This is the section of the website where I am going to literally bring up a whole host of different subjects or topics of the day. These thematic deviances will be brought forth to you on a monthly basis and will contain no more than 31 entries or the number of days in a bastardized month on a Roman calendar. These stories will usually contain material of a distrustful or non-belief nature. The reason I am bringing this journal to you is so that I can express some of my views on the stories that you will not read about in the papers or see in the TV news.

I have found in the past that when I talk to people about such issues, more often than not the word conspiracy always pops up and people seem to hide in their shell and stop talking abruptly. Another common reaction is for some folk to get very angry while arguing profusely and acting like a trapped or cornered animal. For this reason I am going to try and eliminate this trigger and stop the use of the C-word. I will instead name these entries for what they really are and that is the truth.

If there are any devout non-believer types out there that enjoy a good mystery and healthy mind exercise, please feel free to try and crack the secret Bible Codes that the Spirit has helped me to place in the dates of the different chapters of "The Truth". I will be revealing the solution to the hidden Bible Codes toward the end of the section of the website that is named "Digitalization".



For my first entry of the truth I would like to honour and pay homage to the most important inventor and greatest thinking modern mind in history, that you have most probably never heard of. I am referring to none other than the infamous Nikola Tesla, the father of electricity. Nikola worked alongside of other great notables of the time such as Westinghouse, Marconi, Bell and Edison, but Tesla's impact on man in society is ten-fold that of all his colleagues, friends, and associates combined.

Lets just take a look at some of the man's accomplishments. Did you know that Tesla invented the radio? Well on June 21, 1943 the US Supreme Court found that Tesla's Patent No. 645.576 applied for September 2, 1897 anticipated the four-circuit tuned combination of Marconi. Some of his other achievements included television, wireless communication, radar, robotics, the Niagara Falls power generator and lighting the 1893 Chicago World's Fair with a little thing he invented called alternating current.(AC/DC)

Tesla's patents are used in all forms of our modern society from subway trains and computer applications to the US armies "Star Wars" program. More than half a dozen people received Nobel Prize's just from developing the ideas they heard Nikola speak of during his lectures in the 1890's. With so much of this notoriety buzzing about the man it's hard to believe that there has not even been a made for TV Movie of the Week about Nikola Tesla. There was however an early TV Serial in the 1940's called Superman Vs Tesla the Mad Scientist. That's extraordinary!

F. Q. (Famous Quote) We must never forget that art is not a form of propaganda, it is a form of truth.

~John Fitzgerald Kennedy



For my second subject I think it is worth mentioning a little bit about September 11 and the Twin Towers. On more than one occasion I have written the words in speech and in song, "It's a concept that you can't conceive." The very idea that half of the American population that were polled thinks that it could be possible that the US government might have had something to do with 9/11 or at least knew of it. How the president let two planeloads of Saudi Royalty out and then closed air traffic for the rest of the country. Also, leaving the terrorists to grow stronger in Afghanistan so they could go and fight a war in Iraq with Saddam Hussein who had absolutely nothing to do with the terrorists and had no weapons of mass destruction. The way that the World Trade Centers two buildings both fell as if perfectly demolished without damaging any of the surrounding buildings except for the third tower which fell just from the heat, but also imploding on itself perfectly as if professionally demolished. The odds of such an occurrence are beyond astronomical!

Like I've said before such notions could not have even been considered only ten short years ago. For me it's pretty blatant that there is something terribly wrong with this picture. This is not an opinion, it is however just the truth. Apparently I am not alone in my suspicions of the events of 9/11. There is a growing movement out there that is gaining momentum called "the Truthers" who also do not believe what went down on that horrific day. This group includes airline pilots who have stated that the phone calls from the airplanes received before the crashes were not possible or that they were staged. Also included in the group are demolition experts who agree that it is not possible for both buildings to have free-fall disintegration as the twin towers and subsequent smaller third tower did without the use of any added demolition applications. Another curious reference was the government discussion of toppling Sadam Hussein and making Iraq democratic so that all the other Saudi States would follow suit like a domino effect. The central theme of the talk was that to bring this plan into effect a colossal event or diversion was needed to take place. Something like a Pearl Harbor.

F. Q. (Famous Quote) Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is perhaps, the end of the beginning.

~Sir Winston Churchill



The third one is always the charm. This topic is my biggest Pet Peeve and the reason I recorded "Death in the Air" and established I am talking about chemtrails. I am not talking about contrails, which come out of a jet and dissipate in about a minute. I'm talking about those big white plumes that come out of planes and linger for hours slowly dispersing causing a dull grey sky that started out clear and blue. You know those big lines and x's and tic-tac-toe formations we keep seeing in the sky. Well at least some of us are seeing them.

The word chemtrail is also one of those trigger C-words as I have mentioned in my introduction that causes people to react adversely or at least this is the case from my experience. The truth is that it's a billion dollar a year program that started in 1998, to spray millions of tons of aluminum oxide into our atmosphere with the hopes of reducing global warming through a process called "seeding". One of the problems of this process may be the inadvertent expansion in the size of the hole in our ozone. Due to the fact that this billion dollar a year price tag is only 1/100th of the cost of properly reducing our carbon footprint don't expect to stop seeing those grid-like cloud patterns anytime soon.

Another problem with these sprayings that nobody seems to notice is that aluminum is a neurotoxin that can cause memory loss and is connected to Alzheimer's and osteoporosis. Furthermore the ingesting of aluminum can also lead to gastro-intestinal problems, headaches, weak muscles, fatigue and flu-like symptoms. These tiny aluminum dust particles that emerge from the chemical trail may fly around for up to a year before finally settling. Still can't see them?

F. Q. (Famous Quote) There's none so blind as they that won't see.

~Jonathan Swift


APRIL 4, 2010: HAARP

When you think about the unbelievable developments that have been arising in the not so distant past, it tends to make me wonder if there hasn't been a certain amount of mind control prescribed. Now you are getting into the area of the High Frequency Active Auroral Research program, or H.A.A.R.P. as it is known. The program is connected to the Arco Company and the Cold Spring Harbor labs through the British Royal and Rockefeller families. Using the technologies of Nikola Tesla as discussed earlier in the "Star Wars" reference, HAARP is able to trigger earthquakes and volcanoes or create lightning bolts as balls of electromagnetic energy that can be hurled at one's enemy.

You see it is all about promoting the use of non-lethal warfare as opposed to destructive weapons. This would include an increased focus on anti-personal electromagnetic transmissions. The applications of these technologies would not only be used in military situations but also in the security and domestic law enforcement arsenal. These electromagnetic weapons may be combined with the use of biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction to form the triple threat of non-lethal warfare.

The applications of the CIA's mind control and depopulation project: MKULTRA could also be initiated. It is possible for the program to control emotions and behavior, make you sleep, transmit suggestions, mess up your short and long term memory, and produce or delete an experience set. Truth be known it is a common assumption that ignorance is bliss, but I believe it is what you don't know that can hurt you.

F. Q. (Famous Quote) Put your trust in God, but keep your powder dry.

~Oliver Cromwell



I read a blurb on the twenty-four hour news channel that cloned cows will be on the shelves in our grocery stores and there doesn't have to be any special labeling as you would see on say organic fruit, that will distinguish natural beef from cloned beef. So when you buy a steak you may be eating beef from a cloned cow. I personally find this a little bit hard to swallow. What I found even more appalling is the fact that nobody seemed to care or notice. Surely twenty years ago there would have been some kind of a public outcry for disclosure, but in this new millennium I hear nothing. I do not read the story in the newspaper, and I don't see it on the mainstream news channel. There have got to be other people out there apart from myself that find this development more than a little disturbing.

It seems to me that I have been seeing a lot of "Black Angus" beef on the meat counter lately. It is supposed to be a superior product and so costs twice as much money to purchase. This is supposedly because it cost more to raise this kind of cattle. Wouldn't it be ironic if the "Black Angus", are in fact really "Cloned Cow" and cost half as much to raise, yet the beef producers were charging twice as much money for it? And think of the fiscal benefits for a corporation such as "McDonald's", that use's the meat from 3,000 different cows in 1 single patty so that the food chain may have consistency in their burger. Imagine the same cow being copied over and over again so that 1 patty might only have to come from 1 cow, forever.

What's a beefeater supposed to do, become a vegetarian or just join the ranks of the status quo and say, "there's nothing I can do about it". Well there is an old saying that goes something like all it takes for evil to exist in the world is for good men to turn their backs on the truth. That is one of the many reasons why I choose to be a non-believer. Do you believe?

F. Q. (Famous Quote) To thine own self be true.

~William Shakespeare



Originality seems to be a commodity that is becoming quite scarce. It is not an area that our culture wants to develop, promote or seek out. That might take to much time, money or honour. It is easier to just take someone else's idea, preferably an unknown and call it your own. If you are already established, you will have all the money and the best lawyers. It will be up to the unknown to find the million dollars to legally sue you. I have a sneaking suspicion that much of our common culture was thought of or developed by unknown artists who probably did not realize they were or have the confidence to call themselves artist. I call this the "Forest Gump Effect". (FGE)

Over the past fifteen years I have personally handed out thousands of cassette tapes and thousands more CD's to unknown people that I drove in my taxi. This was a kind of social experiment. The idea was that someone knew someone else that would direct the music into the right hands and that I might be discovered. I also played my songs live as a street performer. Well my music did fall into the right hands, many times, as I sadly was never discovered. Now I hear my stylings of music with alternate lyrics all over the radio, television, commercials and movies.

It always amazes me how many people now are using the same ideas. In the sixties or seventies it was hard to find two songs that sounded the same. In the new millennium it is hard to find two songs that don't sound the same. Hard to believe yes, but this is not hearsay. It is however my personal truth.

F. Q. (Famous Quote) Your manuscript is both good and original, but the part that is good is not original, and the part that is original is not good.

~Samuel Johnson



The first time I began to become aware of the subtle difference in the sound between digital and analog playing of music was back in the mid-nineties. First of all let me clarify that vinyl records, cassette and 8-track tapes all played in analog and the newer compact discs all play in digital. Now back to my story, I took my record player to a turntable clinic to be repaired. Speaking to the technician revealed to me a very important fact. The short fellow told me in a very thick Asian accent, "The audio-file love the turntable. It play in analog at a frequency of about 10,000 Hz. It make you relax, make you feel goood, but the CD, it play in digital at a frequency of about 80-100,000 Hz. It is 8 to10 times more information for your brain to process. It make you tired, make you siick". Little was I to know then, just how prophetic this man's statement would turn out to be. Gone are the glory days when music was King. The digitalizing effect of the compact disc has sucked the life right out of the sound of our music and converted it into "Musak" or background noise.

Here's an interesting anecdote for your consideration. When I first began to drive a taxi back in 1992, every day half of all the fares I took in the cab asked to hear some music. This was during the time when most people still played vinyl albums. After about 18 years of people playing their digital CD's and virtually discarding all of their analog records and tapes, how many people a day in my taxi do you think ask or would want to hear some music now? Try about one person in a year. As a musician and a songwriter this major observation spoke volumes to me. The music had somehow lost all of its meaning and significance. All of these facts are completely unbelievable, and yet they are totally the truth.

F. Q. (Famous Quote) We can only change the world by changing men.

~Charles Wells



Over the past ten years as a musical artist I have found myself quite literally taking it to the streets. Due to circumstances beyond my control such as a career loss, fragmentation of society, the isolationist tendencies of fellow musicians and artists, a need to develop my skills as a performer and basically just making ends meet, I somehow naturally fell into this routine of becoming a part time busker.

A busker is someone who performs their artistic craft at the street level. They deal with their public face to face and ask for nothing in return. If you throw one a dollar they will most likely thank you kindly unless they are a mime. If they were given nothing they would still be out there performing because it is a labour of love, not something they just do for money.

Much like the common law of the land busking as we now refer to it has gone on since time in memorial. There has always been a court jester or singer, musical free spirited wandering gypsies, or just singing for your supper. In fact busking next to prostitution may be one of the world's oldest professions.

The most frequented busking venues I have performed at over the past decade have included a number of different local LCBO and Beer Stores. I have also spent a good number of summer Saturday mornings at the Brampton farmer's market and a one year tenure as a TTC subway musician. Playing my music for the public has given me more satisfaction, belonging and intonation with my environment than all of my other jobs combined.

I feel the reason for this fulfillment lies in the awareness that as a singer, musician, sculptor, painter, dancer or athlete, when you perform your craft with a high level of competency you are transmitting a high level of positive energy. This positive energy vibrates and resonates with other people within its radius causing a spilloff effect, which in turn creates more positive energy.

This is why music, dance and the arts along with athletic competitions such as the Olympics have been so highly revered throughout history. You see it is a little bit like a double-edged sword, if you give off a lot of negativity you will in turn receive the same but when you give of yourself freely, open and honestly you create a wave of good vibrations that will come back to you and reward you tenfold.

Michael Dillon

I just thought I would give you a preview of the speech that will accompany my new and upcoming solo busker CD, entitled "Mystic Revolutionary Shaman Artist". Some people might find this speech unrealistic or unbelievable that anyone would want to perform in the street. However, I do believe that this is how Cirque De Soleil started out. Anyway if I may vouch for myself this is just the truth.

F. Q. (Famous Quote) Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.

~Mahatma Gandhi



Whenever you are engaging in conversation with the topics of the truth, whether in theories or argument the term "They" always seems to pop up. My friend will say yeah, but who is this "They" you keep referring to, which I think he always does just to antagonize me and stop me from making my point. Well, I think it's time we took a look at "Who are they". I suppose in broad terms it could be said that "They" would be anyone whose existence is made by the profit of other people's misfortune. I believe the more likely scenario that has been resonating in the general populace is that "They" would be the oil and pharmaceutical companies. The one's with all the power, money and control.

Lately I have been thinking about Jesus dying on the cross and the powerful words that he spoke before his death. Jesus said, "Forgive them, for they know not what they do." Now I'm going to be the devil's advocate like my friend and say to Jesus "Who are they?" Is it the general public and their lack of development as a society or is it the bankers and greedy moneylenders? The one's with all the power, wealth and influence.

Sadly I feel that it is a little bit of both because people are all basically followers and any one of us would gravitate toward a life of wealth and luxury under the right set of circumstances, that's obvious. The thing that has been bothering me is if Jesus were to come back for a second coming like has been prophesized, would his report indicate that after 2000 years of development as a people we knew more of less of what we do? Raise your hand if you think it is the latter.

F. Q. (Famous Quote) Adversity makes men and prosperity makes monsters.

~Victor Hugo



If we follow the ways of the coded single digit Pythagorean math, the number 10 is very important indeed. It is considered to be a Cardinal number because 8 which is the infinite number of God is the only number which multiplied by itself equals 1, or

8 x 8 = 64 = 6 + 4 = 10 = 1. So the date of 10-10-10 becomes a very symbolically powerful number and when we break it down it becomes 1 + 1 + 1 = 3, which happens to be my symbolic number in the third year of 2010 = 2 + 1 = 3.

This will also be the day that I get the website online, God willing. The spiritually inspired interactive website that contains a wide range of material such as music, art, literature, history, mathematics, poetry, speeches, photography, philosophy, prophetic predictions, Roman numerals, famous quotes and healing codes that may help to neutralize the coming culmination of the digital decay/attack mechanism. The website and possible printed book that is equal to or greater than my entire life sum totals worth is divinely inspired. It promises to deliver the message of God and the spirits coming or possible going. It is time to read the signs and become aware of the frequencies of the truth (Analog) and learn the ways of the single digit skein, coded Pythagorean mathematics to keep your brain pathways intonated. Then and only then will you be able to form the intuitive and psychic spiritual channel needed to become at one or whole and part of the soul collective.

F. Q. (Famous Quote) In war, truth is the first casualty. ~Aeschylus



Throughout our history and up until present time we have enjoyed living on the third plane of existence. As human beings our minds, bodies, cultural beliefs and practices have all revolved, reverberated and resonated to the significance of the number 3. We live on the third planet from the sun, but that's just the beginning. Other examples include

RELIGION: Hope, Faith and Charity. Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Heaven, Hell and Earth. Satan, False Prophet and Anti-Christ.

TIME: Seconds, minutes and hours. Days, weeks and month's. Past, present and future.

SIZE: Short, average and tall. Small, medium and large. Fat, normal and skinny.

SONGS: She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah, Knock 3 times, and 3 times a lady.

SPORTS: 3 strikes and your out, 3 innings, 3 downs, and 3 outs per inning.

STORIES: 3 wise men, 3 Musketeers, 3 little pigs, 3 blind mice, Goldie and the 3 bears.

FESTIVITIES: Eat, drink, and be merry, Wine, women, and song, Live, love, laugh.

COMMUNICATION: Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, Talk, listen, and gesture.

Some other expressions could include Hop, skip, and a jump, Man, women, and child,

Upper, middle, and lower, Forward, reverse, and neutral, Not once, not twice, but thrice, Sun, moon, and earth, Extra, extra, extra, read all about it. We seem to be oblivious to the importance of the number three. It is after all the very thing that makes us tick as human beings and separates us from the animals. It gives us the third option and greatly effects our decision making process. We may choose to go one-way, or another, or we can just decide to stay where we are.

As we dance dangerously close to the deluge of digitalizing effects and sensory overload, the minds of our youths are being rewired into a paradigm shift of thinking more like a machine, making us like a flat-screen TV. We will be able to receive wireless mind implants and forget about the third option factor as we completely lose our humanity and enter the second plane of existence.

F. Q. (Famous Quote) Learning without thought is labour lost.




You may or may not have had a chance to look at the "Photo Forum" section of this website, but if you did you will have noticed the unusual haircut that I am displaying in some of the photos. This is my latest and most meaningful haircut to date and I have been personally developing the do for 5 years now. Whenever I design an original hairstyle, I make it a point to wear the do for at least 5 years to see if it will take on a life of its own.

I shave the right side around the ear, keeping it long on the back with a long sweeping comb over to the left side. I call it the half head. It evolved from my previous haircut that I began wearing in the early nineties where I had the back long like a hippy, and the front short like a marine with both sides shaved around the ears like a conservative Mohawk. I invented that look that was so unusual at the time and turned heads, but somewhere along the line Billy Ray Cyrus got a hold of it and people started calling the hair design a "Mullet".

When I asked my friends if they remembered when I came up with that haircut they would laugh and deny that this was the case. This denial of the truth was the catalyst for the half head. I said to my friends as a dare, "look, I'm going to shave only one side of my head and comb it over, and I think you would all agree that nobody else is doing that at this present time." They all agreed although it has been 5 years and it has yet to catch on, but it just goes to show that anyone can effect change. The true meaning of the haircut is that due to the overexposure of the digitalizing effects, the information we receive is being processed more by one side of the brain than by the other hemisphere, making your mind come to rely on the use of only half of its human potential. This means the more machinelike and mathematical side of our brain is being overworked and the more human, artistic side of the brain is being left behind. This is forcing us as a race of human beings to become more machine like and to lose the equilibrium or balance of our left and right brain functions.

F. Q. (Famous Quote) It was through the feeling of wonder that men now and at first began to philosophize.




When you are reading from these chapters of "The Truth", you may wish to decide to follow in the direction of the Non-Believers or feel that in your heart you are already one with "The Truth". If what I am saying is resonating with you I believe it is important to just for the record, state the case of what it means to be a "Non-Believer". First and foremost it is not about the non-belief in religion but more about the non-belief in our selves as human beings. It is also about the uttermost importance of knowing yourself.

We are however totally against organized religion or as I like to call it, manipulation of the masses. The reason for this dismissal of organized religion is due to the fact that they are the cause and fuel for all of the wars and atrocities of man against other men. Therefore it is my humble opinion that organized religion is at the root of all that is evil. Think of a world where all of the money that was put on church collection plates was spent on healing the planet and helping those who are suffering and in need of our assistance. To feel the godsend of truly, loving your neighbour. Oh what a glorious feeling!

In order to become a true "Non-Believer" one must try to open a spiritual channel to the divine one. It is not so important to name what you believe in, as it is to agree that there is something to believe in. So during such times of adversity as human beings, we must all just agree to disagree. We all agree that there is a supreme force or entity that we do not fully understand, and we do not need to shout its name to other human beings. Your personal beliefs and the names of whom you worship is to be kept to yourself in your own heart space. The emphasis placed on having the proper heart condition. If you wish to join my flock there is no need to send me a contribution. This is a non-organized, non-profit agenda. You may however, feel free if it so moves you to help a starving artist and buy my CD.

F. Q. (Famous Quote) Civilized society is perpetually menaced with disintegration through this primary hostility of men towards one another.

~Sigmund Freud



I was going through some of my old notes and pictures of the past when I came upon this short story that I wrote in public school when I was around 12. The exercise was to write a short story entitled "Imagination". This was before I had any aspirations of writing a song, speech, or story but I remember thinking it was well written and saved it. I wonder how the imagination of today's students would compare. I received a mark of 16/20, which was higher than my usual grade. Here it is:


There I was, walking home from my friend's house. The dark trampled path of the hydro field could set off anyone's imagination. All the most common noises would turn into sinister plots for someone to murder you, while obvious shadows would make you freeze cold.

You are now on the street. There is more civilization but you still are not sure of yourself. A car is coming up and you feel someone is going to come out and kidnap you or shoot at you, but you find it just passes by.

You are nearly at your house but still are not there. Hearing dogs bark, you think one will come out and jump at your neck. Approaching the doorway you walk in the house and feel safe. A funny thing imagination. What would life be without it?

F. Q. (Famous Quote) The natural role of the twentieth-century man is anxiety.

~Norman Mailer



One of my earlier encounters with a sign from the spirit came to me one day while I was busking at the local farmers market a few years ago. At that time I was experiencing a lot of lower back pain from years of driving 12-hour days in taxi's with wonky seats. I could usually stand and play my guitar for 3 or 4 hours before my back would really bother me. On this particular day it had only been 1 hour and I was already in severe pain.

I noticed a whole busload of young people approaching on foot all wearing the same yellow T-shirts with some kind of writing on them. I began to perform the Pink Floyd song "Wish you were here" and I noticed this young lady with 2 male friends across the street taking an interest. When I finished the song the 3 people walked over and introduced themselves. The girl said in a southern American accent "That's my favourite song" and that the whole group came up from the Carolinas to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. She asked what was my belief and I told her that I considered myself a Christian and believed that Christ existed but I was more into spiritualism than religion.

She seemed satisfied with my answer and then asked me if there was anything or anyone that I wanted them to pray for. I told the 3 devoted youth that I had been going through a lot of lower back pain lately and it was especially strong on this particular morning and if they wanted to pray for something, "You could say a prayer for my back". I said I have to start playing again and as I began to sing, the 3 born again Christians began to pray. As I finished the 3-minute song the youth group had finished their prayer and began to walk away. At that moment a strange kind of feeling came over me. It was as if my back fused and the pain just walked away with the prayer group, and to this day has never returned. So although I do not believe in organized religion, I do however firmly believe in the power of prayer. Especially how the power of prayer becomes exponential when 3 or more people share the same goal.

F. Q. (Famous Quote) The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only a page.

~St Augustine



Acid reflux is a condition we are hearing more and more about in our always changing fast paced technical society. Thirty years ago I do not think that this condition even existed. Sure we had a little heartburn, acid indigestion or upset stomach but that was usually from overeating, spicy foods, or too much partying. Now we have this condition of acid reflux disease running rampant basically due to a lifestyle of poor eating habits, overworking of the body and overstressing of the mind. This deadly combination is taking its toll on us as healthy functioning people.

Thirty years ago, all there was in the pharmacy was a seltzer, bromide or some pink liquid. Now there is about a ten-foot section of counter space dedicated to treatments of the stomach including acid reflux. The reason we get acid reflux is because everything we love and do in our lifestyle creates acid. Things like stress, overworking, overeating, smoking, preservatives, pre-packaged foods, prescription or recreational drugs, alcohol, and a toxically polluted environment.

All of these factors result in the alteration of our body's natural balanced Ph level into a more acidic, unhealthy, and unbalanced level. This acidic condition helps to create a breeding ground for diseases. Your body is made up of 90 percent water so it only makes sense that the balance and acid neutrality of the fluid in your system should help all aspects of your body's functions. It is said that when your Ph level becomes more alkaline your body is in an aerobic or more oxygenated state, and disease cannot live under these conditions.

Your body consisting mainly of water is like an ocean and as such is affected by the gravitational pull of the moon much the same as our planetary ocean's. They say you are what you eat, and it could also be said true that you are a product of your environment. The damaging and polluting ways of living an unsustainable lifestyle are not only hurting our own health systems, but also that of our earth's oceans, reefs, and eco-systems from the acidification of the waters due to the overuse of fossil fuels. All aspects and functions of this earth are interconnected and we need to respect and control the rate at which we destroy and corrupt the planet before we reach the point of no return as a species.

F. Q. (Famous Quote) Only trust thyself, and another shall not betray thee.

~William Penn


MAY 17, 2011: WILD

When you think about the word wild, what comes to mind? Is it feeling wild, to be wild and free like the movie about lions called "Born Free". Or maybe like the TV show "Girls Gone Wild" or the pop song about a young girl called "Wild Thing". Anyway you look at it, that term seems to ignite and excite a certain stimulus function of the brain. Is this because a part of our human makeup is that we all have a certain "Wild Side", an inherent factor in the evolution of our genes and DNA? I believe that this character trait is a part of the brain mechanism that controls intuition, fear, and excitement. It is the same function a wild animal exhibits when you approach it, or when it is cornered. The animal instinctively knows how to react for its survival as a species. There is no thinking process involved.

This is the same earthly trait human's exhibit and the very instinctive quality that interconnects us to all living things and allows us to become one with our surrounding environment. This area of our mind or matrice of thought may also control the psychic awareness level that will be needed to connect to the spirit and complete your final assent into the collective soul. The very existence and survival of your soul may depend on it. Right now your intuitive link is being blocked, and dumbed down by the digitally technical processes. The desensitizing influence of the 24-hour news channels, the propagating frequencies of the ever increasing mind control factor, and the political propaganda of paranoia and fear mongering tactics.

We are supposed to have as Celestial beings living the human experience, a life of fullness, reward and joy, feeling the oneness of love and all love has to give. We are instead dancing dangerously close to an existence of pain, paranoia, torture, entrapment, enslavement, and perpetual stress. This may be a very bleak outlook on life to some, or to others as a wake-up call, to make a dedicated and personal change in your life, and learn what love has to give.

F. Q. (Famous Quote) Most people are bothered by those passages of scripture they do not understand, but the passages that bother me are those I do understand.

~Mark Twain



This is the title of one of my latest songs and will be featured as the finale to my up and coming CD, "Mystic Revolutionary Shaman Artist". The song looks at the Sprit in a slightly different light than most mainstream religions. "God is a collective" does not look at God as one man but more like an entity that contains the collective soul and knowledge of all that it encompasses. When you enter the collective, you become one with it. That's why cooperation, working together, being part of a sports team or orchestra, helping your neighbour, and setting a good example are all functions of the spirit. They become part of the selfless acts that make us Celestial beings living the human experience. They help to set the shape of your heart and enable it to make the transition into the collective at the proper given moment. Here are the words to my song:

God is a collective

Did God make man or did man make the God?

People don't understand bout the shape of it all

It's said God's like the perfect man but he's a jealous God

And he seeks out our companionship so he's the lonely God

I felt from the wrath bout the way that things is

You just don't understand bout the shape of the gist

That's why I feel God is a collective

That's how I know God is not selective

If we look to the clues of how life trains us to act

A more cooperative view gives us more time to react

I tried to realize what is wrong from what's right

But the way things are goin man I'm always startin a fight

Do unto others as you'd have them do to you

Love one and other with a more positive view

Let the spirit take you let the spirit set you free

Funny how it's always mentioned bout the spirit of a team

That's why I feel God is a collective

That's why I feel God is a collective

That's how I know God is not selective

That's how I know God is not selective

God is a collective God is a collective

God is a collective God is a collective

God is a collective

F. Q. (Famous Quote) To Err is human. To forgive is divine.

~Alexander Pope



Today I would like to talk to you about 3 important American landmarks. First of all let us take a look at "The Statue of Liberty". A lot of people confuse the Lady of Liberty with freedom, but a liberty is a reward that you earn after a term of hard work. An example would be a seaman earning 2 weeks shore leave after being at sea for a year. Also the fact that the statue is surrounded by water and not by land meaning that it falls under Maritime Law or the law of water. This is a very important asset indeed for the Corporation of the United States of America.

Secondly there is the building that has been designed and built for war. I am talking now about the Pentagon. Inside the building are secret walls, chambers and mazes that follow the geometric shapes and patterns of a pentagram, a symbol that is widely used in sorcery and witchcraft. Where do they get their inspiration for such designs?

The last but not the least of these 3 ideological landmarks would have to be the Washington Monument. The Egyptian styled 555-foot monument of stone draws multitudes of visitors from all over every year. It's what is below the surface that the travel brochures do not tell you. That would be the 111 foot piece of Washington Monument sitting underground attached to the 555 foot piece above the ground. This means that the Washington Monument is actually 666 feet tall, the symbolic number of Satan or the beast.

One last point about the dimensions of this impressive landmark is that broken down into the single digit skein Pythagorean coded mathematics you get 1 + 1 + 1 = 3, and 5 + 5 + 5 = 15 = 1 + 5 = 6. Combine the two sections to reveal 6 + 6 + 6 = 18 = 1 + 8 = 9, the number for completion and also the powerful 3-digit, 3-6-9 combination. These are the very same symbolic numbers, which are most likely being used against us every day by men of great greed and power. People, in secretive societies, whose aims are to influence and control the masses. One possible final destination in this control mechanism is you as the sheep or cattle to the slaughter.

F. Q. (Famous Quote) A committee is a group that keeps minutes and losses hours.

~Milton Berle




Did you know that before the development of the modern backward Roman clock, we used to use the Standard Mosaic time clock? For thousands of years we lived by the time of a clock whose day started at sunrise. This means that 7:00 o'clock in the morning was really when the day started at 1:00 o'clock as the sun was coming up. Living by the old way of time keeping actually helped to improve the left and right brain functions and increased the peoples spiritual receptivity.

This change in the way we look at time was brought about under Roman influence and the authority of the Catholic Church. By turning time upside down the church was able to spiritually dumb down the people, which removed the power from the masses.

Similarly disorienting to the masses was the change from our ancient Biblical calendar to the newer Roman calendar. The former more mathematically accurate calendar had a 28-day month based on the completion of 4 lunar phases. The total 3-year cycle contains 12 months a year based on the 12 signs of the Zodiac, whereby the twelfth month is repeated every third year. This worked out perfectly into a 3-year cycle of 156 weeks, or in a Pythagorean single digit skein 1 + 5 + 6 = 12, or 1 + 2 = 3.

These lunar cycles were key in the development of musical mathematics based on quarter, half, and full notes in music and their relationship to quarter, half, and full moon phases. The Roman calendar became quite an effective tool toward the human disconnect of man and his surrounding environment. Also the Roman clock lessened the people's intuition, which is an electromagnetic, spiritual function. The newer clock was able to achieve this outcome due to the force of entrainment.

F. Q. (Famous Quote) I hate television, I hate it as much as peanuts, but I can't stop eating peanuts.

~Orson Wells



Are you starting to get the idea that there are way too many vaccinations being used in our modern day health care system? Every time you turn on the television there is an ad for another vaccine that is for all accounts probably a waste of time and just a way to make money and spread paranoia and possibly other more potentially harmful diseases. Does anyone think they are going to get hepatitis b from having a cold drink at their resort during a vacation?

We used to get a couple of vaccinations as babies then a couple more in school for mumps, polio, measles etc. Now a baby gets around 20 vaccines before they are 2. People get flu vaccines every year and it seems like their making a vaccine cure for just about every ailment.

Some people are beginning to refuse vaccinations for their children in school because there are so many new diseases being spread from tainted vaccinations. In order to do this you must get an affidavit from a lawyer stating that you do not want your child to have a vaccination due to religious reasons.

Some examples of diseases that were new to the public after they were spread from tainted vaccination programs would be the Aids virus spread from tainted hepatitis b vaccinations given to gay men in New York City and at the same time, said vaccines were also given to black men in Africa. Also the disease of Gulf War Syndrome that was given to American soldiers during the first Gulf War in tainted vaccines to fight Anthrax. There is also the Lyme-Disease example from the Lymerix vaccine that crippled about 130,000 Americans in a few short months.

You begin to get the idea that tainted vaccinations can be an excellent delivery system for the introduction of new diseases into the public domain. Another possibly related genocidal aspect of the vaccination programs might be the alarming statistic that half of the women in Puerto Rico are sterile probably due to health and welfare programs instituted from the American medical sector. By the time the public figures it out, if the public figures out where the disease comes from, 20 years has elapsed and it is already too late. Just lots more money for the doctors and lawyers.

F. Q. (Famous Quote) History will absolve me.

~Fidel Castro Ruz



I would not be at all surprised if we start to witness more and more of an increased environmental threat in the next couple of years. Events similar to the massive oil spill in the Gulf. Since this horrible ecological catastrophe happened it seems like every other month I'm hearing about another oil spill on a different oilrig platform. It seems to me like for the last 8 years there has been a lot of fear, paranoia and control that has been implemented from the reaction to the terrorist threat of 9/11. Due to the fact that there has not been any other terrorist attacks in North America since 9/11 and even the twin tower incident may be suspect, the terrorist threat that has been imposed on an unsuspecting public may be losing its edge. Although there was good tactical mileage gained from the imposition of the terrorist threat like the excuse for beginning a war in Iraq, or the implementation of various new police state methods or controls, I do not think North Americans could really believe in the threat anymore.

It was just an excuse to impose on people's rights and freedoms in order to begin the transition towards the "New World Order". So in other words the environmental threat is meant to fill in the fear void left from the terrorist threats lack of credibility. Its not just oil spills at question here. There can be many modes of environmental threats that can be exposed and used as a transmission of fear mechanism on the 24-hour news channel services. Threats like flooding due to hurricanes like "Katrina" for example. Also exploding volcanoes, powerful earthquakes, dying coral reefs and ocean dead zones will all be fair game in the coming mood of an apocalyptic for-shadowing.

The real threat will come from our apathetic reaction to the up and coming loss of our rights and constitutional freedoms due to our newly elected "New World Order" and accompanying "Police State". The ironic part of this twist of fate installation of order will be that the people will actually ask or beg for this transition. Things will get so bad after the release of the third threat of a bird flu or similar plague that will kill millions, leaving us to choose between the New World Order or anarchy.

F. Q. (Famous Quote) All change is not growth, all movement is not forward.

~Ellen Glasgow



Have you noticed how much the medical and pharmaceutical community have been pushing and promoting the use of hand sanitizers in the last few years? Every time there is a small outbreak of some virus like Sars or Swine Flu (H1N1) they convince the public that the best way to avoid catching the virus is the frequent use of hand sanitizer. What exactly is hand sanitizer? Well, as for as I can tell it is just a form of rubbing alcohol disinfectant. You rub it on your hands and it is miraculously absorbed into your skin.

The Canadian doctor Hulda Clark who furthered the frequency therapy research from Nikola Tesla and Royal Raymond Rife documents such research in her book "The Cure for All Diseases". She believes that all diseases start with a parasite. We all have these parasites but what causes the disease is the nasty toxin released when we kill the parasite. How do we kill the parasite? With products containing isopropyl alcohol like all of our cosmetics, fragrance, hair care products and of course hand sanitizer. These products dissolve the protective shell of the organism, killing it and causing the release of the toxin that leads to various cancers and other diseases.

When you think about it, if you drink a quart of wood alcohol it can kill you or make you go blind. How will your body feel after absorbing a litre or two of rubbing alcohol over the period of a few years. Grain alcohol that is found in alcohol-based drinks on the other hand is perfectly good for you. Why do you think they call it a spirit? Grain alcohol could be substituted for a few pennies extra but that does not fit into our health cares plan for our wellness. It reminds me of the chorus to the Led Zeppelin song "Stairway to Heaven", "Ooh, it makes me wonder".

F. Q. (Famous Quote) You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

~Old Proverb



I remember one day going back a while when I was working in the taxi, I had a particularly interesting passenger on a long ride home from a medical center appointment. She was 88 years old and her name was Mila. She had a thick European accent possibly German or Czech and we seemed to hit it off immediately. We talked about culture and how things were, verses how they have become and the effects of modern technology and propaganda on our society with its fear tactics and isolationist backlash.

I confided with Mila how I loved music and art, and remembered shopping with my parents when I was 6 and wanting an Eskimo soapstone carving so badly. What kind of kid would want a stone carving? Mila told me how she decided as a girl around 6 that she wanted to talk to God and dedicated her life to that pursuit. When I asked if she ever made the connection she confessed in a slightly sad voice that she had not and then went on to describe a Steven Hawkings interview on TV where he was asked if he believed in God. In a machine-man robotic voice he replied "No".

The two of us conversed truly like we were a pair of old souls. I decided to take advantage of her clearly intellectual knowledge by asking her if she had one defining statement or pearl of wisdom that she could share. Mila told me that the most important thing in life was to "know yourself".

I decided to give Mila one of my "Forces at Work" CD's and told her about Cuba and Che. I then briefly described "Death in the air" and the new website. When I said it's not the non-belief in religion as much as the non-belief in our selves as human beings, she responded with an almost inspired tone, "that's very interesting". She then continued to look in her purse to pay for the CD and I said, "no I want you to have it". Mila insisted and retrieved 3 shiny one-dollar gold coins for me and thanked me for the ride. I said thanks and goodbye and thought about the similarities between "Know Yourself" and "Believe in yourself". I felt like that ride had been destined and we had both found something that day.

F. Q. (Famous Quote) I am an agnostic; I do not pretend to know what many ignorant men are sure of.

~Clarence Darrow



You know it's probably a necessary evil that we have to chlorinate our drinking water to kill the bacteria and make the water safe to drink. I don't know why we have to put aluminum in the drinking water to give it more clarity and make it more appealing. And worst of all is the fluoride treatment that we still use in North America. I believe the practice has been banned in Europe. There have been over 50 national studies all proving fluoride to be a nasty cancer causing carcinogenic substance.

The reason they decided to add fluoride to the drinking water was because a small town in Texas that had a large amount of natural organic fluoride in their soil discovered in the 50's that the children in this town did not get any cavities. This was due to the vegetables grown in soil with a high natural fluoride content. A group of medical professionals decided that if we add fluoride to the drinking water that it will help to build strong teeth.

The problem was that the fluoride added was a man-made chemical compound made from the scrapings of the stacks from chemical industries. It was probably sitting around in big drums piling up in warehouses like nuclear waste. The studies found that a healthy well-fed child could fight the detrimental effects of the fluoride, but a poor ghetto child would only have their malnourishment factor increased because their bodies could not properly fight the chemical substance. Also this supplement has an effect of restricting weight loss, causing the double-edged sword effect of being overweight and underfed.

When we go to the dentist they put fluoride on your teeth, they put it in your toothpaste, they put it in your drinking water and if you want to buy toothpaste without any fluoride added you will have to pay $5.00 instead of $1.00 for a tube. Who are they? When I go to the dentist, I tell them "don't put that fluoride on my teeth". When I asked my dentist why do they use this nasty stuff, he gave me a rather unmemorable and unsatisfying answer as he raised his eyebrow. It was similar to the answer from my doctor when I asked why they use wood alcohol instead of grain alcohol or spirits. He shrugged and said there is methyl and there is ethyl, I think ethyl is the good one.

F. Q. (Famous Quote) Cheer up! The worst is yet to come!

~Philander Johnson



What does your personal vision of tomorrow hold in store for you? Does it include an over proliferation of games, pastimes, gadgets, text messages and the likes? When the cell phone first began to become popular, it was considered almost ill mannered to have your phone turned on in public places like a restaurant, movie theatres, golf courses etc. At that moment the gadgetry had yet to take over our personal lifestyles.

As the devices became less of a tool of business and commerce, and more a tool of children's pastimes and pleasures the accepted etiquette of cell phone use began to change. We became much more dependant on the technology and less certain of our social interaction. Sights like people walking down the road talking to themselves out loud became commonplace. Young people endlessly text messaging to others about the most basic and mundane of events, or just yaking out loud needlessly about trivial incomprehensiveness.

When I was a child if you were on the phone for longer than 3 minutes it was probably too long. You were encouraged to respect everyone's access to the phone and only use it to make arrangements to meet or for important matters. We have become so spoiled and corrupted by our own greed and selfishness that I don't think we even know anymore what really is important.

I began by saying what was your personal vision of tomorrow. If you were to imagine any space type, science fiction story of the future like a "Star Wars" or "Star Trek", could you ever in the furthest reaches of your mind imagine a bunch of people mindlessly relaying triviality in the form of text messaging. I don't think so. Sure they have communicators but they are only used for important business much like our telephones of old.

F. Q. (Famous Quote) Sometimes one pays most for the things one gets for nothing.

~Albert Einstein



Over the last 33 years I have spent many thousands of hours honing and developing my chosen craft of music. Not only in performance of the music but also in the writing aspects as well. Now if your going to be a writer, it only makes sense that you will need to record and perform your music to be heard or recognized, or have someone else record and perform your music. Needless to say, but I have also spent many hundreds of hours in the recording studio.

When you really get involved in the production side of the business you soon realize that the simple recording of the music is the easy and fun part. It's afterwards when you get into the incessant amount of hours mixing and mastering the songs. It is also the part where you spend the most time, money and disenchantment. After completing the recording of the song to the best of your ability, you then must do a mix down and get the song to sound as good as you can through your mixing board.

Once you have finished with the mix down you are now ready to have your song mastered. This is where they take your song and remove the harsh frequencies, and smooth the rough edges by over compressing the recording. There is also the method of correcting the imperfections of the vocals using an auto tuner and countless other high tech components that tend to literally change and choke the life out of the music.

The 4 CD's that I have released have not been mastered because whenever I try a mastering technique I never seem to like the result. It seems to take something away from it. My soon to be released busker CD has been mastered and to be honest I'm not sure I like it, but it will be a good tool for a comparison judgment. I feel that this lack of sound appreciation is all due to the digitalization process. In the old days mastering meant that after many years of experience you became the master, or you mastered your chosen art or craft. In the computer age I'm afraid that mastering means that the machine has become your master.

F. Q. (Famous Quote) Accuracy is to a newspaper what virtue is to a lady, but a newspaper can always print a retraction.

~Adlai E. Stevenson



There are many great mysteries and riddles to be solved in this complex over digitalized world in which we live. I feel that answer to some of these posed problems might be achieved by the way in which we look at things. I believe that the more we educate ourselves in certain areas of established learning, the more it is likely to ultimately lead to the disenchantment of learning. For example, if you observe a child's behaviour, they are forever asking questions. Every time you give a child an answer, they always ask why.

Everything is new and of wonderment to the child. Sometimes it takes the expression of the youth to see the simple truth in a complex situation that can lead to sayings like "out of the mouths of babes" because of their pure wisdom and uncorrupted knowledge.

They still maintain the ability to see outside of the box. As the student matures and achieves different university degrees, their way of thinking has been altered and they have been conditioned to think a certain way. They have become the experts and believe they know everything, so their sense of wonderment has ceased and desisted and their receptivity to knowledge has been stunted or dwarfed.

Basically it's just a job and they no longer have the patience or care. This is the sad reflection of a tired system whose arcane value structure has fallen into ill use and disrepair. The sense of self-fulfillment and achievement in one's profession has become empty, hollow and unsatisfying in a world with no heart feel or human compassion. I guess that's why we become jaded and opinionated and lose our sense of idealism only to live out our life vicariously through our children.

F. Q. (Famous Quote) Apathy is a sort of living oblivion.

~Horace Greeley


MAY 29, 2012: NUMBERS

When you learn the ways of the single digit skein Pythagorean mathematics you will begin to become aware of the language of math. How every one of the 9 single digits has it's own set of properties and characteristic traits. In the use of single digit math we are able to reduce any number however big into 1 single digit. For example the number 369 would become 3 + 6 + 9 = 18 = 1 + 8 = 9, the celestial number of completion. Any number multiplied by 9 will reduce to 9 in the single digit skein.

The single digit number 8 represents God as it is in the shape of an infinity symbol. When you multiply 8 by the numbers 1 to 9, the result starts at 8 and continues backwards 1 digit at a time in the way that God wishes to direct us in a reverse movement or backward tendency to a more conservative way of life and meaning.

Adding the single digit multiplication results of column number 1 to number 2 column is equal to or the same as the results of the number 3 column or 1 + 2 = 3. When we add the single digit column numbers of 4 + 5 as in 4 + 5 = 9, the single digit results are all 9 as in the number 9 column. And finally the result of adding the multiplication results of columns number 7 + 8 as in 7 + 8 =15 = 1 + 5 = 6, reveals the single digit sequence code of 6-3-9, which is equal to the result of the 6's column.

When we multiply the numbers 3 and 6 by every number we reveal a single digit code of 3-6-9 and 6-3-9 respectively. The 3's and 6's are the more powerful and magical numbers! The combination of the two columns 3 + 6, are equal to the results of the number 9 column. So all of the numbers have their own unique set of traits that allow them to interact and interchange with each other on different levels. It is my belief that the single digit skein, Pythagorean math is the language of God or the spirit. If you wish to develop an association or relationship to this living spirit you must first become familiar with the language of the spirit. This will allow you to develop the matrices of thought required to enable your spiritual channel to God to become activated. This will help to further your understanding of the ways and laws of God and the universe.

F. Q. (Famous Quote) The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.




As we aimlessly drift closer to the abyss of perpetual non-awareness, it is truly our destiny to awaken the spiritual consciousness in ourselves in order to form an understanding at the proper given time of ascension. To achieve this goal, it will be necessary to give up some of your current beliefs and controls. This is the only way to reveal the truth. By developing the spiritual pathways that will be needed to join the collective consciousness, that electromagnetic intuitive, psychic and wireless, frequency channel to the celestial and divine spirit of God.

We must make an adjustment in our daily lives to rationally remove religion the crutch, and encourage religion the enabler. Make a concerted effort to let go of the dogmatic ways of the past that have held back the human potential of our intellectual evolution by changing the way we think, and promoting the insidious non-belief in ourselves as human beings. We must rehabilitate the existing matrices of thought by inviting a newer more vital dawn of enlightenment into our heart.

So in other words in order to achieve oneness, spiritual harmony and make the divine connection, you must first take a "Leap of Faith". This will be important and necessary for the reintegration of thought processes and the reawakening or activation of your system of belief. Now I am not saying that you should stop believing in what you believe in. No, that is not it at all. I feel it has more to do with the way the word is reiterated.

If we compare the way organized religion delivers its message, to that of the digital delivery system, we begin to realize that it is not the content so much as it is the way in which it is received. In the same manner that digitalized music loses all of its strength, power, and significance, so too does the meaning and the message of the word as it is conveyed through the processes of organized religion. The really deep and meaningful passages have either been removed or altered in a bid to manipulate the masses into a control structure that is better suited to ensuring the power of the church, where it should instead be promoting the love and glory of God and the spirit.

F. Q. (Famous Quote) Man is his own worst enemy.




The final chapter in my series of unbelievable stories called "The Truth" shall be dedicated to the "God Matrix", the answer to man's eternal question of why do we exist?

An inexplicable coded sequence of the collective soul of mankind, consisting of three sets of 3 numbers that can move infinitesimally in two opposite directions simultaneously.

The God Matrix is the reason we are able to live a rewarding celestial human experience here on earth, and what sets us apart from the other creatures living on this planet. The God Matrix and the single digit mathematics of Pythagoras are the doorway to the path of the spirit, and also the gateway to the language of God. How can you develop a relationship with the spirit if you do not know the language of God.

Matrices play a profound role in all aspects of life and are found in computers, institutions and corporations. The word matrix is found thrice in the bible. In Exodus Moses said, "Sacrifice to the lord all that openeth the matrix". This was said so that the Hebrews could be freed. The word is also repeated in Numbers whereby God said, "Everything that openeth the matrix in all flesh…shall be thine."

The God Matrix is made up of the 3 numeric sequences of 3-6-9, 6-3-9, and 9-9-9. Placed on top of each other in this way the 3 codes can be read both vertically and horizontally. You see when you start to use the single digit math as the language of God you will begin to drift in and out of the heavenly kingdom of God by inverting man's math into God's math.

If you add 3 + 3 in man's math you get 6. When you add 6 + 6 in man's math you get 12, but when you convert the 12 into the single digit math you get 1 + 2 = 3. So in other words 3 becomes 6, and 6 becomes 3, and the number 9 remains constant in either inter dimensional realm. This means that 369 + 369 = 639, and 639 + 639 = 369, while 999 + 999 will always remain 999 in either dimension. This is why 9 is the celestial number of completion, because it enables the activation of the inner or third eye by balancing and harmonizing the two hemispheres of the brain into a unified conclusion. This will help you to complete the matrices of thought needed for the opening of the spiritual channel to God.

I believe that this math was the sacred knowledge that was stolen from the temple of King Solomon, 1000 years ago by the Knights Templar, along with all the gold and wealth. This formidable treasure was then taken back to Scotland and has remained in the hands of secretive societies ever since. The Freemasonry societies have interpreted this precious knowledge into a representation of the Ashlars Box, a 3-dimentional box superimposed on top of another box forming a sixteen point star configuration. For the Freemasons this Ashlars Box has the meaning or significance of one society having rule or control over the other society. As I have said, this is the definition the illuminati have placed on this knowledge, and why wouldn't "they" considering "they" are in control of this sacred Arcana.

This is the reason why this knowledge has been removed from the modern bibles and torahs. If a society were enabled to use this information and develop an intuitive, psychic, wireless channel to the spirit, it would be very hard for a capitalistic, monopolistic, greed based monetary system to pull the wool over your eyes because you would just instinctively know, that that was just a lie. Thusly, taking all of the wind out of the sails of the deceptive forces of evil. And if you believe in the archetypal imagery of God and the Devil, combined with the conception of evil trying to take down as many souls as it can during the soon to come, time of transition, then it may not be a far jump to believe that digitalization of the masses may completely seal the door to ascension and life everlasting. It is time to throw out your calculator's and start to embrace the exercise of hand written mathematics once again and return to a more divinely based system of thought. It is time once more to think about the words expressed by God as revealed in the chapter of the bible entitled "Numbers", where it was written, "Everything that openeth the matrix in all flesh…shall be thine."

F. Q. (Famous Quote) The sum of all sums is eternity.