting under authority of a state ll unauthorized use of a patented or copyrighted work ll an instance of any of these
Assurance: something e.g. a promise, pledge, convincing reason etc. on which one can rely as a guarantee of truth ll certainty ll self-confidence ll (esp. Br) insurance
Assumption: the act of assuming ll something taken for granted the Assumption (Roman Catholicism) the bodily taking up of the Virgin Mary into heaven ll the feast commemorating this (Aug. 15)
Afflatus: inspiration, divine communication of knowledge [L.]
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I continued on my word sojourn and began to find another series of snippets or fragments of the phrase. The word rob provided “to do this (to someone)”, while the word lie showed us “something thought of as like this”. Following this line of thought I tried words with an association to the seven deadly sins and the seven blessed virtues, where I was able to find envy “something which arouses this desire”, pride “behaviour that shows this”, and faith “religion based upon this”. These three instances of this led me on further to the word love “the object of this emotion”, and sensation “the result of this action”. I was even directed to the word pi “ratio of the circumference of a circle, 3.14159 ll this ratio” which  derived the single digit of 5, or Justice as in the balance beam being between 1 and 9, or the line that separates the two halves of the circle, as in the whole or 360 degrees, or 3+6=9 being completion, or the whole as in the speed of the oscillation in the Spin Quantum Number 1, which incidentally also just so happens to be the title of my new CD. Sorry about the shameless self-promotion, but it is all towards benefiting the good cause in creating an awareness of the message in the God Matrix.

Rob: to take property from (a person) illegally ll to do this to (someone) with force or threat of force ll to take money, valuables etc. from (a place) illegally ll to deprive (a person) of something desired or due
Lie: an intentionally false statement or impression ll something thought of as like this to show to be false
Envy: an innocent desire to share another’s good ll something which arouses this desire
Pride: excessive self-esteem ll behaviour that shows this ll to be proud of (some achievement etc.)
Faith: trust, confidence, have no faith in his assurances ll complete acceptance of a truth which cannot be demonstrated or proved by the process of logical thought, religious faith ll a religion based upon this
Sensation: the activity of the senses ll (philos.) the immediate result of this activity before the combination with other data (cf. PERCEPTION) ll the cause of such a state of emotional excitement
Pi: the sixteenth letter of the Greek alphabet ll the symbol used to denote the ratio of the circumference of a circle to the diameter. pi=3.14159 ll this ratio

I remember talking to a friend a couple of days earlier telling him about my continuing occurrences of an instance of this and remarking how it made me think of a scene in Tim Burton’s brilliant visual feast of a movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas” when the lead character from Halloween land stumbles into Christmas land and sings the song “What is this?” As I pondered on the meaning of “what is this?” I began to think about what all of these last examples from the previous paragraph had in common. What I came to realize was that they were all of this. The only other fragment I received that could combine to balance out all of these other examples was in the word hop, which I found while I was looking for hope. Hop revealed to hop from one thing to another to change the subject of one’s conversation, attention etc. quickly and repeatedly, an instance of hopping”. So, it would seem as though an instance is representative of time, experience, sensation etc., while this of this part might concern the space in between and reference the when, or what emotion is being referred. Also, that the Spirit is showing its sensitivity to all of these key or coded words. Where my last snippet translation of experience cognition resulted in the affirmation of know yourself, this new fragment translation of an instance of hopping combined with all of the previous this examples in the last paragraph correlated the essence of the senses with the use of time and space, as in a moment in time, or like the space in between, or just as an instance of this. And so, much like the intriguing words in the final track (it) of the last Genesis album (The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway) that Peter Gabriel performed on, “It is here, it is now” gives answer to the discernible question of “What is this?” This is IT!

Common: belonging or relating to more than one ll ordinary, usual, of frequent occurrence
Fragment: the existing part of something unfinished or incomplete esp. of a writing or work of art
Hop: to make a little jump or progress by a series of such little jumps to hop from one thing to another change the subject of one’s conversation, attention etc. quickly and repeatedly an instance of hopping
Discern: to see, or make out through any of the senses, to perceive with the mind discernible perceptive

Page 24

When I read the definition of hop and it revealed “a series of such little jumps, to hop from one thing to another to change the subject of one’s conversation, attention etc. quickly and repeatedly” I was harkened back to when I read the meaning of scurry “to move along quickly esp. with hurried little steps”. There seemed to be a fairly strong similarity in the meanings of scurry and hop. It is possible that the Spirit is trying to make a comment on the overuse of the devices, and the condition that is being instilled upon our youth whereby the overload of information is causing an attention span deficit. Instead of being able to sit down and focus on one task, there seems to be a need to multitask where a person must literally hop from one thing to another. They will be on the computer while answering the cellphone text messages and then hop over to the television to play a video game and jump up and put on some music. We seem to be in a state of nervous agitation (which by the way is a part of the definition for the word twitter) and are unable to give our full and undivided attention.

Subject: that which is represented by an artist, sculptor, photographer etc. ll the theme, argument or matter of a literary composition ll one of the branches of learning taught in a school, college etc.
Conversation: talk, esp. informal and friendly ll good talk practised as in an art
Attention: the giving of one’s mind to something, mental concentration ll notice ll nursing ll a mending
Spirit: the intelligent or immaterial part of a man as distinguished from his body ll the animating or vital principle in living things ll the moral nature of a man ll a disembodied soul ll a person animated by a specified quality ll the essential character of something ll cheerful or assertive liveliness ll mood or temperamental state the Spirit, the Holy Ghost 2. adj. of spirits or spiritualism [fr.L. spiritus, breath]
Comment: a remark ll a criticism ll an explanatory note, esp. to a text ll to make comments or remarks
Condition: mode or state of existence ll state of health ll a stipulation, provision ll a prerequisite
Agitation: a disturbance, esp. worry ll public disturbance on a large scale, or the process of creating it

Now there is a school of thought that believes our multitasking capabilities equate into a higher form of intellect as our children are able to do multiple things at the same sitting, but the university study results are in and it has now been proven that even though the output or quantity of work may be may be greater, the quality or test score standards are about 30% weaker. So, we may be both mentally and physically doing more, but the full meaning or significance of the word and our gestures are in reality actually accomplishing or achieving less on a human level. This is about to become our new paradox in the Digitalization of Man. We are receiving more and more, of that which is giving back less and less to our human soul. This is about to become the new paradigm with regards to the end of our humanity.

Thought: the action or process of thinking ll consideration ll intention ll meditation engrossed in thought
Capability pl. capabilities the quality of being capable ll ability to be developed, exploited etc.
Gestures: a movement of the hand or body to express an emotion or intention
Reality: the state or quality of being real or of existing in fact ll someone or something that is real or exists in fact ll (collect.) the real world ll the true or actual nature of something in reality actually, in fact

How are we going to maintain the universal compassion that man has for his fellow man if we are not willing to nourish and feed our hungry and thirsty soul, expand upon our humanistic horizons, and reach for the stars? Is this to be an end to our spirituality? Are we to let this divine celestial entity and spiritual guardian protector just wither up and fade away? Without receiving the full measure of a humanistic existence, as in what it is that makes us tick, how will we experience the full measure of our life, or that which makes us tock? Without this analogous homologous function as a part of our daily routine, will Mankind be able to survive is his present state, or shall this put an end to our humanity? Or, just maybe it will be more like the modern day digital teaching techniques effect on our learning, by just making our humanity 30% less significant? That latter scenario would be more than we could hope for as I am afraid in reality it will be one way or the other, and I am certain that this new and highly addictive mode of digital communication is here to stay; and if this paragraph sounded logical to you, and it intuitively resonated with your senses then you have begun the process of developing this Spiritual Understanding.

Page 25 Maintain: to declare to be true, valid etc. ll to defend the truth, validity etc. of ll to provide the needs of
Reach: to touch the mind or feelings of ll the act of stretching out or reaching, or an instance of this
Spirituality: attachment to all that concerns the life of the soul ll the quality of being spiritual
Guardian: a protector, keeper, custodian ll the superior of a Franciscan convent
Fade: (of a sound) to lose intensity gradually ll (of an image, memory or dream) to become gradually less and less distinct to fade in to become gradually clearer until normal clarity is reached, or to cause to do this to fade out to become gradually less and less distinct and finally disappear, or to cause to do this
Analogous: similar ll (biol.) similar in function though differing in structure (cf. HOMOLOGOUS)
Homologous: being similar or corresponding to others as to structure, value etc. ll of structures bearing a fundamental similarity due to a common origin, though possibly modified for different functions

Thinking about the commandments and the burgeoning examples of this associated with the word piracy and its definition an instance of any of these I began to envisage the prophets of the Old Testament esp. Jeremiah, and the use of a sacred song or Psalm. Jeremiah was considered a weeping prophet. He was ordered by God to live without marriage and family (16:2). He could not keep the company of merrymakers (15:17) or visit houses of feasting (16:8). He argued with God about the misery of his office (20:7-18), but also sang hymns of praise to his God (20:13). Jeremiah was continually in a lamentation and was attributed to having written the book of lamentations. I noticed in the definition of Psalm a version of any of these. In this case the Spirit is reminding us that in the 150 instances of Psalms each unit or measure is a single instance of this and worthy of our continuing praise toward the Lord our God. I believe that any song or poem that laments on the beauty of God or the Spirit in Man is worthy of the distinction or association to an instance of this.

Bourgeoning: a bud ll a shoot ll to send forth shoots or other new growth ll to begin to grow
Envisage: to make a mental picture of ll to foresee the possibility of, to envisage complications
Psalm: any of the sacred songs in the book of Psalms ll a metrical version of any of these, for chanting
Jeremiah: (late 7th and early 6th cc. B.C.) a major prophet of the Old Testament. He lived at the time of the collapse of Assyria and the fall of Jerusalem. He urged moral reform. His emphasis on an individual relationship between God and man marked a transition from the idea of an exclusive, national relationship between God and the Jews. His vision of the new covenant had great influence on New Testament teaching ll the book of the Old Testament relating his life and prophecies
Weeping: to shed tears esp. in grief ll (with ‘for’) to mourn ll to lament or cry for ll to shed (tears)
Prophet: a person who by divine inspiration, declares to the world the divine will, judgements etc. ll a person who foretells the course or nature of future events the prophet Mohammed
Marriage: the institution under which a man and women become legally united on a permanent basis ll the act of entering into this institution ll the wedding ceremony ll an intimate linking together
Misery: extreme unhappiness or suffering ll a cause of these states ll (pop.) a doleful depressing person
Lamentation: the act of lamenting or an instance of this
Lamentations: a book of the Old Testament which laments in five poems the destruction of Jerusalem (586 B.C.). It was formerly attributed to Jeremiah but is now considered to date from the mid-6th c. B.C.
Psalms: a book of the Old Testament containing 150 psalms attributed to King David. Most scholars detect a variety of authors, from widely differing periods. The final compilation was probably c. 150 B.C.

Okay, that should be more than enough of an example to correlate the existence of a relationship to the Spirit and the expression of afflatus in the term an instance of this. When discussing the prophets it is essential to know that even though they are writing their books, it is the direct words of God that are being transposed, as the Prophets are the Divine Vessels for the Celestial Spirit. The function of the Prophet is to record that which is being telepathically dictated by the Lord. The job description is to endure the rigor and compassionate understanding involved in translating the precise application of God’s word, as it is through God alone that God can be known.

Page 26 Correlate: either of two things or words implying the other, e.g. ‘father’ and ‘son’ ll mutual relationship
Prophets: The Major Prophets are Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel. The Minor Prophets are Hosea, Joel, Arnos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi
Transposed: to cause (two things) to change places, each being made to occupy the position previously occupied by the other, esp. words in a sentence, sentences in a paragraph etc. ll to admit of transposing
Celestial: pertaining to the sky or heavens ll pertaining to a spiritual heaven, heavenly, divine
Rigor: uncompromising firmness ll an instance of this ll (math, logic) severe precision of method
Translating: to convey (someone) straight to heaven or paradise without death’s intervention

As for myself, in the last 3½ years beginning in 2010 I started to predicate the onset of my millennial preconception in “The Digitalization of Man”. I then began to write my definitive prophetic thesis in which I uncovered the secret math of Pythagoras and the language of God’s music or the music of the spheres. After writing my first thesis of end time prophecy, I attained the Canadian Trademark for the key to God’s language and the mathematical icon of God’s word otherwise known to the Ancient Greeks as the Logos. I followed this ground breaking paper with two more successive thesis papers in the next two consecutive years making my three thesis documents a trilogy book with continuing spiritual revelations and mathematical translations for the language of the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost. After the completion of the book I began a series of 60 paintings using red and black magic markers and white correction fluid on office supply paper. This art form re-examined the Pythagorean single digit coded math by compiling a further translation of the word in the form of sacred geometry and religious symbolism. I called this new and original creation Matrix Art.

Predicate: (logic) to affirm or deny (something) about the subject of a proposition ll to base (a thesis, statement, attitude etc.) on, his conclusions are predicated on laboratory tests ll to make a statement
Onset: an attack ll the beginning of something thought of as an attack, the onset of old age
Millennial: of or relating to a millennium ll of or relating to the millennium foretold in the Bible
Preconception: the act of preconceiving or an instance of this ll a prejudice
Music of the Spheres: a celestial harmony thought by the Pythagoreans to be produced by the vibrations of the spheres in which the planets moved
Icon: a painting, mosaic or enamel of Christ, the Virgin Mary or a saint, revered as a sacred object
Logos: (Gk. philos.) reason, regarded as the controlling principle of the universe Logos (Christian theology) the word of God, identified with Christ in the Gospel according to St John [Gk= word, reason]
Symbolism: representation by symbols ll a system of symbols symbolic meanings

As I was completing all of these different modes of art, each one reflecting the other by connecting their vibratory frequency energy, I was also posting all of my relevant findings and creations on my art website In this current year of 2013, I decided to join the Brampton Arts Council and this summer I began to promote my math, trademark t-shirts, matrix artworks, and my art website at the “Art in the Open” which is attached to the downtown Farmer’s Market. So, I have officially gone public with my cause. I have also just finished my third CD in as many years under the label or banner of God Matrix, titled “Spin Quantum Number 1”. My artistic output has been voluminous indeed, but if I am to be honest with you I don’t know where most of this is coming from.

Relevant: closely related to a matter under consideration [fr. relevare, to raise again]
Current: in general use ll prevalent, current gossip ll of the present time, the current issue of a magazine
Promote: to encourage ll to support actively, devote energy and influence to securing the passage of
Trademark: 1. name or distinctive symbol or device attached to the goods for sale, and usually legally registered, as a warrant of their production by a particular firm or individual 2. to register as a trademark
Cause: that which brings about a result ll basis, grounds, no cause for alarm ll a person whose actions or words lead to some result ll a matter of widespread interest and concern, the cause of world peace
Banner: a piece of cloth, cardboard bearing a slogan and carried in religious or political demonstrations

Page 27

The only subject that I ever liked in high school and unfortunately the only subject I ever failed was music as I played the cello in grade 9 but failed miserably in grade 10. That’s not entirely true I also liked art class in grade 9, but dropped the class in grade 10 so that I could pursue the study of the German language. What was I thinking? God only knows. In retrospect it may have been meant as a lesson from the Spirit telling me to not listen to the advice of people that are full of it, and the importance in the message of truly knowing yourself. Also in the field of math I had to drop down from the advanced university level in grade 12 to a more general and less academic level to achieve my grade. So believe me when I say that it is hard to determine where all of this data input is coming from. My only explanation is that I am channelling all of this information as a vessel for the Spirit in the same manner that I would use to write a song. Add to my list this latest Spiritual translation of the English language in “The Meaning of Life by Definition or An instance of this”, and the 4 music videos that I recently posted on U-tube, and you have to admit that I am accomplishing things that I could never have even imagined just 10 short years ago. I have achieved all of this and with a complete understanding of logic and math that has every action that I take causing another reaction toward the fulfillment of the God Matrix.

Failed: to be unsuccessful ll to be inadequate or deficient ll to abandon suddenly, his courage failed him
Pursue: to continue with to pursue one’s studies ll to engage in ll to go on talking about ll to go in pursuit
Retrospect: an instance of looking back on past activities or events in retrospect the past being looked at afresh retrospection the act or process of reviewing the past ll an instance of this
Academic: related to a school, college or university ll of theoretical interest rather than practical value
Action: the process of doing, acting ll something done, a deed ll effective intervention ll combat in war
Reaction: (phys.) the equal and opposing force which is always called into play by a force
Fulfill: to carry out (a promise) ll to obey (a law, command) ll to satisfy (a prayer, desire) ll to complete, accomplish (a task) ll to answer (a purpose) ll to comply with (conditions) ll to prove true (a prophecy) ll to realize (a destiny) to fulfill oneself to realize all one’s potentialities as a person fulfillment

The Spirit was nice enough to acknowledge my schoolboy misgivings and concur with my analysis of the importance of truly knowing yourself in the definition of retrospect the act or process of reviewing the past ll an instance of this. So then why is it that I have been able to accomplish all of these different artistic genres in a time when most people have begun to engage in a human disconnect, due to their ongoing obligation to Facebook or other social media? Does it have something to do with the fact that I do not use any digital devices apart from typing my thesis papers on the word program of a computer? If I had engaged in the regular use of the internet and social media, would I have been able to achieve the awareness and Spiritual Understanding that I was somehow able to otherwise receive through my art? My acceptance of and submission to the rule or law was cause for celebration as my heart overwhelmed with fullness and blessing had a great sense of joy and a deep personal feeling of Jubilation.

Misgive: misgave misgiven to fill with fear, doubt or foreboding, his mind misgave him misgiving distrust, apprehension, or anticipation of failure ll (esp. pl.) an instance of these feelings
Concur: to agree or accord in opinion ll to happen together, coincide ll to meet in one point concurrence
Analysis: the process of analyzing ll a document setting out the results of this process ll psychoanalysis
Accomplish: to bring to a successful conclusion, fulfill accomplished competent in the social graces
Disconnect: to cause to be no longer connected disconnected disjoined, not connected ll (of speech, writing) disjointed, incoherent disconnection, also disconnexion a disconnecting or being disconnected
Obligation: an obligating or being obligated ll something which a person is bound to do or not do as a result of such an agreement or responsibility ll the restricting power inherent in such an agreement
Acceptance: a taking or consenting to take something offered ll agreement to meet an obligation
Submission: the act of submitting ll the state of being willing to submit ll something offered for consideration (law) an agreement in which parties undertake to abide by a decision or obey an authority
Jubilation: a jubilating ll an instance of this [fr. jubilare, to shout for joy]
Page 28

What is one to make of the many instances of these artful preconceptions that I was receiving as a series of messages from something that was all around me and something that was from within? I wrestled with the notion that I was becoming a deliverer of the word as a diviner of the Spirit in the musical translations of the vibrational matrix math and the revelations of the Soul, but what of my message, and how was I to enable a delivery system that could make it more digestible for human consumption? There was also the dilemma of what name to give myself as the representative of the Comforter, and what was to be my God given title of he that will precede and preclude as the bearer of the prophesied revelation regarding the end of humanity?

Digest: to study and master the significance of in one’s mind and store in the memory digestible
Consumption: a consuming ll the use and enjoyment of goods and services by consumers or producers
Comforter: someone who comforts ll a big woollen scarf ll a feather quilt the Comforter the Holy Ghost
Preclude: to prevent ll to make practically impossible, esp. by anticipatory action
Bearer: (in India), a servant or messenger ll someone carrying a communication to or from someone

I thought about the many possible descriptions or occupations that I might regard myself as and decided to compile a list. Would I be a Messenger of God as in He who makes mention of Mans nature and the vibrational message of the Logos? Maybe a Seer of truth, wisdom and knowledge as in He who divinely translated the coded math for the matrix language of the Soul? Possibly I might call myself a Prophet as in the Man who warns about the coming end time prophesied by foretelling the future of Digitalization? Could I be an Apostle as in the 13th Apostle of Christ? Perhaps a Deliverer might fit better as the one who gives Gods solution to the pollution of the day in the ways of opening the matrix math?

“I sacrifice to the Lord all that openeth the Matrix”. Moses, Exodus 13:15
“Everything that openeth the Matrix in all flesh…shall be thine”. God, Numbers 18:15

The Second Incarnation as in He who embodies the Union of Spirit and Man in the person of a scholar or magician made me feel a little uncertain? I liked, but still questioned the idea of being related to the Soul, as in He who is the 12th metempsychosis or reincarnation of the Soul of Pythagoras? Is there a chance that I may be just an historical Scribe as in the Man who performs the blessed duty of recording that which is, and that which will be? I should like to consider myself as a Disciple of Pythagoras as in the One, who follows and sometimes co-authors the many doctrines of his Soulful Master, but I do not feel that this will be my title? Would the term Son of Man describe me as in the designation of a certain Man? Am I to be seen as a Saviour as in He who Saves in rescuing humanity from the Digitalization by being a deliverer, healer or benefactor? Or will a more general reference suffice as in He who is the Emissary of the Spirit? How about the Dignitary of the Soul as in the Man who provided the decoding for the Language of the Soul? Better yet, how about a single instance of any of these?

Occupations: an activity by which one earns one’s living or fills one’s time, or an instance of this
Mention: a mentioning or being mentioned ll an instance of this to mention [fr. mens. Mind]
Seer: a wise man gifted with powers of divination.
Opening: making or becoming open or an instance of this ll an act of initiating or beginning something
Scribe: a person skilled in handwriting, esp. one who copied out manuscripts before the invention of printing ll a professional copyist or clerk ll an ancient Jewish interpreter of the Law ll a scriber

It will probably be better if I were not to give myself any distinction whatsoever and just let you the reader decide if there is a validity to my argument or if any pseudonym would be warranted? Or perhaps I have already said too much? It just seems to me that someone should be showing these concerns by raising these critical questions, but unfortunately it has now become too much work for us to think that hard. This condition is just one of the many symptoms of digitalization. Anyway it is just as well as there is no doubt in my mind that the asinine names you may have been thinking of for me were much less flattering than the divine one’s that I was able to think of for myself.

Page 29 Distinction: the making of a difference, discrimination ll a difference so made ll a being different ll modest fame, a poet of distinction ll breeding or eminence ll a mark of honour, a decoration or award
Validity: the state, fact or quality of being valid legally or in argument
Argument: a reason put forward (for or against something) ll a discussion ll a dispute ll a wrangling
Pseudonym: name other than one’s own, assumed for some purpose [Gk pseudonumos, falsely named]
Symptom: a condition in the body or in its behaviour suggesting the presence of injury or disease
Asinine: stupid, crass stupidity or an instance of this [fr. L. asininus, asslike]

At the end of the day one has to ask himself, is it wrong to want to become a better being? Is it wrong to pay homage to a Saint or a Prophet by trying to emulate the goodness of a dedicated Soul whom you have great admiration for? Is it just to follow your heart above all else in order to satisfy the Soul? Is it logical for you to need to know who you are in order to know yourself? Are these the out dated principles that no longer have any meaning or bearing on our sociological behaviour? Is this the end of the world as we know it? Do you feel fine or are you just kidding yourself? These are the questions that we might have asked ourselves back in 1972, and even if we did not ask these tough questions on the condition of the heart and soul there would be someone on the television like Rod Sterling in his series TheTwilight Zone that would be asking the questions for us. That was a full twenty years before the advent of the digitalization’s ability to take root, when it grabbed a foothold into our existence by instigating a paradigm of obliquity towards that which instils a laziness of the mind, and a dependency on that which is antihuman in nature due to the modernization of our reconfigured digital devices.

Homage: a mark or testimony of esteem, respect or veneration ll to express homage by word or gesture
Dedicated: to devote to a sacred purpose, devote to any serious purpose, inscribe in someone’s honour
Sociological: of sociology ll of human society and its development and organization
Behaviour: manners, deportment ll moral conduct ll the way in which a machine, organ or organism works, with respect to its efficiency ll the way in which something reacts to environment
Obliquity: departure from sound moral principle or behaviour, or an instance of this ll the state of being oblique ll the extent of divergence from a straight direction
Antihuman: being against humanity; not beneficial to the human species
Modernization: a modernizing or being modernized ll an instance of this

On that note I suppose that now would be as good a time as any to change the channel and talk about something that is a little bit more uplifting. If we think about the knowledge and accomplishments brought to our world by the greatest modern thinking mind in the field of electrical energy it becomes apparent that it is because of Tesla’s full understanding of not only the technical aspect involved, but also his consideration for the practical laws of nature and aspects of the spiritual realm. After a fire destroyed his laboratory Tesla began to develop a deeper interest in Eastern thought and Spiritualism. Delighted to learn about the Vedante Prana and Akash and the cultists, Tesla claims that their views and theories are the only ones modern science can entertain. Tesla began receiving inspiration from the Hindu teacher Swami Vevakavanda and soon started to see the universe as a symphony of vibrations and waves. “We are whirling through endless space with an inconceivable speed. Everything is spinning, everywhere is energy. There must be some way of availing ourselves of this energy more completely”.

Knowledge: the state of knowing, cognition ll understanding, intuitive knowledge ll that which is known
Aspect: the angle from which a thing may be regarded ll (astron.) the relative position of one planet to another, as seen from the earth, which astrologers held to influence human fortunes ll (gram.) a form of the verb expressing inception, duration or completion of the action [L. aspectus, to look at]
Theories: an organized body of ideas as to the truth of something, usually derived from the study of a number of facts relating to it, but sometimes entirely a result of exercising the speculative imagination ll knowledge of a science or art derived from such study and speculation ll a group of mathematical theorems presenting a comprehensive and systematic view of a subject, the theory of probability Page 30

During a 6 month spell of studying and creating lighting in the Colorado Springs experiments of 1889 Nikola Tesla came to realize another significant science revelation “I came to the conclusion that it would be ultimately possible with very little elevation to transmit electrical power through the upper atmosphere”. Then late one night during an experiment an unusual phenomenon took place. Tesla noticed that a repeating signal was being received by his apparatus and to his own astonishment believed it was a communication from an extra-terrestrial source. In a letter to the Red Cross Tesla announced “Brothers we have a message from another world, it reads 1, 2, 3!” Although ridiculed for his unbelievable claim it is possible that Tesla may have been the first person to observe radio waves from space. This is the function of our modern radio telescopes today that they may receive signals from space which are not from alien civilizations but are emitted from the Sun and the Stars themselves. I find it is interesting that this code being received by Tesla just so happens to be the lowest common denominator of the single digit matrix maths answer to the Pythagorean Theorem meaning 1+2=3 and conjointly 3+6=9 as in 369 the numerical sequence for the equivalent of the inter-dimensional realm’s translation of Pi as in the ratio of the circumference of a circle (360 degrees) to the diameter (3.14159) or this ratio. So was Tesla wrong in his assumption of the signals origin or is it just that the Sun and the Stars themselves are the remnants of a doomed planet and its people, the residual consciousness from a lost civilization that has destroyed itself by the misuse of its own vast intelligence and technology?

Significant: expressive, heavy with implication, suggesting some specific cause not due merely to chance
Revelation: (theol.) God’s manifestation of himself to man ll something revealed to man by God
Transmit: to communicate ll to send out a signal by radio waves or over a wire
Phenomenon: (philos.) something known by sense perception rather than by thought or intuition
Origin: the point in time or space at which a thing first exists ll a person’s parentage or ancestry
Consciousness: the state of being conscious, esp. being in one’s senses and aware of one’s surroundings ll the upper level of mental life, as opposed to subconscious mental processes

Nikola Tesla befriended William Crookes who was a mystic and a physicist, and the discoverer of radiant matter as well as Crooks’ rays or cathode rays, the analog equivalent of visual communication. Crookes believed that human beings could communicate telepathically when they attuned to high frequency brainwaves. Tesla was unconvinced but one night while in bed the visionary had a vision, “I saw a cloud carrying angelic figures, one of whom gradually assumed the features of my mother. In that instant a certitude which no words could express came upon me that my mother had died, and that was true”. It appeared that Tesla being very close to his mother was able to attune his pattern of thought closely to the wavelength or band frequency of his mother, and so was able to receive the telepathic transmission from the Spirit or Soul of his dead mother.

Tesla: Nikola (1856-1943) Croatian-American electrician and inventor who made practical the use of alternating current. Tesla also did noteworthy research on high-voltage electricity, transformers, telephone and telegraph systems, and plants for wireless power transmission.
Mystic: or of relating to mystics or mysticism ll of or relating to ancient religious mysteries ll having a hidden, secret, esoteric meaning, a mystic formula ll (loosely) mysterious, enigmatic ll a person who believes in mysticism, has mystical experiences or follows a mystical way of life
Crooks’ rays: (phys.) cathode rays [after Sir William Crookes (1832-1919), Eng. Physicist]
Attune: to bring (a musical instrument) into harmony ll to make (one thing) suit or agree with another
Visionary: someone who imagines how things should be and pays little regard to how they actually are or are likely in fact to be ll conjured up in the imagination without being related to facts ll of a vision
Pattern: orderly sequence consisting of a number of repeated or complimentary elements, decorative motifs ll a model from which a copy can be made ll a model to be followed as an example of excellence
Transmission: a transmitting or being transmitted ll something transmitted, esp. a radio or television program ll the passage of radio waves in the space between the transmitting and receiving stations
Page 31

The wavelength signal that we could receive from our brain would work under the same principle as radio transmission, but first one has to find the key to assuming the proper channel, thereby opening the wireless wavelength to our Soul, and the frequency band to our human telepathy. I truly believe if we can all start to think in the quantitative terms of the vibrational coded matrix math, that human kind will be able to initiate an awakening of our intuition and of our human telepathy which will lead to the humanities opening of the 6th and 7th senses. It may sound like an unimaginable and unrealistic proposal, but it is really no more and no less than the previously achieved propositions of our past, such as in the axiomatic addition of the seventh note to our musical scale by Lee Marie in the 1700’s, or as in the transition of all man’s vibrational human analog communications to that of the present day anti-human digital communications which we all were a witness too at the turn of this century and the start of this new millennium. The only real problem now besetting us is in coming to grips with the fact that there is no one who is able to identify a real problem exists that requires any correction whatsoever, even if they are in a constant state of nervous agitation, are working two jobs, cannot sleep at night, are getting further into debt, have no enthusiasm or motivation in their lives, can’t remember last night’s supper, and pray to win the lottery. Now who is being unrealistic? Is this what we have now become?

Human: of or characteristic of man ll being a person ll of people as limited creatures ll resembling man
Quantitative: relating to or concerned with quantity ll involving measurement or quantity
Initiate: to instruct in the fundamentals of a subject ll to introduce ceremonially into a society ll to begin
Senses: a conscious perception or sensation derived through these senses or through the intellect ll the ability to judge external conditions ll an ability to appreciate some quality ll the meaning, nature or significance of a thing or idea ll practical wisdom, the ability to perceive and act or judge soundly
Proposal: a course of action put forward for consideration ll an offer of marriage ll the act of proposing
Proposition: a proposal ll (logic) an expression or statement of which the subject can be affirmed or denied ll (math) the statement of a theorem or problem to be demonstrated or solved
Besetting: to surround, hem in ll to set upon, waylay ll continually harassing or assailing, besetting sin
Nervous: of or relating to the nerves or the nervous system ll originating in or affected by the nerves ll apprehensive ll made up of nerves ll excitable, easily agitated ll selfconscious and without confidence
Pray: to enter into spiritual communion with God, he prays constantly ll to implore God, to pray for better health ll (rhet. contr. of ‘I pray you’) you must tell me, what pray is the meaning of this behaviour?

I shall now depart from our Nikola Tesla interlude with a final quote from the one whose ideas have changed the way that mankind lives today, and the one whose ideas are constantly being subjected to further manipulation in order to bring about the additional though not necessarily progressive or positive changes to the way in which we will all be living tomorrow. “Creating a practical means of wireless communication would require a quantum leap in imagination. The progressive development of man is vitally dependant on invention. Its ultimate purpose is the complete mastery of mind over the material world, the harnessing of the forces of nature to human needs” Nikola Tesla, 1919. That was all very inspiring in its day but the good part about the complete mastery of mind over the material world, has now been bastardised into the material world having a complete mastery or control over our minds.

Interlude: a period of time between two actions ll a dramatic or musical performance to fill an interval
Manipulation: a manipulating or being manipulated ll an instance of this
Progressive: moving forward ll increasing in severity, intensity etc., the progressive stages of an illness
Quantum leap: a sudden large advance or breakthrough
Imagination: the power to form new ideas by a synthesis of separate elements of experience, and the ability to define new ideas ll the gift of employing images in writing or painting ll intuitive, understanding
Invention: the act of inventing ll something invented ll the ability to think things up, ingenuity
Mastery: command, control ll thorough knowledge or skill in a specified field
Bastardised: to declare to be illegitimate
Page 32

What is really needed now in our troubled environment is a sense of balance and equilibrium, justice and honour, and knowing that our efforts do have an integrity and moral stance. We need a newer and a more honest approach to the way we go about our business as opposed to the unfulfilling practise of withdrawing into ourselves and hiding within our corporate shells. For humanity to fulfill its ultimate destiny by reaching its final goal and attaining a more unified and logical conclusion, man must first change the way he is thinking today so as to encourage a harmony of thought, and train his discipline of moralism for a brighter tomorrow. Now is not the time to make allowances for another miscarriage of justice. Do not allow this system to remove any more of your balance or moral integrity. Attain this by not entertaining one more single misconception of information or misinformation from our controlled governments and weak media. This is what it is going to take for us to begin seeing more clearly again.

Environment: surroundings, esp. the material and spiritual influences which affect the growth, development and existence of a living being environmental adj.
Balance: the weighing of actions or opinions ll mental or emotional stability ll (art) harmony in design
Equilibrium: a state of balance between opposing forces or effects, the system involved undergoing no total change. The balance may be stable, recovering rapidly from a change in one of the factors involved, or unstoppable, destroyed by even a small change in one of those factors [L. aequilibrium, equal + libra]
Justice: behaviour to oneself or to another which is strictly in accord with currently accepted ethical law or as decreed by legal authority ll rectitude of the soul enlivened by grace (*CARDINAL VIRTUES)
Honour: moral integrity ll the esteem accorded to virtue or talent ll conventional respect for a person of high rank or public distinction or for a worthy symbol to hold the flag in honour ll an award or distinction
Destiny: pl. destinies n. the power of fate ll one’s predetermined lot [O.F. destinee]
Logical: consistent with correct reasoning ll capable of or skilled in logical argument, a logical mind
Moralism: moralizing ll an instance of this ll morality as distinguished from religion
Miscarriage: the expulsion of a human fetus from the womb before it is viable ll an instance of this ll mismanagement ll an instance of this, a miscarriage of justice ll failure of a letter to reach its destination
Misconception: the act of misconceiving ll an instance of this

Therein lies the problem as it becomes more and more difficult to remain focussed due to the myriad of electronic signals that encompass our every move making it impossible to resist. Chock another one up on the list marked “Examples of a Digital Trap” as we see ourselves transmogrify into something we have no control over. I also find it interesting to see another double example of the phrase an instance of this in the word miscarriage. The last time I noted the extra reference was in the word infidelity which was to be seen as a connotation for a direct affliction to the Soul. I spotted it again in the word murder which again made sense moralistically. And now I am coming across this third example of a double instance in the word miscarriage “the expulsion of a human fetus from the womb before it is viable ll an instance of this ll mismanagement ll an instance of this, a miscarriage of justice”. So again in this instance the conception of a double connotation regarding the Soul’s affliction made sense. Now until this moment I could not definitively say whether I was pro-life or pro-abortion, but after such a profound reference from the Soul I think it is pretty safe to interpret this as a message that God always has and always will be pro-life. And I do believe that if you were to ask me today, the only possible response that I could now foresee would be to choose for life. If we do not re-evaluate ourselves by taking responsibility for the moral conduct of our actions, the resultant affliction to the Soul can only lead to a furtherance of our deep regret, despair and misfortune.

Myriad: n. a very large number, myriads of insects ll adj. countless, very many [fr. murioi, ten thousand]
Encompass: to surround or enclose, hem in on every side ll to embrace within its scope etc.
Transmogrify: to change or alter utterly in form or appearance, esp. with grotesque or humorous effect
Affliction: something which cause trouble or distress ll physical or mental suffering [F]
Conception: the faculty of conceiving in the mind ll a thing conceived, designed, or thought out

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If you decide to try an open a dialogue with your Sacred Soul, you will have to begin the aberrance by opening up your intuition if at all possible. The first step is in analysing and meditating on a certain topic or issue that you hold near or dear. If you see a sign, message or word that you feel has a certain kind of unexplainable significance, and the more you contemplate on the meaning the more it resonates in your Soul, then you are beginning to open up that channel. The more you familiarize yourself with this Channel of the Soul the more you will realize how profound it is as you start to identify with its energy, the impeccable timing of its delivery system, and in its overwhelming sense of warmth and compassion.

Aberrance: a deviating ll an instance of this ll aberrancy the quality of being aberrant
Sign: a mark or gesture which conveys an idea or meaning ll something having symbolic character
Contemplate: to consider attentively ll to meditate or ponder contemplation meditation, concentration of the mind on an intellectual or religious subject ll the act of looking attentively at something
Divine: of God or a God divine wisdom ll addressed to God divine worship ll coming from God divine grace ll having the nature of a god, Caligula had declared himself divine ll superlatively good or beautiful
Delivery: the declaiming of a speech, lecture etc. ll the manner of doing this ll a rescuing or setting free
System: an orderly, interconnected, complex arrangement of parts, the nervous system ll a set of principles linked to form a coherent doctrine, a philosophical system ll a method of organization, administration or procedure ll (astron.) a group of orbiting heavenly bodies moving about a central body

As we think about the balance in our lives and the harmony of our souls, it is necessary for us to go back and reconsider the concept that I had described earlier in this thesis writing when I talked about the theory “Harmony of the Spheres”, originally attributed to Pythagoras. I revealed how each of the planets beginning at Earth represented a whole note frequency in Hertz, and that the first 2 planets in conjunction with the Sun and the Moon represented the first 2 axiomatic frequencies that I added to the scale making the music into a language of numerology with 3 digit musical frequencies representing the numbers from 1 to 9, with 5 being in the middle like a balance beam or pivot of a scale. In this manner 1 completes 9 as in the 1, 2 follows with 8, 3 conjoins to 7, and 6 will align with 4. In the middle 5 remains all alone being equal to one half of each of the other 4 pairs. This idea may be further pursued in double digits as in 19 to 91, 28 to 82, 37 to 73, and 46 to 64, leaving 55 all alone in the middle. Now remember the fundamental principles of the matrix math when working on larger than single column calculations, and those are that each column is to be added separately in every solution. Essentially the vibrations of music become the triple digit numerology with the 9 frequencies of music acting in the same way as the single integer balance beam but in a 3 integer mathematical matrix language. What now happens is that 174 lines up with 963, while 285 joins 852, 396 connects to 741, leaving 417 to conjoin with 639, until all that is left is from the center of gravity pull with the residual after effect of our life in the frequency of our third whole note Mi meaning Miracle at 528 Hz. Again I shall refer to the fundamental principles of matrix math when I tell you that the balance of 528 when doubled becomes 147. So as in all matrix calculations when one frequency is added to another, the conjoint transpose frequency is revealed. I just noticed that 3x528=666, and that 3x147=333. I then decided to multiply all of the codes from 1 to 9, on either side of the juxtaposition by 3, this provided us with the infinite universal code of 333-666-999.

Conjunction: a conjoining ll a combination of events or circumstances in conjunction with together with
Scale: an arrangement of accurately spaced marks representing a series of numerical values used in measuring lengths, angles, temperatures etc. ll (mus.) a series of notes in ascending or descending order of pitch in accordance with a system of successive intervals, minor scale ll relative magnitude
Musical: of, relating to or having the nature of music ll skilled in music, esp. as a performer or composer
Pivot: to supply with or balance on a pivot ll to turn or oscillate on or as if on a pivot
Manner: way of doing something ll social behaviour with respect to standards ll correct social behaviour
Align: to line up ll to bring into line or into correct relative position ll to join in sympathy
Gravity: weight ll (phys.) the gravitational attraction between the earth and bodies at or near its surface
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What I began to realize was that this numerology aspect to the math revealed one more way to translate the matrix language of the Soul. As a point of fact in each of the 4 dissertations that I have written in the last 4 years all have contained a separate key for unlocking and opening the matrix with each and every one perpetually bringing us back to the sacred code of 369. In 2010 when I wrote my first thesis “The Digitalization of Man” I introduced the concept and language of Pythagorean matrix math by decoding the God Matrix and delivering the first key for unlocking and opening the matrix with the single digit multiplications of 3, 6, and 9. Following the clues left behind from this noble endeavour I made the decision to expand on my past experience, and in 2011 I continued to intuitively build upon and strengthen the firm foundation of logic and reason I had previously established, by adding one more paper that I titled “Functions of the Spirit”. In that thesis I was able to describe how the Spirit and the music were able to move together in their cycle of frequencies, and the oscillations of energy. I was also able to explain the second key for unlocking and opening the matrix, and solving the pollution of the day in the revelation of the 4 way mirror reflection whereby each and every whole note reflects the image of a conjoint quantum frequency and vice versa thereby mathematically proving the existence of an energy flow of wireless alternating current between man and another entity, 369+369=639, and 639+639=369.

Noble: illustrious by rank or birth ll of high character, lofty ideals etc., noble sentiments ll magnanimous, generous, a noble gesture ll impressive, splendid, grand in appearance ll having exceptional qualities
Foundation: a founding or being founded ll the establishment and endowment of an institution ll a basis esp. a basis of truthfulness ll an underlying principle, the foundations of evolutionary belief
Reason: to think or talk logically ll to argue persuasively with someone ll to analyze by reasoning
Cycle: a series of recurring events or phenomenon, the cycle of the seasons ll a series of poems or songs with a central theme ll an orbit in the heavens ll the period of an alternating electric current
Entity:something existing complete in itself, by its own right, each creature is a separate entity

In 2012 I was able to complete my third mathematical dissertation in as many years that I aptly titled “Journey of the Soul”. Throughout that journey the Spirit was helping me to explain the vibrational math by revealing the musical code to the interconnection of all matter. This act unveiled the third key for unlocking and opening the matrix in the nature of man’s music, math, humanistic communication, and the presentation of the code as a vertical analog computer that only you can engage as it is unable to engage you. The time is now October 6, 2013 and with this definitive paper that I am now working on “The Meaning of Life by Definition or An instance of this”, the Spirit is helping me continue to explain the language of the Soul in the spoken word of the numerological Hermitron Matrix. Use the Star of David Matrix 963-639-396 in a 4 way mirror reflection and continue down the scale horizontally in consecutive 4 way blocks as in 852, 741, 639, until you have reached 174 thereby achieving half of the numerological Hermitron Matrix. Now begin a separate conjoint 4 way mirror reflection pattern starting at 147,then 258 etc. until you have reached 936 placed directly underneath the other horizontal scale in an identically patterned succession and your 4 way mirror reflection conjoint quantum matrix is now complete. This aspect of turning the musical math into numerology is the fourth, and the final key for unlocking and opening the God Matrix. These 4 mathematical musical keys are quite literally Keys to the Kingdom, and are aligned to the 4 corners of the earth and the coming 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Dissertation: a formal discourse, written or spoken ll a treatise, esp. an original piece of research written for a doctorate [fr. L. disserere (dissertus), to discuss and dissertarere (dissertatus), to debate]
Journey: 1. pl. journeys n. a movement over a considerable distance from one place to another, esp. by land or air (cf. VOYAGE) ll a distance as defined by the time taken to cover it 2. v.i. to make a journey
Code: an accepted way of behaviour, esp. the mores of a society ll a system of signals, Morse code ll a system in which arbitrary values are given to letters, words, numbers or symbols to ensure secrecy
Definitive: serving to define ll decisive, a definitive verdict ll most authoritative, a definitive biography
Apocalypse: any prophetic writing, esp. one concerned with the end of the world (*REVELATION)

Page 35

I am aware that I said earlier how this thesis was to have no mathematics but would have a whole lot of definitions, though I never said that I would not talk about the subject of the math. Especially in these times of distress when what we really need to do is reconfigure our thought patterns by thinking in the quantitative terms and measures. So, what I am in fact doing is giving you this verbally visual spoken account of the 4 mathematical Keys to the Kingdom, with these spoken vibrational quantitative terms and measures. As I have stated in my previous papers, it is not only in the written word but also in the spoken word, so too can it be said that it is not only in the written math but is also in the spoken math. This verbal description of the fourth key should suffice as the mathematical proof or assurance that I did in fact configure it. If you need any further proof or assurance, then I would thank you to confer with the “God Matrix” listing in the Interactivate section of my website in the entry titled “What is the God Matrix” for a complete illustration of a Hermitron Matrix at the bottom of the speech.

Distress: considerable mental or physical discomfort or pain ll a being in great difficulty or danger
Measure: a criterion for determining quality, degree etc. ll a limit ll an act designed to achieve a purpose, measures to ensure victory to take measures to do things (so as to achieve some purpose)
Verbal: relating to or consisting of words ll oral, spoken, not written ll (of translation) literal, word for word ll (gram.) relating to or derived from a verb ll (gram.) used to form verbs verbalism n. a verbal expression ll the use of words which sound well but have little content in reality, or an instance of this
Spoken: oral as opposed to written ll having a specified kind of voice or manner of speaking, plainspoken
Description: a verbal account or portrayal of a person, scene, event etc. ll a technical account, definition
Illustration: an example used to explain or demonstrate ll a picture used to illustrate a book or paper

When I first began to mention the Hermitron Matrix it was after I had come across the word by pure chance in my 1972 Webster’s Encyclopedic Dictionary. I decided that the meaning of the definition had completely fit my numerological Pythagorean Matrix, and had passed the desired standard of purism. I assumed the Hermitron must have had something to do with Hermes as the philosopher Pythagoras was the fourth reincarnation or metempsychosis of Athelides, the mortal son of Hermes. A few months ago I looked up Hermitron Matrix on the internet and was not able to find a match. The closest thing I could connect with was Hermatian Matrix which had the same definition, except this matrix was named after a guy called Charles Hermite in 1855. So for the record, even though my vibrational musical matrix has the same definition as a Hermatian Matrix, in my example the coded matrix mathematics are attributed to the mythology of Greece in the name of Hermes, Son of Zeus honouring Pythagoras, incarnation of Hermes by paying homage to our most gifted and logically astute Greek philosopher and mathematician.

Pure: free from moral guilt, pure intentions ll not lascivious, pure thought ll (of a language) free from foreign elements ll (phys., of a note) due to one simple periodic vibration, unmixed with any overtones
Purism: strict emphasis on purity, esp. in language ll an instance of this
Mortal: inevitably subject to death, man is mortal ll relating to or accompanying death, mortal agony
Equation: the act of making equal ll a statement of the equality between mathematical expressions
Example: a specimen or instance ll a mode of behaviour to imitate ll a punishment meant also as a warning, or a victim of this, to make an example of an offender for example as an instance
Recognition: a recognizing or being recognized ll acknowledgment of the status of an independent state

Thinking about Pythagoras and the intuition of our Souls past, I am reminded of my intuition bloom during the last three thesis writings. In my first attempt at a written dialogue in 2010 I became aware of my intuition by interpreting single digit numbers, and as I wrote my story could not help but feel that there was someone else helping me along the way. In 2011 I continued to reveal the meaning in numbers and at about the halfway mark of my second thesis writing I became aware of how many pages my story was to be. This happened again in 2012 while working on the third paper when one day at about page 20 I intuitively thought to myself that this thesis is going to be 40 pages long. This feeling you cannot describe is not a feeling at all, nor is it mischance, but it is more of an awareness of the instinct.

Page 36 Bloom: the state of flowering ll (of people) the time of physical perfection ll to look radiant ll to blossom
Attempt: to try (to do something), to try or make trial of ll to try to achieve, to attempt a rescue
Dialogue: a literary work in conversational form ll conversation in a novel, play, movie etc.
Reveal: to make known, manifest ll to expose to view something that was hidden ll to divulge (a secret)
Meaning: that which is intended or meant ll expressive, conveying emotion etc., a meaning look
Describe: to give a description of ll to draw, trace (esp. a geometrical figure) ll to move in the outline of
Feeling: the act or state of someone who feels ll sensation in general ll an emotion ll an intuitive belief, conviction based on other grounds than reason ll the ability to use sensitively, a feeling for language
Mischance: bad luck ll an instance of this
Instinct: the ability to form a judgement without using the reasoning process ll any drive or impulse

As I write this fourth dissertation I have really had no idea of where or when or how this story was to be as it entertained a whole new discipline of style in its concept of definition. I thought that the story was complete as a trilogy. I mean think about it, where does one get the impetus to try and explain the meaning of life and the reason we exist? It must have come from the migration of something unknown. I can assure you the permutation is not from a source that is born of this world. Anyway it just intuitively occurred to me a few days ago at about page 30, that this paper that I was now working on was to be 50 pages in length. The number 5 represents balance and justice as in the equilibrium of life in the meaning of its definition. And when the 50 pages are added to the previous 120 pages the result is 170 pages as in 8 the infinite number of God. If we add the 32 pages from “The Truth” entries to the 170 it becomes 202 pages or 4 the number of the box, and the number of a Man. If we add the number of God 8 to the number of Man 4, we receive the number of the Spirit 3 which connects us to our Sacred Souls. Finally if we add the 5 from this thesis to the combination of all 5 reports we receive the balance of Energy in 1.

Definition: an act of defining ll set of words explaining the meaning e.g. of a word, scientific principle or property ll clearness of detail esp. of the image given by a lens in a photograph, or on a television screen
Complete: to finish, to complete a book ll to perfect ll to make up a desired amount completion to fill up
Trilogy: pl. trilogies n. (Gk drama) a group of three tragedies each complete in itself but each connected in subject with the other two. The three plays of such a group were performed in succession at the festival of Dionysus ll any set of three novels, musical compositions etc. so related [fr. Gk trilogia]
Impetus: the force which causes a given motion ll incentive, driving force [L. fr. impetere, to attack]
Migration: the act or process of migrating ll an instance of this ll a group of migrating animals, persons
Permutation: n. (math) any of the different arrangements in linear order that can be made of a given set of objects (*COMBINATION) ll the act of making such variations ll a change or the process of changing
Source: a person, book, document etc. consulted for information or providing initial inspiration
Combination: the single thing formed by two or more other things joining together, e.g. business concerns acting as one unit ll (math) any of the different sets into which a number of objects may be grouped, irrespective of the order within each set (*PERMUTATION) ll a set of numbers or other symbols which controls the action of a combination lock ll the mechanism operated by this
Energy: pl. energies n. forcefulness and vigor in actions or words ll (phys.) the unifying concept of all physical science that associates with any system a capacity for work either as a result of the motion of mass in the system (kinetic energy), the configuration of masses or charges in the system (potential energy), or the presence of photons in the system (radiant energy). [L. energia fr. Gk ergon, work]

We need a reversion or atavism of thought to create a sense of balance if we are able to be permitted to enjoy a full and rich existence in our environment. And how does one achieve this desired goal in our daily routine? I believe it is essential in a healthy lifestyle to incorporate the discipline of “Everything in Moderation”. Moderation is a topic that I have yet to mention and one that I cannot believe I haven’t mentioned as it is an axiom that I live by, and one that I hold near and dear. After all cannot anything that we consume as humanity be enjoyed to its fullest, or adversely abused to its complete detriment?

Page 37 Reversion: return to a former condition, belief etc. or an instance of this ll (biol.)atavism
Atavism: (biol.) the reappearance of certain forms, derived from an ancestor, which had not manifested themselves in the immediate generations ll (of man) a reversion to primitive instincts atavist n. atavistic
Create: to bring into being ll to make by applying the imagination in some artistic technique ll (of an actor) to incarnate (a character), esp. playing it for the first time, or in a particularly effective manner
Achieve: to carry out successfully ll to attain ll v.i. (Am.) to reach a required standard of performance
Moderation: quality or state of being moderate ll the act of moderating in moderation without excess
Axiom: n. (logic and math) a self-evident truth or proposition, e.g. that there can be no effect without a cause ll an accepted principle ll a maxim or proverbial truth [F. axiome fr. L. fr. Gk]
Consume: to eat or drink up ll to waste or absorb consumed eaten up, consumed with envy

Any daily activity that we can partake in as humans whether it be in the nature of eating, drinking, smoking or self-medicating, has to be self-governed in its use and abuse because you are your own liquor control board or any other control board for that matter. For example, two slices of fried bacon with my egg and toast will satisfy my appetite for something tasty and fulfill my dietary needs for caloric intake, but a whole pound of greasy fried bacon will upset my stomach by making me overweight and guiding my future destiny toward a possibility of heart disease because every negative action causes a negative reaction. Everything that we can do for ourselves can be good if it is done in moderation. Thus the term “Everything in Moderation” is vitally critical to the way we act as human beings. For this reason, and I do not know why I did not think of this sooner, I will consider “Everything in Moderation” as my third rule of principle to live by, added after the first two most important rules of “Know yourself” and “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”.

Nature: the physical universe and the laws and forces which govern changes within it ll the essential character of something ll in born character, disposition ll the condition of man prior to civilization by nature as a result of inherent quality or temperament in (or of) the nature of equivalent to, virtually
Abuse: n. misuse, ill-treatment ll an instance of injustice or corruption ll vituperation
Critical: of a crisis ll involving danger or suspense ll discerning, based on thorough knowledge
Rule: an accepted method of behaviour or procedure ll something which prevails generally or occurs normally ll code of regulations setting forth the discipline under which members of a religious order live

Meditating on the variant variability of the balance and equilibrium, we learn to understand that the equilibrium of our own life is in the balance of the meaning in its definition. This would have to include all of the history and communication of Mankind, its victories and its misfortune. When we think about it in that light it makes more sense that the Spirit would use the definition of Man to explain and define that which is unexplainable and that which cannot be defined. For at the end of the day it is up to mankind to correct his lack of prudence, failure in practical reasoning and obscenity of indiscretion, in the way in which he relates with his fellow man in order to arrive at a morally reasonable and ethically logical conclusion. So in other words a man needs to know in his mind and to feel in his heart a moral sense of what is right, and to follow his practical rule of adherence to a divine celestial principle.

Variant: differing and alternative ll one of two or more alternatives of a form, reading, spelling etc.
Variability: n.the state or quality of being variable ll a tendency to vary
Learn: to acquire knowledge of or skill in study, instruction, practise or experience ll commit to memory
Misfortune: mischance, bad luck ll an instance of this
Define: to state the precise meaning of ll to be what characterizes (something) ll to outline clearly
Correct: to put right ll to remove faults from ll to adjust for some known or estimated deviation
Prudence: n. foresight leading a person to avoid error or danger ll the virtue by which the practical reason distinguishes the things useful for salvation (*CARDINAL VIRTUES) ll practical discretion [F.]
Obscenity: the state or quality of being obscene ll an instance of this, esp. an obscene utterance
Indiscretion: n. lack of prudence, tact etc. ll an indiscreet speech or action [F]

Page 38

Defining who we are and whom we wish to continue to be as the divine sentient celestial beings we once were is opposed to the dissatisfied, dissentient, human mortals we are now becoming which brings us back to the most important rule for mankind, the sacred principle of knowing yourself. The more we can come to know ourselves as individuals the greater are our chances to increase a familiarity with and a connection to our own blessed Soul. Whether we know it or not, our Soul has always been right there with us as a guide and as a teacher, or as a spiritual companion, and will always remain right there with us until the day that our human vessels are no longer able to breathe. To ignore our Sacred Soul by laying waste to its noble memory will lead to a paralogism of misfeasance, mendacity of misplay, and instability of inspiration in the diversity of our daily lives. Are we to keep allowing this obvious assault on our spiritual freedom and continue denying this injustice to our moral code, or is there a possibility or even a remote chance that our humanity still has some life left in it, and is now ready to make a stand?

Paralogism: n. fallacious reasoning ll an instance of this
Misfeasance: (law) the illegal or improper performance of an action in itself lawful ll an instance of this
Mendacity: pl. mendacities n. the quality or state of being mendacious ll an instance of this
Misplay: 1. v.t. (sports) to play wrongly or badly 2. n. an instance of misplaying
Instability: pl. instabilities n. lack of physical, moral or emotional stability ll an instance of this
Diversity: pl. diversities n. the state or quality of being diverse ll an instance of this ll variety

What this situation calls for is “divine intervention”. What does this term infer? I mean what really comes to mind when hearing this expression of interpretation? Does one imagine a supreme force that is able to just manifest itself at will in order to save mankind from its own uncertainty and technology of destruction? Maybe you have a memory of an old science fiction story about someone who goes back in time and tries to stop or alter a key historical event? The truth is that there really is divine intervention, but it comes in the form of daily guidance from your Celestial Soul. In this manner your Soul is able to become a catalyst for change and acts like a guardian protector in its ongoing process of providing spiritual love and divine heavenly attention. So the more that you are able to define and identify this awareness of your Soul, the more you will become aware of the meaning in its relevant relationship. This information concurs with the belief of the heretical sect of Christianity known as Montanism, originating (c. 150-72) in Phrygia with Montanus, who prophesied the immanent return of Christ and made claim of a continuing revelatory gift of the Holy Spirit.

Interpretation: being interpreted ll an explanation produced by interpreting ll the essential meaning of something ll the act of translating a speech orally from one language into another ll an instance of this
Manifest: immediately evident to sense perception or to the mind [manifestus, touched with the hand]
Intervention: intervening ll interference in the affairs of others e.g. by one state in the affairs of another
Guidance: n. the act of guiding ll direction, advice ll leadership
Catalyst: n. a substance that alters the rate of a chemical reaction and is itself unchanged by the process
Protector: n. a person who or thing which protects ll (Eng. hist.) a regent ll (Eng. hist.) a lord protector
Process: n. a series of acts or changes, proceeding from one to the next ll a method of manufacturing or conditioning something ll a moving forward as part of a progression or development, historical process
Spiritual: adj. of, relating to, or concerned with the soul or spirit (opp. TEMPORAL) ll full of spirituality
Heavenly: adj. pertaining to heaven or the heavens ll (pop.) very delightful [O. E. heofonlic]
Prophesied: to foretell by divine inspiration ll to act as a prophet ll to make a prediction or predictions
Immanent: (theol., of God) actually present throughout the material universe (cf. TRANSCENDANT)
Christ: the anointed king or Messiah of Jewish prophecy, sometimes conceived of as a military leader who would conquer the Jews’ oppressors, sometimes held to be a supernatural being sent by God to destroy and recreate the earth, purging it of evil ll the title given to Jesus by his followers, who believed that his coming fulfilled the Messianic prophecies [O.E. crist fr. L. fr. Gk christos, anointed]
Holy Spirit: the Holy Ghost Holy Ghost the third person of the Trinity

Page 39

I was watching an interesting program the other day on the PBS television network which I will now pay tribute to in acknowledgment of their fine work and public service to the community. Anyway, the show was about the life of George Martin. If you didn’t already know it Mr. Martin was the producer for the pop sensation the Beatles, and the man responsible for their awesome sound. Martin’s influence was completely intertwined in the music of the phenomenon known as “The British Invasion”, as he was producing all of the number 1 acts simultaneously. His life’s work was prolific as he was able to help many entertainers over his long and dedicated service to the arts. In one of the scenes of the show there was a conversation in the studio between Sir George Martin and Sir Paul McCartney where Paul was recalling an instance of a recording session with the boys when George had revealed a sound technique or principle incorporated in the piece whereby a dull negative frequency or tone was played on a part to put you in a low mood, then taking away the irritating tonal effect and replacing it with a bright and responsive whole tone to uplift the spirit giving you a sense or perception of pleasantry. Sir George had also revealed how he had borrowed this technique or device from the propaganda machine of the Nazi Party where they would play a dull annoying and uncomfortable frequency for a couple of hours before the start of a party rally. Moments before the event began the disruptive noise would be taken out, and then replaced with an uplifting harmonious frequency as Adolf Hitler would deliver his powerful oration to the masses. This manipulative effect would help to send the droves of patriotic German followers into a frenzied state of superiority and dominance as they considered the extermination of humanity.

Tribute: a grateful, affectionate or admiring acknowledgement made to a person
Intertwined: to interlace two or more things, to interlace one thing with another ll to become interlaced
Invasion: an invading or being invaded ll (med., of a disease) the onset [F]
Prolific: reproducing rapidly and in large numbers ll abundant, a prolific output ll very productive
Technique: the entire body of procedures and methods of a science, art or craft ll skill in these methods
Mood: an emotional state, a happy mood ll (loosely) a fit of bad temper [O.E. feeling]
Patriotic: inspired by, showing or aimed at arousing love of one’s country, a patriotic speech

It would be a good time to speak about the intonation of our existence as it pertains to the timing of our universal music. How a small change to the key frequency of our concert pitch from A=440Hz back to its original form of A=432Hz would make a world of difference towards the atonement of humanity, and the condition of our underappreciated and overly abused anthroposphere. In the beginning of the last century there was a concerted effort to change concert pitch to 440Hz as the standard universal pitch for orchestras and bands. At the annual convention for the American Federation of Musicians in 1910 J.C. Deagan, a US Navy man was able to convince the organization to adopt this new standard. Deagin who was considered to be an authority on pitch and acoustics also designed the 440Hz wartime chime that was used for propaganda in WWII newsreels, and is still used today as the call sign for the NBC chimes. In 1953 the International Standards Organization (ISO) approved of the previous 1939 recommendations from the infamous Nazi Party leader and Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels. Since that time most of the civilized world, and I am using this term loosely, has been tuned to 440Hz.

Intonation: the act of intoning ll the producing of musical sounds with regard to accuracy of pitch
Universal: general, for everything or everybody ll present everywhere ll a general proposition or concept
Concert pitch: the pitch concert instruments are normally tuned ll a state of complete preparedness
Atonement: the act of atoning ll that which is done in order to atone the Atonement in Christian theology Christ’s incarnation and death on the cross which made up for the original sin of Adam and Eve
Athroposphere: the ecology as affected by human activity, total human knowledge syn NOOSPHERE
Infamous: arousing horror, deserving to be detested the infamous practise of torturing prisoners
Propaganda: information spread to influence people in favour of or against some doctrine or idea
Tuned: to adjust (an instrument) to the right musical pitch ll (radio) to adjust (a circuit) with respect to resonant frequency ll to adjust (a receiving apparatus) to the wavelength of a particular transmitter
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Even though over twenty thousand musicians petitioned in France against this unwarranted and ergonomically illogical change to our music, by 1955 the ISO had ratified the agreement and globally codified concert pitch to 440 Hz. It is now becoming increasingly evident that this higher concert pitch is generating a negative effect on our health by causing the development of a dysfunctional antisocial behaviour in our society. This is due to the vibratory and oscillatory nature of the universe, as A=440Hz pitch and its 8Hz change in dissonance to the key of our music is having the unnatural effect of a tribulation to our psyche by altering our mood, emotion, the way we react and the way in which we think. Our DNA oscillates in order to protect itself from the environmental stress of dissonant noise and wave interference patterns, as well as mechanical and electromagnetic waves that are affecting the ability of our DNA to regulate its genetic makeup. Through the seashell like structure of the cochlea which cancel out wave interference patterns, our inner ear relies heavily on the Fibonacci number spiral dampening effect to help us keep the balance and equilibrium with our natural surroundings.

Petitioned: formal request to a governing body, often a written one signed by a large number of people
Illogical: contrary to the laws of logic ll (of persons) thinking or acting in a way incompatible with logic
Agreement: the act of agreeing ll state of agreeing ll a contract legally binding the contracting parties
Antisocial: contrary to the interests of society ll disliking or disinclined for social intercourse
Tribulation: suffering caused by adversity ll an instance of this ll a cause of such suffering or distress
Emotion: a strong feeling (such as fear, wonder, love, sorrow) often accompanied by a physical reaction
Dissonant: adj. discordant, harsh in sound ll incongruous [fr. dissonare, to be discordant]
DNA:*DEOXYRIBONUBLEIC ACID DNA polymerase an enzyme that stimulates carrier of the genetic code
Cochlea: pl. cochleae n.the usually spiralled part of the inner ear in mammals and birds which receives sound vibrations and converts them to nerve impulses cochlear adj. [L. fr. Gk kochlias, snail]
Fibonacci number: (math) any number in the infinite series in which each number after 1 is the sum of the two preceding numbers, e.g. 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8. It is named for Leonardo Fibonacci Italian mathematician

The cyclic number 3 is universally connected to 432Hz as can be witnessed when the frequency of A is tuned to 432 and the frequencies of the A’s shift to 27, 54, 108, 216, 432, 864 and 1728 in other octaves. All of these frequencies reduce to 9 or completion in the single digit numerology, and can be attained in the multiples of 3. In 440Hz timing the single digit equivalent of octaves is 8 and is not able to work in the same manner as nature works in the instance of 432Hz concert pitch. A measurement phenomenon that aligns with 432Hz pitch is in the amount of the spatial musical intervals connected to the organic system and the timing of planetary movement. In our Solar System, Saturn is the accurate measurement and timepiece of the cosmos as it orbits the procession every 864 years (432x2). Also the natural patterns and nodal space resonance of scaler waves line up with the harmonic overtone partials of 432Hz concert pitch. By changing the frequency man was able to change the perception of dimension. At A=440Hz tuning concert pitches can seem brighter, thinner, up and to the side of the head, opposed to A=432Hz where one is able to experience and literally feel the rush of energy in the body, at the spine and in the heart. I find it is very interesting that my God Matrix number sequence that you can see in the T-shirt design gallery of this website in the Visual Media section, functions in the exact same manner as the Fibonacci number sequence except with an infinite continuous single digit result in the code of 3 6 9.

Cyclic: recurring in cycles ll (math.) of a figure all of whose vertices lie on a circle (a cyclic quadrilateral)
Connected: linked ll related by birth or marriage ll employed in some capacity or otherwise associated
Saturn: (Rom. mythol.) the god of agriculture, father of Jupiter ll the sixth planet from the sun
Cosmos: the universe as an orderly whole ll an ordered system of ideas, self-inclusive and harmonious
Procession: an orderly line of persons, animals or things, singly or in rows, moving together in the same direction ll the act of moving thus ll (theol.) a divine issuing forth, the procession of the Holy Ghost [F.]
Continuous: adj. connected throughout, uninterrupted in space, time or sequence
Partials: n. (mus.) any note in the harmonic series [O.F. parcial fr. L.L.]

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This current information about the A=432Hz concert pitch tuning could not be any more timely as it totally links in with the mathematical awareness of the Hermitron Matrix, the correct tuning of the frequencies in the scale of whole notes as it pertains to our genetic code and planetary movement, as well as the missing piece of the puzzle as to why man has become so dysfunctional. The growing knowledge that this timing in pitch may be the answer to the riddle in the definition of the note Sol, which means solve the pollution of the day. Also how the cycle of pitches pertaining to octaves totally correlated with my Hermitron Matrix when tuned in 432Hz concert pitch. This is because the music is cyclic and in three’s which the math proves. I remember commenting to a friend when I drew the matrix illustration for the “Music of the Spheres” diagram, how each row was in two parts of 9 separate crosses one for each of the numbers from 1 to 9 adding to 36 crosses as in the circle of 360 degrees, or as in 3+6=9. When I counted the number of sides on one cross I discovered that there were 12, and when multiplied by the 9 numbers of the musical numerology added to 108, and when multiplied by all 4 lines of 9 crosses equalled 432 sides as in the amount of Hz in the original A=432Hz concert pitch tuning. This new information came to me like a revelation as I was realizing that my illustration was incomplete showing an inconsistency of inexactitude, or inconsequence by only showing half of the picture. I now had to start a new series of Matrix artworks beginning with a complete 4x2 row Hermitron Matrix. This further illustration will provide 72 crosses with 864 sides representing the 864 year procession of Saturn to complete its orbit, which makes it the timepiece of the Universe. Saturn is also the sixth planet from the Sun making it the fourth whole note of Fa meaning Family at 639Hz in the Harmony of the Spheres.

Genetic code: sequence of a triplet of nucleotides in DNA and messenger RNA molecules that specify the order of assembly of proteins in amino acids, some of which determine inheritance of characteristics
Riddle: a question phrased obscurely but correctly and posed to test the ingenuity of the person
Diagram: sketch designed to give a broad explanation ll a geometrical figure used to illustrate a theorem
Inconsistency: the state or quality of being inconsistent ll an instance of this
Inexactitude: the quality of being inexact ll an instance of this
Inconsequence: lack of logical sequence or of relevance ll an instance of this
Orbit: the closed path, usually elliptical, in which a planet moves around the sun ll to move in an orbit
Timepiece: any instrument used for measuring time

When I learned that the pitches were at 27, 54, 108, 216, 432, 864 and 1728Hz, this also correlated with the lines of crosses starting the sequence at the three digit frequency of 108Hz, as 9 times 12 sides of a cross is equal to 108. I began to visualize the piano keyboard octaves on top of the matrix chart with one number for each octave as every whole note has two sympathetic tones with the third oscillation bringing you back to the original note or octave. Like my art conceptions of the music where the numbers change but the image remains the same, in this instance the notes remain constant with Mi meaning miracle at 528Hz for the middle C or point of balance when tuned at 432Hz, while the pitches of the notes changed instead. In case you did not know 528Hz is the healing frequency that geneticist’s use in their laboratories to repair DNA. In my visual concept of the matrix keyboard overlay there are 8 octaves of A, each increasing by 108Hz with the first note of inequality or inefficiency being C at 0Hz or inaudible pitch on a board that stretches 97 keys in length. This vision of a piano will never be produced, not because of an inaccuracy or inadequacy, but more likely due to the inclemency of inarticulate pitch.

Sequence: succession of things that are connected ll succession of phrases repeated at different pitches
Constant: a quantity or factor that does not change, that may be universal (e.g. the circular ratio [pi])
Inequality: lack of equality ll an instance of this, with respect to size, social status income, quality etc.
Inefficiency: pl. inefficiencies n. the quality or state of being inefficient ll an instance of this
Inaccuracy: pl. inaccuracies n. the quality of being inaccurate ll an instance of this
Inadequacy: pl. inadequacies n. the quality or state of being inadequate ll an instance of this
Inclemency: pl. inclemencies n. the state or quality of being inclement ll an instance of this

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As my understanding continued to develop, like a luminary I began to quantitatively envision not only the math but also the music, as I came to realize that the 2 numbers I had decided to use for examples of divinatory meanings in my last thesis “Journey of the Soul”, were in fact directly associated with the piano. My descriptions were of the numbers 5 or Pentad which means light or balance, and 7 or Heptad which relates to the 7 modes of perception as in Smell, Taste, Sight, Touch, Hearing, and the Sixth Sense of Mental Perception along with the Seventh Sense of Spiritual Understanding. Also the number 7 relates to the Family of God and Man, with God which is Triune or 3, and Man who is Quarternary or 4. The reason that the numbers 5 and 7 relate to the piano keyboard is due to the 7 whole notes or white keys, and the 5 semi-tone notes or black keys, in every octave on the keyboard. This pattern equals 12 keys per octave which makes the math of the piano, and of the Universe, cyclic or in 3’s as is the single digit numerological equivalent of the Pythagorean Theorem meaning A+B=C, or 1+2=3.

Luminary: a body giving light ll a person of outstanding intellectual, spiritual or moral quality
Associated: to connect in one’s mind ll to cause to participate in some cooperative capacity
Number: a word or symbol used to express how many or what place in a sequence ll a total
Light: a brightness ll a vivacious or spirited look ll mental illumination, power to explain things
Touch: to be or become so close to (something) that there is no intervening space ll to seem to do this
Family: a group consisting of individuals descended from a common ancestry [fr. L. familia, household]
Modes: (mus.) a way of ordering the notes in an octave according to the intervals between notes
God: the supreme being, seen as the omnipotent creator and ruler of the universe
Triune: adj. three in one, the triune God triunity n. [fr. TRI-+L. unus, one]
Quarternary: 1. adj. consisting of four ll of the most recent period of geological time 2. the number four
Pythagorean: adj. pertaining to Pythagoras his followers or his teachings n. a follower of Pythagoras

When I learned of how our psychological perception and social behaviour had received a diabolic manipulation in the misquotation or circumlocution of our musical periphrases in pitch, I was aghast to find out it was the result of a US-NAZI cooperative propaganda campaign. This illogical foreign policy, or movement of idiocy, and mismatch of human incivility that was allowed to continue throughout WWII, reminded me of the non-competition agreement of cooperation between the US and the German pharmaceuticals throughout the same war. How both of the sides were allowed to do business and prosper during this time, and how the I.G. Farben industrial complex was not bombed and remained protected during the air raids so the CIA could use the extensive facility as their European Headquarters after the war had ended. I do not know about you but if you ask me this reticence moan and tortuosity of existence stinks to high heaven, and I will not be afraid to hurl the accusation at this personification of evil, and I will begin an interrogation as to the intrusion of indecency towards our humanism.

Misquotation: the act of misquoting ll an instance of this
Periphrases: circumlocution or an instance of this
Idiocy: very stupid or foolish behaviour ll an instance of such behaviour [IDIOT]
Mismatch: 1. to match incorrectly or inappropriately 2. an example of bad matching
Incivility: rudeness ll an instance of rudeness
Reticence: an inclination to be reserved in speech or behaviour ll an instance of this
Tortuosity: the state or quality of being tortuous ll an instance or example of this
Hurl: 1. to throw violently ll to utter with vehemence 2. the act of hurling or an instance of this
Personification: treating of an abstract quality or thing as if it had human qualities ll an instance of this
Interrogation: the act of interrogating ll an instance of this ll a question
Intrusion: the act of intruding ll an instance of this ll wrongful entry upon someone else’s property
Indecency: the quality or state of being indecent ll an instance of this
Humanism: any of several movements purporting to advocate the universally human as against utilitarian science, religious dogma, uncontrolled passion (e.g. Romanticism), political strivings etc.
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It would appear that this discussion of tuning and concert pitch has struck a deep and discerning note of discord with the Divine Spirit of Man. I have never seen the energy so riled, or fired up as I have with this latest barrage of instances delivered in the last paragraph. The only exception being in the word mismatch which used the term an example of in its definition which means the same as an instance of but on this occasion directly tied into the definition of tortuosity the only word that I have found so far to date that has used both an instance or example of this. The Spirit is also shedding direct light on the mismatch of our tonal pitch in the frequencies of 440Hz concert tuning, and how this assault on our intonation is creating a state of tortuosity within the symbiotic relationship of existence between the Family of God and Man. Without Man there is no God and without God there is no Man at least in the sense of a Divine Sentient Being, as it is in the interdependence and coexistence of both entities that form the symbiotic bond of harmony attuned to the Consciousness of Man, in the Music of the Spheres.

Appear: to come on the scene, arrive ll to present oneself, e.g. in court or before a committee
Discussion: verbal exchange of ideas ll a written or spoken orderly treatment of any subject ll argument
Deep: heartfelt, deep sorrow ll (of a remark etc.) suggesting aspects of truth not at once apparent
Discord: disagreement, quarrelling ll a jarring combination of sounds discordance n. discordant adj.
Riled: to arouse anger or resentfulness in ll to roil (a liquid)
Barrage: a formidable number (of questions, protest etc.) poured out in a rush
Exception: excluding or being excluded ll someone or something excepted from a general rule, class etc.
Occasion: a set of circumstances associated with a point in time, viewed as having special importance
Tonal: pertaining to tone or tonality ll (mus.) having the internal intervals of a musical phrase modified when it is repeated at an interval on grounds of key (instead of being exactly reproduced), a tonal fugue
Attuned: to bring (a musical instrument) into harmony ll to make (one thing) suit or agree with another

This new knowledge regarding the change to our previous tuning of A=432Hz Concert Pitch has also outraged my senses, as this transmogrified mutilation of our music might be just as bad for humanity or possibly even worse than the Digitalization of Man. Or could this be a blessing in disguise? In 1953 this modification of noise dissonance in music led to a change of perception and anti-social behaviour, but now 60 years later in 2013 the increased volume of traffic from all of the current digital and wireless devices is crippling our genetic makeup and torturing our Blessed Souls. Throughout all of my writings I have always realized that as a system of communication Man will never be able to look back and remove the digital apparatus, as it has already become so intertwined into our activities and we have become so dependent on the technology. Though the awareness from our social media a change in pitch back to A=432Hz tuning as the international standard would have an invaluable positive effect toward the treatment of our Souls, and the preservation of our Humanity. This idea of logic and principle does indeed seem practical, reasonable and totally conceivable. For if it increases our ability to fight disease and repairs the effects of age through the inherent purpose of the seashell shaped design in the cochlea of our inner ear, what possible reason other than manipulative would there be for the Society of Man to not make this reversion back to the sound judgement and wisdom of its former glory; by enabling the Godlike effect in our sense of hearing from the Fibonacci Number Sequence, and inviting its divine purpose back into our lives. So as of now I have decided to enact a public debate, and an online petition for a change in the International Standard Organizations present global standard of A=440Hz Concert Pitch tuning back to its previous ergonomics and organically superior tuning of A=432Hz Concert Pitch. It is not, nor will it ever be a return to the beneficial analog experience of humanism that we once had in all of our modes of communication, but it is a start. So to make a difference towards the treatment of the Soul and of our Humanism I would encourage you to sign up today and to be a part of this important proposition of health, wealth and logic. Now is not the time to sit by idly while the world spins out of control, and no one has anything left to give but despair. Is this to be our grim reality, life without hope?

Voice your opinion by visiting ________ to cast your vote for a return to A=432Hz concert pitch tuning.

Page 44 Outraged: a flagrant offense against order or dignity or against principles ll to make furious or resentful
Blessing: good fortune a blessing in disguise something unwelcome at which turns out to be fortunate
Noise: sound due to irregular vibration ll any sound which causes discomfort ll (loosely) any sound
Dissonance: (mus.) discord ll inconsistency between words and actions, or words and beliefs
Glory: praise, adoration, glory be to the Father ll particular distinction ll splendour ll sublime beauty
Ergonomics: the study of the mental and physical capacities of persons in relation to the demands made upon them by various kinds of work ergonomist [fr. Gk ergon, work+nomos, law]
Hope: a confident expectation that a desire will be fulfilled ll something which one longs to see realized ll the virtue by which a Christian looks with confidence for God’s grace in this world and glory in the next

Another significant correlation between the numerology music matrix, the concert pitch, and the Soul is in the number of sides of crosses that there are in a conjoint 2 line row, or 4-way reflection of 18 crosses. There is no discrepancy in the sum of 18 crosses times 12 sides being equal to 216 which also happens to be the number of years that it takes for the completion of a metempsychosis meaning the rebirth of man after his death, as it is 2 times 108 that represents the 2 connected rows displaying the musical energy that exists between God, the Spirit, and the Soul of Man. You may think of it as 1 row of crosses being representative of Man, and equal to 1 human half-life, for without it you may be heading for a fall. This aspect of the Soul is interesting because it again brings us back to the leadership, exuberance, and sometimes audacity of prevarication that is in the tonic of the teachings by Pythagoras. As if I were sideswiped it occurred to me that 216 is also equal to 9 or completion and is a constant. So depending on what year you are born in, your number could designate a quality or character trait that your Soul will enable you to improve upon. I myself for example being born in 1959 am a 6 number designate. That being said if I were to go back 216 years to my previous reincarnation, this person also would have been born on a day in a 6 year. So depending on what number sign you are born under can have a definite impact on the kind of person that you will become. This device affords the Soul a chance to improve on its most significant inherent quality, or God given virtue and character trait. This aspect of purification allows us as sentient human beings to become better men as we are enrich our lives by the disciplines of art, music, math, science and philosophy which occur organically as we are driven to improve upon ourselves, and by doing said disciplines are in fact purifying our own Sacred Souls.

Matrix: pl. matrices matrixes n. a place within which something is formed and developed [L.=womb]
Discrepancy: pl. discrepancies n. the state of being discrepant ll an instance of this
Rebirth: n. a second birth ll a renewal, e.g. of energy or strength ll a renaissance
Death: n. a dying, the end of life ll the state of being dead ll an end, destruction the death of one’s hopes
Half-Life: n. the time required for half the amount of a substance to be eliminated, metabolized etc. after it has been introduced into an organism
Fall: 1. v.i. to drop by gravity ll to lose position, to fall from favour 2. n. the act or an instance of falling
Leadership: n. the quality displayed by a leader ll the act of leading or an instance of this [LEAD v.]
Exuberance: n. the state or quality of being exuberant or an instance of it [F. fr. L. exuberantia]
Audacity: pl. audacities n. boldness or an instance of it ll impudence, shamelessness or an instance of it
Prevarication: n. the act of prevaricating ll an instance of this
Tonic: n. an invigorating medicine, meant to tone up the system ll (mus.) the keynote of the scale
Sideswiped: 1. v.t. to strike with a glancing blow along the side 2. n. a sideswiping or an instance of this
Inherent: adj. existing in someone or something as a permanent characteristic or quality
Quality: n. grade, degree of excellence ll trait, characteristic, attribute etc. ll (mus.) timbre the quality
Virtue: n. a quality held to be of great moral value (*CARDINAL VIRTUES, *THEOLOGICAL VIRTUES)
Character: n. the total quality of a person’s behaviour, as revealed in his habits of thought and expression, his attitudes and interests, his actions, and his personal philosophy of life ll nature, kind
Enrich: v.t. to improve the quality of ll to make a valuable addition to (a collection, museum etc.)

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This idea of hiding the truth also confers with the time period of Pythagoras and his teaching methods. Along with ideas such as a museum, to orchestrate and harmony, many of the disciplines or doctrine of Pythagoras could have been misinterpreted as heretical, which may also explain why nothing was ever written down as a permanent record of Pythagoras. His time of around 500 B.C. falls directly in between the teachings of Moses and Jesus, the Old Testament and the New, while the teachings of Pythagoras most probably had a lot of influence on the writings of the Greek Apocrypha meaning the things that are hidden, as well as on the practises and philosophies of the mystical Essenes. Add to this the various theories of Pythagoras and his single digit numerology as the hidden language of the Soul, and I feel that without a doubt it must be Pythagoras who is the third significant Prophet, along with Moses and the Nazarene whom we call Jesus the Christ. Moses was the Prophet of Gods laws and the word of God, or Logos. Jesus was the Son of Man and is the Prophet of peace, love and understanding, while it is my firm faith that Pythagoras is the Prophet of the Spirit, or Comforter which is the Holy Ghost, and is also the Emissary of the Human Soul. In this way we have the Trinity of Moses who is of the Father, Jesus who is of the Son, and Pythagoras who is of the Holy Ghost. While he was still alive Jesus did make this commitment to his disciples. “But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you” (John 14:26).

Museum: a building used for the preservation and exhibition of objects illustrating human or natural history, esp. the arts or sciences [L. fr. Gk mouseion, temple of the Muses]
Orchestrate: score or compose (music) for performance by an orchestra ll to arrange music in this way
Harmony: pl. harmonies n. a pleasing combination of musical sounds ll the relationship between two or more notes sung or played simultaneously (cf. MELODY) ll agreement ll peace ll pleasing relationship
Doctrine: the tenets of a philosophical school or of a political system, or the dogma of a religion [F.]
Heretical: adj. of or relating to a heresy or heretic [fr. M.L. haereticalis]
Record: to set down in some permanent form ll (law) to commit to writing as authentic evidence of
Apocrypha: certain books of the Old Testament not regarded as canonical by Jews or Protestants, as being of uncertain authorship or legendary, but mostly still included in the Roman Catholic canon.
Essenes: a member of a Jewish sect or brotherhood which flourished from about the 2nd c. A.D. and was centered in isolated communities near the Dead Sea. The Essenes practised asceticism, held property in common, and sought to practise mystical communion with God [fr. L. Esseni fr. Gk, of Heb. origin]
Moses: Israelite leader, prophet and legislator, one of the greatest figures in the Old Testament. He led the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt. The Pentateuch describes how the Ten Commandments were promulgated through him, and the making of the criminal and liturgical laws of the Israelites.
Jesus: Jewish religious leader whom Christians worship as the Son of God and Saviour of Mankind, the Christ. According to the Gospel Mary was the only human parent (*VIRGIN BIRTH). Jesus had portrayed God as a self-giving father of mankind, in contrast to Jehovah, the ‘jealous God’ of the Old Testament (and in contrast to the gods and goddesses of Pagan Rome), and this revolution in religious thought was to become a continuing process through the Holy Spirit working in the Church (*Christianity)
Trinity: pl. trinities n. the Trinity the union in one Godhead of three persons: Father, Son and Holy Ghost

As I continue to follow my quest for knowledge and truth while it manifests itself through the esoteric matrix language, I am discovering the eschatology of ethos and ethnology. I may seem to be acting in a manner of extravagance or extroversion but it is just a way to forever etch into my mind’s eye the ability to connect to my intrinsic way of life. The more I become aware the more I learn how to engage a whole series of lemma designed to enlighten my Spirits, as I satisfy my Soul. My desire to better my standing through a better understanding inspires a supererogation of artistic disciplines in order to prove my mathematical syllogism which is to also prove the Holy existence of the Lord thy God, the reason why we exist, and the meaning of life by definition, or an instance of this.

Page 46 Quest: a pursuit, search, a quest for riches ll (in medieval romance) a search undertaken by a knight in selfless devotion, the quest for the Holy Grail in quest of in search of (adventure, treasure etc.)
Esoteric: religious, mystical or philosophical teaching or practise with a meaning that is understood only by those who have received the necessary instruction or training, the esoteric language of schoolboys
Eschatology: the branch of theology which deals with the final end of man and of the world
Ethos: the spirit of a people as expressed in its culture, ways of thought, philosophy and religion
Ethnology: the science dealing with the races of mankind, their distribution, relationships and activities
Extravagance: a being extravagant or an instance of this
Extroversion: the psychological state of an extrovert ll a manifestation of this (opp. INTROVERSION)
Lemma: (math.) a subsidiary theorem, proved in order to be used in proving the main theorem ll (logic) a subsidiary proposition, esp. drawn from another body of thought [Gk lemma, something assumed]
Supererogation: the act of doing more than is required by duty or obligation ll an instance of this
Syllogism: a logically consistent argument of two propositions, and a conclusion deduced from them

If we go through one final summation of the bad noise due to the change in our concert pitch back in 1953 we start to see a pattern beginning to emerge. Due to the change of perception in our youth toward anti-social behaviour, this change was also reflected in our art and entertainment with Rock and Roll, Heavy Metal and the furthering degradation in our music, though when it comes to the balance beam of life there is always that Yin/Yang effect. So it is through this technique to control and manipulate us that actually enables the catalyst for social change through the human rights movement of women and coloured people in North America during the 1950’s and 60’s. Though there still lies the problem of this damaging effect to our inner ear from the change to our pitch. Why don’t we think about what else began to change after 1953? Could it be that this change in tonality is directly linked to the steadily increasing rise in numbers, and forms of cancer cases in our healthcare system today? For all of the billions of dollars spent on cancer research is it possible that something as simple as a change in our pitch may be part of the answer to solving the pollution of the day, by dramatically lowering the numbers of new cancer cases? Could this also be part of the reason why half of our honey bees are dropping dead? Our day is now at hand and incidentally the numerical sequence for the letters in the word day is 417 which also just so happens to be the frequency of the second whole note Re meaning resonance at 417Hz, and it was Heinrich Hertz that proved sound travelled at the speed of light. How can the truth of the word resonate if we do not have the correct tone of pitch in our resonance? Is this the message of the Atonement meaning what a tone meant? The time that it takes us to reverse this curse on our humanity can never be too soon, or soon enough. If you think about the rise in cancer rates, back in 1953 this disease was practically unknown as compared to nowadays, with maybe 1 out of 10 people or less that would contract this human curse. The way that I am now beginning to look at this seems like every decade that passes increases the rate by 1 more person out of 10, so that now 60 years later around half or 5 out of 10 people living in industrialized populations will contract some form of this deadly disease at some point in their life. The “War on Cancer” is a sham. I used to have notions about how the economy might collapse if we did not celebrate this holiday of Christmas, and I am now getting the same sentiment about the cancer industry as I feel that they have no intention of trying to find a cure and probably make such bold statements regarding an economic collapse around their boardroom tables. You begin to realize that this disease called cancer like Christmas is just a device designed in order to manipulate and control, putting you under constant strain and stress by putting a drain on your hard work and financial resources. This is a part of the reason why 10% of our population is making about 90% of the money due to this unfair and corrupt political system. This idea of a perpetual stress factor is also a part of this master plan to control you, and to make you fall in line. Add to this factor the strain of the military budget, and its grim forecast of a human casualty disaster tragedy and you are now a subject of this evil trinity of anti-humanism in the forms of commercial greed, war, and disease.

Page 47 Summation: the act of adding ll an aggregate ll a final summing up summational [fr. summare, to sum]
Yin and Yang: two forces through whose essences produced the universe and maintain cosmic harmony
Movement: the act or process of moving ll an instance of this ll an impulse ll the development of the action in a prose work ll the rhythmic quality of a poem ll the moving parts of a mechanism (clockwork)
Tonality: (mus.) the quality of having key (cf. ATONALITY) ll the colour relationship in a painting
Nowadays: 1. adv. at the present time in history 2. n. the present time, children of nowadays
Sentiment: a group of emotions and opinions associated with and aroused by an idea ll sentimentality
Intention: (logic) the sum of the attributes contained in a concept or implied by a term intensional
Corrupt: depraved ll changed from a sound to a putrid state ll dishonest, open to bribery ll not genuine

One last concern as to the moralization of Man and agenda concerning the ills of 440Hz Concert Pitch, but assuredly not the least of our ongoing concerns is in the added stress effect of which we already have way too much, that comes from a higher tuning and performance of the instruments. On the stringed instruments there is a stress of extra tension, while on the human voice the detriment comes from the added tension created in the tightening of our vocal chords, as well as the damage that we inflict upon the cochlea of our inner ear due to the stress from dissonant wave interference patterns that put our sense of hearing at a subtle disadvantage. There is a final point of urgency for the reversion of our human pitch and tone and that is because this seashell shaped cochlea that can be found in the inner ear of mammals and birds could actually be a radio receiver from God that is enabled through the Spirit of Man. In other words there is no way to God without the intermediary of the Soul and the Spirit in the construct of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. It is possible that this is what was really meant by Jesus when he said that the only way one could enter the Kingdom of Heaven was through him as he was not only the Son of Man but also representative of the Spirit in the Resurrection of Man. I have no hesitation in telling you that this is no easy road as it involves a lot of hard work, spiritual discipline, purification of the Soul, and an unshakable belief in your faith, and in yourself. I believe that most of the congregation of Jehovah’s Witness would agree with me, at least on that account. That is to say if they are permitted to read what their church will probably consider to be blasphemous or demonized, and that is not to say that I am or ever was a Jehovah’s Witness apart from the meaning of their definition, as I have stated in my previous papers that I never was a religious person per se. It’s just that I am able to respect all religions and can find the meaning and significance in all of the ethnologies of the Spirit. It is in the delivery system of the various Church’s that I have my major problem with as I have always seemed to be more of a Spiritualist. Up until 2010 I had always found my inspiration and my meaning in my art and my music. By crippling its functionality and design our pitch was used against us to offset our sense of balance thereby making us a weaker and a more subhuman race. By rendering the capability and effectiveness in our sense of hearing the Beast has been allowed to shut the door to a meaningful existence and to a profound dialogue with the Sacred Soul, Blessed Spirit and with your God.

Moralization: the act of moralizing ll an instance of this
Tension: n. an electric current ll a state of emotional stress ll a state of repressed hostility tensional adj.
Voice: the faculty or power of human utterance ll the vocal organs, he strained his voice ll (phon.) a sound uttered when the breath vibrates the vocal chords, producing a resonance absent in breath alone
Interference: The displacement at any point of intersection of two or more waves. Interference is observed in sound waves (*BEAT) and light waves (*NEWTON’S RINGS), and is used in analytical optical instruments for the measurement of small linear displacements and other effects (*INTERFEROMETER)
Subtle: ingenious, cunning, clever, a subtle argument ll working insidiously, secretly, or imperceptibly
Per se: adj. intrinsically, considered independently of other things [L.=by itself]
Spiritualist: a person who believes in philosophical spiritualism
Rendering: the process of melting or extracting fat ll an artistic version or interpretation ll a translation
Capability: the quality of being capable ll ability to be developed ll potentially excellent performance
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This seashell shaped design pattern that incorporates the infinite Fibonnaci number sequence may also be a clue as to the question of who has a soul. Some Eastern religions and philosophies believe that even an insect can have a soul, and depending on what kind of a life that you have led may have a direct bearing on what kind of a creature you may possibly come back as. I do not adhere to this notion, but I would say that any genus of creature that has a cochlea such as the mammals which include the dolphins and whales, as well as the birds, have been equipped with an antenna to the Holy Ghost, thereby making it Soul worthy. Now I am not trying to make an insolence of acrimony, but we really need to start taking note of a situation that one should be able to sight-read or read by sight, and then write it down in gold leaf while sipping on a glass of port or sherry. When you have finished you may be permitted to sign your work thereby making its significance as strong or as soft as leather. This is the kind of abstract thought that may be required to build a faith upon this and live a rewarding, meaningful, and harmonious life in the key of F. Now is not the time to develop the characteristics or qualities of an apostate who is playing the role of his life in the part of a self centered salesman oblivious to his acceptance of a world that has sunken into a deep paradigm of loathsome recreancy.

Clue: (klu) n. anything serving as a guide in the solution of a mystery [CLEW]
Creature: a living human or animal ll something created ll a servile tool of someone else [F.]
Genus: a group of animals or plants within a family, closely connected by common characteristics
Mammals: a member of Mammalia highest class of vertebrates including man. The many characteristics include warm blood, hair covering the body, mammary glands to nourish the young, a diaphragm used in respiration and a four chambered heart with a circuit to the lungs for circulation [fr. mamma, breast]
Insolence: n. the quality of being insolent ll an instance of this
Acrimony: pl. acrimonies n. harshness or bitterness of temper or manner ll an instance of this
Sight-read: to read (music, a passage for translation) without preparation ll to read music in this way
Port: a fortified, sweet, rich red or white wine from Portugal ll an imitation of this
Sign: to accept as legally binding by doing this ll to mark with the sign of a cross, e.g. in consecrating
Apostate: 1. someone who abandons his religious faith (or party etc.) for another 2. guilty of doing this
Recreancy: pl. recreancies n. (rhet.) the quality of being recreant or an instance of this

Exploring the numeral sign of your Soul birthdate, as well as your Zodiac Sign allows you to further examine your inner self by becoming aware of the hidden attributes that you may possess. In this way the meaning of your number could reflect in the image or the message of the man, but what one should consider is that we all have an artistic side, one that comes directly from the Soul, one that has been improved upon for millennia. I believe that a clue to these numerical artistic Soulful qualities can be found in the definition of Muse as in the nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne. They are the divinities who preside over the arts and inspire mankind. The numbers of the daughters from 1 to 9 are a good reference or guideline to follow or consider as you get a chance to know yourself through your own Soul’s numerological birth rite. To not address this side of your divine nature and to just walk away from the Spirit is an oversight that would leave this world and your existence in a shambles. It will be from man’s own lack of faith that will lead to this eventual overkill of an unnatural final human disaster.

Muse: (Gk mythol.) one of the nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, divinities who preside over the arts and inspire mankind. In most attributions Cleo is Muse of history, Calliope of epic poetry, Euterpe of music, Thalia of comedy, Melpomene of tradgedy, Terpsechore of the dance, Erato of love poetry, Polyhymnia of sacred song and Urania of astronomy [F. fr. L. musa fr. Gk mousa]
Oversight: failure to notice something or an instance of this ll supervision, general oversight of his works
Shambles: a slaughterhouse ll a scene of great destruction ll (pop.) extreme disorder or a scene of this
Overkill: 1. n. national capacity in nuclear armament over and above what would be needed to destroy an enemy ll an instance of destruction using this capacity 2. v. to exert more force than necessary, e.g., having the effect of extirpating several times over

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Thinking about how the soul is on a mission to purify it’s self by making you a better man, I thought about how I had entertained the possibility of myself as the twelfth metempsychosis of Pythagoras. This was because I had repeatedly discovered his theories but in the musical matrix language of his Soul. Looking back on the true birthdate of Jesus being September 15, 5 B.C., as this was when the 2 bodies of Venus and Regalus meaning ‘Little King’ perfectly aligned with the rest of the Zodiac to appear as a single shining star. This occurrence happened again on March 28, 28 A.D., 33 years later when the same bodies aligned over Jerusalem during the death of the Christ. These 2 spheres had never aligned before and never will align again. I decided to mathematically go back a few lifetimes to see if my Soul could have been born on this date of 5 B.C., but when the dates crossed the line of A.D. to B.C. I discovered that there was strange shift in time and space, and on the number of the Soul. In A.D. it is a time of Man and the dates work on the numerology of Man, but when you make the crossover to B.C. it is the time of the Soul. The numerology of the Soul works in 4 pairs that add up to 9, as in 1 and 8, 2 and 7, 3 and 6, 4 and 5, with 9 leftover at the end and no balance beam. So for example my Soul, when it crosses 216 years over the threshold will change from a 6 year to a 3 year adding to 9, and this will work the same way with all of the numbers, except for 9 of course as this remains constant even when added to itself. I am beginning to see this now as 3 different 2000 year periods. The 2000 years B.C. were a time of the Soul, while the 2000 years A.D. a time of Man. And now it is the 2000 year millennia as a return of the Soul, and the possible return of the Christ. I could not foresee the mathematical possibility of my Soul being a reincarnation of Jesus, although as I remembered what I had said about the similarities between Jesus and Pythagoras it is possible that our Jesus could also be the third metempsychosis of the illustrious Pythagoras. I do not mean to leach out the truth or to cause a news leakage as in a Wiki leak, but the time has now come for us to decide a way into this new and exciting alternative measure.

Leach: 1. v.t. to cause (water etc.) to percolate through something ll to wash away (soluble matter) 2. n. a sieve used in leaching ll the act of leaching or an instance of this [prob. O.E. leccan, to water]
Leak: v.i. to allow (secret or restricted information) to become known to people not intended to have the information ll to allow (e.g. fluid or light) to leak leakage n. the act of leaking or an instance of this

I wish I had more time to talk about the quantum side of things like phonons which are a quantum of heat energy in the acoustic vibration of a crystal lattice, or photons the fundamental particle of rest mass 0 that is regarded as the quantum of radiant energy. After all is all about the energy of light and sound, and of the consciousness. The photon also has spin quantum number 1 which incidentally is the title of my new CD, and by the way I almost forgot to tell you that I recorded this entire effort in A=432Hz Concert Pitch. As we get more into the quantum aspects of life we begin to see more into the hidden or invisible elements of our Universe. Up until this moment I have said the frequencies of musical notes were of Man because they are of Man’s music and the 369 code was the unseen conjoint Entity. I am now beginning to see that it is the music that is God or the Entity, and it is Man who belongs to this invisible 369 conjoint frequency. Man believes he has conquered all and knows everything, but in reality he is infantile and knows nothing. Without the acceptance of a Divine Spirit there can be no comfort in your life, without the Blessing of your Sacred Soul there can be no Heaven on Earth. Let this manifesto be considered as an Obadiah on the end times. The Spirit has placed a single digit numerological meaning in the sequence of all 645 definitions regarding the Family of the Soul and the infinite omnipresent energies of our universe. They are from 1 to 9 and are all of great significance to the Comforter esp. the ones containing an instance of this of which there are 80. At the end of the day it is in the security of a full and moderate lifestyle that allows you the chance to really know yourself while practising to do unto others as you would have others do unto you, and above all to love your Lord, thy God. When you begin to open this channel to your Soul you will engage the profound chills and rushes of energy reminiscent of the after effects that one would feel from an orgasm as you begin to experience the Meaning of Life by Definition, or “An instance of this”.

Orgasm: the climax of excitement in sexual intercourse ll an instance of this [fr. Gk orgaein, to swell]

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