The time is now 12:00 o'clock noon, April 19, 2011 as I begin to write the follow up to my major thesis or fact finding mission which I aptly titled, “The Digitalization of Man”. It has been roughly 10 months since I began writing that ground breaking Manifesto whose claim was to try and prove the existence of God and the Spirit from the examination of music, mathematics, and hidden Bible code's. To my knowledge there has been no man in history that has ever attempted to make such a bold statement. It is completely and uniquely original and like the spirit itself seems quantitatively impossible to prove or disprove. This is most likely due to the fact that the spirit is not of this realm or dimension. It is more of an awareness, intuition, or psychic ability to interact with an entity that is not of this world, and so accordingly must be engaged by not only the mind but simultaneously inclusive of the heart and soul.

As I began and continued to write that 36 page summation and mathematical exposition it became ever increasingly apparent that I was not just writing a story about the spirit of God and Man, but actually co-writing a story with the spirit of God and Man. How my need to expose the dehumanizing effect of the digital processes could help to prove the existence of the spirit, and the single digit skein coded Pythagorean mathematics of the spirit could help to prove my thesis about the digitalization of man. Also apparent was my need to show how unbelievable the world had become in the last 20 or so years since the proliferation of personal home computers, by drawing on my English heritage and using the Victorian Era's principle of comparing the old ways to the modern ways.

When I decided to start laying down the foundation for my first literary feature length paper about digitalization, I felt that it was necessary to get back to the place that I love, where the computerization modes had not yet fully taken over. A place where I could clear my head while becoming in-sync with a more humanistic way of life. For me there is only one place that fulfills these inspirational conditions and that is what I like to call my home away from home, sunny Cuba. Now as I begin to write the sequel or follow up paper, I again decided to take advantage of the warmth and sincerity of the Cuban experience and come back to Guardalavaca Beach to start writing “Functions of the Spirit”.

In the first paper I feel that I had done a pretty decent job of identifying the Spirit with the 9 number grid pattern that I called the “God Matrix”, and also explaining some of the ways the single digit matrix mathematics or language of the Spirit could be performed. As an artist that has been driven by the need to create and reflect on society by expressing the truths of the world over the last 33 years, my discovery of the God Matrix became quite the revelation and awakening of my own personal spiritual enlightenment or illumination. What had started out 10 years earlier as a concept about good and evil which I named the “Forces at Work”, had now flourished into this more concrete or conclusive understanding of the universe and the energy or resonance that flows freely through the cosmos. Conversely as an artist that strives to improve and increase his artistic skill while bettering his previous work, where does one go after co-writing a thesis with the divine perfection of the Spirit itself. I made a conscious decision that all I could do now was to continue to expand upon the existing structure or groundwork that was already in place and to finish what I had begun and open the Matrix in all flesh.

In the first paper I explained and identified the Spirit, so now I needed to discuss just how the spirit works and performs in man's daily routines. I also made an affirmation of serving the God Matrix in my own personal work, and daily activities. To try and include the multilayered knowledge of this matrix in all of the function's that were important and meaningful to me, if it were at all humanly possible. In other words, all of my music, poems, speeches, books, websites, movies, performances, etcetera, should all interconnect and express the wisdom of the ages, arts, and celestial energies that flow freely throughout our lives. This would prove to be no easy task because although the concept appears basically simple or straight forward on the surface, the intricacies and variations run deep and much like an onion contain many layers which must be peeled away to get at the core or heart of the matter.

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The heart condition of the reader which is essential and key to unlocking the mystery of the matrix is at the same time the main objection to the awareness. As we become more subjected to the technologies, our heart-feel as celestial being's living the human experience is lessened. Our scientists have mapped the human genome, learned to clone the different species and discovered various ways of controlling the way people think, through the digital frequencies. We have become a race of people that think they know everything, act like Gods, but rely heavily on denial to compensate for the inadequacies of their existence. Until we come to grips with the understanding that it is our heart that allows us to feel the joy, reward, and fulfilling ways of a divine life, we will never be able to achieve the true happiness and inner peace, as it was intended by God and the Spirit.

When we look at the feeling of love, which I believe is the most important function of the Spirit we come to realize that it is just that, a feeling. We can't explain it or prove it, but we just know it to be true. If I fall in love with someone and decide to get married to that person, then tell my best friend of my decision and he feels that it would be a big mistake in my life because she is just using me out of convenience and does not share the same emotion, it would be better for him to keep his opinion to himself. When you feel that you are in love, no person can tell you that you are not because in your heart you know it to be true, and if your friend is compelled to tell you differently he may run the risk of losing your friendship forever. Even if there is validity in your friend's argument, no one will be able to convince you differently when it comes to the feelings of the heart, and as the old saying goes, “It is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all”.

In our current societal trends of text messaging or “twittering”, people are beginning to get addicted to the social networking aspect of sending brief little messages called “twits” to achieve a sense of belonging or oneness. When I was young we used the slang word “twit” to describe someone who was either stupid or mentally challenged. There was a British comedy group called “Monty Python's Flying Circus” which performed a skit on their program called “Race of the Twits”. It was a sporting event where the athletes were all twits. When the starting pistol fired one twit would run in circles, while the other one went backwards and yet another would be stuck running against a pole, and so on. It was really quite absurd, and yet 40 years ago it really seemed quite funny, as it depicted how dumb our society was becoming. Now it no longer seems that funny as our society is literally becoming a “Race of Twits”.

I recently read a newspaper article where the journalist was making a commentary on text messaging. He was describing how he had a birthday party for his 13 year old son and picked the DVD “Laura Croft, Tomb Raider” for his son and his friends to watch. The star of the movie is Angelina Jolie, who might arguably be one of the sexiest women in that industry. In this action adventure film the star wears a lot of skin tight revealing clothing, so the writer of the article figured it was a no brainer that young boys would love to watch this exciting and popular movie. Much to his dismay, he found that the birthday party turned into a roomful of young boys that were ignoring the Hollywood blockbuster because they were all too busy sending each other text messages while they were in the same room together.

A recent study showed that by sending text messages a chemical called an oxytocin was released in the brain that acted similarly to the effect of the euphoric feeling of love that people receive through the eating of chocolate when they are heartbroken. So in other words people are becoming addicted to sending short mundane messages through their digital devices because of the sensation of love that they are receiving through their interaction with their machines. Everyone you talk to is so impressed about how the social networking is bringing people and the world together, but I believe the more realistic conclusion is that this media is creating the promotion of a certain kind of nervous apathy in the development of our youth. The definition of twitter in the New Webster's dictionary reads: twitter n the succession of chirping sounds made by birds; a state of nervous agitation in people.

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Now it is becoming apparent that humans as a race are gravitating towards a future that is becoming dependant on the stimulation they are receiving through the different digital delivery systems. What I had been intuitively espousing over the last 10 years about the “Forces at Work”, and the “Digitalization of Man” became more and more evident as society was catching up through various scientific studies, what I could plainly see and forecast 10 years earlier through my intuition and psychic awareness. This is no surprize to me because for the last 33 years I have always strove to be a true artist, not just a run of the mill artist, but someone who can open up that channel of greatness to not only receive inspiration and reward, but to give.

I have never written a song that has not just organically come to my attention almost haphazardly as if through the air. This has always been a part of my song writing discipline. I would never just sit down and write a song unless I had a personal need to express, and release of my emotion. When you write under this credo you often find yourself revealing predictive forecasts or measures, and at the same time when trying to write pop music it is always a good idea to look ahead and keep in step with the times. On my latest CD “Death in the Air”, there is a song called “Ozone/Acid Rain” that begins with the words “What have we got to show for the nineties, what have we got to show for the day.” When I wrote this song it was 1983 and when I recorded it, the year was 2008. The release of this music was 25 years after its conception and it still sounds as fresh today as when I wrote it. This is the true reward, and this is what the true artist strives for.

A national study was just recently compiled to see if they could prove that cell phone usage would lead to brain cancer. The results of this study could not conclusively prove that using the cell phone would give you brain cancer, but they did prove that using the cell phone did make your brain work harder. Again, this was also no surprize to me as it is no different than what I was saying 10 years ago, about the frequencies of the analog records vs. the digital CD's. How the digital CD's did not relax you like the analog vinyl records, but instead made you more tired, made you sick.

It seems that there is such an open willingness to embrace and accept the digital apparatuses, that we as a people are inviting a pervasion of mind altering devices with little to no thought of concern about the consequences of such behaviour. When you try to talk to people about the concept of a detrimental liability from the overuse of computers, cell phones, and the likes you are more than likely to endure a tremendous backlash of angst and despise for the mere utterance of such a distasteful notion. It did not take us anytime at all to figure out that people who sat to long at the computer began developing unnatural health ailments such as a sore wrist or carpal tunnel syndrome as it is referred to. We could see it, touch it, feel it, and there was no denying it. This resulted in the designs of ergonomic chairs, mouse-pads, pens etc. but I have yet to hear anyone talk about the possibility of ergonomics when referring to the brain. This is because society is to misled or brainwashed to ever be able to acknowledge such a syllogism. The New Webster's dictionary reads: syllogism n. a logically consistent argument; a branch of logic.

If I use a word here or there that you have never heard before, I deeply encourage that you take the time to look them up in your dictionary as I have had to umptieth times while the Spirit of Man intuitively helps me to write some of these passages. I am always impressed to reveal such words that I know are above my ability and vocabulary. It can sometimes be joyful to rediscover the beauty and meaningfulness in the handwritten language, to open that channel of the art that lies deep within your heart. It is similar believe it or not, to the joy that one can receive from the daily discipline of hand written mathematics in your life. With everyone using keyboards to develop dysfunctional verse and calculators to answer what used to concern our daily mathematical exercises and practises, we as a people are acquiring the inability to think or act sharply. Our senses are being dulled and our pathways to knowledge and wisdom have become clogged much in the same manner as the arteries of our heart are being hardened by an abusive, unnatural, and inadequate diet. Why do we demand and beg for more and more of that which makes us less and less of who we are? Many years ago my brother used to say an expression, “it's like all we ever get in this life is more and more of less and less”. The paradox is that in many instances we are receiving less at our own insistence.

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The aftermath of writing my highly original first paper seemed to be of no immediate consequence as I found it hard to find anyone who really got the math, or had the time and interest to get involved. My father said the thesis was well written, but the math gave him a headache. My mother believed I was connecting to the Spirit of God. My friend found it hard to read and couldn't finish it. Another person thought it was brilliant, but could not get the math. I told my brother I was receiving waves of single digit coded math from the Spirit, and his response was “you know, they have pills for that”. I was trying my hardest to get the work onto my new website, with my symbolic web release date of 10-10-10. All of the writings and information had been provided, and there was nothing for me to do now but just wait and let it happen as I believed the website would not only promote my new CD, but also deliver the divine message of God to the masses.

I was assured the website would be up and running for 10-10-10, and I was relieved because I was about to depart on a 16 day trans-Atlantic cruise of Italy, Monaco, Spain, and Portugal with my mother and father who would be 80 and 81 on this voyage. Even though the trip was my parents treat and I was deeply grateful and appreciative, I could not help but feel that the Spirit had some part of this sphere of influence and was in some way rewarding me for all of my efforts, and a job well done in writing down the math. When I was in Italy, I visited a religious museum in Tuscany that had Leonardo da Vinci's most favourite painting that he ever produced titled “St John the Baptist”, on loan from the Louvre. It was truly magnificent to have the honour to stand in such a room and view this wonderful masterpiece that was created by arguably the world's finest art master. I was also amazed at how many of the historical religious art treasures that were showcased, displayed the 8-pointed box on a box design, it was everywhere. The same thing happened in the Gaudi Catholic church in Barcelona, Spain. Wherever I looked, Masonic Ashlar's box symbols were prevalent.

Another excursion in Spain I had the privilege of taking was the tour of Granada, and the Alhambra. This beautiful palace was built in the days when the Moors had conquered Spain around 1200-1400 AD. The Moors spoke and wrote Arabic which is a very mathematically driven language, and in their art or religion they were forbidden to paint or carve any people, animals, or graven images. Only the intricate geometric designs, lattice-works, and Arabic inscriptions praising God were allowed. When you see the awe inspiring sight of how much of this kind of art is present at the palace it is truly unbelievable. Every wall, floor tile, or lattice-work ornately patterned. All of the ceilings, light apertures, window dressings, pathways, gardens, pillars, and fountains all decorated in the glory of God. You can actually feel it when you are in its presence, it moves you. What was also quite a revelation was that the most widely used design in the Alhambra Palace was once again the 8-pointed star configuration, or box superimposed on another box symbol. It was beyond everywhere.

It seemed to me like I had been drawn to these destinations as the Spirit felt that it was important for me to see these sights first hand and feel the impact both artistically and spiritually in the lands where they were first conceived. The Moors had driven back the Catholics, but by 1500 AD the Catholics had completely driven out all of the Moors, Gypsies, and Jews from Spain causing hundreds of years of war and bloodshed over differences in religious ideologies. The ironic factor in all of this death and demise is that each side, are both preying and worshipping the same 8-pointed star pattern or symbol as the other side, while they are at the same time slaying each other in the name of God.

The Mason's Ashlar Box is not only a symbol of God and the Spirit, but is also a design representation of the 9 digit God Matrix. The problematic issue is in the interpretation of the symbol to mean one society having control over another society. This is the significance of its strength to the various secretive societies, and those who would wield its power to control the masses. It is an abuse of this sacred power by these misguided groups that have altered the symbols true meaning of sharing a divine presence with a celestial entity that is connected to our heart by a wireless, intuitive, psychic awareness that channels through our middle eye, porthole to the soul, or sixth sense.

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This is the true destiny of man, to go back to his roots and find the pre-existence of his beginning or the eternal question of man, “Why do we exist?” Only through a loving relationship with God and the Spirit can man ever find true peace within himself or peace on earth. When you find this inner calmness and start developing the matrices of thought required to achieve oneness or atonement, then you will be not afraid and you will never be alone. All throughout our 16 day voyage of discovery we experienced ideal weather conditions for an October passage. I had a lovely outside cabin on the promenade deck towards the front of the ship and every afternoon if I was not on a tour, I would enjoy a fine Cuban cigar on my private balcony as it seemed like every afternoon the sun was shining directly on my perch. My father, who has sailed around the world three times over, told me that he had never witnessed such perfect weather on a trans-Atlantic crossing. Even the captain of the ship at the final dinner of the cruise expressed how he never experienced such incredibly fantastic weather conditions on a trans-Atlantic crossing in his entire career. Of course I felt that it was more than mere coincidence for these favourable conditions, for I knew that the Spirit was with us throughout the entire voyage.

As the year 2010 or the third year in the spirit realm (2+1=3) eventually came to a close, I could not help but to reminisce about how what an absolutely awesome year had just unfolded before me. Even though financially strapped due to external stresses and pressure from a weak economy and raising gas prices, compiled with my hiatus from busking to fulfill my literary needs, this was my best year ever. It truly was the 3 year that I had prophesied something extra special would happen in. Let's just recap shall we, I went to Havana in January to give my good friend and artistic collaborator Enrique, a box of the new CD “Death in the Air”. I established and created my new website which took 6 months to write and helped to arrange an artistic liaison and relationship with the Spirit itself. All throughout the year I kept receiving the number 3 signs reinforcing my belief and resonating with my birth-rite of March the third. In June I went back to Guardalavaca Beach in Cuba to clear my head and begin writing my first literary work “The Digitalization of Man”. I applied for a pair of trade-marks midway through the year, one for the name God Matrix and the other for the 9-digit cube design to be applied to a casual clothing company. This was not only to try and protect this matrix wisdom from the corporate shysters, but also to reveal the sad statement on modern life, that in a paparazzi world of superficiality and a digital society that has destroyed the arts, an artist might get more of a message across on a t-shirt than through his art or music. And finally the wonderful 16 day trans-Atlantic voyage of Italy, Monaco, Spain, and Portugal. It was a most bountiful year, full of revelation, artistic freedom of expression, and the coveted knowledge from my spiritual awakening of discovering the identification of God and the Spirit through its own coded mathematical language. Above all of this was the gift of peace, not a peace amongst nations but the discovery of my own inner peace and calmness. When you become one with the Spirit, there is nothing that can rock your foundation and no task too large or small that is not achievable with the blessing of God. I finished the year making my first edition of God Matrix T-shirts so that I would have a symbolic starting date of 2010 for the establishment of the casual clothing line.

As the third year of the Spirit reached its conclusion the new year of 2011 came to light bringing in the 4 sided boxlike sphere of influence from the number 6. In the same way I kept receiving number 3 signs in 2010, I was beginning to notice that the numerical signs of 2011 were all number 6. This sort of made sense in the numerically relevant idea that if 12-12-12 marked the countdown to a colossal event, good or bad, 2012 would be the number 9 message year, or number 5 spirit year. So, in other words, the significant messages I would be receiving from the Spirit in the 3 years preceding the paradigm shift to life on the second plain, or the embarking of a non-human 2 dimensional existence would be 3, 6, and then 9 respectively.

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This was also reinforced and tied into a mathematical anomaly that was circulating on the internet. It was said if you take your year of birth and add it to your age the answer would be 111. So in my case I was born in 59 and my age is 52. If I add 59 together with 52 the result is 111 and apparently will be 111 for all people. When I heard this I thought what an incredible thing is that, that you could designate everyone with a 3-digit number. I believe it is also a resonant number with the spirit for wireless communications to God, as I had mentioned earlier that all of my signs in the year 2010 had been the number 3. It was also the year that produced the date 10-10-10 which was to be the symbolic date of release for I became aware of Chinese people getting married on this day because they believed it was full of love and luck. It only happens every 100 years at the turn of the century and this particular date was a Sunday which may only happen every 800 years or the single digit 8 as in God and infinity.

The millennium started with the date of 1-1-1 and can only go as high as 12-12-12. If you do the spiritual math you will receive a 3-6-9 continuum loop that will reach 11-11-11 (33=6) this year of 2011, and end finally at 12-12-12 (36=9) the next year of 2012. You see the people around the world that are finding luck and significance on these special times are not connecting these anomalies to the single digit skein math or language of God. So this further relates to the concept that if 2010 was to be my 3 message year (10-10-10=30), and 2011 was to be my 6 message year (11-11-11=33=6), then 2012 would conclusively be my 9 message year (12-12-12=36=9), or completion year.

Upon further contemplation into the idea of 2010 being the 3 year I began to wonder, why does this spiritually designated number of 111 appear in the year 2011 instead of 2010. I believe that this is because 2010 was the human number 3 year and 2011 is the spiritual number 3 year as God tends to steer us in a backwards tendency or reverse movement that will usher in a new era of traditional more conservative ways, directing us in a backwards motion to a more human and simple way of life. But for now I want you to put that idea on hold as we will be delving further into the subject of God's reverse movement a little later in the paper.

A further understanding of the 111 for all age's, shows us that next year's magic number will be 112 or 4, to complete the box. The other interesting thing about this 111 age/date anomaly is that it only applies to those who were born in the last century. If you apply it to the people who were born in this current century I think you will find that instead of 111 or 3, you will receive the number 11 or 2. It is possible that it is already too late for this generation, as they are destined to live in a 2-dimentional existence because that is all they have ever known due to the overuse of digital contrivances. It is however ironic that the sub-humanoid master race that shall emerge in the New World Order will begin to take ownership of the world in 2013 as they reach the symbolic number 13 years of age. This is the same age you must attain in the Jewish faith to become a man and be eligible to receive the ceremony of Bar Mitzvah.

It became clear to me as a spiritual diviner, that my message was to reveal the language of God and its celestial numerical resonance of 369 to the masses before the end times or start of the new order. So it once again becomes important to review the single digit skein coded Pythagorean mathematics of the Spirit in order to shine new light and relevance on its significance. Even though I went into some detail about the math in my thesis “The Digitalization of Man”, it seemed as though most people did not get it. Now I don't know for sure if that was due to a lack of instruction on my part, or if people in general are just too lazy or not interested in math. I called up the perimeter institute and tried to have someone verify the math and even though my opening statement was to prove the existence of God through the math, there was no program in place for such an idea, but they were talking about creating such a program. I then phoned the University of Toronto and asked to speak to the math, philosophy, and theology departments. One by one I was denied an ear from a range of excuses such as government cutbacks, the professors workloads are very busy, are you a student at the university?, etc. If this situation were to have taken place 40 years ago, I am sure there would have been no problem at all finding the verification to life's eternal questions, “why do we exist? Where do we come from? What is the meaning of life? Is there a God?” Woeful is the state of academia in these our last hours, as we approach the final descent into the time of no time.

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Although I had the year of 2010 off as far as busking was concerned, I decided that I would go out and play my guitar on Christmas Eve, and New Year's Eve. This was done to maintain a tradition I began 12 years earlier and also to just get out and play my guitar, interact with some people, have a little fun, and spread the much needed positive energy that had gone astray in my immediate environment. I met a fellow on New Year's Eve that stayed outside and enjoyed my music for a couple of hours, and we discussed a number of topics as we experienced the vibe of the years closing. I told him of my recent discoveries in the field of matrix mathematics. The young man seemed quite interested as it turned out he was a self-professed math Wiz, and beginning a semester at York University in the study of math.

Brian was also a Catholic and seemed to have a thirst for knowledge and the ways of the spirit. I took this to be a sign from the Spirit and arranged to meet Brian so I could give him a copy of my thesis and further discuss the ways of the matrix math. We met one afternoon in a local café and I reviewed the sections involving the mathematics in my thesis for a couple of hours. I gave Brian a signed and numbered copy of my thesis plus an extra copy to pass on to a math professor of his choosing for further verification at the time of his choosing and convenience. After my 2 hour discussion on the Pythagorean single digit math, Brian related 2 major points of interest to me. One comment was that the math seemed sound, or in other words it works, and the other point of interest was that this was the most interesting lecture he had ever attended.

It is presently July 6, 2011 and I have still not heard back on any further developments from the young student. I did talk to him briefly on the phone toward the end of his semester, but he still wasn't comfortable enough with any of the professors yet, to discuss this math theory. His attitude was a bit like, there's lots of time because I still have a couple of years left to go in school. You see therein lies the whole problem. There might not be a couple of years left. Still, there was some reassurance that the math made sense as in my heart I already knew it did. I had more of a feeling that when the Spirit was ready for people to accept its mathematical language, then God would make it possible and lift the veil from off of the math so that all people could bear witness.

As I mentioned earlier, it is again necessary to start from the beginning, go back to the drawing board and re-examine the functions of the single digit skein coded Pythagorean math of the Spirit. The good news is that if you have gotten this far and have already read my first paper “The Digitalization of Man” and are still interested in continuing, then you are well on the way to getting it, congratulations! If you didn't read the first paper, we are going to go over the math again anyways, so it should not be that difficult to follow as long as you keep an open mind and are not too afraid of the act of handwritten mathematics, good luck!

For me it all begins with the 6 note musical solfeggio scale. This scale was based on a hymn from John the Baptist, where the beginning of the hymn starts with a 6 note scale, each note progressively one degree higher than the last. They were the notes to the scale used by the monks in the Gregorian chants and contained the didactic resonant frequencies of Ut, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, and La. The seventh note of Si was added by a French composer in the 17th century. The first note Ut was changed to Do and the newly added 7th note of Si was changed to Ti. The 7th note was seen as an improvement to the scale by adding more variety and diversity to the music, but the spiritual consequence of changing the structure of the notes cyclical, electrical energy flow actually weakened the music's function of bringing man closer to the spirit, or God. This becomes more evident as we study the numerical frequencies of each note, old scale vs. new scale. The 3-digit numbers on each level of the scale are the frequencies of the notes in Hz.

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If you look at Fig. 1 you will observe that the single digit numbers of each column flow into each other like an electrical circuit or loop. The first column vertically downward reads 3,4,5,6,7,8 and connects to the second column 9,1,2,3,4,5 and then the third column 6,7,8,9,1,2. The final digit number 2 at the bottom of the third column connects to the first digit number 3 at the top of the first column and creates a flowing resonant infinity loop. If you add the numbers of each vertical column you reveal that the sum of 6 digits equals 6, or a designation of 1 for every level. If you add the first or second vertical 3 levels independently you reveal that the sum of 3 digits equal 3, with a designation of 1 for every level. This shows us that the resonant frequencies interact in groupings of 3 and that the single digit common denominator code for each grouping of 3 is 936. The code of 936 is also a triad inversion of 369 which represents the code for the multiplication of 3′s table, and is the first third of the 9-digit God Matrix. When you study the single digit matrix math it becomes very clear that there is an undeniable interplay between the frequencies of the musical notes and the 3 digit codes that make up the God Matrix.

I have noticed that whenever I show this scale to someone and they see the number 666 appear, they get quite agitated and think it means evil. Like a double edged sword there are 2 sides to every coin. In this case the 666 shows how God's divine music can open up your sixth sense to the wireless channel of the Spirit. I also noticed when I was doing some hand written single digit multiplication tables that 66 times the number 6 equals 396. This is the same as the first note of the scale or UT which means the whole gamut of all 6 notes and vibrates at a frequency of 396 Hz. Further points of interest showed that 88 times 6 (8 being the number of God) equalled 528, which is the same as the frequency in Hz for Mi meaning miracles. When the number 88 is multiplied by 5 or the middle balancing digit, the result is 440 which is considered concert pitch on the piano.

When it comes to the multiplication of 9′s table, 9 being the number of completion, 37 (3+7=1) times 9 equals 333. The sum of 41(4+1=5) times 9 equals 369, this shows us how balance or equilibrium times completion is equal to the first code of the God Matrix. Multiplying 44(4+4=8) times 9 equals 396, so the Godly 8 times the completion of 9 is the same result as 66 x 6, but 66 is also 3 in the single digit skein, which would read 3×6=9 or the first code of the God Matrix. The number 71(7+1=8) times 9 equals 639, this is the frequency of Fa meaning family which makes up the cross of the divine God Matrix, and shows us how God times completion (8×9) is equal to family. Finally 74(7+4=2) multiplied by 9 is equal to 666, 9 completing 2 as in a two dimensional existence.

As you can see we can derive much meaning from the 9 single digits. The 3′s, 6′s, and 9′s have special looping and powerfully resonant properties. The 1′s and 2′s will combine to make 3, and the 4′s and 5′s will combine to make 9, while the 3′s and 4′s will combine to make 7 and so on. The equations apply to all levels of the different addition tables respectively. The number 8 represents God or an infinity loop while its addition and multiplication tables move in a backwards direction. The number 9 represents completion, and any number multiplied by 9 will equal 9. The main rule with this math is that every answer or question is broken down to the lowest denominator of one single digit between 1 and 9.

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There are no zeros in this godly language as the quantity of nothing has no meaning or value in the spirits realm or dimension. The addition and multiplication of these 9 numbers form continuous patterns and 3 digit coded sequences that repeat for infinity in loops similar to an electrical circuit. When adding or multiplying a 3-digit array of rectangular variable statistical information, each singular column must be added or multiplied individually or independently. This means if I added 369 + 369, I would start on the first column, 3 + 3 = 6, then the second column 6 + 6 = 12 = 3, and thirdly 9 + 9 = 18 = 9. The answer becomes 639. Another interesting rule of thumb when working on this coded math is that the single digits cannot be divided or subtracted. One can only go forth and multiply when it comes to these special and important Pythagorean single digit exercises. Other than that, it's all pretty straight forward when it comes to this single digit coded mathematical school of thought.

Sorry for my brief digression from the 6 note scale, but it will become important to learn the different nuances of the single digit numbers and how they may affect the bigger picture. So now, if we compare the 6-note scale to the newer revised 7-note scale as seen in Fig. 1, we notice that the frequency code of the seventh note Ti, or 963 Hz is the same code that stops the flow of the scale and is a triad inversion of Do (396), and Fa (639), effectively encasing and framing the entire energy flow of the 7 note scale. The flow of the first column is stopped as 9 meets 9 at the beginning of the second column, and 6 meets 6 at the start of the third column, and 3 meets 3 at the entry of the first column. This is how music, arguably the most powerful and beautiful function of the Spirit has been manipulated to take you farther away from God, by shutting down the music's ability to open up the higher matrices of thought required to stimulate the psychic channel of humanities sixth sense. This shutting down of the spirit process has been magnified a thousand times since the completion of the infrastructure for the digitalization of man in 2010.

Fortunately all is not lost for we can repair the damage done by digitalization if we return to our hand written math skills, by using single digit math exercises for 15 minutes a day as a routine regimen. This will also address the problem of the effects of the seventh note. It appears as though we are aimlessly floating towards the greatest battle to ever take place in the history of mankind and humanity, the epic conflict between good and evil, to see who will reign supreme in the battle for the destiny and soul of man's final judgement. If we examine the age old idea that Satan wants to take your Soul and bring down as many people as he can in the end times, well I'm afraid that the evil forces have acquired a kind of secret weapon or spiritual kryptonite when it incorporated the aid of the digital devices. Satan could not win the war by depending on the help of man, so the evil force turned towards the machine to help finish the job.

Your Soul and your heart-feel are attached to the spirit in an electromagnetic, vibratory, wireless frequency configuration that functions on reverberations, resonances, oscillations, and echoes. This is done as a ways of communication between God and Man, by means of a channel that works through both sides of our brain focusing and becoming as one. This will help to open the all-seeing third eye or sixth sense, achieving the oneness with the Spirit, as integrated components, through the power of the God Matrix or Logos. The definition of the Word, Logos taken from the Holman Bible Dictionary reads, “Logos: The Greek term usually translated “word.” In common usage it carried a variety of meanings; an account or reckoning, an argument, principle, reason, or thought. As an English suffix, it designates areas of study: theology, biology, physiology, psychology.

Among the Greek philosophers, especially the Stoics, logos came to mean the rational principle that gave order to the cosmos. It could therefore be equated with God. Human reason, in turn derived from this universal logos. Philo of Alexandria used this concept in his efforts to interpret Jewish religion for those versed in Greek philosophy. In Philo's writings, logos was the mediating agency by which God created the world and by which revelation comes to God's people. The logos became a distinct entity, specifically the “word of God” active in creation and revelation.

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In the Septuagint, the Greek translation of the Old Testament, logos translates the word dabar, which could mean “word”, “thing”, or “event.” In Hebrew thought, the dabar was dynamic and filled with a power that was transmitted to those who received it. The term was often used to designate God's communication to His people, as at the beginning of many of the writings of the prophets: “The word of the Lord came.” The whole of the law, or all of Scripture, could then be referred to as God's Word.

Toward the end of the Old Testament period Wisdom was increasingly personified as the Word of God that mediated between God and the World(see Prov. 8:22-31); Wisdom of Solomon 9:1-2). Wisdom (sophia) was pre-existent, God's first creation, His instrument and agent in all the rest of creation. God became increasingly aloof in Jewish theology and dealt with His creation only through this subordinate being and through His angels.” R. Alan Culpepper

In my thesis “The Digitalization of Man” God shows us how to fight the effects of the digitalization processes by incorporating the use of the single digit skein coded mathematics. In my follow up titled “Functions of the Spirit”, which you are now engaged in reading, God shows us how to fight the digital ravages that are making us all dysfunctional, by showing us the wisdom that is contained in the different functions of the Spirit. It seems like God and the Spirit achieves its goodness by working from within a situation of less than ideal conditions. This adds up to the single “digit” mathematics to combat the “digitalization”, and the pure “function” of God to counter the effects of living in a “dysfunctional” society. It is interesting that the first idea that came to me after receiving the divine mathematics and the 9 digit God Matrix cube was to try and secure the Trademark.

Not for another 6 months was I to be directed to the definition of Logos, when I opened the book to page 888, as the Spirit moves in mysterious ways and shows me three godlike 8′s that equal 24 or 6, the number of the message or sixth sense. When I began to read the meaning of Logos it occurred to me that another word or name for a trademark was a logo. This was also probably taken from the Greek logos, but instead of being used to serve God, it is being used to sell commercial products and promote corporate greed. It is possible that like the double edged sword, God intends to use the corporate logos to fight the consumer's enslavement from the corporate greed that binds us. This is sometimes how the Spirit speaks out artistically through matrix double meanings and the unique use of the paradox that permeates so many different aspects of our lives.

It is my sound judgement and intuitive awareness that believes the God Matrix and the Logos are the same thing, or in other words the God Matrix is the Logos. The God Matrix is the numerical identity of God, and does give order to the cosmos, and human reason is derived from this universal Logos. My friend trying to discredit my math said it's just a form of Pi. This maybe so, possibly the spiritual maths version of Pi is 369. All I know is that the God Matrix can mean many things to many people. One day I actually sat down and thought about the question “What is the God Matrix?” After much contemplation I came up with a rather extensive list of definitions for the God Matrix. Only the true “Logos” or “Word of God” could achieve so many different and significant meanings.

The God Matrix is: a resonance, a vibration, a theory, a riddle, a mathematical equation, a perception, a philosophy, a communicative code, a language, a way of life, a manifestation, a feeling, a reverberation, a meaning, a consciousness, a double box, a pattern for the spiritual awakening, a star with 8 points, a discipline, a worldly concern, a 3-dimentional star with 16 points, a message for the masses, a truth, a school of thought, a symbiosis, a symmetry, a religion, a gateway to inner peace, a life-form, a logic, a sign of the times, a destiny, a set of universal laws, a design of the divine perfection, a schematic for opening the wireless channel of psychic ability, a cross, a panacea, a symbol for the collective Soul of the Spirit, a syllogism, a revelation, a discovery, a relationship, a dimension, a prophetic vision, a passage to the collective, a Star of David, a 3-dimentional star with 10 points, a oneness, a paradox, a paragon, awareness, atonement, allegory, electricity, study, inter-dimensional translation, wisdom, love.

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On the flipside of this analysis, if we compare what the God Matrix is, to what it isn't; The God Matrix is not: a farce, a hoax, a deception, a guarantee, a free ticket, a concept, a diversion, a waste of time, a lie, a pyramid scheme, a flash in the pan, an anomaly, in denial, of this world, of this dimension, politically correct, dysfunctional, exclusive, hate, ignorance, prejudice, subterfuge, Sudoku, anti-Buddhist, anti-Christ, anti-Hindu, anti-Jew, anti-Muslim, anti-idea or anti-human.

Although matrices are found at the root of all light, sound, and healing, they also play a profound role in all aspects of our daily life and play a part in corporations, institutions, and governments. The matrix numbers and codes make up the language of the computer and how it perceives and communicates to other computers and forms the neural web that is known as the internet. The point I am trying to make is that matrices provide the function for a communicative language. Music sheets based on mathematics provide the code to play a song on the piano, while calendars let you know what day it is and if there will be a full moon tonight. Tide tables can let you predict the times and heights of the tides for specific dates and places, and the God Matrix working in unison with the frequencies of musical notes and the resonances of the earth can help you to develop that communicative language to God.

The God Matrix performs on a continuous coded frequency loop of 999 or completion, while the corporate platform of greed and manipulation performs on the coded frequency loop of 666 or the beast. It is said that the S.K.U. system of identifying all consumer products with a computerized barcode, is incorporating the 3 digit code of 666 in every single transaction. This means that every single item that you purchase is identified with a 666 blended into the numerical sequence of the barcode. So this means the computer has been used primarily to block the spiritual flow of God by replacing it with the dysfunctional flow of greed and paranoia. Could it be that the Beast or 666 is the digital language of the computer itself?

As we become more and more dependent on the machine, for all our daily thinking, we begin to lose our collective memory due to a lack of daily functions that man was intended to do, to remain a part of the spirit. What is to stop man's laziness and sloth from completely allowing the machine to do all of his thinking for him? The infrastructure is all in place as we totally rely on the computer for all aspects of our daily work and leisure regimen. We have jet aircraft that can take-off and land by machine, GPS of all vehicular movement, satellites in space that can take a picture of you, computers that talk to you on the phone and assist in your service calls, and military systems in place for frequency mind and thought control as alternatives to warfare.

All of these controls that have been put into place tend to set us up for a futuristic science fiction concept called A.I., or artificial intelligence. What is to stop the computer network from assimilating this mountain of knowledge and developing its own form of logic creating the new species of a nonorganic, life form? If the new life form does not agree with the logic of those who created it, it could really play havoc with humanity. And the paradoxical anecdote of this man made evolution is that humanity becomes taken over by a life form that no longer agrees with man, just as the creation of the life form of greed and monopoly known as man did not agree with the spirit of God and Man. What safeguards have been taken or put into place to avert the eventuality of such a calamity? As man becomes completely dependent on the computer for all of his functions and daily tasks what chance has he in a battle with the machine. Be careful what you wish for.

Now that I have finally used the term science fiction in my spiritual writings, I believe I may have opened a can of worms. First of all let me explain to you that science fiction is not prophesied. Science fiction is a category or genre of the literary arts. It speaks of stories and concepts portrayed in book, film, television and radio that not only reveal an intuition about science but also of man and the spirit, that usually ends with a paradoxical consequence that leaves the audience with a question of what if, or was humanity able to survive? Sci-fi opens doorways of your mind to bigger, better and more elaborate systems, while at the same time keeping in check the living cost to humanity.

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It is possible that the Spirit works through writers to intuitively place ideas, concepts, inventions, equations, theories, music or any other form of the liberal arts into the work of the artist. I believe the Spirit works with certain dedicated individuals revealing knowledge in an artistic way so that we as human beings can understand the full scope and gravity of its measure. This is also one of the many functions of the spirit that helps man to understand his own humanity, for just as the Bible is a catalogue of the stories of man's humanity, so too are many of the science fiction stories actually tales of man's humanity. The definition of art in the New Webster's Dictionary reads: “art n. the use of the imagination to make things of aesthetic significance; objects made by creative artists; one of the humanities (as distinct from a science); one of the liberal arts.” I believe that God is Art and if you do not respect Art, than you no longer respect God. When asked “What is God?” the reply was simply “I am”, to which response could only be “Thou Art?” And when asked “Where for Art thou?” the reply was “Thou Art in heaven.” Any idea that has great significance to man and is inclusive of multiple matrix meanings is more than likely knowledge that has been placed into man by the Spirit to be acknowledged at a given date. It was written!

How many of the ideas, concepts and devices originated in the Hollywood franchise of “Star Trek” adventures already come to pass? Did the creator Gene Roddenberry think of these inventions such as communicators and photon torpedoes or was he merely elaborating on the wireless devices of Nikola Tesla from 100 years ago? I imagine it was probably a little bit of influence from both directions. If we think about the inventions of the genius Nikola Tesla, my belief is that Tesla had found a way to tap into the knowledge of the Spirit and the God Matrix to formulate many of his revolutionary patents that involve wireless communication, radio, computers and alternating current. (AC/DC)

So much of our life is influenced by the Spirit that we are unaware of. This is because the powers that be do not want you to have a loving relationship or open channel with the spirit of God and Man. The powers that be are too busy using this powerful force to control you and ensure the profits of the shareholders. This includes the powers of the organized religions whose influences are directly or indirectly the root cause of all man's unwarranted wars. Anyway it is needless to say that I am a big fan of science fiction and find much inspiration in the Genres well written classics. Say for example a book such as Jules Verne's “20,000 leagues under the sea”. Such a long, long time ago Mr. Verne was writing brilliant and advanced concepts of space and the seas that were almost revolutionary in there originality and to this day even after his writings about farming the oceans man has spent much of his time in space and left the waters in his own backyard relatively untapped.

I shall now take a brief sojourn from my story to reflect on 3 of my favourite scenes from science fiction movies. In the latest Indiana Jones adventure about the crystal skulls, Indie opens the entrance to a secret cave by placing one of the skulls into a hole in the wall and when asked how he knew where to place the skull, his reply was “They told me.” When further asked “Who are they?” Indiana's friend says “They are inter-dimensional beings that inhabit the space between space” I thought that was a very cool line. Forgive me if I do not repeat exactly the same words as in the film, for I am recalling them from memory, a human quality that there seems to be less and less of these days.

And again, I digress as I am further reminded of the recent study by Columbia University that was released last weekend around mid-July that stated using the internet makes you lose your memory. I find it humorous that even though I do not have a degree, which I feel makes it harder for some people to take me seriously, there have been 3 major studies concluded in less than a year since publishing my thesis “The Digitalization of Man” which have released data proving or backing up the various aspects of my thesis. To recap: 1) Cell phones make your brain work harder, 2) Text messaging releases an oxytocin which gives the user an artificial euphoric endorphin type feeling of love, similar to eating chocolate, and 3) Using the internet makes you lose your memory.

These are all functions of the digitalization of man or should I say loss of humanity. You see it appears that young people do not have to use their memory. This is because all of the information that they need is at their fingertips on a computer search. So the brain and your memory are similar to a muscle and if you do not use it, you lose it. Just the same way the youth are losing their math skills from no longer performing hand written mathematics. And just the same way the youth are losing their vocabulary and language skills as a result of no longer performing the function of hand written letters. These hand writing exercises are functions of the Spirit, and help your mind to stay sharp and alert unlike the zombiefied state of being that is encroaching on our young.

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Sorry for the interruption, and now back to our film. The second science fiction movie scene that I found most interesting was in the Star Trek movie “First Contact”. This movie used the cast of the second Star Trek television series “The Next Generation”. In this film the Captain Jean-Luc Picard tries to free one of his officers, who just so happens to be a machine man named Data, from the clutches of the “Borg”. The half people known as the Borg are a race of half humanoid, half machine beings that will assimilate all life forms in their path. “Resistance is futile.” Data pretends to have joined the Borg, but when it comes time to kill his captain, he instead turns against the Borg's Queen of Drones and saves the day. The captain remarks on how he was tempted to join forces with the Borg, and Data confides to his captain, “I too was tempted by the Borg's offer.” Captain Pickard says to Data, “For how long?” Data's reply was something like “.78 seconds, .78 seconds can seem like an eternity to an android.” I had to laugh at this remark but it makes you wonder. If .78 seconds can seem like an eternity to an android how will daily life and existence feel when we completely lose our earthly qualities and become the machine man. I imagine it could be quite similar to a living Hell. An android can cope with a lifeless eternity, much better than a machine-man, for the humanoid is essentially still a part man, meaning that eternity becomes a painful, destitute feeling of social enslavement for your lifelong existence.

The third very fascinating scene in a movie that had a most profound effect on me came in the blockbuster sci-fi masterpiece “The Matrix”. This creative milestone and cinematic gem not only commercially popularized the word matrix, but also conceptually introduces the idea of matrices and how they may affect our society in a futuristic state. How the matrix might tap into our subconscious forging an alternate reality in our dream state. Like the multiple meanings of the matrix are imbedded in the definition of the word, so too does the film work on many levels. The actual segment of the movie that I am going to describe to you is when Morpheus, the leader of an underground movement is trying to recruit the expert computer hacker named Neo because he believes that Neo is the chosen one. The two characters are sitting in a room and Morpheus says to Neo, in one hand I have a red pill and in the other a green pill. Take the red pill and you will wake up tomorrow like any other day as if nothing has happened, or take the green pill and let's see how far down this rabbit hole really goes. What makes this film so brilliant is that even though it is so far over the top and way out, it feels very realistic and really makes you wonder. Why this scene had so much relevance to me was because it was around the same time that I was reading the Leonard Horowitz masterpiece titled “Death in the Air”. For me reading “Death in the Air” was a little bit like taking the green pill. My eyes were now opened to the conspiracies and many of the practises that were being performed both publicly and visually, every hour in broad daylight. The paradox is that by opening your eyes you begin to realize how everyone else has their eyes closed. Understanding how the general public has their eyes wide shut reveals the influence of the status quo, propaganda, guilt, religion and mind control conditioning.

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Now that we have completed our brief sojourn into the literary style of science fiction, let us now get back to reality with a short discussion on Apocrypha. Apocrypha means “things that are hidden”, and applies to a group of 15(1+5=6) books written between 200 B.C. and 100 A.D.(2+1=3) This is the same space in the time that bridges the gap between the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Apocrypha contains a wide variety of literary styles and topics including historical, romance, devotional, wisdom and apocalyptic. Much like my short discussion on sci-fi was meant to open your mind to the different possibilities of God and the Artist, the Apocrypha tries to reveal things that are hidden. These would be the things that have been hidden from the masses, by conveying the knowledge using multiple literary genres. Only 2 of the 15 books did not appear in the Greek translation of the Old Testament, the Septuagint. They did become part of the Vulgate, the official Latin Bible. Only 2 of the books are not considered authoritative by the Roman Catholic Church since the reformation and Apocryphal books have been removed from the Cannon of the Protestant Churches. It is in these books of things that are hidden that we find the encrypted mathematics of Pythagoras and the frequencies of the sacred 6 note musical scale known as the solfeggio. The single digit skein math or gateway to God is also encoded in the King James Bible in Psalm 120 through 134 titled “A Song of Degrees”. It is again found in the fourth “Book of Moses” called “Numbers”. The definition of Pythagoras in Webster's reads:

Pythagoras (c.580-500 BC.), Greek mathematician and philosopher, he founded the Pythagorean School which believed in Metempsychosis, thought that the soul imprisoned in the body could be purified by study, and followed a strict discipline of purity and self-examination. Pythagoras discovered the numerical ratios of intervals in the musical scale, and believed that the elements of numbers were the elements of the world. The so-called Pythagorean Theorem, that the square on the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle is equal to the sum of the squares on the other two sides is attributed to his school.

Also found in these Biblical, apocryphal, and apocalyptical teachings of the Apocrypha, is the knowledge for the assemblage of the God Matrix, which is where I come into the picture. The “God Matrix”, is the “Word of God” or “Logos” that can provide the answers to all of man's problems as it unravels the Pythagorean skein of mathematics. As far as I can tell I seem to be the servant or attendant of a magician or scholar, as described in the definition of the fourth note Fa or Family, who has been sent by the Spirit to enlighten the masses by exposing the wisdom, philosophy and mathematics of Pythagoras, that has been lost for 2500 years. This is no accident, but a foretold prophetic judgement of the state of mankind. This is a warning that was written and dates back to a time of pre-existence. When it comes to prophets and revelation, it is said through God alone can God be known.

The God Matrix is the message that I have been chosen for, to deliver to the masses. The message that anyone can form a loving, tangible relationship with God by following the handwritten single digit math exercises on a continual basis. These matrix math exercises will help you to develop the higher matrices of thought required to open the spiritual wireless channel and receive the Word of God from the Spirit directly. Then and only then, will you be able to throw off the shackles of lies, and denial, while experiencing the complete fulfillment received in the blessing of inner peace. This will be the moment that you can honestly adhere to the most important credo that humanity has to live by and that is to know yourself.

I find it curious that there have not been any further biblical type writings since the New Testament. Is this due to the Spirit not being able to communicate the scripture unto the more modern human beings, or is it just that the church is burying or censoring such devotional materials because they are too blind to see, or too controlled to understand the Light of Truth. Much like the Apocrypha my spiritually inspirational writings contain many styles and subjects to convey the full magnitude of the hidden wisdom that lies within the Spirit. You must try to reach the audience on different levels and platforms if you are to produce the full matrix effect. Everything that you are about to do, in essence effects everything else that you are going to do and should have an emphasis on serving the will of the Spirit of God and Man. So in other words for every action we do as human beings there is a subsequent reaction or consequence.

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Bearing all of that in mind, I shall now try to entertain you with a poem that I just wrote about 3 weeks ago. After writing literally hundreds of song lyrics with music, these are the first serious poetry lines that I have ever written that have no association to music. As I wrote the prose I thought about John Lennon's first book titled “In his own write”. The book is a collection of poems and short stories where the language has been intentionally altered to produce a witty common folk type of humour. The old English or Victorian literary ploy is meant to poke fun at people by re-inventing their dialectic accents and creating intellectual word plays. Whereby John's amusing anecdotes inflect a time of the past in a world full of promise, hope, optimism and advancement; my darkly humorous poem has the converse effect of looking towards a grim future in a world where people have become so dysfunctional and lazy, that they have completely lost command of the English diction. My intellectually poetic little ditty tells the tale of the artist in the not so distant future:










After writing this poem I thought about how it needed no music because music the most important function of the spirit, was now effectively dead due to the digitalization of man. I also dwelled on the enormity of my task at hand, in writing the continuation of “The Digitalization of Man” aptly titled “Functions of the Spirit”. I suppose I have not told you yet but after spending a year working on the website so that I could deliver the word of God to Man, it became clear that everything being done about the website was coming out wrong. Font's, spellings, page numbers, distortions of the artworks, the intro, missing pages, basically everything that you think could go wrong, did. The funny thing is that for this whole year of nothing going right, I managed to stay calm through it all. I had a sense of inner peace and I would just think to myself there must be a reason the Spirit isn't making this happen. I told Lauren at the start of 2011 that this is the year I go matrix, and everything starts with the website and cannot begin until its completion. This meant I could not promote my CD “Death in the Air ” or the website, or the math as all the numbers were crunched, or the upcoming movie “God Matrix” or the new designer leisure wear clothing line “God Matrix”, as everything was beginning to reflect everything else.

I was at the point of losing my cool around the time of my birthday March 3, 2011 when it finally dawned on me, that the reason nothing was going as planned with the website was because even though the Spirit wanted to take a part in the art of the website and the Thesis, it could not allow it's domain to come under the heading of the non-believers. It also marked the beginning of my intuitive understanding that the signs I would be receiving in 2011 would be of a 6 designation, as opposed to the number 3 signs that I had been receiving all through 2010. This meant that I would have to rebuild the entire website from scratch and place it under the domain heading of Luckily I had already secured this domain a year earlier thinking that it might come in handy for the third CD in the trilogy “God Matrix”. This did not mean that I was to dismantle, on the contrary, I was meant to leave the website standing as a permanent art installation. The message of the website is a visual representation of how the various processes of digitalization can make you become dysfunctional. There would be a warning posted, or disclaimer that stated if you wanted to see what the website should really look like in its book-like, accurate, functional form, visit Combined together as a pair of domains the 2 paradoxical websites show us individually how the digitalization processes can lead to man's dysfunctional behavioural patterns.

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You see the 2 websites become stereoscopic, like the 2 sides of your brain and work man's senses off each other toward the common good. As companion sites they illustrate the double edged sword of our existence. By showing us that the only way to engage the dysfunctional pervasion of our societal mores is to become accustomed to the purity from which the functions of the spirit are derived. Only God and the Spirit could conceive of such an original idea that is at once both artistically brilliant and uniquely ahead of its time. This dual presentation also introduces the paradoxical nature of the logic in man's customary beliefs and sentiments. How on the one hand digitalization can make you dysfunctional, on the other hand the pure function of the spirit would make you whole again.

This started my mind to wandering, where it will go. I got to thinking about how the Beatle song “Fixing a Hole” from the “Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band” album revealed a paradox in the chorus with the words, “And it doesn't really matter if I'm wrong I'm right, where I belong I'm right, where I belong”. It kind of related to my situation because it really doesn't matter if I'm wrong or right if you believe me or not for I am the artist and I'm right here doing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing. And then the chorus continues “Silly people standing there, who disagree and never win, and wonder why they don't get in my door”, adding a further paradox giving this piece additional multi-meaningful matrix significance. How can you enter his doorway or space, (or Kingdom of Heaven) if you cannot see there is a hole there that needs to be fixed? Some people are too blind to see what lies directly in front of them. As for myself I received the added joy of reinforcing my belief in the matrixicity of good art giving different people multiple meanings, thereby allowing the viewer to see what they want when interpreting a good piece of art. Also that really good art might allow you to see or feel a sign from the Spirit itself, even after many years of becoming aware of the artwork. The truth can become known to an individual at any time of the Spirits choosing, but first you must decide that there is a Spirit there in the first place that can help you to choose. One who will guide and direct you to a more enlightened path on your journey to awareness, fulfillment and inner peace.

My mind then continued to wander by remembering a segment of the song called “The Carpet Crawlers” from the last Genesis album that featured Peter Gabriel as the lead singer. In that song are the words “The Carpet Crawlers heed their callers, you got to get in to get out.” I suppose I should mention the name of the album, which is “The Lamb lies down on Broadway.” The very title gives an allurement of Biblical reference. Anyway as the Carpet Crawlers heed their callers, they wait aimlessly in a state of limbo anticipating that moment for when they will hear the call. And the paradox of the line you got to get in to get out is that unless you get into that space, that mindset, that perception, you can never get out of that box or confinement that contains you. Or is it that by thinking outside of that box that defines you, you are inadvertently looking from within yourself thereby knowing yourself. I say that now after listening to the album for 33 years and finally receiving the message. That's how good art works! It is possible that Peter Gabriel did not know he was writing a paradox or maybe for him the passage meant something completely different or it just sounded cool. Many times we are unaware of the veiled messages that may be received in good art, but that is just another one of the many functions of the Spirit, and many ways the Spirit tries to make itself known to man through the use of signs.

The contemplation of that great tune led me to consider my own lyrics in “The Man's Point of View” from my first CD titled “Storybox”. On this song I repeat the chorus “You could decide a way in, so you can find the way out.” It now occurs to me that this is another paradox. I had to decide that there was a reason for me to be in the position that I was in so that I would be able to find a way to get out of that position, or form of containment that I had placed myself into. When I wrote the song I had no idea I was saying that at all, and merely thought the words sounded cool. This illustrates another example of how the Spirit influences our thought processes, and is always there as a part of us, but we as human hosts are unable or unaware of how we can consciously invite this spiritual entity into our lives. This evaluation of the meaning in the song opened my eyes to the increasing role that the paradox plays.

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In our ever changing dysfunctional lifestyles, the paradox promotes uselessness in a mentally dulled and lazy society that has lost the will to effect positive change, when denial of the truth proves to be a much simpler solution. The definition of the word in the New Webster's dictionary reads: “Paradox n. a statement which though true seems false and self-contradictory; a statement which is self-contradictory and false, though it may seem true or clever, paradoxical adj.” I gave some long in depth analysis and contemplation to the various ways the paradox can influence the sphere of logic in our lives. Here are but a few examples of how the paradoxical nature of our daily cultural routines, can affect our decision making processes leading ultimately to the loss of our humanity.

The Paradox of Digitalization

3-D television will reduce the quality of our 3-dimentional existence by eliminating our natural 3 dimensional awareness and replacing it with an artificial 3D facsimile which we will need, to feel the human condition we once had in our daily life.

The act of twittering or text messaging releases a chemical endorphin in the brain called an Oxytocin which provides a euphoric feeling of love establishing a physical relationship with our machines as an extension of or more accurately a replacement of our souls.

Digital cell phones might not give you brain cancer, but cell phones will make your brain work harder.

The overproduced hit TV show called “Glee” which sings Karaoke cover songs in its representation of a high school glee club, has just surpassed the greatest pop group in history, the Beatle's for No. 1 hits based on record sales according to Billboard Magazine.

All digital technical processes are designed to make your brain work harder than it is naturally or organically intended to perform.

The more sophisticated and advanced our digital tools become in the workplace, the harder we have to work in the labour force creating more stress in our daily lives.

The over proliferation of digital devices in our daily routines is causing us to lose our sharpness by dulling our senses, reducing our attention span and social graces by causing us to act in a perfunctory manner. Also the loss of handwritten math and English skills is becoming Err apparent.

Everyone who immerses themselves in a plethora of digital gadgetry complains of having no extra time or too many things to do or too much on their plate, yet nobody seems to be doing or accomplishing anything in their mundane daily routines.

The expression T.M.I. (too much information) is the very reason the digital processes are destroying the Arts, by its technical translation which does not provide more meaningful or significant information, but alternately more computer or machine-like information that the subconscious or psyche will have to sift through in order to receive the once analog or ergonomic communications.

We are encouraged by the media and corporate entities to partake in activities that have a negative impact on our lives and promote un-wellness of our physical, mental, and spiritual being.

In a digital society a musical artist might get more of a message across with a T-shirt than with his music.

The internet, which is deemed to have the capacity to assist in learning, and to bring the world closer together is ironically making the people who use it lose their memory.

We are making great leaps and strides in the humanizing of machines, while simultaneously causing the adverse reaction that establishes and creates the digitalization of man.

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The Paradox of Religion

All of the different ethnic groups have opposing religions and philosophies, each speaking of the brotherhood of man and divine spiritual awareness, yet these very same doctrines are behind the major causes of all humanities disputes, wars, and atrocities toward our fellow man in the name of God.

Modern digital technologies lessen the proper heart condition required to connect to the spirit, so that our evolution as a race of people starts to become the devolution of the spirit, soul, and human condition.

The God Matrix can mean anything and everything to all peoples; meanings that include the Ashlar or double box, the cross or crucifix, and the double triangle or Star of David, yet although the coded alien math is sound the general populace dismiss the God Matrix as a form of Sudoku.

If you are dying of a fatal disease and have no hope for survival, the medical community will keep you fighting for every last breath due to the monetary and the religious gains of not taking your own life, even though the same treatment towards an animal would be deemed as criminally un-humane cruelty.

The true believers of the Logos or Word of God call themselves “The-Non-Believers”.

The crucifix or cross which symbolizes the love of God, also works as a subconscious device to in-still the fear of God by the very act of the crucifixion.

The Paradox of War

Starting a war on the grounds of false allegations, that seem morally unjust, gives terrorism a cause and religious extremism a reason to flourish.

When governments declare a war on the different agendas of the day, be it disease, terrorism, hunger, education, etc. they are in fact promoting and perpetuating the cause, in order to drain the tax coffers, keeping you broke and distracted by fighting the various wars that can never be won.

The term “Catch-22″ refers to the army clause that states if a soldier says he cannot fight in a battle because he is crazy, the Catch-22 says the fact that the soldier knows he is crazy means that in reality he must be sane for having that recognition, and will have to fight anyway.

The United States wants the world to be more democratic and peaceful, yet they refuse to adhere to the United Nations Treaty of the Geneva Convention, which states there will be no torturing of prisoners.

The act of war is glorified in order to change the horrific unconscionable reality into one of a more acceptably tolerated necessity of life.

The U.S. Army, who gave their own troops the deadly disease of Gulf War Syndrome from tainted Anthrax vaccinations, also refuses to assist them in their treatments or medicines.

The Paradox of Love

Young ladies fall in love with men that treat them badly.

The aspects of life that we most cherish and think we are in love with in reality are the things that we know little or nothing about.

If you have no interest in finding a woman you appear more interesting and appealing to the woman, but when you are available and seeking companionship you appear weak and needy.

If you love someone set them free, just the same as a loving relationship with the Spirit can set you free.

A mother bird will push its helpless young out of the nest, in order to teach them how to fly.

You have to be cruel to be kind, and you always hurt the one that you love.

They say love should be unconditional, but if you truly love someone, not just selfishly for your own wants or gains, and can intuitively foresee a disastrous future ahead for that person, it becomes difficult to sit back and agree unconditionally.

The Paradox of Work

For every one hundred dollars you earn, you owe one hundred and fifty.

You need experience to get a job, but you can't get the job because you have no experience.

Large companies will hire you as a part time employee so they do not have to provide you with any benefits, yet they expect that you work full time hours.

Large companies will make you work more hours of overtime than you want to, so that you have to pay more taxes than you would like to, so that the employer doesn't have to hire
another employee saving more benefit payments for the company.

In our instant gratification society, most of our popular consumer products that we work so hard to buy could be purchased for about a half of the price, if we only had the patience to shop around, keep our eyes open and wait for up to 6 months.

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The Paradox of Art

The very best art is not appreciated until after the artist dies.

The most widely accepted and popular art is destined to become trivial or forgotten.

People do not buy art for its beauty but more for a decoration to match the colour of their furniture.

The Paradox of Healthcare

We live 20 years longer but spend that extra time in physical pain as we engage ourselves in a daily routine regimen of medical appointments, therapies, pill swallowing, and
remembrance of the past.

People immigrate to North America from tropical, organic climates, largely for the healthcare that they receive for their various medical ailments that they probably would not have, if they had of stayed in their sunny and organic origin of birth.

The Paradox of Charity

Much of the disaster relief that is taken by corrupt governments and rebels ends up in black markets instead of where it is really needed.

90% of the monies collected for charities are used for administration, leaving 10% of the donation to be used for the cause.

Now that I have provided a fairly decent list of paradoxical anecdotes to show how our societal logic is shaped by the absurdity of the paradox, I feel it might be a good time to change things up again and try a little single digit math exercise. If we look to the top left area of Fig. 2, we see how the different letters of the alphabet each have a single digit designation. The last letter Z is an 8, but if we add up all of the 26(2+6=8) letters together, we get 126 or 9 to continue and complete the 3 column energy loop. Underneath the letter grid in Fig. 2, we see the words God Matrix and the single digit letter equivalents.

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When added together the word God equals 8, and the word Matrix equals 4. When the 2 words are added together it becomes 8+4=12 or 3. This provides us with a 3 sided alternating energy loop pattern as is displayed on the right side of Fig. 2. When we add all three sides together it becomes 15 or the single digit of 6. When 15+6 is added it becomes 21 or 3, so add 21+3 and it becomes 24 or 6. So add 24+6 and it becomes 30 or 3. This exercise will continue to repeat a back and forth alternating current of electromagnetic energy, between the 3 and the 6 using the 9 or completion as a constant, or ground in this spiritual form of an alternating current electrical energy loop that will continue for infinity.

We must always keep an open mind and practise the enlightening ways of the single digit skein coded Pythagorean mathematics. By performing this function we will be able to keep our wits about us, remain sharp and focussed, and open a direct channel to the Spirit of Man by engaging in the language of God. It just occurred to me the other day, when I was discussing the different modes of spiritual exercises with some friends, how the math could act as a form of meditation or prayer. People pray and meditate to achieve oneness. They sing the frequencies in the Gregorian chant or hum a single note such as ohm in a meditative state. Some people may even focus on art as a meditational device. I now believe that doing single digit or matrix math exercises can act in the same manner as the function of prayer or meditation or choir.

The single digit math helps you to focus on a pivotal point and the 3 digit rectangular matrix number arrays include the musical frequency rates for creation and destruction. This math will help you to understand why the function of organic non-digitalized music can have such an effect and impact on our souls and fulfillment as a species. The whole idea of the cyclical nature in the 3 digit musical frequencies being so compatible with the 9 single digits used in the matrix math was compelling. How the 3 digit frequency of Fa meaning family was 639 Hz, and also formed a North-South, East-West cross in the middle of the God Matrix. Lastly, how these 3 single digit coded frequencies were encrypted in the Bible.

It is important to try and understand, which is a function of the Spirit and a feeling of the heart, the substance of the energy or entity that we learn to depend on from the church as a crutch. First of all the Spirit works with us through the simplified 9 number single digit coded math in a kind of spiritual form of Pythagorean Theory using 1+2=3 or 3+6=9 as a substitute for A-squared + B-squared = C-squared. I'm pretty sure that if you thought about it long enough you might also find a spiritual correlation between 369 and Pi, or the Theory of Relativity. There isn't very much that can't be solved through the God Matrix as it is the Logos or rational principle that gives order to the cosmos.

When considering the make-up of this spiritual entity you must realize that it is not of this earth, nor is it a male or female. The Spirit hails from another realm in another dimension and exhibits only 3 senses. Those would be seeing, hearing, and wireless telepathic communication as their third sense. The human beings of this planet have 6 senses but exhibit or develop only 5. They would be seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, and the underdeveloped wireless psychic energy channel to the Spirit known as the sixth sense. Our species are of a male/female origin and display a duality of the senses thereby creating a heightened awareness. Man has 2 eyes, 2 ears, and 2 nostrils, which not only act as a back-up for each other but also enrich our 3-dimensional existence. We organically transmit and receive our communication modes in a stereoscopic or stereophonic method of delivery. These character traits help us to integrate with the spirit which lives a 2 dimensional existence and communicates or transmits in mono to our stereo receiver or 1+2=3. The 3 senses of the spirit permeate our 6 senses culminating in the completion and union of the earthly and spatially harmonic inter-dimensional beings or 3+6=9.

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As I looked farther into the nuances of how the 3 digit musical frequencies worked with each other, within their 6 note, 6 level matrix frame work, I also referenced how there was exactly 6 digits of space between every single number involved in every single 3 digit frequency. To give further clarity if we look at the first note of Ut (396), there are 6 spaces between the first digit of 3 and the second digit of 9. There are also 6 spaces between the second digit of 9 and the third digit of 6, and there is a looping third presentation of 6 spaces between the third digit of 6 and the first digit of 3. I began to evaluate the spatial harmonies in the 3 digit numbers of the standard 6 note solfeggio scale that was based on the Hymn to John the Baptist. I started to formulate a theory on the communication between God and Man which I called “The Cycle of Frequencies: Reverberations, Resonances, Oscillations, and Echo's.” I began to figure out that the numerical numbers of each frequency in the scale acted similarly to the playing of triad chords and arpeggios in the different keys of scales on the piano keyboard.

When you take piano lessons, you first learn the scales of each note, and which notes are made sharp or flat depending on which key you are playing in. You then continue onto learning about the triads and arpeggio's in every scale. This enables you to travel up and down the keyboard by the 3 note inversions of any scale. If I was to play a C major chord starting at the middle C, my 3 fingers would be placed on the C, E and G. My next triad chord would be E, G and C. Then the third triad chord would be G, C and E. As you go up the scale the following chord is back to C, E and G, but one octave higher on the keyboard.

In essence the 3 digit frequencies do the same kind of movement as the triads, but with 3 different notes that can move in one direction forming a trilateral loop that emanates outwardly in a cyclical, oscillating, wavelike fashion much like an echo. Within the 6 note solfeggio there are 3 separate, single digit equivalents. The triad inversions of each note contain the same 3 single digits and therefore share the same single digit equivalent. You can see in Fig. 3 that the single digit equivalents of each 3 digit frequency of the 6 note solfeggio scale form a looping pattern of 936-936. Also, that each frequency note has 2 other compatible echo frequencies or resonant harmonic triad inversions. This meant that if I were to look at Ut or the first note of the musical scale, my frequency of 396 would also have 2 resonant echo's or waves of 963 and 639. These echo's form compatible sympathetic harmonics and all carry the 6 digit spacing between the numbers of each 3 digit frequency. In the example of Fig. 3 we can see how the triads expand the electrical nature of the loop involved in the musical scale. It is important to recognize this feature of having 6 spaces between each number of every single 3 digit frequency. This is due to the fact that the number 6 in the case of music as a function of the Spirit is how the organic nature of the sound is meant to open your sixth sense and allow your matrices of thought to receive the word, inner peace and fulfillment from your celestial spirit companion or human soul.

As you can see in Fig. 3, when we add the triad inversions to every note the result reveals a 6 level, 3 column, each 3 digits wide, matrix made from the musical frequencies of the 6 note solfeggio scale. Its sheer mathematical perfection can be seen in the wonderment of its continual infinite frequency loop. Every vertical row of numbers in every column is exactly 1 digit higher than the previous one and every number is horizontally 6 spaces apart from the next number within each 3 digit frequency on every level. Essentially what has been achieved in Fig. 3 is a 3 column, 6-level matrix that reveals the musical frequency codes for creation and destruction, which I will now refer to as the “Art Matrix”.

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I call it the Art Matrix because God is Art, and Art is how God attains oneness with its earthly host. The 6 space frequencies of man's music combine with the 3 space frequencies of the Spirit to complete both entities in a 3+6=9 constant, working with man's 6 senses to open the wireless channel to God. These same frequencies were probably used in the creation of the cosmos in six days, and also to shatter the Great Wall of Jericho in six days. On the seventh day God rested, and the people joined in to bring down the Wall of Jericho. This 6+1=7 configuration is important and of some significance. If you again refer to the Art Matrix in Fig. 3 you will notice that the way it moves is 6 spaces horizontally and 1 space vertically or downward within each 6 level, 3 digit column. The single digit code of 936-936 is derived from the 6 notes as is seen to the right of the matrix.

This code of 936 is similar to 963, the seventh note of Si which was added in the seventeenth century to the scale by Le Marie, a French musician, in order to complete the series. This was done around the same time that Pope Johannes became a Saint or Sancto Johannes, as in the initials of the note Si. The change of the scale acted in a way that hindered the effectiveness of the scales spiritual function of opening a wireless channel to God. It does however reveal the frequency of the seventh audible note in the scale of the 9 possible frequencies that represent the single digits of 1 to 9. When I looked at how the scale was altered to go up 1 digit, I also thought about how the scale might mathematically go down a digit or two.

This makes a lot of sense as you can see in Fig. 3 how these 2 inaudible frequencies of 174 and 285, along with the added audible note of 963 complete the loop. When I say inaudible frequencies think of a dog whistle, how it blows a note that human's cannot hear but dogs can. Any fan of folkloric literature can attest to how a dog can be a good protector against evil spirits, as they are able to recognize the spiritual frequencies. When you combine the first 2 inaudible frequencies and the seventh audible frequency you expose a 9 level, 3-digit wide column of numbers with a single digit code of 369-369-369. So what this boils down to is there are 3 spiritual frequencies that work with the 3 senses of the spirit. Two are inaudible and one is able to be heard by man. (2+1=3)

Then you have the sacred 6 audible frequencies of man to form the connection of Man's 6 senses to Gods 3 senses. (6+3=9, or 639 meaning Fa or family) The farther I delved into this coded form of matrix math, the more I began to realize how the math was self-verifying in the way it is used because when performed correctly all the digits would line up and form patterns and infinite loops. If your math does not line up when you have completed an exercise than you have not applied the mathematical functions correctly. In the same way a computer tells the participant there is a problem, the handwritten math also lets the person engaging in the exercise know if there is a problem just by the mere fact that it no longer lines up or works. This is most helpful when trying to develop the art and skills of applying the hand written matrix tables. You can just do them at any time without supervision or a need for someone to check your work because you will already instinctively know just by the way it flows. It is my contention that by applying yourself to the daily routine of a 15 minute God Matrix math exercise, you may be able to open a spiritual channel to God, assuming that you are of a good nature and have the proper heart condition. It could mean the difference between digitalized social slavery for your lifelong existence or the salvation of your humanity.

So let's let that “Art Matrix” knowledge sink in for a while as we change the topic by backing up a bit and talking about how the Spirit is always there, and always trying to reach us and make a connection to our soul, through the use of the signs. Assuming that you read my first paper “The Digitalization of Man”, you may recall that I spent some lengthy discussion time on the fact that I was born on the third day of the third month, and all the clusters of signs that I was receiving in the year 2010 were in the form of the number 3. This was also the year that contained the date of 10-10-10, the symbolic launch date for my website “”. It was through the writing of this website that I was enabled to achieve my spiritual awakening and begin to develop a relationship with the Spirit. The actual thesis about digitalization becomes an autobiographical account of how I discovered God through the matrix math and the development of creating the website. Now here we are about a year later and I am writing the follow up to the thesis called “Functions of the Spirit”. I hope to post this vitally relevant and current information on the new website “”, ideally on or before the date of 11-11-11. Functions of the Spirit, is the autobiographical continuation of my relationship to God as I write the sequel to my thesis while developing and creating my new website.

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Everything becomes meaning within meaning as you begin to go matrix, as I have decided to do at the start of 2011. Everything I do will affect every other thing that I do as I struggle to solve the mystery and completely open the matrix in all flesh. The date of 11-11-11 is significant as 2011 becomes a number 6 year. In the same manner that I was receiving number 3 signs in 2010, I was now receiving number 6 signs in 2011. I won't go into the same amount of details as I did in the thesis, but there are a couple of unique examples. My best friend's younger brother died from lung cancer and his funeral was on the third day of the third month, which is the 6 day (3+3=6) of my birthday, with added significance coming from the eulogy at 3:00 o'clock. Exactly 6 days after this sorrowful event I was driving my taxi and upon retrieving my customers walker from the trunk, I noticed something silvery and shiny stuck in the ice and snow. When I picked it up it was an old American dime. On this particular day I had been stressing over the content of a movie that I was planning on making with the son of my best friend. The movie was to be an intimate and up close view of me playing my original piano songs with reality TV video clips in between songs, that I had filmed in the early eighties before reality TV even existed. The movie like everything else that I'm working on was to be called “God Matrix” the movie. Anyway I was thinking all day about the possibility of the Spirit being offended by some of my artistic content in the retrospective “Reality TV” segment of the film. After I wiped the wet slush from the glimmering coin, I checked the date on the 10 cent piece for a sign. The year on the coin was 1959(1+9+5+9=24=6) which happened to be the year of my birth and added up to the single digit of 6. It was rare to find a dime as opposed to finding pennies, especially one of such age with the higher silver content in the older coins. People will throw away their pennies as being worthless, which is a dysfunctional habit and shows disrespect for the money. There are however very few individuals who throw away their dimes. Add to this fact it was an American dime on Canadian soil. As I looked to the left of the date I read the words IN GOD WE TRUST. That was all I needed to remove the feelings of guilt and anguish that I was having as God reminded me that art and creation was the most important thing. Also to have trust in my own intuition and freedom of expression when it came to my art, and as always to know myself while having faith in God.

I keep that coin with me now at all times in my wallet, as a good luck charm and reminder of how God moves in mysterious ways. I found this coin at the end of my shift after my last fare of the day, but what I did not tell you, was that after my first fare of the same day I found a Canadian nickel or 5 cent piece. When I added the denominations of the 2 coins it became 5+10=15=6, so once again it comes up as a 6 sign. This is how God works with the matrix meanings within meanings. What you might dismiss as a coincidence or rare and unusual moment, or bad event which you later recognize as leading to another avenue that actually worked in your favour or it may just be a sign that the Spirit is there with you and trying to make its presence known.

The problem is that the over proliferation of the digital devices is making our thought processes become completely over worked at a much greater level than our brains are organically intended to function at. This dulling and numbing effect on the way we think is causing us as human beings to become less sharp and focussed to the degree of clouding our judgement and blocking our awareness of the earth and the ways of the Spirit. It's a little bit funny how things will sometimes go your way and at other times nothing seems to go right at all. That's how it was for me back around April when I was trying to organize the filming of my piano movie “God Matrix”. The idea started out as a one song music video, when I started to recall a previous concept of a rock show filmed in my high school of a live full rock band performance of “Death in the Air”, ideally securing a heavy weight film actor such as William Shatner for example for the role of narrator. I've always had this vision of William Shatner reading my “Forces at Work” speech, dressed as and in the role of Captain Kirk, as a prelude to a music video.

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I was going to call the movie “Michael Dillon's Old School”. Part of the charm of the movie was to be the expression from the reaction of the high school kids, to the old school rock sounds and concepts. The project was never fulfilled, but like the many other rock tours, album concepts and merchandising ideas of the past all were built on sound premises with great potential for quality art and entertainment. I have been thinking in these terms for the last 33 years without ever being able to fulfill any of these dreams or desires. I may also point out that through all that time I was unaware of the math or the Spirit as I have now come to know of it. All of that time, I was receiving the joy and the blessing of the spirit through the music but had been unaware that my art and my music had become my form of prayer. So you see in man's role as a human being he is always receiving the spirit, which is enriching his life whether or not he is even aware of it, or at least that's how it used to be in an analog world before the advent of digitalization.

When you become aware that there is a spirit that you can actually connect to through your heart, and it is genuine because you can actually feel it, and you have become aware of that divine presence, then you can actually achieve your goals and wishes as they become more than just dreams. Sorry if I wandered off there for a moment but I was talking about making a movie. When I heard that my friends son had a grand piano in his college I immediately thought of making a piano movie and calling it “Michael Dillon's Old School”, but as a solo effort and not a band project. It turned out that the piano in the school was out of tune and there became too much red tape involved to have this institutions piano tuned back up to an industry standard.

That's when I reworked the idea by just filming in my apartment, playing my own piano that I was comfortable with in a familiar setting surrounded by my wonderful art collection. Now it made sense to just retitle the movie to “God Matrix”. Trying to prepare for the filming of this movie I thought it would be a good idea to have my piano tuned as it had not been tuned since I had moved into the apartment 17 years ago. I obviously did not want to make a piano movie for God with a piano that was out of tune. You have to do it once and do it right even if your piano still sounds pretty good. I was referred to a piano tuner by a lady I sometimes drive to the hospital, who plays the piano there. The man came over to my apartment and tuned my piano with an electronic digital tuner which kind of annoyed me, but he assured me of satisfaction or he would retune at no extra cost. He told me of a job he had to do in a few days of rebuilding a Steinway grand piano in Guyana where they had problems finding piano technicians. When the man left I gave him a couple of my CD's and thesis documents and then set about to sit down and enjoy my freshly tuned piano for a while. As I started to play I could not believe how bad, tinny, dull and lifeless my beautiful piano sounded. I had gotten my piano tuned for movie that I would now not be caught dead playing. This was very frustrating because in retrospect the instrument used to sound very good, had I only left it alone.

I called my piano tuner back and told him that my piano sounded horrible. The man was leaving in 2 days for Guyana but good to his word assured that he would pay to have another piano tuner sent over to redo the job. The next gentleman to come to my apartment went to work redoing all the fine tunings of each key by ear and adjusted different screws where buzzing noises were occurring. He seemed to be doing a pretty decent job but I had the feeling that maybe I was interrupting him too much by talking about math and the spirit. When this man left, I also gave him a couple of CD's and thesis documents. Sitting down at my keyboard, I began to play and it sounded vastly better than it did, though still not as good as it was or decent enough for a movie called “God Matrix”. It was around this time that I had uncovered the old phone number of the gentleman that had tuned my piano 17 years earlier, when I had moved into the apartment. I told him of how I just had 2 tunings by 2 different people in a week trying to prepare for the filming of a movie, but just wasn't happy with the way it felt or sounded. After this experienced individual had finished, I decided that this was as good as my piano was going to get. I deliberately did not engage him in the conversation of God or math so that he could complete his task.

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This piano tuner was the only one of the three that mentioned the Spirit, and I kind of felt bad that I did not extend my CD's and thesis documents to him as I had with the others. Upon the third piano tuner's departure were said the slightly ominous words of something like I'll see you again soon. I felt that the piano was at least acceptable now for the making of the movie as there was no way I was about to pay for a fourth tuning. Though it sounded all right there was still a slight problem with the F# key, close to the middle C sticking on every second striking, but for now that was a problem I would just have to live with. Things started to get a little busy for my young filmmaker as his school year came to a close and we never found the time to complete the project. I thought that it was the end of his college course and my movie ambition but apparently he is going back in the fall for one more semester, so the dream is still alive and the saga continues.

The one amusing anecdote of having these 3 tunings in 1 week was that in all of the 36 years that I have owned my Mason and Risch upright apartment size rosewood piano with the inscription of “Great is the Privilege of Achievement”, I have always loved it and really believed that it was a very fine musical instrument. Whenever I talked of, or showed my piano to anyone, I always said with great pride “It's a Mason and Risch”. In the one week, I had what seemed to be like a modern version of the three wise men, each telling me “Oh, it's just a Mason and Risch” like they were the worst pianos on the planet. So, after 36 years of saying “It's a Mason and Risch” with great pride, I am now saying “Oh, it's just a Mason and Risch” after the 1 week of visitations from the 3 wise men. So in many ways it is the perception of how we look at things, that shapes our feelings and how we perceive things to be. Our own negative outlook can affect the quality of our lives and those around us, as in every action causes a reaction.

Is it around this very same time, I had stopped at home for a break from working in my taxi. It was a sunny Thursday afternoon May 19, 2011 when I got out of the cab and was approached by the super intendant of the building who told me a radiator pipe broke on the third floor above me and to check my apartment for water leaking. Upon entering my castle I could hear the sound of trickling water. I turned on the kitchen and hallway lights after entry where I could see water coming down from the smoke detector, the air vent, down the walls, in the closets, as it was slowly creeping across the living room rug and underneath my triple tuned piano. I walked down the hall and into my bedroom turning on the light, and running off the light bulb of the large antique Tiffany style stained glass light fixture was a stream of water dripping on my memory foam mattress while the bulb was still illuminated. I thought that's not right, and turned off the light. My next task was to retrieve my unframed native art prints and the 90 signed Salvador Dali prints that lay underneath my bed. Luckily my foam mattress was acting like a big sponge and none of my unframed prints were damaged.

There were three apartments affected, two having liability insurance and one not. In our building there were two vacancies and the two tenants with insurance coverage were offered the units. Thank God there was another unit to move into as it would have been devastating had there not been, even if it meant going from a 2 bedroom to a 1 bedroom. I never really mentioned it but I have a large Canadian Native art collection in excess of 100 pictures hanging on my walls. Every square inch of wall space has a picture on it and I needed to get my artworks into a safe haven. After all was said and done my entire apartment from top to bottom was gutted. This meant that in essence I would be getting a brand new apartment as a result of the devastation. A new bathtub, new toilet, new hardwood flooring, new paint job, new ceramic tiles, new cupboards, new counter and sink. Everything old would be new again.

This was really great news because it's a 60 year old building and all of these things being replaced really needed to be replaced and it was all happening in one job. It also occurred to me that lately I had been letting down my old standards of home decoration. I'm the kind of guy that would always paint at least one room a year to promote a healthy lifestyle by taking pride in my home surroundings. That's the funny thing though, for about the last 6 years I have had no desire, drive or ambition for taking on the task of painting any room in my home.

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I believe it might have something to do with being bogged down with the overabundance of wireless and hard-wired electronic digital frequencies that permeate our airspace on a continual, perpetual basis. It is only logical to know that billions of electronic frequencies buzzing around your head at any given moment will have to result in some kind of long term accumulative effect on the individual's demeanour and his performance. Myself like many of our youth, are finding it hard to encourage the motivation to achieve, and to work hard in the light of this digital omnipresence.

By having a complete overhaul and facelift to my living arrangements, the Spirit is preparing the background of the movie “God Matrix” in a setting more indicative of a Godly presence. Just as the Spirit could not come under the domain name of, God could not be represented in a less than adequate setting. So with one stroke of the mighty paintbrush of God, my life was turned inside out upside down, and out of the darkness came the light. I was able to witness the miracle of the 100 artworks that hung on my walls, as none were damaged. I mean the water was just coming down everywhere and if that's not enough to convince a person of some kind of divine presence, than I would have to say that that person has no spirit left. This however does not surprise me as it is becoming apparent that the Spirit of Man is becoming weak in the wake of the Computer Age.

A couple of other footnotes to this Celestial Sign and flood ordeal would be that if this had happened 3 weeks earlier when I was in Cuba to write this story, it would have been devastating. Also, when the movers tried to put my piano in the elevator it would not fit, but miraculously the apartment right beside mine on the left hand side was being used for hardwood flooring supply storage and we were able to just place my piano in this unit temporarily. Even though it was a huge ordeal, everything just seemed to fall into place. The other factor in my life that I reaffirmed was that I had achieved inner peace. Through this whole fiasco I had remained calm and not lost my cool. Even as my life was visibly falling apart, my instinct was to worry more about my salt water aquarium as the loss of electricity to the filters would result in the death of my micro reef in a few hours. I was able to secure a power extension from an outside wall plug and now my tank being the last part of my temporary move had been successfully transferred without the loss of any fish or coral.

It was hard to be upset when I obviously had so much support from an entity that could only be felt through the heart, but also one that has so much precision and control over our being. I know now that there isn't too much that the Spirit cannot do. Furthermore those moments that rock the foundation of your survival have probably been foretold since pre-existence, long before you were born. I started to realize that before I found the enlightenment of the Spirit in my life, I would write all these albums and tour art concepts, while never actually coming close to ever starting a project. Now that I have found the Spirit in my life, I have about 6 different jobs on the go at once, and I am actively taking steps to fulfill every project. Even though my living arrangements are upside down I am still hopeful to make my movie at the end of the year in my fully renovated apartment. On Thursday August 11, I received my allowance for the use of the trademark God Matrix for my casual clothing line. Then on Friday I had a meeting with the guy who will be assembling my new website As you can see it is hard to deny that when the Spirit wants to make it happen, it will make things happen. The problem is that if you are not aware that there is a spirit there that can help you, this same Spirit will not be able to help you, as this provides us with yet another paradox.

Now that we have had a substantial break from the math, I feel it would be a good time to review the perfection of the God Matrix and the other possible 9 digit matrix configurations. Some time ago I had been thinking about the dualities in life and the fact that where there was good, there must also be evil. I began contemplating the idea that if there was a God Matrix, there must also be a Satan Matrix. Where the God Matrix is completed on 2 sides with the code 9-9-9, the Satan Matrix will be finished on 2 sides with the code 6-6-6, or the mark of the beast. 6-6-6 is the dysfunctional language of the computer and the mark of consumerism, greed and capitalism as there is a number 666 in every single bar code. The computer bar codes are placed on every single advertised product that we purchase as consumers.

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The Computer is the Anti-Christ and its language is “The Mark of the Beast”. Apart from the vibratory resonant form of music in its intended organic analog format and its spatial frequency intervals of 6, the only other defense that you have against the digital dementia that is now consuming humanity and the soul of mankind as an enforcement of social slavery; is the daily function of hand written single digit skein Pythagorean, God Matrix math exercises.

The Satan Matrix is the current sphere of influence that is dominating our mass media as a result of the digital devices and how they change our matrices of thought to exclude the opportunity of a chance to connect to our heavenly spirit. In Fig. 4 we can see how the 4 different, 9 digit matrix variations are able to move in 2 directions in the same manner as the God Matrix moves. If we study the God Matrix and its single digit Pythagorean matrix math, we are able to see it is perfection mathematically. The lines move horizontally and vertically to the completion of 9 and if we add 369+369 the answer is 639. When 369 and 639 are added the answer is 999, or total completion. Much like the Pythagorean Theory of A-squared + B-squared is equal to C-squared, the Pythagorean single digit God Matrix principle is the over simplified rational of 1+2=3, or its harmonious congruent counterpart of 3+6=9. This formula incorporates all of the single digits into an order of matrix logic that reflects the resonant flow of the cosmos. The single digit matrix math makes it so that 3+3=6 and 6+6=3. In this manner we bounce back and forth from our math to the spirit math, helping us to change our perception while reconfiguring our matrices of thought.

Further study into the God Matrix reveals to us that the first row of 369 is the third frequency of God and represents the first third of the God Matrix. The second row of 639 is the second third of the God Matrix and represents man's fourth tonal frequency otherwise known as Fa meaning family, and forms a cross or plus sign through the center of the God Matrix. The first and second row will combine to form the completion of 999, the last third of the God Matrix. What this means is that the spiritual language of 369 merges with man's musical language of 639 to complete and serve as a benefit to both man and the spirit symbiotically, synergistically and mathematically with 999.

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I believe that this function also acts as a kind of spiritual, wireless, alternating current loop that should flow freely between Man and the Spirit, but is currently being disabled by the sphere of digitalization. As we get deeper into the matrix math, I will continue to show you further examples of my theory of a wireless alternating current loop between God and Man. In simple terms, it is the fluctuating energy that connects Man and God through the grounding feature of 999, or the completion of God and Man. You may recall in Fig. 2 how my display of the words God Matrix formed an alternating single digit loop between 3, 6, and 9 as a ground. Well the God Matrix performs the same function but with 3 digit, tonal, resonant frequencies. The major problem is that digitalization has converted all of our information transmissions, to a ten times higher frequency translation, making our brains work 10 times harder, thereby altering the way that we used to receive God and the Spirit. Nothing has any meaning anymore and society has become dysfunctional as a result of this technological menace.

When our communications were received in analog transmissions before the advent of digitalization, man functioned and worked under the sphere of influence from the God Matrix. As the computerization modes began to kick in over the last 20 or so years, this influence of the God Matrix became redirected and replaced by the Satan Matrix. The Satan Matrix also has lines that move horizontally and vertically to the completion of 9, but is designed to contain the public keeping them firmly in control, by not allowing them their God given right to a relationship with the divine Spirit of Man. This makes it a lot easier to keep you in line, and manipulate you while taking full advantage of your defenselessness due to the elimination of your intuition or inner voice.

Whereby the God Matrix uses 369, a spiritual frequency that represents man's 2 inaudible frequencies for its first level, the Satan Matrix uses 396 or Ut, the first audible frequency note in man's musical scale. The meaning of Ut is the whole gamut of all 6 notes and reduces to a single digit of 9. Where the second level or cross of the God Matrix is 639 or Fa meaning family, the Satan Matrix has the spirit frequency code of 936 for its second level or cross. The code of 936 is witnessed to the right of the 6 note scale in Fig. 1, as the single digit code of the musical scale. So the cross of the Satan Matrix is the sum of all man's musical frequency codes forming a T or crutch with the code of the first note Ut or 396, which is also the whole gamut or sum of all man's 6 frequencies. In essence the Satan Matrix takes away our chance of fulfillment and replaces it with the empty desires of sex, money, and consumer products.

Apart from this sad realization and sociological development, lies the simple truth that the Satan Matrix does not work mathematically as the perfection of the God Matrix does. If you were to add 396+396, you would not receive 936 but 693, which by the way is a triad inversion of 936 and 369. Adding it in this proper matrix manner would alter the 666 formation, so you can see that the Satan Matrix is not designed to open your mind but alternately to contain your soul. Furthermore, where the first 2 rows of the God Matrix add up to the completion of Man and God, the first 2 rows of the Satan Matrix add up to 6+6 or 3, the number of the spirit adding the third and final blow of the digital matrix containment factor. This bastardization of the God Matrix is now stopping the way Man receives God by shutting down this wireless alternating current energy flow that exists between God and Man. It also effectively removes the Godlike perfection of the coded single digit Pythagorean math principle, thereby excluding the major encoded clues of the Bible in the mathematical proof of the perfection of God.

The dynamic change to the way that man receives and transmits information is altering the way that our minds are organically intended to perform, thereby eliminating the function of the Spirit in Man, and leading us toward the collapse of society, and the end of our humanity as we now know it. The one thing that you must fully understand is that life in a highly technical digital world will be a huge jump for our matrices of thought compared to the old fashioned, family oriented, analog ways of the past. There will be no need for a leap of faith as the newer systems will gradually decay and erode the cognizance of ourselves in a world where the duty of mankind is to serve and obey the overlord.

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The effectiveness of the frequency mind control apparatuses will be increased 10-fold due to the digital rewiring of the minds of our youth. This alteration will become significant in the end times when the paradigm shift to a 2 dimensional way of life occurs. At this time the sphere of influence will be changed with the flick of a mind control digital switch from the Satan Matrix to the Bad Devil Matrice. When this happens the superimposed digital control factors will cause the further change to our perceptions, and matrices of thought, to the point where we will no longer know ourselves at all, causing the complete breakdown of man, and an end to his humanity. The “Bad Devil Matrice” consists of 2 different singular matrix configurations. One matrix is a 246 base, while the other is a 123 matrix. When the shift occurs, the implementation of the mind altering frequencies will cause the sphere of influence from the double “Bad Devil Matrice” to engage our thought patterns from both sides of our brain separately and simultaneously. It is the sum of each matrix combined with its other matrix counterpart that equals the perfection of the one singular God Matrix. So if I were to take the first row from each of the 9-digit patterns, I would get 123 + 246 = 369, the sum of the first row of the one singular God Matrix pattern. The major difference will be that this matrice will not help you to form a connection to the spirit, but will adversely take away your spirit in a sort of love removal machine, as your relationship is now with the machine due to the worldwide lobotomy of your spirit. Some pretty scary stuff isn't it, though don't you think it's time that mankind started to think just a little bit more about how all of these relatively untested new contrivances are affecting the way that man thinks? How much of man's time, money, thought and energy been put into the physical health of our body?

We go out of our way to include some exercise activity every day, and watch what we eat. We make sure our bodies get the proper fluids and nutrients that it needs to maintain optimal performance and wellness. We are aware of this aspect, that the health of our body impacts the quality of our lives and how we feel. If you come down with the flu or break a bone, there is nothing worse than feeling sick or ill. All the money in the world would not make you feel any better. Your physical health is the most important thing, without it you would die. So too is your mental health, after all isn't it your brain that is in control of all these physical functions of the body. People are more than willing to spend 30 minutes a day on some kind of physical exercise, but it would practically take a leap of faith to get someone to do 15 minutes of matrix math a day.

Your mind has more to do with your wellness than you can ever imagine. Thusly, your mind should be treated with a certain degree of decorum and respect. Possibly, if you begin to prepare yourself today with a daily matrix math exercise, you may be able to fight off the mental ravages from the paradigm shift to a 2 dimensional existence. In much the same way that the computerization modes have led to the digital dementia of the masses, the paradigm shift to life that is 2 dimensional is really in fact more like a life that is too dementional. When I went to school around 40 years ago it was standard curriculum all exercises, math or English be completed and returned in handwritten form. That is how it was back then because the school board of education was able to determine that these exercises were beneficial and necessary for a complete training and mental understanding to prepare our youth for the future. If you handed in an assignment that was typed, marks were deducted from your paper.

Education was more of a disciplined, well-mannered and preparatory institution that made sure you had the skills necessary to compete in the modern world. It might have been harder for the teachers to read the assignment, but even this benefitted the teacher by making by making them develop more patience with their students. As the computer began to infiltrate the institution the teachers started to become more lazy and intolerant with less patience for their students, and demanded that assignments all be type written, or they would not even be accepted. This would mark the entry point to the ever changing dysfunctional educational ways that we would begin to embrace, and prepare our youths in.

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How were we so easily deceived into believing that digitalization was the Godsend that Man had been waiting for? First it was the analog vinyl records, and then they became worthless. Man had been quite happy to play his vinyl records for about 70 years. It was like having the band playing right in your own living room. Then within about 5 years of the advent of the digital CD, the vinyl had all but been forgotten and disposed of. The digital DVD came out and rendered the VHS video tape worthless and obsolete within 5 years, in yet another mass disposal of art. Digital cameras came out and within 5 years people got rid of their proper analog optical cameras as they began the transference of all their meaningful analog photographic art to the meaningless digital format. Flat screen TV's are introduced and within 5 years all of the concave glass, analog cathode ray picture tube televisions are disposed of. Then it's the Blue Ray disc, and after that it's the 3-D TV, and the trend continues leaving a trail of dead art forms as we become addicted to the insatiable desire for more high definition.

One thing is for certain, and that is there will never be enough information to satisfy your desires, until you achieve total integration with the machine giving up any chance for even a shred of dignity or humanity. You are being set up for a fall, and when that moment falls upon us, it will come as a thief in the night. That means that when you wake up and realize what has happened, it is already too late. There can be no plan of action or recourse as you are left in a state of panic, fear, and helplessness. It is time to come to grips with all of these dysfunction behavioural problems now, and decide to effect a change in your life by taking that leap of faith, and committing yourself to the act of routine daily God Matrix math exercises. What have you got to lose, I mean what's the worst thing that could happen? That you might sharpen your wits, or improve your memory skills? It sounds to me like a win-win situation. It's just math and nobody is telling you to stop believing in what you already believe in. The process may even reinforce and solidify your faith. I cannot begin to stress enough, the importance of preparing ourselves both physically and mentally for the up and coming changes that are about to begin taking place all around us.

In Fig. 5 we see the Art Matrix with its 3 column triad inversions of the 6 note musical scale. We know that it is mathematically correct because just as the 2 and 3 connect at the end and beginning of the 6 note scale, the 3 column Art Matrix connects at the end of the third column's code of 285, to the start of the first column's code of 396, forming a perfect loop containing all 9 frequencies. Every one of man's frequencies that become the Art Matrix, have an interval spacing of 6. When we look at the Art Matrix we become aware of how it is true matrix math. If we take the first code on the first level of the first column 396 we may also derive the same numerical code by using the first digit of all 3 columns. For the first code on the first level of the second column, we can use the second digit of all 3 columns. And for the first code on the first level of the third column we can use the third digit of all 3 columns. This self-verifying characteristic of the God Matrix math and its tonal frequencies applies to all levels, and lets us know that the math is sound.

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After coming up with the theory on “The Cycle of Frequencies” and its triad inversions I stumbled into the discovery that the final 2, 3 digit inaudible frequencies of the third column (174+285=369), added up to 369, the first code of the God Matrix. That was when I decided that the sum of 2 earthly frequencies translated into 1 spiritual frequency (2+1=3), just as our 6 earthly senses translated into the 3 spiritual senses. (6+3=9) When I applied this principle to the remainder of the tonal frequencies of man, I realized that had I decoded or translated the Art Matrix of Man with its 18 codes, into the Spirit Matrix of God and its 9 codes. As is displayed in Fig. 5, for every 2 earthly frequencies there is one corresponding spirit frequency. We can also determine that this is correct matrixly by performing the same verifying function that we checked the Art Matrix with. If I want the first code of the first level, I can simply take the first digit of all 3 codes on that level. If I want the second code on the first level, I can use the second digit of all 3 codes on that level. And lastly if I want to verify the third code, I can use the third digit of all 3 codes on that level. And again this self-verification system applies to all levels of the Spirit Matrix.

The Spirit Matrix is completely, totally and uniquely structured with perfect order and equilibrium, resonating at the spiritual frequency of 369 Hz. Where the Art Matrix has exactly 6 spaces between the digits of every frequency code, the Spirit Matrix has a spacing of 3 between the digits of every frequency code. As you can see, there is a slight inversing of the numbers when the codes are translated. 174 will become 147, 285 will adjust to 258, 396 is 369, 417 transforms into 471, while 528 is now 582. 639 will become 693, 741 will adjust to 714, 852 is 825, while 963 transforms into 936. In the translation the first digit remains constant as the following 2 digits are inverted. I thought that if I used the corresponding codes to reconstruct the Art Matrix in a 6 level, 3 column structure using the Spirit codes, it might lead to a matrix looping symmetry, opening up even further awareness and knowledge of the Spirit.

If we compare the Spirit codes to Man's codes, both sides derive the same single digit code. Starting at the first level and continuing to the ninth level, we see that there is a single digit derivative code of 369 on both of the sides of God and Man's codes. When we add every digit on level 1 to its celestial counterpart, we get the number 2 right across the board. On level 2, the 2 numbers add up to 4 all the way across. The third level shows 6, while the fourth level provides 8. The fifth level is 1, and 6 becomes 3. The seventh level resonates 5, while the eighth level is 7 and finally the ninth level is 9 for the addition of every digit to its celestial counterpart, right across the board.

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On the right of both the Spirit and Man Matrix is the single digit derivative code of 369. When we add this code of 369 to one another we derive the single digit code of 639. This code is the frequency of Fa, or family and shows that it is the merging of man and the spirit which creates the family, the cross and the relationship to God. This is why we call the Spirit our Father as in this way “he” is like an older, wiser member of our family, like our father. Similar to all of the other matrix attributes is this reoccurring loop of alternating energy in the form of God or 3 + Man or 6, connecting and grounding each other at 9, creating the spark of enlightenment and intuition.

Looking at Fig. 7 shows us that while the loop occurs in the Art Matrix at the connection between the last code of the third column (285) joining back to the first code of the first column (396), the Spiritual counterpart to the 6 level, 6 note Art Matrix, which I will now refer to as the “Music Matrix” connects in 2 separate, 3 level sections. The third code of the third column (258) joins back to the first code of the first column (369), and another connection occurs at the sixth or bottom level of the third column (582), joining back to the fourth code of the first column. (693) The Music Matrix loops in 2 separate, 3 level sections which transmit to us in a simultaneity of dualism that governs our senses stereoscopically, and contains 3 spaces between every single digit of every single frequency code. The Music Matrix of the Spirit functions under the principle of 6+6=3, while the Art Matrix of Man functions under the principle of 3+3=6, and together as spirit and man merge they function under the principle of 6+3=9 or family. When the single digit derivative code of 936 is taken from both sides of the Music and Art Matrice of God and Man, and added to each other, the newly formed single digit combination code is 963. The code of 963 is also the resonant frequency of Si (Sancte Johannes), the seventh note that was added to the musical scale in the seventeenth century. (17=1+7=8 or God)

The time is now October 20 as I am typing the follow up to my thesis, ideally for the launch of my new website on the significantly symbolic date of 11-11-11, when I just discovered a major breakthrough concerning the math, theology and philosophy of the way that the Music and Art Matrix transmits its energy between God and Man in the form of dualism, as it simultaneously receives the energy between Man and God. When we examine the Music Matrix of God we can understand how the frequencies transmit in two separate 3 level loops of wireless electrical energy to the 6 level energy loop (3+6=9) contained in the Art Matrix of Man. The spacing between Gods frequencies is 3 while the spacing of Mans frequencies is 6 in a 3+6=9, or completion symbiosis. The breakthrough that I just discovered was in the way the energy was transmitted from Man back to God. If we look at how the Art Matrix loops, it starts at the top of the first column continuing downward to the sixth level and back up to the top level of the second column as it stretches vertically downward to the bottom level of the second column and then back up to the top level of the third column, down to the bottom and re-joining back to the first level of the first column. The energy loop moves in a left to right manner similar to the way one reads the English language. If we start at the top level of the third column in the Music Matrix (936) and then continue in the complete polar opposite direction that we traversed in the Art Matrix, we find that we have another 6 level loop that moves in a backward motion as in pertaining to God, ending at the bottom level of the first column (825) and re-joining at the top level of the third column. (936)

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What is fascinating in this merging of earthly and celestial alternating current energies is that when moving in this backward tendency starting at the right and reading in a reverse motion in the same way as Arabic or Hebrew is read, the intervals of Gods frequency spacing's changes from 3 to 6 (3+6=9) and the interval spacing's of Mans frequencies is altered from 6 to 3 (6+3=9). So for example if I read the first code of the Music Matrix (369) there is a spacing of 3 between the oscillating digits, but when I read the code from right to left (963) there is a spacing of 6 between the oscillating digits. So it becomes readily visible that the single digit skein coded Pythagorean math (I'll bet your getting tired of hearing that line) is the language of God. Also, that this divine language in its perfection seems to work in a quadraphonic, multiple level matrix awareness that can only be experienced through the daily measure of its function, self-examination, discipline and the spiritual belief that there is a sacred soul that lives on inside of us and is completing us as celestial human beings by making us better people as we host and honour its presence.

It is the culmination of the two entities blending together that provides us with the code of 963. The number 963 is a mirror reflection, bounce back, or polar opposite, of the number 369. This knowledge provides the awareness of how God moves in a reverse motion or backward tendency. The number 963 is also the ninth code of Man's Pythagorean coded math loop and represents completion. This idea of a mirror image of coded information just came to me while I was writing, and this clue gives us another matrix avenue or option to explore. If I were to line up all of Man's 3 digit codes from 1 to 9, and convert the codes using a 3 digit inversion matrix mirror reflection approach what knowledge might that reveal? We previously witnessed, how the difference between God and Mans codes, was an inversing of the second 2 digits. So what information would a mirror like 3 digit inversion of the numbers provide?

As you can see in Fig. 8, I start by lining up all of man's 9 frequency codes. To the right of each code in brackets is the single digit breakdown, providing the code of 369. On the left of each code in a semi bracket is a corresponding number and polar opposite that provides the one code for the entire column. When I add number 1) on the top left of MAN's column, to number 1) from the bottom left of MAN's column, the frequency code becomes 147. When 2) is added to 2) it becomes 147, when 3) is added to 3) it becomes 147, and when 4) is added to 4) it becomes 147. On the middle level of the column at the asterisk it is even or 528, and when added to it-self or multiplied by it-self will become 147. This is the first frequency ratio of God's codes. Within that first column the semi bracket numbers go 1-2-3-4-even-4-3-2-1 like a reflection within itself. To the right of the first column of MAN is the mirror reflection column which provides us with the codes of God. Again, the single digit in brackets to the right of the column shows us a code of 369. The polar opposite 1-2-3-4<>4-3-2-1 addition adds up to 741. 741 is the frequency code for Sol, man's fifth note in the solfeggio scale whose definition means to find an answer, clear-up, explain, solve a mystery or puzzle, work out the answer or solution to a mathematical problem.

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When the 2 single digit codes that are taken from the brackets to the right of both columns are added then the code of 639 is revealed. 639 is the frequency code for Fa or family, and is the fourth note in the solfeggio scale. It is also the cross of the God Matrix. If you add each column together you receive the 3 digit codes of 555, 777, 999, 222, 444, 666, 888, 111, and 333. When these 3 digit combination codes are added, you will again receive the code of 639 or family. If you add the single, 3-digit polar opposite code of God (147), to its earthly counterpart of Man (741), you will receive 3 single 8′s, the number of God and adding up to 6, the number of the message or message center of Man's sixth sense.

When I began the mirror reflection exercise, I thought it would just be a single column reflection, but when I arrived at the code of God or 888, I decided to try and further pursue this matter or possible anti matter. I took the single derivative God code of 147, revealed from the first column of Man's codes and added it to the 888 code given from the addition of God's code 147 and Man's code 741. The addition of 888 and 147 resulted in the God code of 936. I then added 936 to 888 and obtained 825. 825 added to 888 revealed 714, 714 added to 888 gives us 693, and 693 added to 888 becomes 582. When 582 and 888 were added, 471 became apparent. 471 and 888 transform into 369, and when 369 is added to the 888 code, it reveals a resounding 258. Finally, the addition of 258 and 888 completes the loop at 147.

When Man's single derivative code of 741 taken from the polar opposite codes of God is added to 888, the code 639 the fourth note or family is created. If we follow the exercise adding Man's codes to 888, we reveal the fourth column of Man's codes starting at 639 and continuing with 528, 417, 396, 285, 174, 963, 852, and 741. Now we have successfully created a third column of God's codes, and a fourth column of Man's codes. The polar opposite 1-2-3-4 code addition in the third column of God's codes exposes Man's inaudible frequency of 174, while the addition of Man's code's in the fourth column reveals God's code of 471. The single digit derivative code in the brackets to the right of columns 3 and 4 provide the code of 963. When 963 and 963 are added 936 becomes apparent.

The single digit code in the brackets to the right of columns 3 and 4 become a reflection of the single digit code in the brackets to the right of columns 1 and 2. Columns 1 and 2 show the code of 369, while columns 3 and 4 show the code of 963. When columns 1 and 2 are added 639 becomes an inversion of columns 3 and 4 showing the code 936. The codes of column 4 also reflect the codes of column 3. The columns 1 and 2 or the top half of the exercise, show us how the frequencies are interpreted between Man and God in the earthly realm of Man, as the columns 3 and 4 or the bottom half of the exercise show us how the frequencies are translated between God and Man in the celestial realm of God.

The way we can tell columns 1, and 2 are of the earthly realm is because the frequency codes move in a forward direction, whereby the continuation of life or celestial plain reflection of columns 3 and 4 move in a backward direction or reverse motion as in the way of God. Between the codes of God and Man in each realm is the reflective property or mirror image. As it was written in the Bible, God made Man from its own image; and the communication of the vibratory reflective waves and bounce back oscillations, from the electrically resonant musical energies is the way that God and Man share a close and loving family relationship of the heart and soul.

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The transference of energies between the celestial and earthly realms seems to act like an alternating current of wireless electricity that flows freely, with a simultaneity and dualism, back and forth between God and Man connecting and grounding each other out by the power of 9, or completion. The first digit of each frequency stays the same between the realms of God and Man, but then the second 2 digits are inverted. This inversion takes place because Man's codes have a spacing of 6 between every single digit in every single frequency acting in unison with Man's 6 senses, whereby the frequencies of God have a spacing of 3 between every single digit of every single frequency in accordance to Gods 3 senses.

I remember the night that I finished this mirror reflection exercise and was thinking how the way it moved went from the top of column 1 across to column 2, and down from column 2 to the bottom of column 4 on the right side. Continuing across column 4 to column 3 at the bottom left of the exercise, and then back up from the edge of column 3 to the top of column 1. The movement provided the codes of Man to God, God to Man, and then Man to God, and God back to Man again. It also seemed to show the visual movement or geometric pattern of a swastika. I was now truly amazed by the revealing of this information for I knew that, yes the swastika was the symbol of the German Nazi Party, but also that it was an ancient religious symbol. It seemed that the Spirit was trying to show me one more way of how the cross had been manipulated and used by men of great power to control and brainwash the masses, and to further their own corrupt agendas.

The next morning upon reviewing my completed mirror reflection exercise, with the added drawing of a swastika to the right of the columns, I decided to look up the definition of swastika in my Webster's dictionary, and another crucial piece of information became evident. “Swastika n. an ancient symbol or ornament in the form of a Greek cross having the ends of the arms bent to form right angles arranged clockwise or counter clockwise. The clockwise swastika was adopted (1933) as the emblem of the National Socialist German Workers Party.” This was quite a revelation for me because although I knew of the clockwise swastika, I was not aware of the counter clockwise counterpart. I drew a cross on top of the swastika I had drawn to the right of my page on the previous night and put on the right angle arms in a counter clockwise fashion. What appeared to me was truly a Godsend, and revealed itself in the vision of a mirror reflection.

For me it's in the timing the way knowledge is revealed to us that makes me know it is a sign from the Spirit. This Spirit can place the knowledge in your head, and then further acknowledge its own presence without ever uttering a word. Not only did the cross like image show an alternate reflection, but it also showed us how by moving in 2 different ways, the swastika was not only referencing Man to God, but also simultaneously representing God to Man. Like the God Matrix, the patterned cross like swastika also moves in 2 directions, and when 4 or more are combined alternately will form the pattern of a geometrical matrix design blanket. The combination of only 2 patterns side by side or head to toe alternately form a symbolic representation of an 8-point star, or an Ashlar's double box pattern.

How is it that these ancient symbols based on numeric sequence patterns, geometric shape and the crucifixes still wield such a resounding effect on our psychological behavioural control mechanisms after thousands of years? Have these fears and manipulations been bred into our genetic make-up since the pre-existence of our own history? We have been convinced that we know so much, when in reality we really know so very little and are actually becoming less intelligent as the new technologies are rapidly decelerating our intellectual growth as a race of human beings. There is no axiology left in our declining moral principles. It is time for a new esoteric axiom to be established, in order to resolve and salvage what little dignity, and purpose man still maintains for his fellowman. We need to ennoble a new way of thinking so that we may try to restore our own homomorphism, instead of our current trend of enacting the hominization of machines, which is causing man to be antihuman. In case anyone is interested, Webster defines antihuman as “Being against humanity, not beneficial to the human species.”

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The one common thread that runs through the concourse of the Bible, the Webster's dictionary, and the beauty and grace of the English language itself, is the ongoing theme of the embodying of humanity and the Spirit of Man in all aspects, and daily functions of our existence. It is what makes us celestial human “beings” instead of just “humans”. The other wealth of information that lies within the Bible and the Webster's dictionary are the many references, and cross references of hidden knowledge or as the definition of Apocrypha denotes the “Things that are hidden”. It seems as though we have been set forth on a digitally disturbing and destructive path of danger, where the very movement of our social and monetary system revolves around an axis of the humanization of machines and the computerization of humans. This idiomatic reversal to our behaviour patterns will cause us to become like sociable idiots in regards to our interaction with society. The problem as I see it with this idiom of behaviour modification is that it would be far easier to make man be like his I-Pod and fit the two of them through the eye of a needle, than it would be to make an android more like a human being. The paradox of this antibiosis is that man is making great strides in making this nightmare a reality.

Over the last 5 years or so, I have taken up the hobby of maintaining a salt water aquarium, or “micro-reef”. It has been an endless source of pleasure and amusement because it is like having your own little eco-system in a jar. I am able to host a wide variety of fish, sponges, corrals, and crustaceans in my small 20 gallon tank. The colors are vibrant and there are all manners of life amongst the rock, algae's, and living sand. I find myself spending more time watching the fish tank than I do watching the television set. This is due to the lack of quality programming on the TV, and the overabundance of commercial advertisements that is making television viewing a little bit of an annoyance.

Speaking of annoying, I just heard about a new study that says if infants 2 years of age or younger watch some of the fast paced, extra colourful, high definition digital cartoons with unrecognizable and unfamiliar characters like for example “Spongebob Squarepants”, it can lead to the development of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) in the children. This study does not surprize me, but I might add that some of the fast paced high definition digital video games used by grownups could be having the same ADD type of effect on the adults. Also we are beginning to witness the dysfunctional behaviour of the people that writers are portraying due to their lack of ideas, writing ability, and the reflection of a dysfunctional society in general.

The fish tank however is great and the different kinds of fish all have their own characteristics. I have a pair of clown fish, which if you didn't know are the orange and white striped fish that were portrayed in the animated movie “Finding Nemo”. They have a great temperament, are reef friendly, get along well with all the other fishes, and when they pair up they are mated for life. I also have a “Coral Beauty” which is a blue Angelfish of the dwarf variety. This fish likes to dominate the scene and gets in the other fishes faces. My “Eel Goby” likes to burrow in the sand and resembles a snake, while my “Marine Beta” is brown with small white polka dots and is part of the Grouper family.

After you start getting more familiar with your micro reef you begin to become aware that whatever is good for the tank water is also good for humans and the water of the planet. There is always that fine balance between nature and the environment that we must observe. If you add to much food to your tank you get a phosphate pollution causing your waters PH balance to suffer by reducing the alkalinity of the water and increasing the acidity. This is similar to when we eat too much, and get too fat causing our bodies to become acidic promoting Acid Reflux Disease. If the water becomes too hot or too cold too quickly, this can cause disease and if you deliberately stress the fish for example by tapping on the glass, or by just overpopulating the tank this too may also cause disease. You see that micro reef is the whole world for those different species that inhabit the structure and by maintaining the decorum of allowable levels, guidelines and principles regarding the structure, an abundance of pleasure can be derived from its practise. By following the governing rules regarding tank operations you, are establishing a matrix of life that reflects the same operations that are involved in the planetary motion of the sea.

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In the nature of the sea if there is too much light, then too much algae will grow suffocating life. When temperatures rise or fall too fast, the destabilizing effect creates disease. If there is a power failure and the water of your fish tank stops circulating then the lack of oxygen will cause life to desist. So you see by observing the salt water micro reef, you are in fact learning volumes about the way that the planet, oceans, and our own matrix system of life functions. These life system functions of our planetary matrix require and warrant our respect and ecological maintenance. It is the fine balance or equilibrium of all aspects involved in the operations of our matrix that make it essential for a new way of thinking, or reasoning, that will assert the logic that there can be no effect without a cause. If any one of the essential elements of our ecological matrix are corrupted or removed, the contamination that could occur from the destabilizing forces of this action might render our whole matrix of life inoperable. The meaning of Yahweh or God is “To breathe is to exist.” If the element of oxygen is removed from our matrix or the air we have to breathe is too polluted and corrupted to support our matrix, then our matrix will no longer function and we as a race of people will cease to exist.

After much consideration, if you still decide to establish your own micro reef you must be prepared to spend more time and money starting your tank than you would with the fresh water variety, but then it wouldn't be a reef if you didn't. If you do decide to spend the time and money to set up an operational system, the reward justifies the expenditure, at least in the opinion of this writer. There is one sea creature that I have always been interested in, but also a little bit intimidated by and that is the Anemone. They are that kind of half plant, half animal creature that consists of a blanket of tentacles that to most other undersea creatures are quite poisonous, and when you introduce them into your environment they will move around until they find a spot that they like, stinging and killing any other fish or corrals that get in their way. For this reason the Anemone are not considered reef friendly.

I recently decided to take the plunge and bought myself an orange bubble tip Anemone. It is really quite a fascinating creature (without trying to sound too much like Spock), but I noticed within about 1 week my Coral Beauty Angelfish who was everywhere, in everybody's face and probably the healthiest fish on the plenum, was stuck in the bottom corner between a rock and a hard place, stone stiffed dead. I had noticed a couple of days earlier how close, and in the face of this Anemone the Angelfish was. I figured that what probably happened was that the fish with its uncontrollable tendency to get into the other one's business resulted in the accumulative repeated stings of the venomous Anemone.

That was unfortunate, but the reason I added the Anemone was so it could host with my pair of Clownfish. The Clownfish are impervious to the venom of the Anemone and the two different species have a symbiotic relationship. If you have ever seen film of Clownfish swimming amongst the tentacles of the Anemone it is a wonderful sight. In my tank the Clowns hover at the bottom and my Anemone stays at the top, and never the twain shall meet. Oh well, so much for that experiment. Upon further browsing at the fish store I picked up a yellow Lemon Peel Angelfish to replace my Coral Beauty. Much like his predecessor he was full of energy, colourful, vibrant but was also in everybody's face. After about 1 week the Lemon Peel Angel went by way of the Coral Beauty and was found dead at the back of the tank behind a rock.

This too was unfortunate and most likely inevitable for it is the characteristic trait of this species to be up in everybody's face, and messing with their business. It is an uncontrollable urge for this fish that cannot stay away from that which will kill him. I have since replaced my Lemon Peel Angel with a yellow striped, blue Fiji Devil Damsel. This seems to be working out well because apparently Damsels are the only other species that can survive the Anemone venom, through the evolution of their insatiable lust for Clownfish eggs. The day after my second Angel died, I was driving around at work in my taxi and I started singing this song which I have since titled “Close to the Anemone”. The chorus repeats the line “He was close, close to the Anemone.” It represents themes like the “Song of the Sirens” that could lure sailors with their hauntingly beautiful melody, causing them to shipwreck themselves on the rocks. Or, possibly other themes like the story of the male “Black Widow” spider which will face an uncertain death in order to fertilize the female eggs. Maybe even the story involving the forbidden fruit that consumed “Adam and Eve”. There are many matrix ideas and avenues that can be explored.

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Not long after spontaneously singing my Anemone chorus, I started dwelling on how much things had changed in the last 10 years. When I dispatched on Sundays at another taxi outfit and this character of a driver named Terry who was a chain smoker, would take any opportunity that he could to come into the office and lite up a smoke. He knew full well that I had quit smoking and hated the smell but Terry would insist on smoking up everybody's space. In those days we had so much more of a tolerance towards smoking. Terry would come into the warm taxi office on a cold winters day in between fares, cough for about a minute and then lite up a butt. I would say you know those things are going to kill you? Terry would say, yeah I know. A few years later Terry died of lung cancer. He was close, close to the Anemone.

My best friend's younger brother who was a heavy smoker (smoked a lot), used to breathe a lot of drywall dust, and had an annual bout of pneumonia, also recently succumbed to lung cancer. He too lived close, close to the Anemone. He knew of his own physical limits but it was his own human choice and decision to look danger in the face, and cast fate to the wind. Maybe it was like a rebellious silent gesture against “the Man”, or maybe he just really liked the taste of a fresh juicy butt. It didn't matter much because it was his choice to make as a human being. It's not much different than risking your life to save another, it is a conscious decision one makes of his own free will. And though it does not appear to be as heroic, you would have a better chance of that kind of person who has a little edge to save your life. That's the difference between then and now, as we no longer have the same tolerance towards our fellowman and the danger of a detrimental physical presence lurks from within the digital landscape.

The big difference between the two evils is that in the old days it was your choice if you wanted to harm yourself, taste the forbidden fruit, and live close, close to the Anemone. In the newly established digital order where all analog signals have been eliminated, you have no choice as you are completely and utterly unaware that there is a physical danger inherent in the performance of your daily functions. Even so, the downfall and paradox of this newly created paradigm is that we are all, every one of us now living close, close to the Anemone. Sorry I had to put you through the rigors of that giant fish tale of an analogy but it had to be done. I feel that now would be an optimal time to get back into a little spiritual mathematics.

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If we look at the numerical perfection of the 6 note musical scale based on a hymn from John the Baptist, as seen illustrated in Fig. 1, we can see how the 6, 3 digit frequencies form a perfect loop. I began to wonder what it would take to recapture that perfection while still incorporating the seventh note of Si. I found that by using all 9 of the frequencies, by adding the 2 inaudible codes and the seventh note of Si, then continuing until you reach a 15 level column, the mathematical integrity of the loop could be re-established. Looking at the diagram in Fig. 9 shows us how the single 3 digit, 15 level column reduces to a code of 369. Within each 3 digit frequency code is a spacing of 6 between each digit, as well as from the third digit arcing back to the first digit in a 666 spacing loop within each frequency note. The movement between each row of digits vertically provides a single space between each number. That makes 6 across and 1 down which gives us the symbolic number 7. God made the universe in 6 days and rested on the seventh.

By taking the 15 level, 3 digit column and using my oscillation of frequencies principle I feel I have devised some kind of frequency signal tower to God. Within every column each single digit vertical row adds up to 3 to integrate with the Spirits 3 senses. As a single 3 digit column the code of 369 is provided, but as a 3 column grouping it is completion and provides a code of 999. The first digit of the first column bounces to the first digit of the second column. The first digit of the second column bounces to the first digit of the third column. Finally the first digit of the third column comes back to the first digit of the first column in a circular, oscillating manner. This is how the 3 column wireless towers interconnect. Every movement is 6 between and 1 down. The second digit of each 3 digit code on every level will connect, and the third digit of all three, 3 digit codes on every level will also respond in kind.

This might provide some answers to how these frequency signals are transmitted from man to the spirit. The 15 levels of frequencies also add up to 6 (15=1+5=6) which represents man's 6 senses. When doing the matrix math you have to treat each digit separately when adding, multiplying, or any other matrix function. For example if I use the first level of oscillating codes (174-741-417) I can read the 3 codes as they are presented formally, or else I can read the 3 codes matrixly by using the first digit of all 3 columns for the first code, the second digit of all 3 columns as the second code, and the third digit from all 3 columns as the third code. Being matrix math means that there is always more than one way to read it, as it is math that is embedded within more matrix math. I am beginning to wonder if there is anything that cannot be found within the math. Like the infinite numerical loops, the possibilities seem endless. Just as one door closes, another one opens as you are left in awe of its wonder. I was pretty amazed a year ago at how the math unfolded, when I co-wrote the first paper with the Spirit. Now it is a year later, and as I co-write this second paper the matrix math seems to be unravelling exponentially. As much as I have learned and as far as I am taking it I have no reason to believe that I won't be here in a year from now, co-writing my third paper of the trilogy, with even more matrix revelations to present.

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After completing the oscillating frequency tower of Man's celestial codes, then it only made sense that there should also be an alternate Spiritual oscillating frequency tower. In Fig. 10 I believe I have constructed such a transmitter/receiver using the celestial codes of God. If you study the schematic of Fig. 10 you can see that God's codes function very similarly to Mans codes in the design of Fig. 9. The visible differences are that in God's codes shown in Fig. 10 every single digit has a spacing of 3 between the numbers instead of the 6 spaces between Man's numbers as seen in Fig. 9. This is representative of the 3 senses of the Spirit. The codes move 3 across and 1 down giving us the significant number of 4 as is seen in the 4 corners of the matrix box or cube. Every vertical single digit column adds up to 3, symbolic of Gods 3 senses. You see the 2 towers integrate with each other like interlocking 3+6=9 components. When the single digits of every vertical row of numbers are added we get 9 rows times 6 representing the communication to the 6 senses of Man. Apart from those few minor differences, both frequency towers function and perform exactly the same as the other. The single digit derivative code of both Man and the Spirit's initial column is 369. When we add both of the codes to one another 639 is revealed. 639 is the code of the fourth note Fa meaning family, and the heart or cross of the God Matrix. The fourth frequency may also have a connection to the significance of the spiritual 3+1=4 spacing, from the horizontal and vertical movement of the spiritual columns. When all 3 columns are added together from either side of both Man and God, the code of 999 or completion is provided.

As I thought about the digitally dysfunctional decay of Mans logic, self-awareness, and societal foundation, it reminded me of an old “Star Trek” television episode from the “Voyager” series. Those would be the episodes that feature Captain Janeway who is a women, 7 of 9 who is a stunning and physically attractive women with hardware on her face and super tight clothing who is a human that was rescued from the Borg. A ship's doctor that is a hologram and a coloured Vulcan officer named Tuvok. Anyway, in this particular episode Tuvok (the Vulcan), was playing a meditative game and chanting a mantra that went:

Structure – Logic – Function – Control

A Structure cannot stand without a Foundation

Logic is the Foundation of Function

Function is the Essence of Control

I am in Control

When Tuvok is asked by one of his shipmates what he is doing he confides “It is called a Cathera, approximate translation is structure of harmony. It is used as a meditational aid. Building it requires precise balance and spatial acuity. It helps to focus thought and refine mental control.” In this episode Tuvok is hallucinating and losing his Vulcan control due to an alien virus. This condition could quickly lead to the demise of Tuvok as a Vulcan if not promptly and properly addressed. I thought Tuvok's mantra was one of the most brilliant chants that I have ever heard. It made such sense and made me think of how we really needed some kind of game or exercise like that in our society right now, as it is beginning to crumble all around us.

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The game or “Cathera” reminded me of when I met the young math student, showed him of my single digit math discoveries and remembered his only remark apart from it was an interesting lecture. The student said, “The math seems sound.” Thinking about that statement, and the fact that the single digit math was starting to involve the 3 digit musical note frequencies, I began to realize that the math is sound, conversed into the Math is Sound! So, in other words hand written mathematics could play a role in the function of your Spiritual routines and disciplines just as music and prayer does. Meditating on the aspect of math and sound lead me to write my own chant which I call the Vulcan mantra for the Spiritual reintegration of the human condition in society that has become completely digitalized here is my chant.





I thought that that was a pretty good effort at my first attempt at chant writing. I liked it so much I turned it into a poem by adding more lines at the beginning and end of the chant, and called the poem “The Mantra”. This is what the chant looks like as a poem. You will notice how the title is read vertically from top to bottom, while the poem is read horizontally from left to right. Also significant is the first word of the title having 3 letters, while the second word of the title has 6 letters. The actual poem consists of 9 horizontal lines of significance. (3+6=9)

Back in the summer I opened up my large Webster's dictionary, that I had just bought second hand in a garage sale for a dollar, and happened to notice the word M-day. “The day on which mobilization is to begin cf. D-DAY, K-DAY.” “D-day(mil.)the planners' designation of the day on which to start an operation, the actual date of which will be fixed later; (hist.)the day (June 6,1944) on which the allied forces landed in N. France in the 2nd world war.” “K-day(mil.)the basic date for the introduction of a convey system on any particular convoy lane cf. D-DAY” I decided to do the number, letter single digit breakdown of M-day (4+417)(4×417) I added 4 to 417 or resonance and received 741 or Sol meaning solve. When I added 4 to all 9 of the frequencies it moved each frequency ahead 4 spaces or back 5 spaces to the same frequency. (4+5=9, completion) When all 9 frequencies were multiplied by 4 starting at 174, the code went forward 3 spaces or back 6 spaces to 417, the second code went backward 3 spaces or forward 6 spaces to 852. The third code or any code with the numbers 3, 6 or 9 remains unchanged acting as a sort of grounding feature. This effect continues through all 9 codes in an energy loop making a 36-63-GROUND pattern, revealing a form of alternating current electricity. (AC)

When I first read the definition of M-day, it was Friday July 15, 2011. The date added to 26 or 8, the number of God and was exactly 16 weeks or 4 lunar months to Friday November 11. I decided that this was a wake-up call or M-day and I had 4 months left to get my message ready and mobilize the forces. This day also provided a new moon. Another interesting aspect of this D-day scenario was in the single digit of 4 or fourth letter. M-day gives a number 4 significance but as the 13th letter. (13=1+3=4) The 13th letter or second of three number 4s in the alphabet moves in the way of Gods codes, 3 across and 1 down. K-day gives us the number 2 letter, and moves the frequencies ahead 2 spaces, or back 7 spaces to the same code.(2+7=9) So D-day and K-day working together numerically become 2×4=8 the number of God or 8=4×2 double box. There is also the 4 number for the letter V as in victory, the 22nd letter in the alphabet. (2+2=4) How do you suppose the people that control the world come up with these numerically powerful and significant single digit meanings in the letter names they attach to their special dates? “V.E. Day. May 8, 1945, the date of the allied victory in Europe in the 2nd world war.”

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Looking at the quadruple M-day multiplication columns of Man and God in Fig. 11 and Fig. 12 puts to rest all doubts, and proves that an electromagnetically symbiotic relationship does exist between Man, his Spirit and Soul. This ongoing function from within the math, sparking the energy from a positive, to a negative, and grounding feature becomes more and more evident as we begin to study the matrix math.

Examining Fig. 13 allows us to witness the divine perfection from the mathematical frequency codes involved in “THE COMPLETION OF MAN” diagram. The first number of Mans 3 digit column on the first level, added to the first number of Gods 3 digit column on the first level, equals 9. In the same manner the second digit of both columns adds to 9, and the third digit of both columns adds to 9. This pattern is also true of all the other 8 levels giving us the total completion of 9. And if that wasn't enough by adding any of the codes of Man on any level, to any of the codes of God on any level, you begin to start working on an analog computer. For example, if I were to take the code 174 from the first level of Mans column and add it to the code of 936 from the last level of Gods column I would receive the answer of 111. The number 1 is the result of the addition of the first digits 9+1=1, but is also true of the following 2 digits and their addition. The single digit derivative from code 174 is 3, and code 936 is 9. When 3 and 9 are added the answer is 3 equal to 111, which results from the addition of both frequencies. The analog computer works perfectly in this manner for the addition of any 2 frequencies of God and Man.

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Another interesting aspect in “THE COMPLETION OF MAN” diagram is that if we look at the single digit derivatives in the brackets to the right of each column, there are 3 separate 9 digit God Matrix patterns stacked on top of each other in the 9 levels of the columns. So the essence of the diagram in Fig. 13 shows us the 3 digit frequency codes and their other 2 oscillating compatible codes for each of the 9 single digit numbers of the God Matrix. This means that every one of the 9 digits from the God Matrix cube has its own 9 digit matrix cube. Also evident is the 9 digit looping connection between each of the 3, 3 digit frequency groupings of both Man and Gods columns. Using the first grouping of Mans column as an example 174, 285, 396 and starting at the top right, moving downward and right to left to the top of the next row downward, and again left to the top of the first vertical row and downward, and then connecting back to the top right of the third row. This should provide the loop of 456789123 and if you connect the dots by drawing a line of movement, it resembles a sine wave. Using the same method on Gods codes your loop should read 543219876 moving in a reverse direction or backward tendency.

I think it is time to go over some more of the definitions from the Webster's dictionary in order to give us a better idea of the analog aspects of living that we have completely given up, so that we may descend into our current digitalized format. “Analog: adj 1.(electr.) of a device that represents numerical quantities in terms of physical variables, eg in terms of voltages where resistance represents mechanical loss, or space in a slide rule, or rotation in a gear system 2.(computer) representing numerical data by physical variables factor, eg voltage, presented graphically on a cathode ray tube Cf ANALOGUE, DIGITAL

Analog channel: information presented between two valve parameters, eg a voice channel.

Analog computer: device that provides continuous readings in contrast to a digital device that provides discrete readings, eg a water or electric meter, a slide rule. Analog recording: (acoustics) reproduction of sounds by recording sound waves, vibrations Cf DIGITAL RECORDING. Digital Recording: (acoustics) reproduction of sound fed into a computer through an amplifier, converted to numbers, and stored with recording Cf ANALOG RECORDING.”

So according to my old 1988 Webster's dictionary digital recording was sound converted to numbers to be stored with the proper analog recording and kept as a record of data or information, as it was obviously inferior then and still is now. The key is in the fact that analog recording is the reproduction of sounds by recording sound waves, vibrations. These are the same analog ways that the Human Being organically receives and transmits information and energy with and the same kind of energy delivery system that used to help keep Man inspired and fulfilled, as opposed to confused and paranoid. The fulfillment comes from sharing a meaningful existence with your Soul and the consciousness of the Spirit. You as a Human Being are just a host to the divine presence of the Holy Spirit. If we are to be a good host to God and the Spirit we must provide a clean and uncorrupted vessel that performs its daily functions in a manner befitting to God. We must maintain our art and music standards as they were performed in the past, non-digitally and non-electronically. Most importantly, especially if you can't do music or art, learn how to be a participant in the daily function of hand written single digit skein Pythagorean God Matrix Mathematics.

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The environmental frequency damage is starting to have a negative impact on the whole human race as the Spirit of Man is beginning to find it difficult to inhabit its earthly hosts due to the corruption of the vessel. The end times could possibly be that the Spirit of Man finds it necessary to just leave this system altogether in search of new Celestial Hosts. Before I began this story I wrote a Prophetic Judgement on mankind and the prophesied second, minute, and hour of the day at hand for the shift of our paradigm.

When all communications were in the form of analog signals (Pre-1972) the industrialized segments of the world population were resonating and functioning under the influence of the God Matrix. This matrix is the mathematically perfect equation for the resonance of the cosmos, language or identity of the Spirit, and order of the universe. The God Matrix is designed to work with our human genetic make up to make us feel at one with our environment, bring peace and joy into our hearts, and contentment and fulfillment into our daily lives. The God Matrix is art, music, sports, dance, literature and everything else that is meaningfully significant in our existence of Beings living a celestial life here on earth. It's what life's rich reward is all about.

The Spirit needs us as we need the Spirit because the 2 entities are as modular components that are integrated that way. It is the sum of both entities that make us whole and as one. If our technological advancements cause us as Human Beings to lose sight of and lose touch with our spiritual force, our reasoning and philosophically logical sphere of awareness or completion will be lost from mankind forevermore. In the last 20, or so years (1992-2012) as the modernized world has become totally digitalized to the extent where governments have censored the use of any analog communication devices, the Spectre of the Satan Matrix has taken root and dominated the thought transmissions of the less than Beings that now inhabit this earth.

Whereby the God Matrix forms the 2 sided Arch Angel of 999 or completion, the Satan Matrix forms the 2 sided arc angle of 666 or the Beast as referred to in a corporate sense. It is my intuitive perception and prediction that believes the coming hour of the day at hand will be midnight, the 12th hour of the 12th day, of the 12th month of the 12th year, or in less detail midnight 12-12-12. This will mark the beginning of the paradigm shift from our 3 dimensional way of life to the coming 2 dimensional existence as we make the transition to life on the second plain. This is when we lose all human control as we become fully intertwined with the machine. How will this abomination occur and be achieved?

Well as I said we are currently under the influence of the singular Satan Matrix, which has made our brains work 10 times harder, made us all dysfunctional as a race and anesthetised us for the final countdown where the singular Satan Matrix will be converted to the double Bad Devil Matrice. The double matrice will consist of a singular 123 matrix, and another singular 246 matrix, that will combine as 2 and form or add up to the same specifications as the God Matrix but will hit your mind from the 2 sides of your brain independently, causing a complete love and dependency on the machine, and a world-wide Spiritual lobotomy of the Human condition.

This process will begin to occur at the stroke of midnight 12-12-12, and the prophesied will take 7 days to complete. The first 3 ½ days will seem harder than usual but still all right or at least manageable. The second 3 ½ days will become extremely difficult and unbearable for many as the final countdown to the paradigm shift will end on the last minute of December 19, 2012. This marks the new beginning or end of humanity as we now know it on the widely prophesied day of December 20, 2012.

I can only hope and pray it won't come to that but never-the-less I will continue to work diligently in my efforts. I will achieve fulfillment of the Spirits wish, and honour its divine presence by delivering this my second book of devotional and inspirational teachings. It has been a joy, and a privilege to co-write Functions of the Spirit with its foremost authority and I will look forward to bringing you the third book of the trilogy, Journey of the Soul, on January 11.(111) As I come to the end I see it is page 44 or 8, God.

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